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    If there is a pattern of these not developing, then this would not be any diferent.
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    I would take a few deep breaths here. You have the appointment scheduled. The doctor himself says he wouldn’t worry about it. And that the mammo is for your peace of mind. Doctors know what they are feeling. He wouldn’t have said that if he wasn’t confident. Yes - I had a breast biopsy once that both the ob and the breast surgeon told me was only happening because my mother had breast cancer in the past - that it all looked fine but we are doing it because of that. So basically over checking. I was so freaked out, I couldn’t think clearly and I had it done. And everything was fine. That is likely what is happening to you. Please stop checking it. No need to. The dr thinks it’s all fine and you have a test scheduled. No amount of checking will change anything and can actually irritate the tissue and make it sore or inflamed. And you don’t have to check to see if it changed. If it goes away, you will still do the testing anyway. Just let it be. Having your doctor be that confident is very reassuring. Also are you near your cycle? Because you are more likely to feel all kinds of things then if you are. Hope this helps.
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    It sounds like you are internalizing all of the above stress and it's causing more distress. You need to take a deep breath and step back to see what is really going on. WIth anxiety, we have the ability to scare ourselves pretty easily - it keeps the anxiety going in a vicious cycle.