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    Thanks for sharing, I saw an ENT a few days ago and they recommended me to another doctor. I really hope they don't find anything seriously wrong with me.
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  4. Hey everyone!!!!! I will be on chat at different points today. When I first joined AC 4 years ago (can't believe its been that long LOL), chat helped. It used to be always busy in there. I am not sure why it has dwindled off. Come on over and lets do some unofficial group therapy 🙂
  5. Hey!!!!!! How are things going for you? I am always willing to talk 🙂
  6. Body temperatures also fluctuate throughout the day. Seeing as how you took a very hot shower, I would say that is what raised your body temperature as it should. Nothing to worry about 🙂
  7. Stool color is rarely a cause for concern unless its black or red. ANY shade of brown is normal. What have you eaten the last 3 days? Have you taken any supplements or Pepto Bismol? I have had this fear for years! My doctor has always told me I was ok. Try not to get too worried. I know that isn't easy, but you got this and we're here for you!!!!!!
  8. This is a great description of what I’ve felt for a long time. I’ve had anxiety as long as I can remember but only finally sought medical advice this year. I am embarrassed to bother my primary care doctor for it so I’ve been going to an NP and now I’m having doubts about his advice. (Probably anxiety doubts) Yes I can feel little squeezes of adrenaline or something when I get palpitations and I assume it’s a stress reaction to the heart flutter? My np offered some hydroxyzine. Do you ever get too anxious to take medicine just in case anxiety isn’t the problem? Like I’m afraid to take this new med because now I’m sure I’ve got heart problems 🤦‍♀️
  9. I thought I replied back to this, but thanks for the replies. I saw them the day you guys replied but I guess my comment didn't go through, oh well... Thanks again.
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  11. I had a lump on the side of my neck near my jaw. I went to my internal medicine physician who ordered a neck ultrasound and it turned out to be nothing. He thought the lymph node swelled up a bit because of a cut I had near the node from shaving. It went away in a few weeks.
  12. Hey everyone, So my almost 7 year old son had an accident on his bike about a month ago and soon after I noticed a little bump protruding from the right center area of his neck about midway down. It's hard but pointy and we took him in for a checkup the other day and his doctor wasn't worried and said we could do one of two things and that's to watch it or go ahead and take him to the ENT but he doesn't recommend anything that would put radiation on his lymph nodes. He said this isn't along the lymph node path and doesn't feel like a node. He thinks scar tissue on some cartilage from the bike wreck or possibly a cyst which is worse case scenario. When he had the bike wreck he was reaching down for something on the ground and the bike slipped and the handle bar kind of pushed in on his neck around that spot and scratched all along that area. I know it's likely from that but you know how we all think on things as well. I also noticed what feels more like a lymph node on the right side of his neck last night but the doctor didn't mention anything about that. It's very small but noticeable when he turns his head. I thought maybe that was from a little scratch on his lower cheek he got a few days ago.
  13. I mentioned it to my dad. He asked if I took pepto bismol. I said I'd just started within the last few days. He said that was the culprit. I can at least sleep easily now. what a relief.
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  15. My stools are different shades of brown and my GI physician said not to be concerned as this is normal.
  16. Today I noticed my stool was darker than it normally is. I called my doctor's office and was only able to speak to the front desk. I will not get a call back from the doctor until tomorrow. I'm really scared. I know this is a common source of fear so if anyone's been through it please help. I want to be able to sleep tonight until I care speak with my doctor. I should add this has happened before and normally goes away after a day or two but I've had a number of other health scares lately and am pretty overwhelmed!
  17. Have you tried any type of therapy for this thoughts? If not than you should go to an OCD Therapist you can try CBT Therapy or ERP Therapy. This are one of the most effective therapy that can help with OCD.
  18. The hot shower combined with stress may have caused your temperature to increase. I would give it some time before you move forward.
  19. I am glad you got checked and now know that it’s not what you thought it might be. Sometimes I think getting a test or medical opinion on the matter we worry about is so important because we can move on from the worry quicker.
  20. Just wanted to know if anyone on here is a caeliac. Can you help with symptoms. I think I may be gluten intolerant. Thankyou.
  21. Thank you... had my A1cg test done... it was clear. I'm going to the Physical therapist more often now to have my muscle issues addressed. PT suspects the burning I feel is due to muscle knots irritating my nerves. Health anxiety is a beast...

  23. Earlier this evening I took an extremely hot shower thinking it would calm my nerves, I get out of the shower after 10-15 minutes and then jumped into bed. I am burning up a 3-4 hours later I'm still extremely warm at around 99.5 -100. I've been drinking water since I started feeling this way... Am I overthinking it or should I get tested tomorrow morning?
  24. Hi, I'm a 34 year old single mum of a little boy aged 6. I'm coming to terms that I suffer greatly from Health Anxiety. I've diagnosed myself with everything. Recently I have myself oral cancer...going on almost a year 🙈. I keep telling myself it is just me being nuts. But then I think what if it is something and I'm ignoring it. Anyhow I would love to have someone I could chat to and vice versa who understands. So if you want to be my buddy....get in touch ....(hopefully wasn't too cringy lol) Louise
  25. Thank you Holls. You are all so amazing. I’m slowing coming out of the pit- and doing it for my babies! Thank you for the encouragement. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  26. I agree with everyone. I was an als worrier, you don't have any symptoms of als. Anxiety absolutely can cause everything you described. Please trust me, let this fear goooooooo... ! Don't waste another second on it. Go enjoy your sweet babies. You don't have als. Hugs.
  27. It may be just the tensing of the muscles in your chest when you are anxious.
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