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    Hello! We originally moved the site over to self hosting a couple months back (from hosting on IPB); the site downtime was due to the software (invasion power board); not giving up full control over images and whilst you could access the site and post it wasn't functional. In the future if the site goes down; we will have a 'back-up' way of communicating as well as more information on the front page of estimated expected maintenance and downtimes. Right now there is a Facebook Page (for updates); and a private Facebook group (that will be set to archive unless there is issues with the site). Myself and a close friend @AC Mike spent roughly a month now restoring those images (failing more than once); and finally resolving the issue! We pushed the site live as we felt members needed it -- but we still have a bit of work to do to get all the images to work into functioning order. Please comment on this thread of all the errors that are happening so we can get them sorted for you.
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    So after some consideration and some wisdom from friends on the forums... I decided in my mind that it is anxiety and me doing certain actions that are causing it. Today the symptoms are probably reduced by 80% already and the anxiety is almost gone. Just in doing that mental change and ignoring it. Therefore, I am not going to go take money to the doctor. I am going to give it some time and keep this frame of mind. I think it is on its way out.
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    Do you believe her? It's anxiety? Now you have been checked out by an expert and told it's anxiety. Believe them. Racing heart, palpitations, skipped heart beats are all classic anxiety symptoms. I was precipitated into anxiety many years ago by palpitations. I went to the doctor and they said it was harmless and to stop worrying. Did I? Oh no. 'they must have missed something. this can't just be anxiety, can it'? Anxiety can mimic any known disease if it's in your mind. Obviously, if you have never heard of it it wouldn't worry you. That's why Googling is so dangerous to an HA sufferer. Don't be afraid to do things for fear of hurting your heart. The heart muscles are very powerful and a few blips in the electrical impulses due to anxiety will do no harm.
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    Any bad news makes headlines and is talked about continuously. There was a study done once where only good news was reported on and no one watched or listened to it.
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    I’ve decided To join planet fitness instead of sitting home and taking my pulse scared to death. Yesterday was my first workout and I had no chest pain and didn’t take my pulse one time. Back at it again this morning. It has helped to realize that i can do this workout and my heart can handle it. It’s crazy how much I worry about my heart but it’s never dawned on me to get up and do something to strengthen it. 🤷‍♀️ Thank y’all for your help.
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    Oh Yes!!! It's the old journalist's phrase that comes to mind. 'Good news is not news' !! We rarely hear of the thousands of good results from the medics who perform some often miraculous operations, but when something goes wrong it's all over the front page. We are a funny old lot and no mistake.
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    Deaths from the flu aren't the norm, hence the media report those deaths often. I've never known anyone personally for as long as I've lived who's died from the flu, elderly and very young alike. And most people I know have had the flu more than once.
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    Hey Nat! She thinks it’s just post infectious IBS from the virus. She said if I get worsening symptoms then I can pick up a kit from them and send a stool sample in for testing. She said this can last several weeks and suggested eating a low FODMAP diet and taking probiotics. I’ve been taking Align probiotics since Sunday. Haven’t had diarrhea so far today. It will take awhile for the anxiety to completely go away though if I’m honest. Thanks so much for checking! Thanks to all for the replies as well!
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    It can feel scary any time, but especially so when you're driving!
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    Yes. As @Total Eclipse said the breathing becomes less natural (e.g. hyperventilation or even silent hyperventilation) which leads to dizziness / lightheaded feeling. This happens to me often with intense anxiety, including yesterday and today.
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    My generalize anxiety and panic leads to dizziness at times! Your breathing becomes so out of the sync that you get dizzy until you calm down. It’s not a good feeling!
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    Exactly! The chicken could be friend in a shared frier too. For example fish and shellfish. All these cross contamination can cause reactions. It's just figuring out what allergy he developed to keep him safe!
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    It may not be the chicken it may be a seasoning they are using on the chicken. Or they may be cooking it in peanut oil and he could be developing a peanut allergy.
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    Please ask the doctor if this is advisable! Given the reactions are getting worse they don't recommend people test reactions at home. They typically do this in clinic so they can get medical help if the reaction is too far to handle.
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    It's possible it's a new allergy. The fact he's got hives each time he's eaten it means he's getting a histamine reaction. The fact the hives are getting worse each time, I would avoid anything with egg, chicken, or chicken flavoring/ broth in it until an allergist reconfirms with oral test (they will have him eat it and react in a safe environment) that the allergy itself isn't chicken.
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    Jets and Amy Lee does it for me.:)
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    Hey Ash, It’s funny that you mention that your husband says it happens to him also because my wife tells me the exact same thing and that it happens to her as well. I think it really is anxiety and stress, and I end up hyper focusing on it to the point where every time I need to remember something I have a mental note to pay attention to it, which creates a loop (something that I’m extremely familiar with having anxiety). I’m glad you replied, because the odds of two people in their early 30s having mental decline are virtually impossible, but the odds of two of us having anxiety and this being a symptom is much much more likely.
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    I've been having a feeling like something is stuck in my throat behind my breastbone for a few months now off and on. Some things improve it, mint, hot drinks, super cold drinks, and intermittent fasting makes it go away almost entirely until I start eating again. I've tried to write it off as anxiety, acid reflux, stress, muscle pull, etc... but it isn't really going away or improving. 😕 I finally got myself to the point mentally where I am going to set up a doctor appointment for answers. This brings me no small amount of anxiety. Doctors and the "what if" they represent is almost worse than the anxiety I experience wondering if something is really wrong this time. I can't live in the bubble of denial if I call and set up an appointment. Now I am in the thralls of worry and despair as I call in the morning and then wait for the appointment date to arrive. My joy and anticipation for normal every day life things disappears during this time. I don't look forward to things and my hunger leaves... I don't have fun at all. Every one of you probably knows exactly what I am talking about. The anxiety sets in and I begin twitching more all over the place as this looming threat marches my direction. The likelihood is that I have Gerd or maybe a small hernia in my esophagus that is causing these issues. Yet, I can't shake that ever present thought of "this time it's bad." I'm scared to leave my wife to raise my two sons alone; one three next month and the other two in September. I'm afraid to find out what my future holds... and that it is horrible. I realize the odds are definitely in my favor that it is nothing and these appointments will likely end this anxiety entirely with an answer and solution provided. But that what if... I just can't move past it. 😕 I guess I just need common sense, cooler heads, and encouraging words at this point. Maybe someone who has gone through a similar thing? I realize none of you really know what it is but I also know that my own mind and emotions cannot be trusted right now. Thanks guys. 😔
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    I can't recall the name for it either. Would Google but honestly just too lazy. I get this from time to time as well. It may last a few minutes, and other times it may last an hour or two. No biggie.
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    I forget the medical term for it (and I know better than to google it 😉) but my sister had the same thing. She also is a hypochondriac and ran to the ER. The doctor there said that sometimes your lungs can stick to your ribs and cause a sharp pain that last for a few seconds and then go away. It would hurt her so bad she couldn’t breathe so she would hold her breath for a few seconds and then it would go away. If you had a blood clot in your lungs you would know it. It would be excruciatingly painful and would not come and go.
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    If you don’t have a history of blood clotts, you are good 🙂 Anxiety can cause alll these sorts of corks!
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    I was the exact same. My son had a cold and I constantly was yelling at him to wash his hands. I worried for days adter
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    Quite possible that it's functioning as it always has, but anxiety allows you to sense those subtle but normal changes. And of course anxiety perceives it as a problem. Anxiety can cause the symptom (e.g. racing heart), but sometimes there really is no "symptom", and instead anxiety perceives it as such.
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    Haha. I hear ya. I was so scared at Christmas when all my family was at my house for a week that someone was going to get the flu and then everyone was going to have it. I kept spraying disinfectant everywhere and put out bottles of hand sanitizer on all the tables. 🤣
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    I don't struggle with absolute dread the way I did a year ago. Yet, there is an underlying fear that sits behind my thoughts and waits for something to happen. Either a bad cold, a cough that won't go away, a pain somewhere, an odd sensation, a stressful moment, etc. Then it tries to take hold not through spiraling in fear or dread... but through possessing most of my thoughts through the day. I'm so tired of living this way. In the last year, I have had every major illness there is. Or at least I have thought I did. Currently, I'm having throat sensations that don't want to seem to go away completely and back pain that seems related somehow... it once again tries to make fear the worst, catastrophizing about the "what if". In reality this makes no sense at all. I don't fear mass shootings when I go into public places. I don't fear car accidents when driving. Why do I fear illnesses? I'm tired of waking up nervous to go through another day with that fear hanging on to my every thought. Shivering, not from cold, but from the fear that so often greets me in the morning. 😟 I'm tired of wondering if it will ever end. I'm tired of not enjoying every day life because of the looming nothing that is always there. 😕 This is my thoughts this morning, I wanted to share them with you all because I know you will understand. I am going to a chiropractor tomorrow in hopes that my back pain will relieve and these symptoms will again vanish... only to wait until the next thing comes along. I just want to fear normal things like everyone else. Thanks for listening. 😞
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    I agree. The hot water seems to be a trigger, because he has never broken out in the hives during the day while doing everyday activities. It always right after a shower. It could be some of the residual shower gel stuck in the loofa or something like that as well. We removed everything from the shower tonight except for unscented body wash that we have had success with and limited time and reduced water temperature in the shower. We have a gp appt on Friday so she can have a look at him. Fingers crossed no more reactions.
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    This exactly. I can look back to my twitch fears from a year ago and see how silly it is. Yet, this time I have this feeling of something in my lower esophagus, acid reflux at times, can't burp, and my throat croaks when I swallow saliva... so I am convinced this time that there is a serious issue down there. Something looming and deadly. This time... it's real. I wish I could go forward and look back at my current. 😞
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    Mine sometimes is 100 when I’m just sitting, like you, I was afraid to do anything. Mine did seem worse after eating. It’s been better lately, but it has been doing it off and on for a month. I went to doctor cause I could feel it beating really fast when laying on my left side. She said it’s because I’m thin. She said the racing is anxiety.
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    Stress and anxiety will definitely do it. Average resting adult rate is 60-100 BPM. Anything in that range, and even slightly outside of it, is not abnormal. The range is so large because everyone is different, and the heart can handle a hell of a lot. You're not going to have a stroke or anything else just because your heart rate is above *your* normal. I get this sometimes as well. I don't know what causes it, but it comes from seemingly nowhere. Sometimes it may last just several minutes, and other times it may be a few days.
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    My coworker began having episodes of a racing heart and she went to her physician and it was attributed to stress and anxiety.
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    I’ve also been having this in and off for a month now. I’ve always had palpitations, but they’re usually the fluttering kind. Now I feel the racing. When I getbit , it lasts for like an hour. Comes and goes . I also hate it. My doctor didn’t seem concerned.
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    I love a good epsom salt bath.
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    My husband gets them allll the time in the winter and it’s because of the dry air. Get some simply saline nose spray. You can use it as much as you need to because it’s just salt water. Helps a bunch to moisten your passages.
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    We have to remember these articles aren't stating it is a cause just that there are 'hints' it might be related in someway. Correlation is not always causation. I was looking for more PubMed articles 🙂 There are a couple that link long term usage to possible neurological conditions (that include depression). But the rest aren't founded. A lot of the side effects (such as low magnesium levels); are so rare; it can induce anxiety; but not common in PPI medicines. I was recently switched from Zantac to a different medicine due to the FDA warnings and do not feel that PPI's affect my anxiety/ depression. Although, with more studies coming out -- it's possible. I take mine as an H2 blocker for extremely bad allergies.
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    Hello Bella, I'm really sorry you are going through so much. I can understand how overwhelming and scary it all seems at this moment. It is really important that you reach out to your therapist/psychiatrist. While it is useful to have people to talk to, it is also important that you have real experts in mental health on whose guidance you can rely on. I'm here if you wish to talk Bella, please know that you are not alone.
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    Hi. (I'm sorry this is so long!) I posted in April about ocular migraines and you all helped and I let go of the fear. Thank you for that. In August and September I had a total of six ocular migraines. I usually have 2-3 a year. I got a full eye exam with dilation a couple of weeks ago. Everything was fine. I talked to the eye doctor about the ocular migraines and he shrugged his shoulders and basically said...they happen. Emailed with my primary medical doctor...he wasn't concerned. Normally this would be enough and I would lose my fear. Not this time. I will say that this has been an epic year for anxiety. My sister was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer last November...I have been worried sick about her all year. (She is doing well, thank goodness!) I'm also selling my house and having a house built...that has been ongoing. My dog got diagnosed with cancer in March and had major surgery...she's doing well now. My sleep has been very broken up due to lack of caregivers for my adult son...he is developmentally disabled...I'm his primary caregiver, but have someone who was supposed to come in 32 hours a week...But in August she took off 15 days...And in September she averaged bout 16 hours a week. So I'm very tired. And this was all on top of my regular daily anxiety and health anxiety. With this in mind, it makes sense that the added and continual stress and anxiety caused the added ocular migraines. I have made some changes in the last couple of weeks to try and help myself. Staying hydrated. Removed foods with additives and preservatives from my diet. Trying to sleep more. Changed my tablets to the blue shade mode. Therapy. Exercise. My regular anxiety level seems much lower. I don't feel the constant adrenaline, pounding heart etc. happening anymore. I haven't had an ocular migraine in eight days...knock on wood. A little earlier today I had a blip in my eye for about one second...I thought I was going to get an ocular migraine. I didn't. But I can feel the fear starting to creep in. Not severely, but enough to put a damper on my mood. You know what I mean? Why can't I just accept that the ocular migraines may happen and not fear them? I've been getting them for almost twenty years...just never this many. Thank you for reading this ridiculously long post!
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    Yes my first thought is dry air for sure. And the dry air irritated the very thin blood vessels up there. So even though you get it to stop bleeding, chances are it will do it again until it fully heals which will take time if it is constantly being irritated- and this is normal. I have dealt with these kinds of recurrent nose bleeds with my son and they do stop. I have him use a nasal spray to moisten his nasal passages and he would use it nightly ( they happened mostly at night) and it helped so much. A neti pot would work too. Or if you don’t like those ideas, a steamy bathroom or humidifier would help too. Or you really can just leave it alone. And it may continue to bleed, but you have to be ok with that and expect it. This is so so common in the winter. Nothing has gone wrong. I hope this helps.
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    Agreed 100%. Is it possible that the monitor or other tests could miss it? Well, nothing in medicine is guaranteed, but the chances of LQTS being missed by a 30-day monitor are, in my opinion, terribly slim. That's a frequently used test for all sorts of issues, but especially issues with the heart's electrical system (e.g. anomalies in the timing between segments).
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    I'm sure that if you had LQTS that it would of surely been caught on a 30 day holster test. If you still have concerns you can ask your doctor. But it seems like you have tested quite a lot in this area 🙂
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    Hello sTeaLth, That feeling of having something stuck at the bottom in your throat or the bottom of your oesophagus is related to GERD. I often get it, specially when my reflux is exacerbated. PPI and changes in your diet will improve this tremendously. Also, drinking a lot of water is recommended.
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    My ulcer was uncovered by an EGD. I was put on Nexium and I had another EGD six weeks later and it had healed. I still take Prilosec to this day and I also have a small hiatal hernia which does not help matters.
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    A great way to take in magnesium is through an epsom salt bath. Your body absorbs the magnesium; epsom salt is known as a detoxifier; and it’s mentally and physically relaxing. And if you are more of a shower person, you can get benefits from doing an epsom salt foot bath!
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    For me personally, magnesium helps my anxiety. I drink the Natural Vitality "Calm" drink (warm) and it seems to deliver a calming effect. I also have taken magnesium oxide (under doctor supervision); and have had mild muscle, migraine and anxiety relief. Taken in too big dosages can cause upset stomach or GI issues! So be careful! It doesn't seem to work on a daily usage. It's something I use as a PRN soothing cycle.
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    I find that fear like that is a distraction from some thing or emotion you don't really want to face so then the physical symptoms become an easy distraction. It doesn't matter if it's something you want or not - it takes your mind off of things. And it becomes first one thing, then another and it becomes hard to distinguish what the root cause is. You don't fear the mass shootings or the car accidents because your mind truly believes that these things are rare and very unlikely to happen, but your mind is not convinced of this in terms of illnesses, and that's why illnesses are your focus. Recognizing that the body always makes "noise" in terms of physical pain or sensations will help you slow down the fear (as might seeing the chiropractor who can help with that), and only once the fear is slowed down enough, you can begin to consider what you may be subconsciously distracting yourself from. I have found that so much of my anxiety comes down to distraction from some thing or emotion in my life. Hope this helps.
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    I SUFFER FROM acid reflux for 7 years now.... I have had 2 endoscopies already and all it shoes it's mild gastritis, and mild esophagatis.... I was on PPIs for years but now I just do 300 mg of zantac before to bed and that helps a lot. I had all of your symtoms and trust me I thought I was dying of stomach cancer or throat or esophags cancer.... everything was clear like I said. I recommend limiting coffee, acidic drinks, like orange juice, lemonade, pasta sauce (tomatoes).... also eat your last meal at night 3 hours before laying down. At your age you have no risks.... go see the doctor though to give you the right doses. I assumed you nought omeprazole over the counter? once a week is not going to cut it. Your doctor will able to prescribe it for you. Good luck and keep us posted.... you will be fine!!!
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    This is my current fear as well. I have what feels like something stuck in my throat a lot of the time, no pain or burning though. The good news is that acid reflux is VERY common and is most likely what is causing both of our issues. Yours sounds like what I used to have years ago. The throat is a very tricky beast and a lot of things can happen that are nothing serious. I have kept my HA at bay so far with this but it has been annoying me off and on for almost two months. Just to reassure you, what you are describing sounds NOTHING like cancer and EVERYTHING like acid reflux issues.