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    Hello guys, yes, i'm still alive lol. Just a brief explanation as to why i disappeared for so long. I relapsed, i relapsed hard and it's taken another therapy course and sertraline to get me back on the even keel. I have learned a lot more and i have gained a deeper appreciation of just how powerful anxiety and negative thought processes are. Anxiety is a beast, it really is but it IS treatable and it ISNT invincible. I should be around a little more again now i feel i can help.
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    Cancer would not shrink, so in that regard you are in good shape.
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    If it is in grown hair, it could also form a papule/blackhead. That can be pulled out if it did form. It was likely a clogged pore, nothing much.
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    @SurferJoe - it's called stress. 🙂 I actually have had a rough three days - today in particular. My anxiety has spiked with work issues and feeling attacked. I have to rely on things I have learned to destress.
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    My blood pressure is typically normal, but I used to go to this one dentist who took my blood pressure, and it too was elevated. The dentist can make anyone's blood pressure rise, if you consider what they may be doing to you, both physically and to your wallet.
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    Yep - an ingrown hair can cause it. I have quite a few on my upper leg from wearing compression shorts while running. I never used to have a depillatory problem with running gear, but I guess it has started up. I yank hair out and it growns in weird.
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    Probably inflamed hair follicle, assuming (forgive me) you have hair down there
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    would need to see a photo to get a better sense, but common things being common, i'd go with folliculitis/pimple. Even abscess or furuncle if larger. Other signs of an infection are warmth, redness, swelling. I once had a furuncle on my leg that required I and D, dermatologist did it in the office and it was pretty straight forward and brief. If lymphadenopathy, usually still not anything serious. I get intermittent and transient swelling in cervical and occipital nodes on the right side, especially after shaving.Sometimes I can feel the swelling and its uncomfortable. Other times its not noticeable. Anyway, probably not too much to worry about.
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    Curious as to what yours feel like? Mine seem to vary: - hard thump - like a breath is sucked out - feel them in my lower abdomen -sometimes all of the above if I get a run How do you get rid of them? - I usually cough - change position
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    Thank you - I have had to learn these lessons myself. We have to reinforce reality when times like this come up. The key is building the skills. We are all getting older, so we have start checking more. It shouldn't be a game of "let's see what I can find on my body today"......it's more like "I need to be aware of things - they look fine today, but if I notice something, I might need to raise it to the doctor". But, at the same time, not worry that everything is malignant.
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    I have had an umbilical hernia for years. My belly button sticks out and you can push it in, and it is soft. When I was in the ER in June 2021 when I was dehydrated, and they took a CT scan with contrast of my abdomen and pelvis and mentioned the hernia and just said it was small and unremarkable. My GI physician told me they get worse when you are overweight and not to do anything unless they get painful or get hard. My best friend has one too.
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    I have been through a number of traumatic situations in my life. My mother, father and uncle all passed away in a years time. I was held up at gunpoint and was told if I moved I was dead. The gun was held at my temple. I have been through 2 head on collisions. In one of them I had a near death experience where my whole life passed before my eyes before the 50 mph impact. My friend got murdered a longtime ago and he was only married a year and had a nine month old child. His wife was never the same.
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    That is pretty good news!
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    Not a problem, if there was something going on then PPI wouldn't touch it. The fact it comes and goes adds more weight to the acid theory. As your stomach is out of kilter currently, be mindful of what you're eating. Tabasco sauce and sausage are a bad combination when you have acid issues. Anything high in fat can produce more and more acid in the stomach. Try light things for a while and see what works and what doesn't.
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    That's almost certainly excess stomach acid. Get that a lot myself, feels like a churning feeling. It happens, it's not a sign of anything wrong. Just a normal anomaly reacted upon fearfully. Stress and anxiety create more acid in the stomach.
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    Nice to meet you, Leilaa!
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    Hi, thank you for the welcome ☺
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    This would be completely normal. No one wants to have to go through this. I am already being asked since I reached 45 in 2020. The good news is that if they find anything, it could be early. Even if it isn't, they'll still know what to do. To quote G. I. Joe, "Now I know, and knowing is half the battle!"
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    Hi Leila, so nice to have you here and very pleased to hear that therapy is working for you 🙂
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    Yep, the first thing I learned about anxiety....... How I think determines how I feel.
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    After 4 years on a CPAP, I can get a bit freaked out in the first few minutes. Like it's forcing air into my lungs
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    All good news. I used over the counter Clotrimazole when I had it once. It took a solid 2 weeks...maybe more...for it to go completely away....but it did and I hope it never comes back. Yours will go away as well. Glad the mammo was perfect. And....exhale! Hugs.