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  2. Acceptance of uncertainty is the key to overcoming health anxiety. It’s one of the most difficult concepts we as sufferers ever face. Unfortunately the world is full of what ifs. I once read something that sticks with me. How are you going to feel on your 90th birthday, looking back over your life? What a shame if you had to realize all the time, energy and lack of happiness spent over so many years, over things that either never happened, or were far less difficult to deal with than you imagined. As for the stress test, anxiety easily could play a role, but maybe it’s a good time to slowly start to improve your conditioning, with the help and guidance of a doctor or trainer?
  3. @Bobnnat My boyfriend was at the appt with me and thought the results were great and the doctor clearly said I don’t need surgery. I was feeling a little better until just a minute ago when I got the results of my exercise stress test... abnormal. However, they said it wasn’t abnormal due to the Pectus but due to deconditioning. Basically, I weak and out of shape. I can’t help thinking about the “what-if’s” though. What if it’s wrong? What if I have something wrong with my heart? She also said anxiety could have played a role in the results. I started off with an already high heart rate and hyperventilation.
  4. Last Bump for this post Chest tightness, chest pain, heart hiccups, heart palpitations, dizziness, tensed head, neck, shoulder, back, chest muscles . These have been symptoms ive had either throughout the day or at night. I have had ekgs done (about 3 in the past 2 months with nothing out of the ordinary to worry about but my mind is telling me my heart is going in a bad direction with these pains and tightness i have in the area.
  5. Hi KG. I had a relatively similar situation many years ago. I had been dx with Barrett's Esophagus by a local gastroenterologist. I decided to be seen at Johns Hopkin and met with one of their gastro doctors. Bottom line, he told me I do not have BE and despite my insistence, recommended strongly against having yearly scopes. My fiance accompanied me to my Hopkin visits. She read me the riot act when I questioned what a doctor from this prestigious facility was telling me. That doctor ended our conversation by saying to me "Have a good life". over the years on rare occasion I think about it, and mention it to my wife. She gets angry and repeats the doctor's parting words. You have the same situation. A doctor at a prestigious facility told you in essence, to go and have a good life. You, like me at the time, wouldn't accept it. Thank God for my wife, who is much more level headed then i am. She would have nothing to do with my hypochondria over that issue. KG, you need to get to the point where you can move on. It's the only answer. Google doesn't have a clue about you as a person, as a patient. The MC doctor now knows you as a person and patient and has given you all the appropriate tests. Regardless of what you might have read, obviously the MC knows your specific situation 1000x better than Dr. Google, and if they aren't concerned about your test results, then you should be happy as a lark. I've never really studied a lark, so i don't know if in fact they're actually happy creatures, but you need to be. 🙂 Bob
  6. Yesterday I had a full day at the Mayo Clinic, having tests done regarding my Pectus Excavatum. I had horrible anxiety for the 2 weeks leading up to this appt. Even having panic attacks, which I don’t generally have with my anxiety. I had a pulmonary function test, exercise stress test, ct scan and finally a consultation with the surgeon to go over my results. My lung capacity is 84% which he said was very good and better than about 90% of people he sees. My Haller Index is 4.5 which is worse than I was expecting but the Dr. said it was good. The results of my stress test were unfortunately not ready yet. He and his assistant told me about how extremely painful the corrective surgery is and when I finally asked him if he thought I needed to have the surgery, he said no. He said my results are good and living with it won’t affect my lifespan. He said they generally only treat people who are having significant pain or shortness of breath. I should be so relieved, right?? Unfortunately, I feel just as anxious about the condition as I did before I got my “good” results. I’ve spent 3 years researching the condition online and reading about how a Haller Index of 3.5 or more is considered severe and needs correction and for some awful reason, I’m placing more weight on that information than on what the thoracic surgeon at the MAYO CLINIC said to me. I’m feeling really stuck right now. If those results weren’t enough to take my focus off of my chest how will I ever move forward from this?
  7. That is what small ulcer or hernias can feel like. They are usually not serious and can be fixed easily enough.
  8. It could be, although I am most thrown off by the fact that i constantly feel something, 24-7, sometimes worse en indeed worse bending a certain way, but for four months constantly something like pressure or slight pain..
  9. It will go away at night but sometimes during the day or something it feels tight. My shoulder area tends to feel tensed and tight along with my head muscles.
  10. I also have been having this tight throat feeling sensation on my right side of my neck. Sometimes swallowing feels awkward or something is personally stuck there. This anxiety as well?
  11. I had a root canal done on tooth number 6. One of my canine teeth. I had an abscess in the roof of my mouth from this tooth for about three years (no joke) because it didn’t hurt and I didn’t have dental insurance. Unfortunately my root canal failed and I had to have the tooth pulled and a bone graft done so I can get an implant. I was worried just like you are about infection spreading. I went back to the dentist MULTIPLE times for reassurance and each time I was told I was fine and what do you know they were right. Your dentist knows by your xrays if you are in any danger at all. Trust in their expertise. Feel better soon.
  12. Ugh it brings on panic and worry whenever i walk and stand up it thumps fast and hard. Then when i sit down or lay down it feels comfortable.
  13. Sounds like anxiety and stress to me. My sister gets heart palpitations and hers is not life threatening at all. Just annoying. Usually, even if it IS your heart... it’s not a serious issue. I’d try to relax, drink LOTS of water, and reduce stress. See what happens.
  14. This has started again since yesterday and hasn't gone away. I dont know if not eating enough is the cause. My appetite has been bad lately with all the stress and anxiety. I literally dont get super hungry ever. Or this is just anxiety playing a part. Again reassurance will be great.
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  16. I find that fear like that is a distraction from some thing or emotion you don't really want to face so then the physical symptoms become an easy distraction. It doesn't matter if it's something you want or not - it takes your mind off of things. And it becomes first one thing, then another and it becomes hard to distinguish what the root cause is. You don't fear the mass shootings or the car accidents because your mind truly believes that these things are rare and very unlikely to happen, but your mind is not convinced of this in terms of illnesses, and that's why illnesses are your focus. Recognizing that the body always makes "noise" in terms of physical pain or sensations will help you slow down the fear (as might seeing the chiropractor who can help with that), and only once the fear is slowed down enough, you can begin to consider what you may be subconsciously distracting yourself from. I have found that so much of my anxiety comes down to distraction from some thing or emotion in my life. Hope this helps.
  17. Since last night ive noticed i have had these weird palpitations when standing up. Walking, lifting something. My heart will race and palpitate. I find it uncomfortable and something i dont want to focus on at all. Especially i noticed them when i was sitting enjoying a video game with friends Yesterday. All the way until 2am i felt short of breath dizzy and light headed and was breathing fast because i felt i wasnt breathing right. But i know the i was hyper ventilating and was able to relax but my concern and worry is why my heart is palpitating and racing when standing up and now i am worried of something worse. Reassurance from anyone please.
  18. Feel free to reply if you just want a cool head or to unload your fears into words. I'm at work but I keep this site up almost all day. I usually will reply within fifteen minutes or so. Praying for you and your nerves! 👍
  19. Thank you. Your reply has calmed my nerves have to read it every like 2 hours but it helps me. My 2 doctors are on holiday today but tomorrow ill ask the dentist to prescribe me antibiotic before doing anything else to the tooth and im also gonna ask for blood test Just to be sure. Ill keep everyone posted. If anyone had more similar experiences and want to share would be appreciated. I keep freaking put and getting adrenaline rushes. Since yesterday
  20. I've had a similar pain in the exact same spot. Mine usually aggravates with coffee, pop, or citrus though. Though, sometimes it gets worse if I bend the right way. Fairly certain mine is inflammation in my stomach lining or a small ulcer. I've had it for years though off and on. Usually diet will improve it if I eat right. Maybe something similar?
  21. Four months later and i still have this weird left upper abdominal pain. Often it just feels like a pressure.. like something is in there or a part of muscle is very stiff there.. other times it is a mild stabbing pain. Most noticable in certain positions, like slouching or laying in bed half tilted to the side. Doc has no clue. Had blood tests, stool tests, abdominal ultrasound. Nothing showed at all. I hoped it would pass with time but four months later it is still here. Sometimes i also feel like it radiates to the side or even back. Not often though. There is pretty much ALWAYS something noticable either pain or pressure. Please i am desperate here.. ANYONE recognize this?
  22. I don't struggle with absolute dread the way I did a year ago. Yet, there is an underlying fear that sits behind my thoughts and waits for something to happen. Either a bad cold, a cough that won't go away, a pain somewhere, an odd sensation, a stressful moment, etc. Then it tries to take hold not through spiraling in fear or dread... but through possessing most of my thoughts through the day. I'm so tired of living this way. In the last year, I have had every major illness there is. Or at least I have thought I did. Currently, I'm having throat sensations that don't want to seem to go away completely and back pain that seems related somehow... it once again tries to make fear the worst, catastrophizing about the "what if". In reality this makes no sense at all. I don't fear mass shootings when I go into public places. I don't fear car accidents when driving. Why do I fear illnesses? I'm tired of waking up nervous to go through another day with that fear hanging on to my every thought. Shivering, not from cold, but from the fear that so often greets me in the morning. 😟 I'm tired of wondering if it will ever end. I'm tired of not enjoying every day life because of the looming nothing that is always there. 😕 This is my thoughts this morning, I wanted to share them with you all because I know you will understand. I am going to a chiropractor tomorrow in hopes that my back pain will relieve and these symptoms will again vanish... only to wait until the next thing comes along. I just want to fear normal things like everyone else. Thanks for listening. 😞
  23. First, you don't have sepsis. You have anxiety about infection from a root canal. A legit worry. I just had a root canal done about two months or so ago and the tooth STILL bothers me from time to time. They stay sensitive to touch and biting for some time. There was an infection present and it takes a while before it is 100%. A blood test would show whether or not you are suffering from anything major, yes. But I feel it is unnecessary. Anxiety has you spinning the worst case scenarios where there is nothing pointing to that. Rest easy, you are fine. I am confident.
  24. Hi everyone. Like a month ago i had a root canal. I was scared of pericarditis or heart infection because i developed a splinter hemorrage like a few days after getting it done. I ended up brushing it up but now im super scared again. The treated tooth bothers me sometimes when i bite on food that gets like in the crease of the filling it bothers. It also bothers me if i tap on the tooth. It aint bad pain but i do notice it and avoid it. It makes me think that there is something wrong with tooth and im terribly scared of infection going to blood , heart or brain. I have read of people dying from that and i feel it might be my case. I asked my husband to ask dentist for antibiotic to take before next appointment to recheck tooth but im scared it wont be the antibiotic that kill the specific bacteria. Please advise and help me. Also will a blood test checking for bacteria show if i have sepsis and what kind of bacteria?
  25. I have weird symptoms myself sometimes and it all gets pretty old after a while and I get sick of it too and fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. I hate those things. I’ve had three in my life and I don’t ever want another. They completely freak me out. First time it happened I lost vision from the sides and I thought I was having a stoke. Dr told me that being on birth control is probably what caused it. The second and third were more like a strobing effect in the sides of my vision. Scary stuff but they always go away within 10 minutes or so.
  27. Mine is always low. My resting heart beat according to my fit bit is 62 and when I’m exercising and eating healthy it can go down into the 50’s. A low heart rate in the 60s is nothing to worry about. It means your heart is healthy and doesn’t have to work that hard to do it’s thing. Stop taking your pulse.
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