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  2. I remember around 12 or 13 years ago, I was sent to a Moh's surgeon to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from my nose. I remember asking the physician while I was there to look at a few other spots I had to make sure they looked OK. He said all looked good and I then apologized for maybe seeming a bit paranoid about the spots. He then responded to me and what he said I will never forget the rest of my life. He said, you are not being paranoid at all, and in fact a little paranoia may be good as far as your health goes as it may one day save your life.
  3. Hi. wingo. YUP, been there. I wore out many ECG machines years ago because I didn't believe what they came up with. When I look back it is rather laughable, although not so at the time!! Palpitations were my main concern. Still get them now and then especially when up tight about something, but just shrug them off because I know what they are and what causes them. We are tricked, bluffed and fooled by that great magician, anxiety. His box of tricks are endless. As soon as we call his bluff the quicker he will depart.
  4. HI. Nick. (my phyciasian told me that the pain is caused from scoliosis and poor posture, i doubt it), Now why would you doubt it? Do you know more about illness than your doctor? Have you been to medical school? This is a major problem in health anxiety because we doubt so much. The doubt so often stems from the fear that 'they' may have missed something. Now this is extremely unlikely these days because if they get it wrong their livelihood is at stake. When we lie down at night we can concentrate on our heart, and what seems to be pounding is no more than this. Some sufferers can't sleep on their left side because it accentuates the feeling. You have had almost every test possible, so begin to tackle the anxiety and not your supposed heart problem. ACCEPT that for the time being this will happen, but it's really no big deal, although it may seem so to you. We are bluffed and fooled by Mr. Anxiety and his box of tricks. Anxiety can mimic any known disease if it's in your mind. If you didn't already know about it you wouldn't worry!! Calm ACCEPTANCE is still the answer, although difficult it does produce results.
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  6. Odds are you don't have a stomach polyp. I would discuss your symptoms and concerns with your physician and then possibly a mental health care provider who may also help you feel better.
  7. Welcome to the forum. The symptoms you describe could be attributed to anxiety and stress. Losing weight may make you feel better, because as you age, obesity can impact your health adversely. Your tests have all been negative which is good. I would try to practice relaxation techniques and see if that helps. L-Theanine and magnesium may help relax you. Talking with a mental health care professional about your symptoms and concerns may also help.
  8. IM 25 YO male and obese 12 Days ago I had vibrating in my feet even when I was sitting or lying down they was constantly tingling on there own, That has gone but what has came now is when I put my feet on the floor its like ive out them in a vibrating floor and it goes all up my legs. but they dont tingle anymore when they are not on the floor 7 days ago I started getting tingling in my fingers on my right hand 5 days ago I started getting body tremors where it fills like my body is trembling all the time The worse is my fingers and hand when sitting down using my laptop i slightly tremor in both hands, I pick something up it moves on its own, 2 days ago I started getting achy dead arm in the same right arm. It feels like its all getting worse. Some background I have had high blood pressure for 6 years on Ramipril 5mg one a day and lanzeoprazel. For many years also ive had pain all over my body in joins like wrists foot ect. Achying pains come on suddenly and then go away. I am extremely sensitive to pain all over my body, If you push down on my arms for example they throb for ages and are painfull I Currently take 50000 Units of vitamin D as have a deficiency. Been on them for 5 weeks At night when i try and sleep my heart feels like its pounding out my chest " its normal rate around 70-80BPM" I can hear it when I lie down on my side very loud. I can feel my heart beat all over my body, So if I am holding my hand or finger I can feel a strong beat there, or if i out my foot on my leg I get it in my foot a strong pulse. I had a Brain MRI yesterday as I was having headaches everyday for 2 months, "Which now has gone" Ive had several ECG done over pass months all normal. I go tomorow for blood rests but expect them all to be normal. My worry is that its to do with my heart or I have MS or Parkinson's. Also feels like there is current running all through my body arm legs chest like there's something pounding around my body
  9. Thank you for your answer, I have this for a year now I never done an end, just an abdominal ultrasouns, is stomach polyp an emergency? Or life threatening?
  10. Any chest pain can be stressful. I am sure you have been told not to smoke. My wife once had chest pain, sweating and she threw up. She thought for sure it was her heart. She went to the ER. She was released from the ER as it was not her heart. It turned out to be a stomach polyp which got tangled up and caused the pain, which was uncovered by an EGD. So this shows that chest pain is not necessarily heart related.
  11. Seeing repeating patterns of numbers frequently is associated with messages from angels. For example, seeing 444 on a signboard, then seeing 4:44 on your clock and then having a drink for $4.44 could all be indications. Or you may find yourself looking at the time every day at 11:11 or 1:11 exactly.
  12. Thanks for the book suggestion! It looks interesting.
  13. Hello everybody, i hope you are well, For a year now, everytime i go to bed i have pounding heart, and through the day upper left back pain i was really scared for obvious reasons, About 9 months ago i ve done multiple cardiograms, blood test chest and back x ray, 3 ekg, even put a holter monitor, everything came out good, for the past 2 weaks my upper back pain came back with chest pain as well (my phyciasian told me that the pain is caused from scoliosis and poor posture, i doubt it), Today i went for a short run, i used to be extremely active, but for the last years im not, When i completed a mile i started having chest pain when i breath, like a niddle in my upper chest, when i stopped it went away. That scared me a lot, but i dont want to visit doctors again unless it is necessary. I am 25 year old, male, smoker with no family history of heart problems. I would really appreciate your opinion, thank you for your time.
  14. I had my first one 15 years ago and it just kept happening. I have eczema a get them easily due to that. Some have been really tiny and I can get all the crap out before they get bad and some have been the size of baseballs almost overnight. Luckily I haven't had many in the last year besides a few tiny ones but I swear I was on Bactrim forever and the ointments. They talked about using an IV therapy to get rid of them and possibly for good but I never felt like it was needed since the antibiotics work so well for my infections. I'm glad it's not too bad but if it get worse or really painful get it looked out.
  15. 100s of staph infections? What's the cause? I don't think there's really much to drain with this thing. It's red with a sort of purple in the center.
  16. I recently had a staph infection on my right hand. It was from a scratch. I went to my dermatologist and he looked at it for a second and prescribed me an antibiotic and steroid creme. He told me many staph infections are caused by cat scratches.
  17. Yeah!!! Googling should be a big NO NO. They rely on adverts for their revenue. If they can sell you something they will. People with anxiety are very vulnerable and wide open to suggestion. On TV in the UK we get adverts from the Health Ministry about heart attacks, strokes etc. Anyone with health anxiety will be triggered by all this and a lot of harm can be done. We need keep away from any reports about illness or any programmes related to illness. Now this is difficult these days. We are having talk of disease and sickness thrust under our noses daily. These are not good times for HA sufferers. Suggestion plays a very big part in HA, far bigger than we may realise. One of the things that used to trigger me was when I met someone who said 'you don't look at all well'. For a start it's a stupid thing to say to anyone who may be suffering. But then most non sufferers are insensitive. You have to have been there to know!! To me anyway the doctor is the person to answer questions. We are often loath to go to the doctor for fear of them finding something wrong. But surely it is better to do that than leave a problem until it gets worse. But common sense and logic are almost non existent with HA sufferers. Invariably they will find nothing wrong and put it all down to 'nerves'. But at least we can get reassurance, that's if we believe them! Five years at medical school, three years internship and maybe many years of practise does give them some authority to diagnose!! Believe them, because what is the alternative? Googling?
  18. As someone who has had 100s of staph infections I wouldn't be worried about staph being a sign of cancers. That would be a huge generalization since staph is so prevalent in the community. That being said are you taking medication for your infection? Have you had it drained? If you aren't treating it get to the doctor and get some meds. If you are I have had a few infections that did not heal fully from the first round of antibiotics and had to get more. It's not uncommon to happen and happened only a handful.of times. If you have any questions please reach out.
  19. I noticed that spider veins on breast got bigger and more appears is it still normal worrying it’s not
  20. When is an inflamed lesion something worth seeking medical attention for? A few months ago I had another lesion (on my leg) I figured was a staph infection, but it eventually resolved. Now I have one on my arm, and 8 days later, it's still not healing. What worries me even more is I read recurring staph infections can be a sign of various cancers.
  21. I would have to say - after my issues in July 2016 - Google at least helped me get to a doctor, despite not knowing what I was going through. I had a really bad sinus infection. People noticed that half of my face was distorted. I just felt like I had a sinus infection. Well, I get home from a men's group meeting and am watching television. In that side of my face (the left), I start losing the vision in half my eye (the lower half). It would fade in and out - from normal, to a half snow-pattern to black. It happened twice and I start looking up what is going on. I also had half my tongue swollen. It said I was having either allergies or a heart issue and it said - go to a doctor. Well, it was 1am at the time....I ended up going to the ER since they were the only ones open. I couldn't let it slide. I had a sonogram done and the fade happened a third time resulting in an eye hemorrhage (burst blood vessel). Numerous tests (I will probably post about this more when it comes up), but all they found was an elevated blood pressure. Long story short, I ended up getting a general doctor, put on blood pressure meds, and the whole episode was due to allergies from a bad electronic air purifier. I turned it off and within 24 hours, everything was gone but the hemorrhage in my eye. That took time to disperse. That would be a legitimate reason to go to a doctor. If you think the symptoms are mild and will pass, there is no reason to worry.
  22. No, we with HA went to the bookstore medical section, or the library, sad to say.
  23. I did notice at a higher dose, taken regularly - I had a slightly slower pulse. Nothing that ever caused problems in day to day life, wouldn't have noticed - although did have to not take it the one day I had an ECG. That was it though. Is how it works I think. Helps relieve physical symptoms of anxiety.
  24. Thank you really much for your answer Jon and sharing your personal experience.You enlightened me.
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    My wife is a pharmacist and she said propranolol is typically well tolerated.
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