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  2. Thanks everyone. I saw a speech / swallow specialist who has horrible health anxiety and she helped me overcome the fear of choking. My newest 'thing' is a tiny muscle under the left side of my lip will spasm or indent and cause it to feel like my lip twitched. My anxiety is horrible and I won't see the specialist until Oct 9th. Good news is one of her specialties is treatment of certain tremors with Botox. Right now, you wouldn't notice anything but my hand tremor. PD patients need more dopamine in our brain. By time we're dx'd, we've lost up to 80% of dopamine.
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  4. It's a focus issue. We either dwell on the nerves, or we dwell on something else. First, you have to break down the nerves you have at the moment. if there is something you can change in the situation, then you can work on it. The rest is wasted nerves.
  5. Welcome to Anxiety Central, Sib403!
  6. I’ve been struggling more lately with Panic/Anxiety. The waves of panic have been lasting longer, and have been harder to get pass. Even when the most intense fear subsides a little, I’m in a constant feeling of being on the edge if severe panic/fear. It’s like my mind and body stays elevated, even when the fear subsides a little. By the time my body relaxes a little, the wave of intense fear increases. I try to control the second fear, but it doesn’t seem to stop this cycle. Any ideas on how to break this cycle?
  7. Hello Everyone Yes, I new and suffer from Dual Diagnosis mainly mood disorder dealing with a lot of anxiety issues. Hoping to vent some and help when I can.
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  9. It's normal - you just have to stop thinking so much about something that is involuntary.
  10. My hands look like they twitch with the heartbeat. Yeah - it's normal.
  11. This is my current issue. I am noticing both hands slightly shake, but nothing extreme or anything. I am almost positive it is normal and not something to worry about but I can't stop checking for it. I am not sure how to move past this. Did this ever stop for you or do you still see it and no longer worry about it? I noticed it first by holding my phone and seeing the reflection was shaky. Then started starting at my hands all the time. Thanks.
  12. Just an update. The internal shaking has all but stopped. It almost never happens anymore. My fears shifted for a time to a cold and throat problems again and I almost forgot about it. I can't help but keep checking my hands for shaking though, which I know I must do. It has reignited those fears a few times because I think my hand might be shaking. I hold them in front of myself and keep them still and if they shake at all, it is very slightly. I think that is normal though for our hands to not be perfectly still, especially when testing to see if they are perfectly still. The phone test still shakes the same, which tries to get my anxiety going. I do know that as I get distracted and busy, I don't really notice it. Also, for days on end I was ignoring it and I am pretty sure all of it was gone for those days. I hate this crap. The hands slightly shaking is normal, right? Thanks.
  13. Panic is the body's way of waking us up out of sleep. My heart tends to pound a bit. From what I have noticed, the heart beating actually isn't as intense as full-on-exercise. At that point, my heart beats about 160 beats or more a minute. Panic attacks aren't like that. Negative thoughts can trigger and then feed the panic. The first lesson I ever learned about anxiety was "How I think determines how I feel".
  14. Adrenaline from panic/anxiety causes increased heart rates. I’ve had plenty of panic attacks that caused a high heart rate. The thought process that helped me was to understand that the body’s natural response to adrenaline release is an increased heart rate… so in other words, your heart is responding exactly like it’s supposed to when adrenaline releases. Your heart is supposed to react to adrenaline, and normal function is a good thing. I’ve had the snoring that caused me to wake up with panic attacks. My body was responding to those sensations of snoring/apnea with panic. This happened in my sleep so it seemed unfair because I couldn’t deal with it while I’m sleep, then I wake up in a panic. What I did was continued to remind my self, while I was awake, that those sensations are causing panic attacks. And sometimes when I’m laying down to go to sleep, I remind myself that those snoring/apnea sensations are causing panic. I try to engrave those thoughts in my head. Eventually, those thoughts automatically popped in my head when I woke up in a panic, and it helped me relax faster, and sometimes stop the attack from coming. Just as negative thoughts can engrave in your mind causing anxiety and panic, positive reassuring thoughts can engrave in your mind as well. I’ve currently been struggling more lately, but I’m trying to retrain my brain.
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    The waves are trying to fuel the nerves. The thoughts are fueling the nerves. That is the cycle unfortunately. The key is to take each thought captive and find out how much it is worth worrying about or whether you can do anything about the issue.
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    Thanks! I’m not sure why it’s been so difficult lately. Usually after an intense attack, my body comes down after a while. Now, it comes in several waves. When I think I may be coming down some, the wave comes again. Every thought, every sensation brings another wave. Eventually, I’ll come down to a point where I can somewhat function. I don’t really know how to deal with this… since panic disorder always manages to find something new to attack with. These waves are like one big panic attack that lasts for over an hour, or 2 or 3. I’m trying to find a doctor to transition to since my insurance changed. Hopefully medicine, or something will work. I’m just not sure if I can deal with the attacks enough to go inside the appointment. At the moment, I can’t really go inside anywhere without the attacks. Even trying to sit outside and enjoy a breeze causes attacks. Not really able to handle the sensation of how warm it is outside, the sun, and feeling like I’m too far from anywhere to lay down. I hope I can find a telehealth doctor that can prescribe something for the panic.
  17. thx Stealth....I just dont think I can go to one...been to one once for several weeks, he was a complete scam artist....i just dont trust them....
  18. No harm in trying a chiro while you wait. Having your neck or back out can absolutely cause this kind of stuff. I would suggest a gentle adjustment chiro rather than a snap, crackle, and pop. I went to one today for neck and back pain. It really helps a lot.
  19. 3 weeks now since my dr requested the ct scan. Still no word when it will be done. Headaches continue along with neck pain and tinnitus. Getting very very worried. The longer this goes on the more I fear a brain tumour.
  20. Thank you ironman I appreciate it
  21. You have to assess the real likelihood of any of those things happening. Beyond that, you'd need to use patience to let some time pass. It's easy to get caught up in the latest disease trends.
  22. I’ll try to keep things brief. I have been dealing with health anxiety since I was in high school. I’m 35Mtoday. been diagnosed with most of the psychosomatic diagnosis CFS, Chostocondritis, inigual hernia. Not saying that these are fake diagnosis by any means just feels like doctors never know what’s really wrong. the loop is find new symptom > research online obsessively > go to doctor get checked up. Usually end up feeling better. however I have done this forever maybe 1X every 1-2 years for the last 20 years I suffer with debilitating anxiety and submit myself to a battery of tests.. frankly I’m exhausted of the doom loop. I’m starting to think that I need to take a new approach to my HA. Does anyone have any advice on this. I feel like running to the doctor every time I think I have a new disease is not helpful and is not a productive way to cope and address my HA. Do the symptoms cause my anxiety or does my anxiety cause my symptoms. should I seek professional help. Any advice is greatly appreciated since I am spiraling once again and this like it always does impacts every aspect of my life. 😩
  23. Welcome to Anxiety Central!
  24. The tavern is 18th Century but has had a complete modern fit out, to include a Games Room, Traditional Bar with Fireplace, Night Club, Gym with Pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Restaurant, WIFi ( so you can keep up with the Forum ) and 10 bedroom with on suites.Me being a Billionaire everything is free to everyone on this forum. We stock all kinds of drinks so come on what's your drink.
  25. Just a quick introduction and just wanted to say hello, I suffer from Anxiety Disorder with frequent panic attacks so I know how feel, and I feel for you.
  26. I have a FitBit, so yeah I can see it. I actually don't worry about it because it's actually much much higher when I exercise. The panic attack isn't as pressing although it feels like it. The issue is that we shouldn't be worrying about it. Yeah, our heart is working, but the focus is supposed to be on getting rest. The more you worry about the heartbeat itself, the less you would be able to relax.
  27. Im climbing with you....each day the climb gets harder and the struggle becomes more real, but knowing we are not alone and we can climb this together will help us through it.
  28. Have you measured to see how fast your heart is going? How do you stop fearing it from happening again. Its so scary when it happens ..I am afraid I will drop dead from it. Its so you know why your heart races with anxiety.
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