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  1. First of all I just want to tell you that your husband or your mom won't understand what you're going through no matter what you tell or describe to them what you feel during your attacks (That doesn't mean that they don't love you or care for you) so apparently as you described it's anxiety for sure as for all the ekgs you made and all the tests you made especially the ct so your heart is fine but still it'd not be a good thing to let your anxiety push your heart so hard to those high rate levels so you need to control it and find someone who understand what you're going through so you can contract or reach him/her during your attacks till you calm down ❤️ I'm really sorry you're going through this but i understand as i went through the same with all the high rates going sky high and the breath problems and many other symptoms but believe me one day it will all gone so you will be able to get over all those terrible feelings and you will be all well and happy again ❤️ so all i can tell you as an advice do whatever makes you happy and by whatever i mean whatever anything that would make you happy do it no matter what nothing more important that your happiness and your mental health as no one is suffering but you as you do now.
  2. Swollen lymph node isn't always a cancer but she has to do the ultrasound to know what exactly is causing it to be swollen i know it's a worry thing but believe me i saw many many people including me from time to time it gets swollen there and it's a benign thing. So i hope it will be ok and nothing to worry about just let us know when you make the ultrasound ❤️
  3. Just don't itch it and it may heal on itself at least till you get your insurance.
  4. Understand your fear and it's not sad or anything it is normal for people with anxiety just try to move your focus over something else and it's pretty normal btw and common we got it all still if you want to be assured you can visit your doctor.
  5. It could be an infection down there which lead to hard urination..a simple urine sample test will show if you've pus or something else in your urine.
  6. Try to have a system with yourself as to distract yourself with something just when you begin to think of your mole thing..Anything that comes to your mind that will make it busy and think of something else but that mole..something free time is a bad thing especially for people with anxiety like us.
  7. AkM

    6 months away

    I'm just surprised that your doctor didn't mention anything of how to relief your pain..any chance you can check another Dr maybe ?
  8. AkM

    Body jerks

    Yes it affected many places of my body.
  9. AkM

    6 months away

    Did they check the minerals levels in your blood ? some gives those symptoms when they go low.
  10. No bad from checking your B12 levels maybe it's low and causing all the tingling.
  11. AkM

    Body jerks

    I totally understand what you been through as i got the same thing but no need to worry as my dr told don't overthink of it (if you can) he told me to eat well especially food rich in magnesium and calcium which is good for the muscles and since then i got it less :)
  12. anxiety could simply caused your bp to rise 145/89 with me it was going for 150/110 so when you went to walmart you been calmed down i guessed so it got back to normal ...and it depends also on the equipment used if it's digital then it's almost non accurate at all the manual mercury one is the most accurate one
  13. typical anxiety symptoms i've been going through them...you can discuss with your dr if you need b12 shots from time to time for the numbness you get ...and for the suffocating thing try to forget about it and don't think much of it the more you think of it the more it will last for you so remove that idea from your mind please
  14. what is the count of your white blood cells (wbc) in your cbc test ? it's nothing wrong with you nowadays there is a strong flu going through most of countries even in my country they warned about it and i've friends in other countries and they told them the same so you just got to rest and follow your dr commands till you feel better for now whether it's virus infection or bacterial infection. with winter coming you better prepare yourself for sure and boost your immune system especially with vitamin c either effervescent tablets or rich food with vitamin c it will help boost your immune system well especially against flu and cold viruses and also talk with your dr about the Influenza vaccine it may help you your immune system get stronger against it in coming winter
  15. AkM


    i totally understand and it's not silly for me as i'm dealing with anxiety so i understand what you goes through just try to take the antibiotics as described and try to eat rich food with vitamin c (unless you're allergic to it) and rest as much as you can the antibiotics tend to make your heart beats faster so with the anxiety it's easy to get a panic attack out from no where feel free to write about it anytime you want