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    I’ve been dealing with intermittent tingling in my left arm and leg for about 15 months or so (had previously dealt with left leg tingling back in 2013 which cleared up after PT) last year I went to my Dr requesting an MRI but she said due to it being my arm and leg that i would need an emg first. So I had that done in December (by that time my symptoms had subsided) and my emg showed a “sacral nerve root lesion”. The Dr preforming the test said that they are common and many people go about their daily lives with no issues. I still freaked out and called my dr who said that it was nothing to worry about. Nothing more came of it, she didn’t request an mri or anything. My symptoms came back last month after I decided I wanted to attempt jogging. Since my symptoms are back, I’m becoming obsessed with them and I am freaking out about the lesion that is on my nerve root. I started googling it (bad, I know) and when I Google it, the only thing that pops up is a tarlov cyst. It claims to not be life threatening, but I can’t help but worry that I will still end up paralyzed eventually. does anyone have any experience with the leg tingling? It’s mainly in the left but does go in to the right side at times. Same with my arms. (Also to my knowledge, Anything involving the lower back shouldn’t affect the upper extremities) my symptoms seem to last for several weeks before they will finally disappear. Any insight would be appreciated!
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  4. It's hard to tell. I have a FitBit.....maybe 100? My recent runs in the hot and humid weather have pushed it over 160.
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  6. How high your heart has gone when you are having a panic attack ?
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  8. Any ladies experienced this before?
  9. Men have UTIs, too. UTIs affect the urethra and the bladder - there is usually a LOT of pain involved with UTIs to the point antibiotics are given.
  10. What is the difference from an overactive bladder and a UTI? Any ladies have had this issue? Thank you!
  11. It can. Anxiety can do all kinds of weird things.
  12. What would cause an overactive bladder? Anxiety?
  13. It could be overactive bladder. UTIs would be a bit painful. You were already tested for other things.
  14. Hi so for the last maybe 8 to 10 days I have been feeling the urge to constantly pee even though I just went. Back in May I had the same experience and took some antibiotics and it went away. I am not sure what is going on now and it is freaking me out because I also feel lower abdomen pressure and slight cramp tyoe pain. Is this a UTI?? Ovarian cancer? Bladder cancer? I am freaking out and should mention I had an ultrasound and Ct scan of my lower abdomen back in November of last year and then had a hysteroscopy and D and C in February and all biopsies came back benign. So what is going on? I am trying to stay calm and not go to the ER but I cannot help myself and I am freaking out. Thinking the worst case scenario. I messaged my doctor so hoping to hear back soon. I notice the more I think about it the worst I feel and the more I notice the urge to pee...the anxiety is starting to creep in and I am now starting to feel shaky and lightheaded and I can feel the flight or fight feeling starting to creep in. Someone pls help me I am a mom of 2 beautiful children and my biggestfear is leaving them!! I am a mess!
  15. The issue is moisture and warmth getting trapped somewhere. We normally would have it either in basements or in bathrooms - both with ventilation issues. I purchase Damp-Rid crystals to help keep my bathroom dry. A dehumidifier can also help, as long as you remember to check the tanks that fill up with the water taken out of the air. My grandmother would also use a dehumidifer in the summertime to pull moisture out of the air to cool down the house! I am allergic to mold myself, so I even have to think about this.
  16. We've had trouble with that for years. My dad's had health reactions to it. We can't seem to get rid of it entirely. I'm really worried. I have not had any adverse affects as far as I can tell.
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    I as well have been down this rabbit hole, the last time only recently. I had severe twitching in my right bicep area that just wouldn’t go away. I kept strength testing which ended up causing pain. I eventually went to my doctor and she nodded saying she has had MANY patients with twitching, some like me in specific areas, others widespread. She said it typically seems to go away after about 3 months. That calmed me down and sure enough it went away a month or so later. Check out or .ca don’t recall which and look up twitching. Listen to the clip of Jim Folk, the site creator describing his experience as an an anxiety patient. Finally, at 37 and female ALS is extremely rare, so the rarest of a rare disease.
  18. Are you sure you have the dry mouth and eyes, or has it just started up after you found out about this?
  19. I recently went in to test for RA but ended up with two positive ANAs. RA is negative. I have follow up with Rheumatologist but she sent me a note saying it’s stable and all other blood work normal. Now I have in head I have Sjogens because of dry mouth and occasional dry eyes. Does anyone have this? How can two positives be stable?
  20. During stressful times, old issues can come back. Do not feel ashamed. The pandemic has stirred up a LOT with people, even when they have not had issues before. The key is see what is causing you panic, know that you are under stress and that these are just thoughts to distract you from doing things you need to do. You also have to be KIND to yourself - it's okay to have panic, just not all the time.
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  22. Hi, is been a long time since I came here... I'm a shame of myself for having my intrusive thoughts back along side with my panic attacks and GI issues.. i dont know what to do with myself i feel such a failure while i feel like im in danger and something is wrong. I feel hopeless.
  23. Back pain is a severe medical condition that affects a large number of individuals. There are many folks who don't know the first thing about treating or even curing their back pain. This article provides you with a variety of ideas, strategies, and therapies for properly treating and eradicating your back pain for all eternity. Back discomfort may be avoid by using a mattress that is too soft. Soft mattresses, according to conventional opinion, are bad for your spine. It is better to have a firm mattress, but not one that is overly firm, since this might create discomfort. Before you locate a mattress that is comfortable for you, you may have to go to many places and test out a variety of mattresses. Don't overwork the same muscles in your back, no matter what physical posture you're in. Avoid doing the same thing over and over again at work or at home. If you're standing, take regular breaks to stretch your legs or get up and walk about if you're seat. 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  24. @Kindra If a doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication, please take it. I know there is fear. I kind of went through the same thing. I was put on Losartan six years ago for issues with my eye hemorrhage. The only side effect I have is if I get up too quickly, the blood is slower to go up and I can black out briefly, but that could be part of my dehydration. Other than that, no side effects - but remember, with blood pressure - everything is "silent", so the only way you'll know is through blood pressure checks. The meds WILL lower your BP to a better level than they are. Stress in general raises everything. I just noticed....this is my 500th post at Anxiety Central!
  25. My wife is a pharmacist and she takes high blood pressure medicine and has had no side effects.
  26. It’s been awhile! Life has been rough the last 6 months, I had a family member get sick and pass away in a 5 week time frame and it was horrible. Due to covid I was the only one in the hospital with her for the entire time. I’ve had a hard time with coping and was set up with grief counselling to help me cope and heal but due to stress and lack of self care, I now have high blood pressure. A good day for me is 151/95, a bad day puts me into “emergency categories” I ended up seeing my dr who did a 24 hour monitor and prescribed me Telmisartan 40mg. I know I have to take it but I’m terrified to! I was stupid and googled the side effects and freaked myself out 🤦🏻‍♀️ Has anyone taken this medication? Or any blood pressure medication? What can I “realistically” expect?
  27. Propranolol is very well tolerated, so I would not worry.
  28. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through, friend. How are you feeling today? Please know that I said a prayer for you, and I hope you’ll feel better soon. Stay strong, friend. Hugs.
  29. It is highly likely your abdominal issues were caused by the anxiety in anticipation of your dermatologist appointment.
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