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  2. I did....about 2 decades ago....and he looked at me funny. He never pursued it and I didn't pursue it either. Honestly, when it has "gone away" it's been gone for a long long long I forget about it. Then it comes back...and then it goes ...and get the picture. I suppose I should have followed up on it but I had "other bigger anxiety fish to fry" that were taking my full attention. L PS One more thing...for what it's worth...I think I get the "flare ups" when I'm particulary upset or stressed (which I am right now) which explains my current flare up.
  3. Thanks for your reply Penny. Yes my pain migrates too, it can move to somewhere else in the space of minutes. And for example, today it wasn't too bad in the morning, then after lunch it erupted, like switching on a light. It's good to know others have this! Did you ever speak to a doctor about it?
  4. Hi Doug, I have this fact going through a bout of it now. If you look around here you'll see lots of people commenting on "burning skin." I have something similar to this: I've had it come and go for decades. It is scary, no doubt, but for me (thankfully) it does pass AND it migrates. It can be anywhere. Last Sat night, we went out to dinner with friends and afterwards they invited us to their house for I walked in, I felt like I had been stung on the was so painful. Nothing was there. Like I kept checking my calf only to see perfectly normal skin. For me each "episode" generally lasts 3 days before migrating to another location but I've also had them last for much much much longer than that. I hope I've helped.
  5. Yes, sometimes so are mine. Stomach cramps are a known part of benzo withdrawal. And anxiety. No way should you regret coming off them, sounds like you've already put in a lot of the work. Don't turn back now and waste all that effort. It took me 5 months to come off them and it was one of the proudest achievements of my life, precisely because it was so hard. Just remember things can only get better.
  6. Sometimes they're first thing in the morning though. I've been withdrawing from a benzo since December and I really regret it but I can't really turn back now. 😞
  7. Here are the reasons the rational part of my brain has for thinking that it simply cannot be arachnoiditis: 1. It's incredibly rare. Like, rarer even than ALS. 2. As far as I can tell from the research, it's caused by spinal injury or spinal procedures like surgery, epidurals, contrast MRI etc. I've never had any of those things. 3. It almost always only affects the part of the body below the level of the spinal injury. I have symptoms everywhere. In very rare cases, it can affect the whole body, but those are due to things like severe meningitis that caused inflammation of the lining of the brain. I've never had meningitis (and I'm sure I'd know if the lining of my brain had ever been affected as I'd have been hospitalised!). 4. In very rare cases there seems to be a hereditary link, but there's no history of anything like it in my family. So if I have it, it would have to be idiopathic, and I'd be in an incredibly rare subset of an incredibly rare subset of an incredibly rare subset. It's just not credible! So then the irrational part of my brain replies: "Alright smartass, so what is it then??"
  8. Also I have flu at the moment, and Reddit is full of people asking "why does my skin hurt when I have the flu?", although this pain started well before I got sick.
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your pain, that must be awful. Will it get any better over time? I did think about spinal involvement, I injured my lower back in a motorcycle accident in 2016 that fractured one of the little spurs that stick out the side of lumbar vertebrae. But my GP doesn't think that was serious enough, there was no spinal cord involvement at the time as I was able to pick the bike up and keep going (I was riding through the Himalayas at the time), and I had no back pain or leg symptoms then. I'm inclined to agree with him, because the pain is often above the level of that vertebrae, in my arms and even sometimes in my face. The wasp/bee sting/zap sensations seem to be quite common, I've searched this site and others and there seems to be plenty of anxiety sufferers who have had the exact same thing. Even Gilly herself has an old post where she describes stings and random sore/tender spots. Also this feeling of cold/wetness (as if the clothes I'm wearing are wet) and water splashing on the skin. Unfortunately if you Google the wet feeling the first thing that comes up is arachnoiditis! What I want to believe is that it's all just anxiety, but I have this awful sense of dread and impending doom that's making me think that there's something very wrong with me. My GP asked me to send videos of my twitching calves for him to forward on to a neurologist, so we'll see what comes back from that. She's already said that if there isn't any weakness or back pain then there's nothing to worry about (which I knew already), so I doubt they'll want to take any further action. I might investigate paying for a brain MRI. This all started with the twitching and fears of ALS, I feel like if I hadn't spent a whole month mortally terrified out of my mind I might not be in this mess.
  10. Yep! I have acid reflux and have woke up choking on vomit. It’s disgusting! I’m on prescription meds for my heartburn but find when it’s getting bad to the point of bile in my mouth, baking soda and water (in a shot glass) is the quickest fix to calm it down.
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  12. Have you strained or injured your back? I have tactile (mechanical) allodynia from central nervous system damage from chemo and gentle touches HURT my skin. A slap wouldn't hurt me. My legs from my thighs to my ankles hurt so much and loose, soft clothing hurts more than leggings.
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    Totally understandable
  14. I have high cholesterol and refuse to take statins. High cholesterol can be caused by things like a wonky thyroid (which I have). I changed doctors to a doctor who allows me to help make decisions on medications. I have CNS damage due to chemo that ended Aug 2009. I refuse Cymbalta for the discomfort. I had 80% of my liver removed due to colon cancer in 2012 and decided to avoid anything that could cause my liver to work hard.
  15. BTW........... horse hair was used as insulation and padding in furniture in the 1940's.
  16. My husband was exposed to loose asbestos daily for several years. He now has COPD, asthma and emphysema but it takes 20 to 30 years for fibers to cause problems AND you had on a mask. Jim is now 74. He was exposed in the last 1960's/ 1970's. No concerns.
  17. Here is a good link that has 10 sites that deal with sex education for teens.
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  19. I'd had some lip 'vibrations' during sleep that sometimes had noises and think it's snoring or trying to mouth breathe. I was also aware of some cheek puffing when mouth breathing when my nose felt stuffy. The last few weeks my left cheek, I sleep on my right side/ face, will get what feels like a major jumping twitch or repetitive spasm while I'm sleeping. Sometimes it fully awakens me. It stops immediately if I touch the area or move. It has never happened when I'm up. When I get out of bed, I notice my face hurts and feels sort of numb in the tmj area. I'm 70 and am blaming it on my TMJ, but am sometimes afraid to fall asleep too early because I'm more aware of it if I'm not in a deep sleep. Napping is a prime time for it to happen. I don't know if it can be seen or just felt. My eye on that side has had a major twitch for a few weeks. I do feel anxious many days but I've been home, alone much of the time, since March 18th, 2020. I try to remember to massage my face before sleep and keep my neck and shoulder relaxed. I'm not concerned about things like ALS and don't have any other symptoms. My hand had been twitching quite horribly but I could talk myself out of the twitch and started supplementing with magnesium. That hasn't bothered me in weeks. Any thoughts on TMJ causing the spasm in my cheek?
  20. I used to have such a phobia that I'd chicken out and just not show up. Now I'm a lecturer! It gets easier the more you do it.
  21. Benzo withdrawal is no joke, you just have to get through it.
  22. If you have no objective signs of weakness (sensations of weakness don't count), then you don't have ALS.
  23. How on earth could you think that you could get pregnant from dry humping? I suggest reading some basic high-school level sex ed info.
  24. Does anyone else have sore skin? I have these painful patches all over my body that hurt, especially if I press or pinch them. The pain is just under the skin. It's worst on my legs but the skin is tender and painful on my lower back, upper arms, chest and neck. It's most painful on my calves and the muscles there are constantly twitching. I also get random stings, like being stung by a wasp. Can happen anywhere on my body, from my legs to my head. When I Google these weird painful sensations I keep finding arachnoiditis, which sounds like a horrendous disease that's sending my anxiety through the roof. It's steadily getting worse, 2 months ago I didn't have any of this. I don't want to spend my life in constant agony!
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