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  1. Hey Gill, Looks like you haven't logged in for a while but thought I'd drop by and say hi 🙂 I hope you're doing well xx

    1. Mike L

      Mike L

      Hey Julia! We all have not logged on in a while but I am trying to get everyone back on! If you want, we are all on a Facebook Messenger chat and you're welcome to join! A bunch of us are there! If you want to message me, you can. I am on Facebook Michael LaRosa and I will add you to the chat. Here's a pic of my profile so you can find me easier! 


  2. I'm living in the twilight zone tbh lol My husband died in 2016, since then I just take it one day at a time but things are starting to look up.
  3. I agree with Bobnnat, no surprise there angrry You know I have no colon anymore but I know that pain, have it now. You know the power of the mind... We've talked about this many times, you're a pro at this! That pain will vanish when you get a clean scope! I know you know this, keep hanging in there as always!
  4. Sorry for the downtime everyone! It is all in a really good cause for the site, all will be revealed pretty soon but don't worry (yeah right) 😉 A change and a lot of improvements, we are not going anywhere!
  5. Yep, all the time. I'm a twitcher and have been for several years. Random whole limbs, areas, odd places you don't think you can twitch. No ALS, still alive and kicking (and twitching) ☺️
  6. Hey, it's been a long while since I've posted but I'm back. I wish I could report that I'd been better but that's not necessarily the case. I've been ok but now my battle is tapering off Klonopin. I dont know what happened to the site but I'm glad it's back up I cant tell you how much I value this.

  7. gale

    Hi Gilly.... I think I have discussed this with you before. So worried about this burning skin which I have had for a few years. With me it all over.... my arms, legs, face, some areas of my back.  Drives me crazy and again it freaks me out about diseases. Dear God how long can so many symptoms persist. Been over 40 yrs.  Can you help me!!!! 

    1. gale


      Hope everything is ok Gilly!!! 

  8. That is really, really great to hear Diane. I am very happy for you! Thank you for coming back to update us. We need more of these types of posts as we all know factually, there are millions of people who are living happy, healthy lives and Dr Google failed
  9. Does the thought of actually vomiting when you are out even more anxiety inducing? Emetophobia I became agoraphobic over a constant feeling of nausea which was a continuous vicious cycle. I'm 'complicated' it was all related to PTSD but yes this is quite common
  10. gale

    Hi Gilly. I have been on this site for sometime. I just need someone to talk to about my anxiety and I like your way of helping others. Not accepting that all my symptoms are caused by anxiety. Feel like my doctors have misdiagnosed me. If you could reply to me please. Not feeling well at all. Thank you.

    1. gale


      Any response to this.....hoping you received my message.

    2. Gilly


      Hi gale so sorry for the late response, I've been really busy and I managed to lock myself out of my email address too. 

      I know it's difficult to accept but that is what will set you free, baby steps. One day at a time. Stay away from google, keep a diary or your symptoms, factually disease gets worse and you would get sicker, anxiety can play all kinds of tricks on you and is clever and sneaky. Keep a diary of symptoms, and how you feel. Take note of the patterns and remember trust the professionals, they know what they are doing, ANXIETY causes the doubts. 

    3. gale


      Thanks Gilly.  Everything you say is true and I do try so hard to accept this as being anxiety. But when those symptoms return I panic and say no way is this anxiety.  But if I could talk with you I would really appreciate it.  Thanks for listening.  ?

  11. Hi Thrufaith As someone who has an autoimmune disease and is also a 46 year old women I will tell you HORMONES! They only need to be a little out of whack to cause so much distress. Oh boy have my legs throbbed and hurt at times, knees, thighs, shins, you name it... and I know 100% it’s not autoimmune because my last flare was in 2005! Pregnancy and being a new Mum is huge on your mind and body, go easy on yourself. Try epsom salt baths !
  12. Hi Gilly,

    Been a long time since I have spoken with you but I am in a bad spot right now. Just wanted some help. Can't believe I feel so nervous and afraid.

  13. Far too many times to mention. In my experience you handle it, you don't have time or energy to be anxious. If you are going to suffer psychological effects, it will come later. Again in my experience
  14. Hey hun, yes oh my yes I used to have this every day too. 100% stress and tension. Keep at the massage and relaxation tapes, have you got any epsom salts? I'm certain having epsom salt baths is what helped with my tension and burning sensations, it would start to come back if I ran out of salts. Might be worth a try? Magnesium spray can help too