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    I think this is a part of the health anxiety journey. You had all of the tests and very thorough tests and 4 drs actually see you. There is no direct explanation for it. This is a good time to practice accepting that sometimes we don’t know the answers. Sometimes you won’t know what caused something and that’s ok. And when the anxiety comes up, you look back at the evidence of …. It was clearly thoroughly tested and 4 people looked at me. So whatever it is, it isn’t harmful. I would go to say …. You just don’t like it. And that is creating the anxiety. You want it gone now and it isn’t and you want to know what it is and you don’t, so you don’t like it. I have been there before. But since you have had all the tests and been all checked out, you can use that to help you practice accepting the body as it is right now.
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    It's not necessarily a failure. You opened up You were willing to take advice, even through the stubbornness of anxiety. You are willint to take a look back. Overcoming anxiety is a process. Each one of these situations is a chance to analyze and learn. How we think - how we react. The goal is to not react as severely to the next situation. 🙂
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    Well that should make you feel better that he had the biopsy test for all kinds of things and it all came back negative. It is also great that it is getting lighter. You won’t notice it so much because I am sure you are looking at it often and the anxiety will make you see it worse than it really is. this is a good time to practice trust in your body. Everything was thoroughly checked out. He doesn’t know what it is exactly but knows it isn’t anything life threatening. So now you trust your body to heal it to whatever degree it does and then you trust that it is ok even if it takes forever to fade. Sometimes we don’t get the answers, and that’s ok. But you know for sure what it isn’t, and that should bring you peace of mind. Yes please keep us updated!!
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    It is possible that you may always have coloring there. May stick around for a while. May never know what it is. But that is all ok be you have been thoroughly checked.
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    It’s going to look the same to you because of the anxiety. I have been there before. And when you keep looking and looking you won’t see any changes because you are looking so much. And with all of the anxiety you had around it waiting and waiting and being scared by the drs, you aren’t going to see the subtle changes. Your husband, who is more clear minded right now and not constantly looking, can see the changes. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter if it changes because 4 drs have seen it and the last one thoroughly checked you out, biopsied, and asked the pathologist to check for every scary possible thing - and it’s not. So to be truthful…. It doesn’t matter right now how fast it is going away or changing or even what it is because we know what it is not. Skin also is very sensitive to anxiety and it could be taking a while simply from all of the very high stress levels you have been under. But overall…. It doesn’t matter for all that I have said above. This is a good time now to practice letting go and allowing the body to show you it can heal on it’s own
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    I want you to know, BeautifulDisaster, that I thanked God for you today. There's no way I could have gotten through this without you.
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    I am SO happy for you!!! Go out and celebrate with your husband tonight!
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    So glad I could help even a little. Sometimes having someone to talk to makes all the difference. 🤗
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    I could never ever ever repay your kindness BeautifulDisaster....never. You literally have kept me sane.
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    BENIGN!!!!!! So I talked with the Dermatologist. It is not lymphoma and he is no longer considering that. It came back as "dermatitis" but they have no idea specifically or how to treat it. It could be a drug reaction, could be Lupus (Derm doesn't think so because he says it doesn't look like it...though it wouldn't surprise me because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis)...to be honest, the same meds for RA are used for Lupus...so I really don't care. Plus I had a complete workup for my RA recently and all my bloodwork is stellar and it would show the Lupus - I really don't think that's it either. He said it could be a drug reaction. He said it could be pityriasis rosea which is benign and self limiting. He didn't think that was it. He was honest in saying that he was unsure as to the cause of the skin inflammation. I told him my husband thought it was getting lighter. He said, it might just take time to resolve and we may never know the cause. He said he didn't want to treat it with anything...just leave it alone and let the body do it's thing. I asked him if it could be morphea...which wouldn't be surprising given that I have Rheumatoid. He said it was possible but the tests didn't show that. Regardless he said that he "wouldn't lose sleep over this" and that "he doesn't see anything life threatening." So we watch and wait...for now. At least we know that as of right now it is not cutaneous lymphoma as he specifically asked the pathologist to look for that. BeautifulDisaster and Ironman...God bless you both for your help through this horror. I pray this redness resolves soon but until then at least I can sleep. Praise God for the miracle...all Glory to God.
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    Yep - don't google. You'll scare yourself!
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    Awe that is sweet of you to say 🤗 thank you. I am glad my words have helped. Sending you all the positive energy and thoughts. I am still holding fast to: it’s going to be ok🤗
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    BeautifulDisaster, I will most definitely keep you posted. You've been at my side every step of the way and I can't express how much that has helped me. At this point, what can we do other than wait and pray (and cry)? Thank you again. You are an angel...truly.
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    It's hard to do. The doctors will know what to do one they have their info. It's early in any case so it would be faster to treat.
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    No worse is a good sign. What you are worried about moves very quickly. You said the color is dramatically different- did the dr feel that way about it? (Either dr?). Are you married or have a partner? If so, what are their thoughts? I ask because I have had fears over this too due to skin color. And the skin color I would question always looked “dark” to me or “red” but I was always told “nope - that’s not “red””. I am definitely not saying there is nothing there to see, but I am wondering if it looks worse to you than it is because you are so worried which is understandable. The fact that it isn’t getting worse is great news. Hopefully the derm can help. I am assuming you will contact them again this coming week? You believe this was caused by the mammo right? What did the gyn and derm say about that?
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    We had to fix some database issues.
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    I joined this site some 11 years ago and I know it has gone through a lot of ups and downs since then. When Gilly and friends founded the site it became one of the best, and I hope that will now continue. Does anyone know how Gilly is? It is a fact that anxiety is on the increase, and at a fast rate. Is it any surprise with the world as it is? Sites like this are badly needed. When I had GAD there were no such sites and not many had a computer. (Dinosaurs were around then!!😉). The books by Dr. Claire Weekes helped me so much, and her books and recordings are still available. I hope to be able to contribute to the site again.
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    the site is up - awesome work. If you see spam, report it!
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    @Total Eclipse Thank you!!
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    *sigh* ....I have all of those I hate when I tell someone I have anxiety and they tell me its all in my head n get over it. People who dont suffer anxiety dont realize its as much physical as it is mental. :/