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  1. Finally 2 months after my dr requested it I got my ct date. Next Wednesday at 6:55am. Trying to think positively and keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Ty Ironman. I’ll take a look for that. I’ve been using Tylenol, Advil and excedrin. None of them seem to help much. I bought voltaren today. Ill see if that does anything.
  3. hi...hope everyone is doing issues are still there....headaches and neck pain's now been 5 weeks since my dr requested the ct scan....still no word....i bought a cervical pillow and have been going for massages on my neck and upper back....slight relief...but not fact after the massage the neck pain is worse for a few hours....apparently this is normal...but I have no idea...anyway....hopefully i'll get my letter this week with the appt date for the ct scan....take care everyone
  4. thx Stealth....I just dont think I can go to one...been to one once for several weeks, he was a complete scam artist....i just dont trust them....
  5. 3 weeks now since my dr requested the ct scan. Still no word when it will be done. Headaches continue along with neck pain and tinnitus. Getting very very worried. The longer this goes on the more I fear a brain tumour.
  6. ty Stealth...haven't been to one.....don't really trust them....just gotta wait for the ct and continue with the sinus treatments and massage and hope they work...also gotta hope the ct is clear too +
  7. Hi everyone.....quick update...still having daily headaches. Still waiting for a letter telling me when i am going for my CT. Headaches are mostly across my forehead or over my right eye. I go to the gym and the workouts don't make the headache worse. Tylenol, excedrin etc dont really help. My sinuses do feel a bit irritated, maybe that's it, who knows. I'm going for a massage on my neck and upper back this morning, hopefully that will help a bit. Still pretty worried this is something serious like a brain tumour.
  8. Hopefully the specialist can provide a positive path forward. A friend of mine has Parkinson’s. He was telling me there is a new medication out now and he will be starting on it soon. Apparently it’s far superior to anything that has been available up to now.
  9. Hi Ironman. Haven’t had the scan yet. Waiting to hear when I get to go for it.
  10. is a brief update...I saw the physiotherapist yesterday. He did a number of tests and his conclusion is that I had BPPV that resolved on its own. The dizziness/vertigo is gone. I am still left with the mild headache in my forehead area and top of my head. Neck is pretty stiff. I'm still waiting for a date for my CT scan. Still pretty worried I have a brain tumour.
  11. ty Deanna....trying to think positively...i hope you feel better soon too!!
  12. ty Ironman...i'm hoping its a combination of sinus, inner ear and tension....the smoke in this part of Canada hasnt been too bad overall...i've been using nasonex, singulair and claritin for the past couple of days...not much change yet tho
  13. ty Stealth....i'm really hoping it's something as simple as that....but my mind is telling me different....i hate that i'll have to wait so long for the ct scan. Hopefully the physiotherapist can help me feel better. It's be nice if the headache would go away tho
  14. Hello first post in a very long time. Over the past month and a half I've been suffering from some vertigo....always when I lay on my back and also when i turn onto my left side in bed. Over the past few days I've had a pressure type headache in my forehead and sometimes in the top left part of my head. My dr has referred me for a ct scan. Since I'm in Canada this will be a wait of several weeks. I'm seeing a physiotherapist on Wednesday who specializes in positional vertigo. With luck he can confirm I have BPPV and not a brain tumour which is my fear right now. I guess it's also possible my sinuses are giving me the symptoms, but claritin and tylenol haven't been effective at all. Has anyone had any experience with BPPV and tension/sinus headache issues. Sorry for rambling a bit, just pretty worried and hoping someone has had similar issues and can ease my mind a bit. Thanks!!
  15. I think you you frequently and hope you are doing well and loving anxiety free! You have helped me so much, I will always be grateful. 

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      Hi Holls...I was wondering how you are doing....I hadnt been here for a long time...things changed for me when I joined a gym and started losing weight and getting into shape...its been 3 1/2 years HA is practically non-existent now...I hope everything is going well with you...