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    For anyone looking for this type of information in the future, I had the angiogram today. No blockages or narrowing was found—all clear! Anxiety lies again!
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    After using the restroom today I had a lot of pain near the exit that didn’t leave. I’m not freaking out or anything but it is obviously a little concerning. I’ve had a history of severe fissures when drinking carbonation. I haven’t had carbonation for months now. This is a little different. It is a bump right near the opening and there is a smaller one near it. Both are VERY sore and causing constant pain when I’m sitting or standing wrong. But they literally came on right after I used the restroom. I’m paying attention to the obvious here but need someone to agree with me. This is likely hemorrhoids or fissures I caused today, right?
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    In September of 2019, I got sick with some type of virus. I had some diarrhea and pain when I went to the bathroom. The pain got really bad and I almost could not stand it. It was like a knife was cutting in my rear when I went to the bathroom. I went to the doctor and he said to give it time. I used vaseline and it helped. I forgot to mention I had blood too. It went a way for a while, but came back. Finally I went to the GI physician who gave me a scope and saw I had hemorrhoids and some diverticulosis. I eventually used witch hazel which really helped me.
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    Yes absolutely!! I had my first dealings with that after my first pregnancy and continue to deal with it from time to time..it's def a uncomfortable and strange feeling. I'm sorry that you are experiencing that 😞 I like to sit in an Epsom salt bath when mine flare up. It helps me. Hugs. I'm glad your anxiety isn't high over it!! That's good. I hope it feels better soon.
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    Thank you so much ❤ I remember seeing you say that you have an amazing doctor. I wish I had a great primary care doctor. I've seen so many specialists recently 😒 Did your doctors say why anxiety causes twitches? It's such a weird feeling.
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    You’ll be okay. There are over 300 cases in the city I live in and 20 deaths. I am a grubhub driver and I am literally ALL over the city touching everything all day long. Just use your hand sanitizer, wash your hands, and keep your distance from people as much as possible.
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    Hi Holls ❤ The thing that's causing me to really worry is the fact that this twitch pattern is totally new. My entire body twitches at times, but this is almost constant, in one place, and I can induce it by using my hand a lot or balling up a fist. I am definitely more nervous than usual with the virus going around. I am not using my twitch hand more though. I am left handed and the twitches are on my right hand. Could this truly be nothing to worry about?
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    You are welcome it seems the media only wants to push the scary stuff but never mention the positive I need the positive. I need some hope to hold onto I went on twitter a typed in positive covid19 stories or news
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    I was a twitch worrier... For almost two years. You had an emg.. it's clean. But you clearly still have anxiety that is triggered from twitches. Have you been more stressed than normal? I notice my hand is fatigued and it twitches around the wrist but then I realized since this virus, I'm on my phone soooo much more than before so that's what I contribute it to, are you doing more with your hand lately? We tend to hold anxiety and it releases in the form of twitches. Hugs. I hope you don't let the twitching stress you out.. twitching like we have, truly means nothing. Took me a long time to get to that but it's true.
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    Found this twitter feed called positive news on covid 19
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    Today is my due date, no baby yet... worried if things will turn out okay because overdue is more risky! terrified of corona for my loved ones and myself still sueprscared of the swollen lymphnode in my armpit still occasionally have twitching and jump to ALS fear also weakness feeling in hands sinds 2 weeks so more ALS fear Still scared of upper left abdominal and back pain (panCan?) still scared of colon cancer everytime i have a tiny speck of blood on TP (happens occasionally) FEEL LIKE I AM ALWAYS SCARED OF ONE THING OR ANOTHER AND SICK OF IT!!! sorry, needed to vent 😘
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    That last sentence is meee meee meeee I talked to my therapist yesterday and she had to remind me that my anxiety likes to run to health when it flares. So she asked what is the root fear? Well the virus and I'm just projecting it to my go to fears.... Do you notice yourself doing the same? Hugs hun. We are all stressed, you are not alone. We will get through this. Some of my friends that had zero anxiety are more anxious than I am.. and I'm thinking wow the tables have turned If I'm talking them down from this lol. I feel like we have the upper hand in managing it a little Bec we know it so well. 🤪
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    I hear ya. I'm sorry. All I can do is say "me too."
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    You're welcome. I understand how you feel, a few years ago my anxiety was under control, and now because of unfortunate life circumstances, it has come back full-force. I'm not handling anything well either at this point. I'm here if you need someone to talk to though, and that goes for anyone else here as well. I may not be the best at giving advice but I do try and it comes from the heart.
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    It helps...yes. I shave my armpits every morning...and so it could have been from that. I don't see or feel a nick, but you're right...sometimes it's there and gone and it could have just dried on my towel. Thank you for answering. I was doing pretty good HA wise...but these days I'm not handling anything well. Sigh...
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    My best guess would be, like you said, shaving. Sometimes when people shave they get nicked and it dries up so fast they don't even notice. I get cut and bleed pretty much every time I shave my face. Sometimes I don't realize until afterwards. Do you shave in the shower? Blood can mix with water and make it look like it's a lot more than what's actually there. Hope this helps, Luca
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    It could be a shoe! I had one nail (big toe) that did that and even had a white like area near the end. I showed my derm and he felt inside my flats and had me feel where that toe would fit. There was a marked indentation in one shoe that wasn't in the other. It grew out funny then eventually looked fine. My middle toe gets a synovial cyst at the base of the nail. He takes a needle and drains it then puts in some cortisone. The nail is flat but almost indented. He said it's like a ganglion cyst where the fluid between the joints leaks out. The splinter hemorrhage was probably from the first damage to the nail.
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    I have this from time to time and when it starts I remember that it likes to hang around.. mine usually lasts a month. I have no idea what it is . I've been told post nasal drip. It's annoying as all get out Bec it's always there and of course it's on our minds 24/7 which just makes it more prominent. Hugs, I understand so much how you feel!. I even had a few posts on it a few years ago. When it flares, I try hard to not focus on it. I have noticed when I do have it I try to cough it away then that leads to more coughing and a tired chest.. just to let you know if you have started that.. I think it's just a normal reaction to cough it away.
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    It's likely nothing bad 🙂 You're best bet is staying home and letting the nail finish growing out etc and going in once all this virus stuff is over with if it's painful etc to help the nail grow out.
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    Thank you Trudy. Snopes does say it's mainly true.
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    Exercise is a great way to lose weight, keep your blood pressure in a healthy range and also manage anxiety. Even with an injury there is always something that can be done to stay active. Walking is great, but I would talk to your doc and see about trying physical therapy to help with the injury and get you to a point where you can do some cardio or weight bearing exercise.
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    I usually Google good covid updates worldwide or something like that and skim through articles
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    Thank you for your inspiring words! Online school is probably a good idea. I had also been thinking about maybe transferring to a trade school instead of traditional college but there's still the aspect of interacting with other people which gives me horrible anxiety. The calendar board is a great idea too. When I am able to see my therapist again maybe I could go over that with her. My family is awful... my aunt and uncle aren't so bad but they see the world differently than I do. Once again thank you, I hope you're staying well during this difficult time, Hugs to you too,
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    Justluca, I'm sorry that your family isn't behind you during all of this. I believe that during this time you will come out of this knowing what you want. Maybe do online school once you find a new job, which you will 🙂 make a calendar of goals . Like in 6months I will have a job in 10 months I will move out in a yr from now I'll be enrolled in college.. etc etc. Make a board of your goals. Family is nice to have but when they are toxic, you have to break away. You will. Hugs.
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    My allergies are absolutely terrible right now. I felt like I had a lump in my throat a couple days ago. Now I have post nasal drainage cough.
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    Yes Trudy. Something that has my anxiety ramped up is feeling like this will never end.. reading about past pandemics is reassuring, they infact all ended.
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    Hello I am fairly new here. I like being around you guys it reminds me that I am not the only one. I have health anxiety ocd since 01
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    Hi everyone. I will be in Chat today. Lets get chat popping like it used to be!!! 🙂
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    Ty you guys are great I took my 2buspirone an 1 kolonpin not to long ago and tonight I will take my 2 bus. And my 1 lex. I am gonna stick it out I just with he could understand just like i can understand his high blood pressure and diabeties. Mental issues are just as important as physical ones
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    If I make it through this scary time without losing my mind it will be a miracle!! I have severe health anxiety from a previous serious illness and ocd with intrusive thoughts .kids off school but still having to go do food shopping. Cant wait for chat to get up and running again ,I hope all the old gang are doing ok
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    I know, it only makes things worse. I'm counting on forums such as this one to tell me when there is a breakthrough. I hope my story helped you a bit.
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    You are exactly right it has everyone second guessing but if you already have that nature its worse I did short my Dr a message that I need something mild and fast acting to go with my buspirone and how I was feeling. He said i could schedule a video appt.
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    Thanks for your advice. I keep asking myself how in the world are we as a people in this crazy scenario like how I have a very hard time with not having answers I guess its the ocd 🤷🤦
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    The US is a nation of selfish idiots ruled by other selfish idiots so that's the difference.
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    Has anyone heard of the app sanvello? Its a mental health support app that is free because of covid its full of mindfulness and different helpful things
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    I keep checking for a breakthrough, but when that happens I won't need to look. I'll hear about it.
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    I am starting to look at articles too every time you get online that's all you see on the scroll by thingy. I have to stop. right now my eyes ears and mouth and nose are itchy so its allergies and it comes and goes but nope I catastrophize and assume the worst
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    welcome I am new here as well. wow you are a nurse and mom hats off to you. I have been fighting anxiety for over 20 yrs. I am a mom of 2 I used to be a CNA 10000 yrs ago.
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    He's been in business 40 years and I've never heard a bad thing said about him, even making a list of the top physicians in Atlanta. He would not tell me that if he didn't really believe it.
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    I'm sorry! It can definitely be a lot and I understand how it can hit all at once. For me when I get anxious I breathe and think of things I can control.. I read a book to keep my mind busy.. I go for walks to clear my thoughts.. cook or painting also helps me.. anything that I need to focus on. If you have a therapist call them for a face time chat. I'm doing weekly ones now since things are changing daily. Just knowing I have appointments coming up helps. Hugs. I hope you are feeling better.
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    I know it has a lot to do with stress and now that there is this virus going around doesn’t help so it’s like I mix of everything at once and I can never pin point the root of it.
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    I just want to thank you for being a nurse and helping everyone.... add on being a mother?? You are a super hero!
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    Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    my wife and I got our results....we are both negative 🙂
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    Hello all!! i am back and I am in a bad place. so heart fears are at an all time high, I ended up in the hospital back in January. They only did ekg because they were pretty sure it was just anxiety. Ekg the first one they freaked out. They always do. For as long as they’ve been doing them they have always done a second or third one after the first. They have to calm me down. Then do it again which makes me fear that it’s inconclusive. They said something about SVTs between them and that was it. I was deemed okay. And sent home. i have been doing low carb healthy fats diet (LCHF). I mean I try to stick to all 100% good fats. I might fall short in some but I limit those. But still I am eating a high fat diet: I fear for my heart. I do this for my diabetes thought since i started my glucose levels are amazing, normal person levels. I fear my arteries are being clogged or maybe I’m low on a certain nutrients like potassium or magnesium. Both heart nutrients. whats wrong with my heart? It started January, I had gone out the night before. And so I started my day late. Had brunch and went outside to play with my dog I was feeling weak in the knees but brushed it off to drinking the night before. I felt short of breath and came inside where I felt like I was going to pass out my heart was beating weird. My husband was starting to leave with two of the kids and I stayed with the other two. I told him what was going on. He said “it’s just anxieties “ .... “you know what to do” and left. I went upstairs and my heart nearly popped out of my chest. And I felt the worst palpitations EVER. I called the ambulance, after I had trouble calling my husband, and called my mom who told me to calm down that it was just anxiety. I got scared really bad so I called 911. The Emts got here and I screamed and yelled I was dying. my kids who where with me, 14 and 7, began to freak out which only made things worse. EMTs told me to sit down and they connected me to EKG, blood pressure cuff, oxygen meter, and they were checking my pulse. When they checked it my heart was starting to calm down so I know that was not the highest reading but they registered it at 168 being the highest. I told them I felt like my heart was about to explode. They quickly checked my bp which they were surprised it was 127/79, I do know that LCHF Also helps lowering bp. I have had a massive attack before and I was heavier and diet was crap back then it was a what similar instance. My heart rate shot up to 170s and my bp registered at 240/110. That time they quickly gave me a shot of Ativan. And I believe they also did a CT scan of the heart. All was clear. That was 6/7 years ago. So 127/79 was freaken amazing compared to the other time. The first ekg they did is where one of the emts said “oh shit” (again has happened at the hospital, always after the first one) told me to calm down and they did two more after that. After they were sure and said something about SVTs they immediately asked if I suffered from anxiety. I said yes and they then went in to do breathing exercises until I calmed down a bit. They didn’t like my heart rate staying at 140 bpm. So they said it would be better if I went to the hospital... they just did another EKG and said it looked good. Doctor came in and said no blood work needed and that I need to learn how to control my anxiety. fast forward a month later. Same thing I felt weird in the morning, weak legs and heart raced. Later in the afternoon I felt the heart racing again. Same thing. This time I managed not to call 911. And now for the last few weeks after hearing some bad news (deaths) I am getting them on the daily. Last night I would say is the worst mentally. I was going through mixed emotions ten seconds or so of madness, ten seconds of sadness, ten of dark suicidal thoughts, then calm, then courage and the cycle would repeat until I felt like I was going crazy then throw in mania. I was crying and wanting to talk. I tried talking to my husband. I honestly want to divorce him after last night. At first I tried talking to him about what’s causing my anxiety and stress, major part is his parents live with us. I also told him how as of late I get suicidal thoughts. His response: “you need to stop this, you can control it. But this needs to stop” ... also the whole entire time I was talking to him he was just rolling his eyes and it felt like he was tired of listening to me talk. So there I am at midnight calling my mom. I was having very dark thoughts. And crying. We talked for a good bit and I was able to calm down and knock out. But at 3 in the morning I Woke up and my heart was racing and skipping beats. With breathing in deeply I was able to slow the heart rate and knock out. Is that prob right there that it is anxiety that with deep breathing I’ve been able to stop the heart symptoms? what about the switch of emotions? I can now see that was when my panic attack started brewing, but I also felt those strong emotions disturbing I wanted to be taken to a psych hospital, I had told my husband in the talk we had. He said no that I have the power to get out of this.... Am I about to loose it? Could my symptoms be of a heart condition? Is there hope for me?
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    I worked out real hard a few weekends ago. Worked on my upper back. And the week following just by laying down on my back I would get tingling down my arms. Barely put pressure somewhere on my hands or arms or bra straps dug in I would feel it too. I got adjusted at the chiropractor and it’s gone. You could be dealing with a pinched nerve or something. We need to look at the bigger picture. So you worked out, you could have done a move wrong or not stretched enough. And that caused it. Are you staying hydrated? The thing is think of the smaller things that can be causing you this discomfort. Sometimes it’s something like taking a lil break from some strenuous workout, or making sure you get a good warm up, maybe it’s the way you are sleeping and you find the fix for that. no no aneurysm, you’d be struggling right after it happens. And you would not be typing on here
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    I know *exactly* what you're talking about. In the past few years, I can't count the number of times I've had difficulty swallowing, or even had water go "down the wrong pipe". I've chalked it up to again. My wife is starting to experience the same symptom. Hope that helps!
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    I think what you mean when you say a 'relapse' is a setback. What did you do before to come out of it? To me there is only one answer and that's acceptance. By the sound of your post you are getting in a state over how you feel. Now who wouldn't. It's pretty awful to feel as you do and no one who has not been there can ever know. You are having all the classic anxiety symptoms. You may remember what it was like before and your reaction will be 'oh not again'! Now this lays the groundwork for more stress and more symptoms. Setbacks take as long as they take. That may be not much use to you but it's a fact. But they can be prolonged by worry and 'what ifs'. They can be shortened by acceptance. When you feel the old symptoms coming say, 'oh well, here we are again. But I beat you last time and I will again'. You will if you stop worrying about how you feel. Feelings are awful but no one ever had on their death certificate 'died of feelings'. it's all Mr. Anxiety's little bag of tricks. Bluff and counter bluff. You are being fooled by feelings. Take care and be kind to yourself.