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  1. Hi. Wondering how you’re doing. Long time no talk.


    1. angrry


      Hi Bob....thanks for reaching out...i think of everyone here quite often, especially you as you were always so helpful...I hope all is well with you....sort of a long story...i joined a gym in January of 2020 and after two years i lost 72 pounds....i've gained 20 back but its muscle now..not fat...joining the gym was super HA practically disappeared...there were a few blips here and there but they never lasted very long....I had covid in April and it was just like a cold...even that didnt trigger my HA as it would have in the past.  Right now I have a very bad cold, not covid again, I've been testing...been off work the past few days...the only thing I'm worried about with this, is it turning into a sinus or chest infection...dont know if you recall but 5 years ago I had c diff and i'm still really scared to take antibiotics in case it triggers another c diff infection...nasty thing that infection was.....over all as I said I am a vastly improved, more confident, less scared person.......what about you?

  2. this has been an exceptionally bad year for me too with nasal drip, sinus congestion & headaches, blocked ear, throat clearing....not sure why it's so bad this year but i've been feeling pretty crappy with it for a few weeks now....dr has me on nasonex spray and singulair pills....they help a little but it's still bad......hope you feel better soon
  3. i'd really like to get chat back to the way it was too.
  4. hi reply was not to suggest you get tested but more to see if your area had a health line where you could call to get advice and info re: coronavirus which may ease your mind
  5. there a health links line you can call for advice? a place set up in your community to give advice and answer questions about the virus? thats how we fo8und out we should get tested.....they will be able to answer your questions address your concerns.
  6. my wife and I got our results....we are both negative 🙂
  7. apparently we will get our results of right now we have not been told we have distancing is very's not enjoyable but it will help stop the stores are the same here...very hard to find some things
  8. hi davide....we both feel like we have a cold...sniffles, mild cough, scratchy throat, my wife has a headache....we have been told to take tylenol if necessary...i also take dayquil and nyquil...
  9. social isolation (quarantine) is the best way to prevent the spread of this....we got back from Mexico on Friday...we got colds so we had to get tested....we are waiting for our results now and are in quarantine for at least 14 a person with HA this is really affecting me....
  10. it's going to be a hard 5 week wait for the scope...still in pain, still having bm's that seem to be abnormal shape, calibre tired of all this
  11. ty Bobnnat, Gilly and Ellebel....i really appreciate the support...I got the letter scope is Nov 12th....i'm going to try very hard to stay calm until this is done....I'll also remind myself of all you have said, as you know HA isnt a very logical disorder so it's a struggle to listen to logical information....
  12. thank you Sallyhart.....the waiting is very hard....the fact it's taking so long to hear about a test date probably means the GI isn't overly concerned...I wish I could say the same...I've read studies that showed there is a pretty good percentage of people who had clear scopes yet 3-4 years later were found to have colon cancer....this fact and all the symptoms i'm having are making it very hard for me to stay calm about this.....I'm a mess, pretty emotional and scared all the time these days
  13.'s been a while since I posted, but here I am again. Once again its a colon cancer fear. It all started a couple of months ago...pain in my left side and lower abdomen. Then it seemed I started to get a bit constipated. I saw my new dr and he sent me for a ct to check my kidney. The results showed my kidney was fine, there also didn't appear to be any issues in my abdomen. Well it continued and didnt get any better so he sent me to a GI. I saw him 3 weeks ago. He went over everything and said he doesnt think there is anything serious, but, he will do a colonoscopy. I'm currently waiting for an appointment date. The pain continues, almost like a constipation type pain, i rarely get a strong urge for a BM anymore. TMI but when i go to the bathroom, the output doesnt seem to match the input and it seems narrower and smaller than usual. I had a scope done 3 1/2 years ago and it was clear except for some diverticulosis on the left side. I'm very scared and fear that a tumour has grown on the left side and is causing the pain and bathroom issues. I'm going crazy waiting to find out when I'll go for the scope. I worry that by the time I go for the test it will be too late and any cancer that is there will have spread to point that is beyond help. Sorry for going on, but I'm really really scared.
  14. if you ever want to talk Gary let me know...we can use the chatroom.....i really wish it got more use....better for immediate conversations rather than waiting for the forum
  15. i hear you Gary. I have suffered with HA off and on since I was 27. It is not an easy disorder to get over. Holls and Bobnnat have helped me out quite a few times over the past few years. I have always sought out and welcomed their advice