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    The unknown will do that. Remember that if it was totally urgent, you'd be in the hospital right now. If it was in the urine, think backwards to the urethra, and the kidneys. Kidney stones can cause it, which would lead to pain where they would have to blow them up like a video game. That's speculation. If you were going to go, he would have told you so. I think you are going to live through this :).
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    You shouldn't be freaking out. Anemia means you are just deficient in something and the doctor is trying to figure it out. The rest you are putting on yourself. The hypochondria is fueling the anxiety, whic is the rest of what you are dealing with. Remember, how you think determines how you feel.
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    Part of that may be the anemia. Really, it's just a path to find for health. Anemia isn't all that rare. If he was worried, you wouldn't be typing; you would be in the hospital connected to machines. Anemia just means you have a deficiency somewhere and the doctor is trying to find out where it is so he can restore that area.
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    Ya, it's the new stuff that always gets into my mind. I have had tingles, twitches, or phantom feelings in my legs or feet for years and they no longer worry me. I have never had full numbness ongoing like this. It is only in the pad of my left heel, and the physical therapist said it sounds very much like my trip caused me to pinch a nerve somewhere. I am not super concerned but as you know, the mind continues to wonder even if you aren't "anxious".
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    Driving for long distances will do it to me, even if I would 18 to 24 miles a week. The muscles and joints just get locked in that position over the duration. It's like body jet lag or something. I have back pains from sitting too long - partially attributed to an injury I got while shoveling snow years ago. It's probably all related to the back - if the doctor said it's okay, then it's okay. We're getting older and that means we need to keep moving.
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    That's good then! :)
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    My father (may he rest in peace) whenever he went to the doctor and had an occult stool blood test, evidence of blood always showed up. No cause was ever found and the doctor said he must have a slow leak somewhere. He lived to 93.
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    Given what you have written, I am surprised that you are holding together. You have been through a lot - more than enough to cause stress. Stress causes anxiety and the symptoms. This is a good test - you know what you have dealt with, now - be kind to yourself and take a break to clear your mind. A lot of what you are experiencing may be the stress.