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  2. Hi all, I'm 32 year old male and few weeks ago I had my BP measured. It was pretty high, 140somthing/90. Then later I had it measured again twice in a pharmacy and the latter was 141/79. Since then I've been working on limiting junk foods and trying to exercise, lost a couple of kilos. But I still get burning or pain sensation in my left chest, shoulderblade and shoulder. Should I be worrying about hypertension? I saw a doctor about a week and a half ago and had a measurement again and she suggested that it was cause I was anxious about being measured. I'm also concerned cause I there seems to be sometimes a little bit of edema on my legs. But they dont seem worried about my heart but do agree I should take steps to lower the BP. So, anyone got any tips on lowering the BP?
  3. I'm starting to legitimately freak out. The pain is hitting a five on the pain scale... and while I recognize that's not that bad I have to wonder WTF is going on. I'm not sure the Flonase is going to do anything. I'm not even sure what the hell this could be. I just know the pain is building and I'm starting to get a legitimate headache and pain in the other ear too (though no plugged feeling, hearing loss, or tinnitus in that ear)... feeling a little dizzy and nauseous here and there but that's probably cus my anxiety is going through the roof! Because this one came around half way through an arthritis flare I'm sure it's some inflammatory thing... but shouldn't the Flonase be making it better at that point rather than it still getting worse? I'm probably going to have to hang my head and go in... I'm thinking if it's not better by Thursday or Friday I'll set an appointment. If the pain builds over 6 or 7 I'll probably go to urgent care. Is it crazy to build a strategy as to when symptoms are urgent or require care? I have no idea but I'm really so f***ing tired of my body right now and I'd like to toss it in the trash pile because it feels like it's always waiting to blind-side me with something like this... And I always sit on it, try to take care of it myself... and have to come to a point of breakdown where I admit I need help cus I can't just *fix* it myself. Sorry guys, I need to vent right now and I don't know if anyone really understands just... having something concerning going on in one's body and being stuck between worrying and trying to tell myself I shouldn't worry but that's not really helpful cus that "just don't worry" space is where my anxiety thrives.
  4. Hello. I can understand your situation but I fear effects of pharma drugs on our body. Lexapro basically inhibit the uptake of serotonin and is used for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder. But it does take time to settle and show its effect on your body. I used to take Xanax and Lexapro too but I realized they work to a limit. And our body gets immune to high dosage. I would rather recommend using a holistic approach. You can try CBD oil. Once my friend suggested to my aunt and it worked. For me, I prefer trying natural and herbal ways. I divert my mind from indulging in different activities and reading. Reading helps the most. Here is a complete guide on how to manage anxiety It will be very helpful for you. Just give it a read. I really hope it helps.
  5. I had forgotten that I had posted about this and here I am a year later with this issue AGAIN... and came here to ask if I'm freaking out. I'm on day four of this... again. I finally contacted my doctor who guessed it's probably allergies and suggested antihistamines and Flonase. Since Flonase is a steroid and I know I have inflammatory issues, I went with that. It's day two and no change. I'm back to having both types of tinnitus. There still isn't anything coming out of my ear and I've flushed it a ton of times with peroxide. I'm getting worried this is going to become permanent... and I'm not sure if it's even logical to worry about that. I didn't worry about it the first or second day. I guess three days is my limit of "I can ignore this" and four days is where I start to worry because this has been going on for too long. I'm almost fairly certain that this will be here tomorrow. Symptoms and pain are still building. The ringing is constant, making me unable to forget that it's happening. Pain is starting to spread and I don't know if that's just my brain, being anxious and amplifying things. I'm worried that it's just not going to go away... that this will be the time that I permanently lose my hearing in this ear. ARG! 😵
  6. MARC

    Foot pain

    I would give it at least 2-3 weeks before you call the doctor unless things worsen.
  7. I guess thats good. But are the bumps you have all the same size? This one I have is just at the edge of top side of the bone pointing forward. I sometimes feel too that its bigger but then next time I feel it its not as big.
  8. Neck pain is a condition that causes intense discomfort and pain. As for natural remedies medical marijuana has helped me immensely in the past.
  9. I wasn’t sure if this would be helpful, but I wanted to leave it just in case. My knees click and it has happened my whole life, even in childhood. When I was in sports in high school, and even now when running, I always wear knee braces that I purchased on my own. I’ve never mentioned it to my doctor or given it a second thought (I have HA, but consistently my fears have been heart attacks, pulmonary hypertension or embolism, blood clots, or an undetectable form of cancer). Anyway, leaving this here because the consistent clicking has never materialized into any kind of diagnosis. I hope this gives you comfort.
  10. I was just feeling the bones on my right and left side and they are not smooth on either side.
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  12. Oh, definitely his molars! They can cause all sorts of pain and weird referred pain. Hopefully he’s better soon.
  13. Glad your friend is ok! Always nice when it works out well. Hope he stays that way. I definitely have a cyst from what was explained. I am just trying to not panic over it all.
  14. It's not painful at all. Feels like a regular bone but more pointy
  15. Covid-19 has terrified almost everyone. From kids to geriatrics everyone is shocked and terrified. People even though following SOPs are getting infected because of people who are not following SOPs. In the year of 2020, the world has lost a lot of front line super heros. Coronavirus has created a terror among the people all over the world. My aunt was diagnosed with covid-19 amd unfortunately my dad met her a few days ago so eventually we got covid. I had the worst ever days of my life but thankfully they have passed. The time is tough but shall pass.This covid situation is causing depression. Depression and anxiety are really life-threatening. People don't take it seriously but these can actually lead you to suicide. In this pandemic situation people are just house arrest and frustrated. Here are some blog that helps me keep myself positive in this pandemic . I hope it helps you all.
  16. When I was growing up, I remember a kid in school had bone cancer and the only thing I remember about it was that it was painful.
  17. A friend of mine had a chest x-ray as he had a persistent cough. They thought they saw something on the chest x-ray, so a lung scan was ordered. My friend was in a panic. It turned out to be some sort of shadow they told him, which he said made no sense to him, but he was happy all was good.
  18. Done similar things lol. Not sure if this is how bone cancer presents itself, a pointy bone but it's what my mind jumped to.
  19. I remember a number of years ago while shaving, I felt a small bump on the front of my neck. I did not remember feeling it before, so I panicked a bit and called my ENT physician and made an appointment. I told him I had a bit of a sore throat (which I made up) and he felt my neck and I asked him about the bump on my neck and he said it was part of my neck and boy did I feel like a real idiot even asking him.
  20. Thanks. Possible, I noticed this last summer but didn't think any of it. It could be just me being hyper aware but it does feel a bit more pronounced than in the summer
  21. Welcome to the forum. Maybe it has always been that way and you never realized it.
  22. Hi, I'm new here but certainly not new to health anxiety. For me it's mostly been lymph node related but less so now since they have been swollen for a very long time now and nothing has happened. But recently I've been worrying and obsessing about a bony protrusion right at the end of my clavicle, the sternal end I believe. Right on the edge of the top part of the sternal end of my bone, that part maybe sticks out 2-3 mm longer than it does on my right collarbone. I'm obviously having anxiety about it being some form of a tumour, a bone cancer, which I know is rare and probably even more so in the clavicle. But is there anyone here that has something similar at this spot or around there. It's defintiely a part of the bone and not a lymph node or something cause of its location.
  23. When I was in college many years ago, in one of our classes, we had to make a presentation to the class. One of the girls in the class gave her speech and we had our backs to the front of her as she was very nervous and could not speak to us looking at us
  24. I didn't knew that there are so many symptoms of anxiety. Thanks a lot @Gilly for sharing this post.
  25. Thanks everyone. It’s still there and I’m trying not to dwell on it.
  26. Trying to remember this. It is so hard to not give into the what ifs. It is a huge battle. The anticipation is so maddening to try and combat.
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