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  2. A few times in the last weeks, while I've been quarantined I've felt what I can only describe as something poking my back. Sometimes it's my left side other times it's the right. They don't last long and are not painful but noticeable. My guesses have been everything from soreness caused by the pollen, to covid-19 to a blood clot or tumor. But I don't know if it's anything. Please help.
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  4. I appreciate the response Jonathan and you're right about hygiene. However, that's exactly how you get hantavirus is from mouse droppings and inhaling contaminated dust from the droppings.
  5. Hi. Mel. One thing is absolutely certain, you wont get the virus from mouse droppings. If you wash your hands after there is no problem. We can become obsessed with hygiene. Remember Howard Hughes? A multi billionaire who wore gloves all the time and washed his hands every hour. Everything had to be disinfected before he touched it. Poor guy. Obsession can become well, an obsession. COD is not funny. The only way is to see how we behave and watch for signs that a habit is becoming an obsession.
  6. Hi. There. Oh yes, unseen dangers, things that go bump in the night. It's not in the least funny or silly and can affect adults as well as children. It's another form of anxiety. Your nerves are on edge and your mind conjures up all sorts of horrors. I would suggest that the sooner you get back to your old habitat the better. In the mean time, and you say you are religious, put your trust in God. Nothing will harm you. Another idea, and this may sound silly too, but imagine yourself in a Golden Bubble of light. When you go to bed get into your bubble. You have total protection from any outside force. Bad vibes from a house are so often bad vibes in the mind. Most houses are entirely neutral. There is nothing silly or immature about it. If there is then we all are silly. Can you accept how you feel without concentrating on it? Things change, almost overnight, and you may find the future not so scary. Since man began to walk the Earth he has been afraid of the dark. In those days hairy Mammoths and Sabre Toothed Tigers could leap out on him. Unfortunately we have inherited those fears. When in an anxiety state everything is exaggerated. The slightest sound can be seen as an approaching horror. It's all Mr. Anxiety's little tricks and all smoke and mirrors. Take it easy.
  7. Boo! Sorry to hear that. For some reason I am COVID immune. It doesn’t bother me at all. I still have the general stuff though that is far more scary. Sadly, my issue from this post has not improved. I’m trying Preparation-H tomorrow. Hoping it helps.
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  9. Glad to see you here too!! I came back after my anxiety flared with the virus 😞
  10. This might seem like a really silly topic, and maybe immature, but here goes. This has been keeping me up at night for a while now. I grew up in an urban area for most of my life. When I moved in with my aunt and uncle fairly recently, I was relocated to a small town. The house I currently live in is very old and not in the greatest condition. We live on a private road in the middle of the woods. I get extremely anxious at night because of how dark it is here. There are no streetlights and we don't have immediate neighbors. Every sound I hear at night makes my hair stand on end. I've tried a lot of things already, like sleeping with the lights on, sleeping with a white noise machine, and closing my blinds at night. Sleeping with lights on, even a night light or a candle, doesn't really help because the light keeps me awake. The white noise machine does a good job of drowning out the sounds of... what I hope is wildlife, and the weird sounds the house makes because of its age. But sleeping with the blinds shut doesn't really help because it just makes my room darker and makes it harder to wake up in the morning because I don't see the sunlight. I miss living in the city where I felt safe being out after dark. I wouldn't dare go anywhere in this town after 7pm. To clarify, I'm religious and I'm not really afraid of ghosts or spirits. What I'm more afraid of are ill-intentioned humans, and I know this probably sounds really silly, but creatures that are not already known to science. Something about the thought of that just really freaks me out. I just get a really bad vibe from this house... does anyone have any ideas about how to make it less scary or make it so I can sleep better? I hope me living with my aunt and uncle is temporary but I would at least like to feel more comfortable and able to sleep while I'm stuck here. Luca
  11. Oh man. I used with hazel for fissures before and it is amazing! I will try the bath and hazel tonight. Thanks for the responses guys. Glad to see you’re back too @Holls I was afraid all the server problems would lose some.
  12. In September of 2019, I got sick with some type of virus. I had some diarrhea and pain when I went to the bathroom. The pain got really bad and I almost could not stand it. It was like a knife was cutting in my rear when I went to the bathroom. I went to the doctor and he said to give it time. I used vaseline and it helped. I forgot to mention I had blood too. It went a way for a while, but came back. Finally I went to the GI physician who gave me a scope and saw I had hemorrhoids and some diverticulosis. I eventually used witch hazel which really helped me.
  13. Yes absolutely!! I had my first dealings with that after my first pregnancy and continue to deal with it from time to's def a uncomfortable and strange feeling. I'm sorry that you are experiencing that 😞 I like to sit in an Epsom salt bath when mine flare up. It helps me. Hugs. I'm glad your anxiety isn't high over it!! That's good. I hope it feels better soon.
  14. After using the restroom today I had a lot of pain near the exit that didn’t leave. I’m not freaking out or anything but it is obviously a little concerning. I’ve had a history of severe fissures when drinking carbonation. I haven’t had carbonation for months now. This is a little different. It is a bump right near the opening and there is a smaller one near it. Both are VERY sore and causing constant pain when I’m sitting or standing wrong. But they literally came on right after I used the restroom. I’m paying attention to the obvious here but need someone to agree with me. This is likely hemorrhoids or fissures I caused today, right?
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  17. Hi. Yes, she said it's adrenaline that doesn't have anywhere to go. We have a natural flight or fight response and when we have an anxiety attack or just a steady stream of high anxiety we build that adrenaline up and it has to escape some how .. now my therapist helped me with my buzzing.. she said that's tension and she's so right. When I get nervous, upset, anxious I immediately tense my leg up.. she noticed first and now I notice and I have to remind myself to relax it lol.. so wild what our bodies do.
  18. Thank you so much ❤ I remember seeing you say that you have an amazing doctor. I wish I had a great primary care doctor. I've seen so many specialists recently 😒 Did your doctors say why anxiety causes twitches? It's such a weird feeling.
  19. You’ll be okay. There are over 300 cases in the city I live in and 20 deaths. I am a grubhub driver and I am literally ALL over the city touching everything all day long. Just use your hand sanitizer, wash your hands, and keep your distance from people as much as possible.
  20. Based on what my GI physician has told me over the years, pain like yours is not typically associated with colon cancer, but more likely from IBS.
  21. It's definitely still swollen and painful today, I was considering putting ice on it or just wrapping it... Another theory I thought of this morning though was that yesterday I was wearing very old sneakers. They're Vans (which are not exactly known for having a lot of grip or arch support) and they're pretty worn out. I wonder if maybe my foot got strained from wearing shoes that don't have a lot of support or traction. Sigh. I don't know. This has got me really stressed out because I'm worrying that I did something to aggravate the old fracture and I'm worried that I'm going to break my foot again and end up in the ER. I'm also worried that it could be something worse than a fracture, like a bone tumor. I also need to keep taking care of my dog and I would be pretty depressed if I couldn't play the drums for a while. I know the responsible thing to do would be to stay off of my foot until it feels better but I also don't like being stuck indoors and it's supposed to be about 60 degrees out for the next few days. My family won't walk my dog for me and it would also be kind of unfair to ask. I've broken a lot of bones from sports injuries and never experienced anything like the pain coming back and causing bruising and swelling years later. Does anyone know what I can do about this, or what may have caused it? I'm starting to worry that it's something really bad.
  22. Hi all. Been away awhile. Anxiety at an all time high because of this stupid virus. I about had the HA licked. I have several health problems, so working from home and not going anywhere. Miss my aging father, my aging aunt in a nursing home, and just miss my life. Trying to figure everything out unfortunately. Looking at the bright side is a good idea. I'm in a state where things are just now ramping up, though my area its pretty limited.
  23. I had a phone visit with a doctor for abdominal pain over the weekend. He said to increase Miralax due to my IBS. Nothing has changed since then. My bowels are fine, no blood. However I'm having pain from my upper left quadrant down to my lower left quadrant. Tenderness as well as a pinching/cramping. Also have back pain.. I work in Healthcare and sometimes I feel like the more I know can be a curse. I'm terrified that this is cancer. Feels like something there when I bend over and uncomfortable when laying on my left side. I haven't been on this page in forever because I've been doing so well but here I am, back at it. I'm terrified right now.
  24. Just to point out the absurdity of anxiety. My tongue and gums randomly were inflamed for a few days. Probably from something I ate. My focus 100% went to that...and this problem almost entirely vanished in that time. Anxiety is just so stupid. My tongue is very slightly still inflamed and it still has my focus. Our minds are unbelievably powerful things.
  25. I broke my right foot in 2012. The fracture was right at the top near my big toe. Since it healed, I have very rarely had any pain in that area. Today I took my dog for a pretty long walk and I noticed that I was starting to have a little bit of pain again. It wasn't too severe so I ignored it. A few hours later I noticed that my foot was in a lot more pain and was swollen and a little bit bruised. I had not exercised at all or really moved during that period of time, I was just sitting on the couch drawing. I'm freaking out because I have no idea what caused it. I'm a drummer so I use my right foot a lot, I'm wondering if maybe playing the drums a lot has aggravated my old injury or if it's from walking more? I've been doing a lot more of both of those things since the quarantine started about a month ago. I'm kind of scared because I don't know what happened and I really want to avoid a trip to the ER. Does anyone have any idea what this could be from?? Luca
  26. I’ve had this for 5 years does it ever go away?
  27. Hi. I was a calf twitcher.. when my anxiety went wild a few years ago I had right bicep twitches that sent me to a neurologist.. I didn't go through with the emg, instead I found my therapist.. it took months for them to slow and go away. During this time my thigh started buzzing and felt so weak and shaky .. it's absolutely amazing what stress and anxiety can do to our bodies. I know that since your twitch moved location it has made you worry but you can relax, it's absolutely anxiety and stress. My thigh is buzzing this week.. and it hasn't in an entire year. I'm stressed with this virus. I'm expecting soon my calves to start twitching . This is just normal twitches and nothing more to worry about. Promise. You are okay. My therapist and Dr have both told me repeatedly, twitches that we worry about come way way after other more prominent issues show. You don't have that so please stop worrying. Twitches are common and mean nothing.
  28. Hi Holls ❤ The thing that's causing me to really worry is the fact that this twitch pattern is totally new. My entire body twitches at times, but this is almost constant, in one place, and I can induce it by using my hand a lot or balling up a fist. I am definitely more nervous than usual with the virus going around. I am not using my twitch hand more though. I am left handed and the twitches are on my right hand. Could this truly be nothing to worry about?
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