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  2. If the doctor examined it and said it was OK, I would not worry about it. If it was getting bigger, bleeding, etc., then I would be concerned and call the doctor back.
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  4. What does real clinical weakness mean vs perceived weakness? I am scared I might have MS. Like for a long time now my right arm and leg have “felt” tired and weak, but when I go to test them by lifting weights or running I can do everything normally. I am definitely over concentrating on them and always feel the need to test my ability to use them. But is this true weakness or just in my head/ perceived weakness.
  5. Hey, My girlfriend has been taking an intensive treatment program for depression and diagnosed with PTSD. Her psychiatrist said this was probably the result of growing up with a psychologically unstable mother. Her mother had a mental breakdown and was chronically unstable. She used to say that her mother was deeply caring, but also paranoid, irrational, and outbursts based on even the smallest provocation. I used to associate PTSD with soldiers who have been traumatized by battle experiences. However, I hope the diagnosis of PTSD in her will shed some light on what she is struggling with, and how she could move forward. So I'm trying to get a better understanding of what PTSD is, how it works, and the best PTSD treatments. Your experiences, thoughts and resources will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi. I was an als worrier and I try to not comment too much our I'll start to worry again, it's all very suggestive when you have anxiety. Since this is in your family I can see how you are hyper aware of any feelings you have. Tightness and twitches aren't symptoms. I'm so sorry that your uncle's have been diagnosed. I hope that when you see your neurologist that you can get the relief you need to move forward. I would suggest seeing a therapist. Not only will they help with the ALS anxiety it helps with anxiety in general. It absolutely saved me. Hugs!
  7. Hello, My name is Mike and I have a few questions for the forum. Feeling anxious which is new for me. My family was recently impacted with 2 Uncles on my fathers side who were diagnosed with ALS at 55 and 62 years old just recently. They identified the C9 gene and so we have the familia (inheritance) ALS since another Uncle ( Fathers side) also died from this 30 years ago. My father( who had 50% chance of inheriting the gene) is 73 and in great health and asymptomatic. I'm 49 soon to be 50 and for the past 6 months I have had a strange tightness in legs when I wake up. Upon getting out of bed I feel the legs contract calves are tight ( hard to describe) but some times feels like a wave and I step gingerly for a few steps then they loosen up. I'm in good heath and with a good weight and walk/hike. For some time I figured this was just getting older but it hasn't relented so I saw a hormone doctor who ran tests and determined my Thyroid was not working that great. I needed to increase my Synthroid so was given levothyroxine 3 months ago. During my taking of this medication I developed fasciculation's ( legs, biceps, chest, abdomen) I told the hormone doctor about this and she said it was likely due to the medication and to give it 2 more weeks but it has not stopped. I just stopped 4 days ago and I still have some twitching. Given my family I hope this helps. I do plan to see a Neurologist on my morning stiffness ( off/on tight legs during day) and the fasciculations that I hope stop soon. At the moment I'm at going to gym and not noticing any thing major so that it is a relief but I my mind wanders to think that maybe I'm in the early stages of ALS. Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Mike
  8. Bodies aren’t symmetrical and if you look at a picture of the inside of the abdominal cavity you can see there are different organs on each side , some overlap and cross the midline and some don’t. Then there’s fat and muscle and connective tissue, etc...I don’t think it is anything to worry about.
  9. Location is lower right quadrant, 3 inches below and to the right of the belly button. What's in that area? I read that colon cancer can cause masses anywhere. I actually had a colonoscopy 10.5 years ago, which turned up clear (internal hemorrhoids).
  10. If you are under 50, the odds of it being anything serious are remote. I am happy to hear your doctor says it is not serious. I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Yes i did! Two actually! But it showed nothing at all even though the hard tissue is so obvious. And now there is an additional lump since yesterday (i think), tiny and very firm, and in an area the ultrasound didnt scan.. im so convinced it is bad and scared i wont see my little boy grow up 😢
  12. Did you already have an ultrasound? They’re very reliable. If you had a tumor the ultrasound would show it.
  13. I Googled this and found a mention to tumors, of course. I've been worried about abdominal asymmetry for around 2 years now. It seems to have gotten worse. My abdomen is now a complete mess of asymmetry to where stuff doesn't line up the way it used to. I don't know if it's related to losing some weight recently because of covid-19 (not eating as many calories because I rarely go shopping and don't purchase certain items I used to), but the relief I felt yesterday noticing corresponding veins to the slight bulge I felt on one side seems to have been misplaced, as the cause of those veins bulging more may be a tumor.
  14. I've had this before...several times. It HURTS! Doctor never said much and it went away. I was never even told what to do. My sister has had this...also several times. Like you she say the cardio and was told it wasn't her heart. He gave her some stretching exercises to do and they helped. Seems like as long as she stretches and stuff it keeps it at bay.
  15. This was a long time ago, but I am new to this site and hoping this "bumps" the post and someone can answer about Costocondritis. I have it too, and it is the worst thing ever. Anyone? Amanda
  16. There have been more posts about ALS over the years than just about any other issue. Holls, who is on here once in a while and had her own worries about ALS says it best. ALS is failing, not feeling. ALS is not feeling weak, but failing at doing normal, everyday things like picking up your keys or using a fork or buttoning your shirt. Clinical weakness is different than feeling weak, so you can put that fear right out of your mind.
  17. @Jremtx Great post! i have intense ALS fear. How did you get over it? My left arm (non-dominant one) feels weak and heavy!
  18. @Holls Hopefully my response still comes up. I am a 21 year old male with an extreme fear of ALS. I did indeed go to the forum and they said I did not present with anything remotely like ALS. Yet my left arm (non-dominant one) feels heavy and weak a lot of the time. It feels like it just hangs to the side and constantly feels weak. I did some ALS arm tests and seemed fine, but I am so scared and worried. Please help!
  19. @Reggieregimal I had this concern a year ago and went to see a urologist about it. I'm a real health anxiety case. Basically he found nothing and explained to me how to know if something is really wrong. The good news is that if your testicle actually hurts it is almost never testicular cancer. Pain is not a common symptom of TC. Sometimes if I'm sitting odd, my testicle will hurt and more often it's the dominant one. What kind and brand of underwear do you wear as this could also be a cause.
  20. @LukeS22 I relate to these concerns as well. I am 21 years old and mostly healthy, but I feel weakness and heaviness in my left arm (non-dominant arm) and feel it is a sign of ALS or MS as well. I am not a medical expert at all, but from what I understand ALS and MS typically result in an inability to do something. For example, whenever my arm feels weak or heavy I hold them out straight in front of my face. Then I put them above my head. Someone with ALS or MS would be unlikely to be able to complete this task as the muscles in your hand seem to disappear or fail to work anymore. That is my findings on the subject, but just know that I am in a similar boat and scared of these things just like you are.
  21. Doctor is convinced it’s esophageal spasms. Common. Especially for high stress, anxiety, and poor posture. Which I have all of right now working at home. The things I do that work to relieve it she said fall right in line with that prognosis. No red flags and she isn’t concerned about it. Basically, if something major changes then come back. Now I need to get it to move along. 👍🏻👍🏻
  22. Hi! My name Luke, for the past 2 weeks or so I’ve been really freaked out about degenerative diseases specifically ALS and MS, I have this really weird sensation in my arms and legs (all of them) that I can’t really describe almost a shaky feeling even though I’m not physically having tremors, I always look at things I’m being asked to do and think I’m going to be too weak but when I try to do it I find I’m perfectly capable of it, I have no weakness that i’ve noticed (and I’ve been looking) I can still do everything I can normally do just feel like I can’t. I’ve moved out of my house and gone to live with my brother temporarily because my room was causing me to have panic attacks but I just can’t shake the feeling something is wrong, even when I don’t feel physically anxious I still have these feeling in my limbs, it’s especially bad in the morning for some reason too... I also have sore feet and buttocks which has been freaking me out too, i’m really struggling and in dire need of help somehow. I helped my brother build a table from scratch including using a hammer, a saw and a drill and had no trouble actually doing it even though I felt like I wasn’t capable, my balance is fine as I’m able to recover from any leaning over and stand on either of my feet individually and stay there for a while, i sometimes feel my coordination is off but I think it’s actually because of how focused I am on looking for problems, like when i put a screwdriver to a nail and miss it at first i’ll notice because of my anxiety and think it’s something more sinister, i’m constantly googling things and scaring myself even more, I should also point out that I’m 17 years old, just left school after 6 years, lost my grandmother in October, my family and I got covid, my mum broke her arm and to top it all off we lost my dog of 15 years just last month, if anyone has advice to give or an opinion on my situation it would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  23. I have a lump on my ribs, bottom left rib. It's about 2cm long and has not grown in size since the end of March. I think I may have tapped it with a kettlebell when working out as there was a bruise and now the lump. Went to the doctors for chest pain and got her to check that as well. She said it was nothing but did a blood test to check everything ok, including chest. She said if I didnt hear from her the next day then there is nothing to worry about. Well, I didnt hear from her, happy days I thought! I was fine for a few weeks but the past week I cannot stop obsessing over the lump, constantly feeling it and now am convinced there is a small one a bit further down, also where a part of the bruise was. Anyway, why can I just not believe that the blood test is fine, the doctor said it was fine. I'm obsessed and convinced its something horrible even though I have no other symptoms whatsoever. Its talking over my life, constantly checking it
  24. I set an appointment with a general doctor for July 10th. Then my normal doctor's office called me just now and told me they can get me in today to look over things and determine if I need to be referred. Hopefully I will have a little more information this afternoon. Thank you again for your response.
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  26. Thnx for your replies! I am absolutely worried sick about this. Feels like the right breast has a rope with several knots going through the upper outer quadrant. Just emailed the doc again, because i feel so sick. Do i stop breastfeeding (no thats not the cause, already excluded that) just so i can get more tests? How reliable Is JUST an ultrasound?. I would hate to stop breastfeeding over nothing.. but also dont want to catch it too late if it turns out it would be bad.. im so sick to my stomach right now 😢
  27. Great reminder that we HAVE to learn to live with the unknown every day and be okay with it. I can spend all of my time worried I’m dying or enjoy life regardless of if I am or not. I actually find comfort in the fact that we’ll all die eventually... I may or may not have a expedited ticket to heaven is all. ☺️ Anxiety makes us think so weird man.
  28. Thanks to you both! you comments were so helpful. One because it's good hear that people understand how I fee, which is a comfort but you are also reminding me of the importance of finding peace and just believe that everything will be okay. We don't deserve to live this way. Here's to us finding peace and enjoying every moment of life. very good point about while we're worrying about illness taking us way from our families we are in fact doing that anyway as we stress.
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