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    All was well ty guys
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    My daughters boyfriend was having persistent diarrhea and he was 29 at the time. His physician ordered a colonoscopy and it turned out to be stress related.
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    It's anxiety. Tests would have definitely revealed something otherwise. I exercise to burn off the nerves.
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    Awesome! Anticipatory anxiety - fear of the unknown!
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    Glad to hear you got good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi again! I was an als worrier. Sadly for almost and entire yr. It can def be a dark destructive rabbit hole. Please run out now. Yes you are right, there is no having a good day with als.. it gets worse and worse. You also don't have any symptoms that go with als. My husband has had numbness come and go at different places. It has stopped for him...I had twitches and weakness and some cramping in my calves at night, But it was my anxiety causing it all. Have you gone to your Dr? Mine said nope right away but I by passed her and went to a neurologist. He wanted to do a nerve study and my husband put his foot down and that's when I knew I had to get better. Took awhile but I am 3 years out from this worry. Hugs. Please don't think als. It's def not that.
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    Hello friend:)i'm in the same rabbithole as you...it's deep ...idk some days are good some are bad...i'm also having twitches after a verry stressful period and migrating pain everywhere...it started 5 months ago and to this day i've had pains and periods of numbness in every limb...they all came one by one and went away the same way...idk man i'm always trying to think about stuff like ..."it's more likely to be struck by lightning than this"....i also posted about this a few weeks ago...try to focus on the improvements u see daily...im thinking that if a pain improves during one day or if one day im feeling a little better thats good cuz from the shitloads of stuff i red about als there is no improvement just a downhill
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    Hey man:) maybe this will ease your mind 🙂 i had alot of symptoms and i really had the same tought at one point that my abdomen was more swollen in one place than the other....and i had alot of symptoms like migrating stomach pain alot of gas constipation and stuff. I somehow convinced myself that i am 100% going to die from colon/liver/stomach or some sort of cancer ...the anxiety that was brought to the table to this point ruined my fking life...to this day i'm suffering from neuropathies induced by stress and anxiety...as for my cancer fears ...i went to the doctor and he dismissed me in 10 minutes with nothing but some liver fat witch will go away with some diet...i couldn't believe what i'm hearing. My point is dont ruin your life like i did cuz anxiety can couse much more trouble than a visit to the doc...what you find on the internet is always black or white...once you'll get to the doctor you'll see that there are alot of shades of gray in medicine is not always this or that and thats it. I wish you all the best dude...as for colon cancer my doc told me by the point you'd see your abdomen swollen you'll definetly poop blood and have lots of pain...imagine your intestine being pressed against the abdomen with no symptoms at all...it's not possible man 🙂 it could be anything
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    Any kind of pain in the mouth is a mess. I would bit the insides of my mouth due to bruxism (teeth clenching). Even my tongue would bleed! Then there are the broken teeth that can happen!
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    I wonder if it's just a canker sore. Canker sores are a bit painful, but they go away.
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    Hello old and new friends! I have not been here for a while. Last time i check in i was having some serious breastcancer fears while nursing my (very colicky) baby. It was a rough time. I ended up with my therapist for a new round of counselling because the sleep deprivation, baby that cried all the time AND weird symptoms just made my life so hard. I am back to check in with you guys. How are you doing? How are all the lockdown situations or covid- measures treating you? Here it has been tough, but it did provide me with some unique one on one time with my baby, as i have been home for a year + due to covid. Trying to see the positive 😉 Me being back here doesnt mean i have been better. On the contrary. I feel like i am going from one fear to another. Yesterday it was ALS again en now i am obsessing over a mole on my back. Oh well. C'est la vie! Despite my fears i am trying to enjoy more. Life is short.. the longer you live, the shorter it will feel (or so im told), so i dont wat to waste away in fear. I am trying with some mindfullness and meditation. Any experience anyone? It's not a huge succes yet, but hey every extra minute of peace and enjoyment is precious right? I am especially curious how @Holls is doing? Lots of love ❤️ Ellebel
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    I have been a CPA for many years and have had my own small CPA firm for almost 19 years. People have complained to me over the years and fail to do anything to rectify the situation they are in and just keep complaining. The individual who started this post, fits in the same category and this will be my last response to the post, as all of us need to take responsibility for our own actions, including myself.
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    Hi. Ellebell. I remember you from old. Welcome back, and I am so sorry you are feeling stressed again. As you say, such is life. But it need not be so. Babies often pick up anxiety if their parents are anxious. An anxiety 'atmosphere' can cause a baby to to be fractious and often cry a lot. Now this is not your fault, so get that idea out of your head. It's just how things are at the moment. I don't doubt you are a good mother in every respect. It's good you are having counselling again. There is no real substitute for good one to one counselling with someone you trust. Mindfulness is a good way to concentrate the mind. We don't do we? If we brush our teeth we are thinking about what we shall have for lunch! As Buddhists say, when you walk, walk, When you sit, sit, but don't wobble. Concentrate on the task in hand. Meditation is also good in anxiety, but it can be difficult to keep one's mind on one thing when anxious. You will win through again. You have the right attitude. It's not a huge succes yet, but hey every extra minute of peace and enjoyment is precious right? Yes, absolutely right. In anxiety we often appreciate the quiet times and the beauty of this world more than would a person not suffering. Anxiety people are sensitive people. They pick up negative feelings and emotions from others so easily. An argument of some form of altercation can upset them for days. That's why it's so important to try and live in a calm atmosphere, not always easy. Good to have you back.. Best wishes.
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    Welcome back, You have to first look at what you have accomplished - and it is understandable that it would cause stress that could aggravate anxiety. Anything can happen in that, so you can tell something is up. If the mole is something you have had for a while, then nothing would just appear out of nowhere. A mole itself is usually not cancerous, though. The ALS fears are probably the muscle issues with stress and having a baby. Your issues are likely tied to stress and not anything else. :)
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    Hi. This problem of when to go go to a doctor crops up now and then. Some say do it as a last resort. I say do it as first resort. For two reasons. If it is a physical problem of some sort then it can be treated, Secondly, it will give reassurance that you are OK. You can then concentrate on the real problem. anxiety. Some dislike going to the doctors for fear of what they may find. But surely it is only sensible to get any problem sorted as early as possible? I know, being sensible and logical is very hard when we are in an anxiety state. Of course, here in the UK going to a doctor costs nothing, and I can appreciate that in some countries you do have to pay. But even that can be worth it if it gives peace of mind. Getting the courage to go is another problem. We tend to put any sort of examination off as long as possible. This is, of course as always, an individual choice. But surely peace of mind and some reassurance is worth it. Whatever you do in anxiety will cause stress. Go or not go!! We dither and procrastinate in anxiety. Up one day, down the next. It seems so right one day only to see it as a danger the next. It is often better to grasp the nettle than live in constant fear of it. This is, as always, a very personal opinion.
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    Ah - that kind of anxiety. I deal with something similar, but without the relationship. I think she gave you her response - it's not you. You mentioned that she has anxiety, too, so that tells me she has her own issues. It's a tricky area having this kind of issue because if one of your grows in one direction, the other may have a weird reaction. It's hard to explain in words. :) People do grow apart and if the relationship isn't constructed to handle it...then it may not be the right thing. You will find someone - even I have hope and I am probably older than you. The key is turn the anxiety into motivation for improvement to things YOU want. Become more confident in who you are. You worked more to earn money and you explained yourself.
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    Thanks Birdie...sending calming vibes right back atcha. "This too shall pass."
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    So I was doing better and then my life became a Sh*t Show. I won't bore you (or trigger you) with the details but suffice it to say, I'm dealing with my mother and mother-in-law both having severe health problems with a sudden onset (like overnight)...and my dog had what the vet thinks was a series of seizures...which I witnessed, while alone...not good. I adore my dog. Vet has no explanation. Long story short...things are what they are and I know that things with my mom and mother-in-law are not likely to improve too much. AND there's a lot of sibling family drama. Oh and yeah, the pandemic, social and political unrest, you know...the state of the world as a backdrop. So I was doing good...and then bam...the burning skin reared it's ugly head. I've had other symptoms but for some reason that one in my groin area always freaks me out. It's all external so likely not yeast. I see NO redness whatsoever. I've had burning skin there and elsewhere before. I've had this before and it has gone away on it's own for no particular reason. I've been seen by my gyno before and trust derm before but not this time. No one ever found anything though they both prescribed some kind of cream which I never used and it spontaneously went away. I've switched soaps...and that helped. I have chronically dry skin all over my body so a milder soap can't hurt and it did help...I think. Anyhow, can someone please talk me down from the ledge.
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    Hi Penny. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry. I was also doing better and now I’m not. Sending calming vibes your way.
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    I have had tinnitus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years now. When I told my ENT and internal medicine physicians about the tinnitus, their response to me was, they have it too and to learn to live with it and I have. I have also been nauseous off and on for years and no organic cause has ever been found. My GI physician once told me that in many cases, the cause of nausea is never found. A number of years ago, I was having crawling sensations on the top of my head. I ended up having a brain MRI and all was good. I was told that tension in your neck, back and shoulders can cause headaches, pressure and other odd head sensations.
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    They are trying to figure out happened with the blood clotting issue. One of the things I heard is that the blood clotting chances go up if you have already had the virus and get vaccinated or something like that. It's a very small percentage. They are also testing the theory of mother-to-child immunity. With the rush of time, this is really expected - kind of light compared to what it could be.
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    This is not true. Do you have a medical background or are you a scientist, or are you just repeating what you’ve heard? I am a trained scientist and my husband is as well and he also works in the field and has much experience reading and interpreting clinical trial and safety data. In a normal clinical trial only a few patients are recruited each month. For the covid trials they recruited around 40,000 patients in a month. Vaccines stimulate your body’s immune response so you build up antibodies to the virus. One of the vaccines has to be stored at very low temperatures, By the time it enters body and is there for a few hours it has done it’s job and degrades and is removed by the system as waste. Most issues with vaccines are immediate or within a few weeks (which they had plenty of time and patients to study) or they are interactions with something else the patient is taking. Because of the way vaccines work they have little long term effect on anything but your immune system. All the MMR causing autism stuff was completely debunked years ago, that “scientist” faked all his data and more has come out completely dispelling the myth that vaccines cause autism.
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    Hi Penny. All the symptoms you describe can be anxiety. And since you have been checked out it more than likely is. You see we hardly ever get to the root of the problem but always worry about symptoms. In any disorder there will be symptoms, but they are only indicators of an underlying problem. You are going through a very emotional time, and given the fact that you are prone to anxiety is it any wonder you have such symptoms? "I've had this before and it has gone away on it's own for no particular reason". The reason being that the situation changes even in subtle ways so that the underlying anxiety eases up. We have no conscious control over our feelings and emotions, but learning to live with them and not be afraid of them is what it's all about. We always 'catastrophise', that is to see the worse aspect in everything. The 'ledge' you are on is so typical of anxiety. You have been on this site long enough to know that is true. Whenever I get some life problem my symptoms flare up again, but i have learned not to take them seriously, and, given time, they pass. Time, patience and acceptance are still the answer. Best wishes.
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    It might be related to dry skin. Moisturize! That cream was likely a steroid.
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    I have had Tinnutis for so long I am used to it. A friend of mine who is a physician has it too and he at one point had trouble dealing with it too. At this point I wish my Tinnutis was my biggest issue to deal with in my life so I try to put things in perspective.
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    Hmm.....it's a matter of at least taking your mind off the ringing. Is it just white or actual sound, like waves on a beach?
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    Have you tried a white noise machine or something to drown out the ringing?
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    You see davíde. JEM has human contact but it makes little difference in anxiety. You can be surrounded by family and friends and still feel isolated and alone. That has been my experience. Anxiety consumes so much energy, energy we don't have. No wonder we feel exhausted. It's a tiredness beyond tiredness. As for the site causing more harm than good, well, in what way? Are you not finding the answers you are looking for? No one can do it for you. No one has a magic wand. It takes time and a lot of patience to emerge from this anxiety. The site is like a club of fellow suffers who want to help each other. By helping another we help ourselves. But anxiety can make us self centred, and is it surprising?
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    Because I also succumb to Google, I also went into a panic once when I felt a lymph node in the same area you describe. I rushed to the ER. The doctor felt from my collarbone up checking all nodes and said none were enlarged. I felt like screaming at him. Of course the one near my collarbone is enlarged..feel it! Rather, I quietly questioned him, and he said it was normal size and some nodes can sometimes be felt..anywhere. At least 5 years later and, well, he was right.
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    Nobody addressed what I actually asked, though. Common sense says that if tumors grow from the wall into the inside of the organ, rather than outside, it would cause obstruction before it would cause asymmetry on the outside. I wouldn't think it would cause asymmetry outside 2.5 years ago, and somehow I'm still able to have bowel movements. Plus, if it grows outside the wall of the organ to where it causes asymmetry, I would expect it to metastasize immediately after that.