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    Uncommon Phobias

    Fear of death and vomiting as a child. Fear of death, flying, and public spaces as an adult. Public spaces has gotten better, but there is still a hint left.
  3. Sorry nobody has replied and I just saw this thread tonight. I usually don’t visit the GAD boards. Anyway how did your appointment go? I understand the anxiety of going to the Oncologist. I saw mine every three months the first two years, then every four months the next year, then every six months and now I’m finally on the once a year visits. Even though it’s been seven years since I had cancer, I still get anxious every year before my checkup. My appointment is February 11th this year so I get where you’re coming from. Just wanted to let you know you’re not alone and I hope your checkup went well!
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  5. Blips of blood on paper are usually from, as you said wiping too hard, and hemorrhoids. The type of blood in stools that would be from cancer is black and tarry. Unmistakable. Colon cancer is highly unlikely at 38, but I understand your fear. Mucus in stool is also benign 9 times out of 10 and usually due to high stress, a virus, IBS or constipation. Another thing I have learned is pains on the left side are almost always indigestion, which unfortunately anxiety can cause. I do not believe you need a colonoscopy, especially not if colon cancer doesn’t run in your family, but if it would ease your mind I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. It would be unnecessary, but if it would ease your mind you could ask if you wish. It is your body and your health care. I assure you, though, you are okay. Anxiety can wreak havoc on your system.
  6. I am on a pill to regulate my period, I have to be or else I don’t stop, and yesterday was the day before I start the sugar pills for my cycle. I’ve also been having some pre-period cramping. Today the lump seems to be not as defined, but it’s still sore, and my mom ended up feeling it when I wouldn’t calm down. She said it could also be a lymph node, and I have been fighting some sort of virus, because of the location. I don’t know. That and your comment does help a bit, though. I’m just so anxious about everything and then this happened.
  7. She stated she was wiping to the point of making herself raw. Hence the blood. I was giving reinsurance if that is the case that someone that young with no symptoms likely doesn’t have cancer or need a colonoscopy.
  8. I think you already have the answer as to why you had blood. You wiped until you bled. Like any other sore or scratch it will take time to heal. Internal hemorrhoids also cause bright red blood. I wouldn’t rush to the GP just yet or ask for a colonoscopy. If you do go the doctor should be the one to make that decision.
  9. There's no 'too young' an age for a colonscopy if red flags are risen. Blood in stools should not be brushed off without reporting to a physician. That being said, the presence of blood is most of the time a sign of hemorrhoids or anal fissure and very seldomly of cancer.
  10. You are pretty young to get a diagnosis of colon or rectal cancer. My GI and internal medicine physicians told me that if symptoms persist or get worse, then a visit to a physician would be the right thing to do. I have had rectal bleeding at various times in my life and it has always turned out to be nothing.
  11. Are you on your period or do you feel like it's going to start? Sometimes with PCOS (I have it); we don't know when it's going to start.... give it a couple weeks and if it's still there talk to an OBGYN!
  12. I will not be given an ultimatum on two things I enjoy!..........jusst kidding waffles.
  13. I have no idea, but that’s a good idea I hadn’t thought of, thank you. I’m definitely going to look into it.
  14. I think I found a slightly painful lump (I give it a pain scale of 5 out of 10, also really only hurts when I move my arm a lot) on the side of my breast sort of near my arm pit, so I told my mom. She pointed out that sometimes your period makes those pop up and they go away after, that made me feel a little better, but I’m still very anxious because PCOS is hell. As is health anxiety in general. I started feeling to try and see if I had the same thing on the other side or not and she snapped at me. “Quit touching it!” I tried explaining what I was doing and she just told me to stop again. I feel like crying. I know breast cancer at my age is rare (I’m 20) and your period can cause temporary lumps as well as breast tenderness but I’m scared. My mom snapping at me helped absolutely nothing 😞
  15. Will your insurance cover online or phone therapy? It might be a good option for you if you are going to be too far away to get to in person therapy. I hope that your situation improves because the stress is probably playing a huge part of your health concerns as well.
  16. I have to find another therapist. We are too far away from him, and we still will be if we go to my cousin’s house. I hope I can find another really good one. I also need a psychiatrist and to just need to get everything looked at. PCOS sucks. I’ll try to look into calling about disability, and everything with that. I hope this is where everything starts to finally improve. Thank you for being nice and taking the time to talk to me. I really appreciate it.
  17. First see if you were denied. Call social security and see if it was denied, tell them (when you know); if you are moving; and the address, so they can contact you, establish care, as soon as you can (if there is ObamaCare) and keep seeing a therapist to gain more documentation. I don't know if you have to be in the same state to get an appeal, but I'm pretty sure those things can be transferred really easily.
  18. I did get response when I reposted this to a more active place, but thank you. It got bad again and I wasn’t active online, but we are doing our best to get to a good place. We might be going to live with my cousin in a week or so. It’s still nowhere near perfect, but I’m hoping this is where things start looking up.
  19. I’m sorry for the late reply, things got extremely stressful and busy again. I’m currently in Pennsylvania, but my mom said in a week or so we may go live with my cousin. Also, do you have to be in the same state to get an appeal?
  20. Lyrics are wrong.Replace mind with mine.
  21. No I have not had cancer. I upped my water and fiber and have been having more regular bowel movements and for some reason this is also setting off my anxiety. I have been rationalizing my fears away and it works at times but I am seeing symptoms, the blood when I wiped, the mucus in my poop today and the more regular bowel movements as symptoms of colon cancer and no matter how much I try to change this my anxious brain is not letting go of the cancer fear.
  22. If you are a 38 year old female you don't need a colonoscopy! Give it a few days and the fear will go down. Have you had cancer before for this fear to be rational?
  23. I have been doing well for a bit then came the fall. I had a pain in one of my breasts before my period. I fell out and had a full blown anxiety attack. I ran to my gynecologist I had an exam done and she felt something in the other breast ( the one that was not giving me pains). I panic, panic, panic. I had to wait until after my period to get my mammogram done. Of course this made me late and panic, panic, panic. I get the mammogram and there is nothing, thankfully fatty breast tissue I got the all clear at my appointment. I should be fine and I was until the anxiety started whispering about other cancer, colon cancer. I don’t know why. My body addicted to the feeling of anxiety spirals. I have pains on my left side, I feel like blood is running out of my anus(it is not), I used the bathroom I wiped my butt until it bled ( I just had a few drops of blood on the paper). I am trying to talk myself out of this anxiety, I reason it was my continuous wiping that caused my bleeding since the last time that happened to me I had anxiety induced diarrhea and by the fourth time I went to the bathroom I had blood when I wiped. Today when I pooped I had mucus in my poop. I have it occasionally it’s not consistent but I am feeling like I am being smothered by my anxiety. I am going to make an appointment to see my G.P. I am wondering if I should ask for a colonoscopy, I am 38, there is no history of colon cancer in my family but for my peace of mind I am wondering if it will be enough. My other concern is that they find nothing and I jump to another cancer fear.
  24. Hey Nat! She thinks it’s just post infectious IBS from the virus. She said if I get worsening symptoms then I can pick up a kit from them and send a stool sample in for testing. She said this can last several weeks and suggested eating a low FODMAP diet and taking probiotics. I’ve been taking Align probiotics since Sunday. Haven’t had diarrhea so far today. It will take awhile for the anxiety to completely go away though if I’m honest. Thanks so much for checking! Thanks to all for the replies as well!
  25. @Nat1996 Thank you. I started doing acupuncture and only did 2 sessions the doc recommended me 10 sessions each time i went I felt so good, symptom free for about 2wks. Im definitely going to continue.. Thanks for your kind words and understanding
  26. It was a duplicate thread others posted on the thread here
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