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    Fed up last year and earlier this year with all the talk of deaths. Media were asked to give the public a break. For a while this year Covid was not the main story when the news came on. Way it used to work is we had one bloke we all called Dr Death. Each evening he would sit there and read out the figures for the day. Not exactly exciting news. I think even people who never had anxiety in their lives were getting worked up listening to all of this.
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    If you've been vaccinated then you're safe, you might feel rough for a bit but that's it. Your immune system has already seen the virus and so knows how to fight it.
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    We do have to learn to trust the doctors when they say everything is okay. I too have this issue and worry and worry and worry until my worry burns itself out, even after seeing a doctor for my child. My son had seriously swollen lymph nodes on the back of his head and they took weeks to go down. I also feared the "C" word but they eventually did go down. If you saw a doctor, who felt it, and thought it was okay, it's okay. They would NOT let you leave the hospital if they thought it was something dangerous, I promise! I totally get how you feel and it's easy for me to be on the outside looking in on your situation and have perspective but it's so hard with our kids! I am currently dealing with something regarding my daughter as well. We just want our kids to be okay!
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    I want to talk about what I've learned about being scared. First, because becoming sick has taught me so about fear and what fear is. Second, because that's the thing, fear is a liar. It'll make you feel so alone even when you're in a crowded room. It pretends that it's helpful and makes sense. And sure, caution and concern can be beneficial. But the concern is something you own. Fear has a way of owning you. Fear tells you everything will go wrong. Or that it will never get better. Or you're not enough. And that after a long time of listening to the fear in my head, it wasn't helping me. But do you know what was helping? Love. And love was the one constant in my life. It always made things better. Love has a way of shining a light on things where fear tends to cover them up or hide them. Love casts out all fear. And I realized I didn't fully accept love when I let fear make a lot of my decisions. Fear says lay in bed, think about all the ways you're failing, and that the worst possible outcome will happen. And love says, wow, it's a new day. Look at all the gifts around you. How can you share those with your friends and family? Right now, I'm a mess. And at first look, I get overwhelmed. But then, my mood sinks and my heart feels like it's pounding out of my chest. Finally, my body becomes paralyzed, and all I can do is sleep. Suddenly, with projects half done and unaccomplished achievements, I want to beat myself up. I feel like my life has become a giant to-do list that I can't seem to keep up. It takes a minute. When writing all these things down, these thoughts stem from the fact that I don't think I'm enough. It's a fear mindset. The fear that speaks to me, "is all my life going to be one giant to-do list that I can't keep up with"? But what does love say when I put all my thoughts in the light? And I start poking them to see if they are truthful. Love says start. Well, fear says this is a never-ending to-do list. Love says it's a bucket list, and I don't have to do these things, but I get to do these things. It makes doing these things so much more enjoyable. So much more empowering. I get to do these things because I am alive. So why wouldn't I want to? I am so much more than the bad things that happened to me. Don't I want to see what happens if I don't give up? Don't I? Many people want to hope for something in their life but are afraid because of their circumstances. The fear is holding you back. Love gives you hope. Right now, I'm just clearing out my space so I can clear my thoughts along with it. Moving forward with love and hope is my only way to find happiness. Have I gotten less scared as the years have gone on? I feel like the answer is no; I haven't. But the flashlight of love is right next to me when I'm ready to turn it on. I have realized the power of having people around me with flashlights. Because when you are part of a loving community, fear doesn't stand a chance. I can't tell you for so long that I believed the lie that no one wants you to ask for help and that you're a burden if you ask for people for help. It's the complete opposite. People have strengths that are other people's weaknesses. So I can't come up with a better invitation to encourage people to share their gifts.
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    What we saw here in Ireland was a lot of cluster cases related to certain types of work. Meat factories were the worst hit places. You had thousands of cases in these places alone. Were a few other clusters in work places. But they have said they would not be bringing in the same rules here. Vaccination or no more work. I think that would lead to major protests that would get rather ugly very quickly. Still have a lot of people working from home. Why they would need proof of vaccination is a mystery. As they are not in a place of work. They are at home. No threat to other workers. The ones they are pushing to get the vaccine are those who work with old people or in hospitals. As of last month Ireland still had a lot of healthcare workers not vaccinated. They are working with both sick and elderly people. That one I fully understand. Other than that it might depend on how many people are in any given work place. You have a thousand workers who all mingle, one case of Covid and it could put a lot of people out of work. Thus stop production. Those are only certain types of jobs.
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    I have to provide proof of vaccination by December 8, or I could be terminated. I have worked with my company for over 17 years. I was fully vaccinated by the end of May, but I am totally against Jab or Job mandates I have been working from home for 19 months now - may make it permanent.
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    I don't know what the media has been like with the reporting over there, but it has been awful here. Coverage of it is just depressing and anxiety inducing. Add in being stuck indoors because of the lockdowns. Whethers it covid, the lockdowns, both...theres a mental health crisis brewing, we're only starting to see the effects of those lockdowns now.
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    When my PCOS was an issue, yes, crampy, lots of pain. Birth control helped regulate everything.
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    My 5 cats are all needed. 😄
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    Even if the other person was a Doctor; I feel the only Doctor who should be giving you advise is your own Doctor in regards to medicine they put you on. When you go off a medicine you talk to them first - and they weigh out the benefits with you. I don't advocate x or x or x medicine or x therapy. I think each persons anxiety and depression comes from a different source and requires different treatment.
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    Today marks the 8th year of the 100% no-contact I made on my abuser (it was the last time I physically saw my abuser). He child groomed me starting at the age of 13 years old (he was a grown man). There was threats. From suicide, to killing my animals, to killing us all. And making me promise myself to him at a very young age. I was socially isolated; and not allowed to have friends. My family knew him and for many years I felt like this was my fault and for so many years I had to hide it that the 'double side' of him being family; was just that. He knew my anxiety would be too much to tell others to confront him. He held that as a weapon as well. Before this date he would randomly show up at places I lived, outside the place, or would tell me "I'll be at your place on X day at X time" and spiral up my anxiety until I was physically ill. Most of the times he didn't show up but he did it for a power trip. I'd have panic attacks for days. Each year this comes around I am reminded how strong I was to walk away. And how my small support system let me decide; when I was ready for that step. Thank you. I’m a much stronger person for removing that toxic, traumatic, horrific person from my life. Nothing but positivity came from that. I now have gained a protective brother by my side. Fewer flashbacks. I have been blessed to be stable enough to be able to be in stable relationship. My friends role on helping me get out of an abusive inappropriate relationship without controlling me, as my family member did, has been the biggest gift anyone has ever given me. It needed to be me who said enough. Their patients, understanding, and non-judgment helped guide me to the right choice and receive help for the trauma. I can't even begin to thank them. If he wasn't gone from my life I'm not sure where I would be right now.
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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a brief update on the status of the site's updates and why I've been away. For the past two years, I've been doing some trial treatments for a physical health condition; during that time, I had another significant medical issue take its course on me. The treatments have been intense 2 a week infusions, multiple new medicines, and upcoming surgeries. My sugar levels dropped during one of my physical health inpatients' stays earlier this year, and I had a seizure / passed out on the floor. It caused a fracture to my left frontal cortex. So I've been dealing with a TBI on top of everything above. Nearly every night before I go to bed, I have acute physical pain that induces panic attacks. Most nights, it has to use medicine and mediation until I finally can fall asleep. Unfortunately, most of the time, I am awakened to throwing up from the pain re-starting. AC/ AS means a lot to me, and I want everyone to know that the merger will happen - that we want to do all the updates I promised. I have not lost interest, and the site helps me find purpose and meaning. Lastly, I want to thank everyone for their support and wonderful community. Everyone has been so supportive of each other, and it's incredible how communities come in for each other. I am a fighter and not giving up. People on this website give me hope. Lots of hugs and loves -TE
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    Thanks for the invitation. I prefer to just give donations to the site periodically.
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    Congrats surviving your lecture!!! 🙂
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    That's good your communicating with them. Drink lots of water and try to rest until you adjust to medicine.
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    It's pretty easy to get anxious with everything on the news. Just keep hydrated and let us know how you're feeling. We are here for you! You got this 🙂
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    I switched from an old doctor to a young doctor 6 years ago when my anxiety was bad then too and through the years he's always listened thoroughly to my concerns unlike my doctor before him who shrugged things off immediately as anxiety and then when I brought that up to him he called me a hypochondriac. Which I am but it's worth having someone actually listen to your concerns.
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    Yup, a day after all this, I had a massive health anxiety flare and I ran to the Urgent Care. Doc looks at me and my vague digestive symptoms, gets me a stool sample test - sample test comes out clear (I never want to do that ever again). Thinks it's gastritis but most likely a muscle knot. One day later I try to eat breakfast and I could not eat anything - appetite was gone, I was gagging trying to eat anything. Stomach issues got worse - diarrhea yet I felt constipated and bloated and burping so much, burning sensation in my upper abdominal area on both the upper left and right, throat was tightening up and felt like it was mucus mixed with acid (I have bad sinuses as well), and I kept pushing and prodding and poking around that area, and in fact to "check" i prodded at the opposite side on my right and now that side is just as sore as well from all my poking and prodding. Wrote a long e-mail to both my GI and my PCP and they're both not too worried, I have an appointment with my GI in a few weeks and he doesn't see anything alarming that would warrant bumping it up. PCP reassured me if he was a betting man it was probably just my HA acting up. At this point I'm spending time looking for telehealth psychiatrists to deal with this HA, I've never 100% gotten this under control and I want to get the tools to mentally deal with this and any future anxiety issues. Thank you to you both.
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    I get white coat syndrome too, and my dad, very common. Years ago when my bp was only slightly up and the doc wanted me to start meds I got it under control through diet (low salt!) and exercise - managed to delay being put on them for a good few years. But it's so genetic in my family it was inevitable in the end.
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    I've learned this recently over the last few months - when my anxiety is bad the skin on my legs feels like it's burning, and if I have a panic attack it spreads instantly to my whole body. And I'm sure this kind of pain can be directly related to the body part or disease one is worrying about, so for example constantly "checking in" on how the stomach feels could well cause it to start hurting. Hard to accept but it's true.
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    Stomach cancer is extremely rare in young people. As someone who is very experienced with "the big C" I can tell you that the worry doesn't go away. But I learn to trust my doctors when they tell me nothing looks abnormal. Work on the things you can control. Weight? Is that something that could be causing the tummy issues (i.e the type of food?) could something really acidity and the medicine be reacting oddly? It seems like you need to get in a routine of eating healthy, taking a few walks a day and calming your anxiety down. I know when my anxiety is at a 10 my anxiety is the worst it's ever been. It has nothing to do with "the big C" and a lot of times fear can cause our bodies extreme pain.
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    You're still in your 50s, I know you've heard it before but you're still too young for that. It does sound like it's muscular/muscoskeletal or mechanical. Has your doctor ever recommended you to a physical therapist? They can help you nail down that abdominal issue - I've been having some upper abdominal discomfort and I think it's mostly self-inflicted for me because I'm sitting so much and slouching as well.
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    According to my ENT physician, having tinnitus can make anxiety worse.
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    It may eventually come to that. I do see my doctor twice a year for checkups. I did mention it...and they ended up having me do things and then repeatedly checking my BP to see what was happening. They said that I was fine at where I am. If I lose weight (which getting off of Paxil and onto Cymbalta should do), then I will have to have it reevaluated. I think there is a correlation there. Both of my parents have hypertension, so I was a shoe-in for this gift lol.
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    I had an allergy issue five years ago that required an angiogram (sinus infection that was so severe, I burst a blood vessel and had a vitreous hemorrhage inside my eye). I had taken two decongestants that morning not knowing that it should have been an antihistamine....Anyway, they took my BP before the angiogram - 148/108. At the time, I was in the midst of ER visits as the hemorrhage happened and was sent to the ER for the third time in a week lol. The eye doctor panicked and thought I had a hemorrhagic stroke. I was told in the past week that I would be permanently blind in the one eye, too. Anyway, that trip to the ER - four hours, a CT scan, urinalysis, four vials of blood drawn, and an EKG...…..and the only thing they found was that my BP was 125/95 - the decongestants were wearing off LOL. This was July 2016----- my BP was consistently 120-125/90-95 until that one instance. I was on 20mg of Paxil at the time and they add 25mg of Losartan. I have the lightheadedness Doug97 mentioned.....I can black out if I get up too quickly from a kneeling position. lol My regular doctor who I have seen since then checks when I go in - every six months.
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    Every member of my family is on medication for hypertension, all my grandparents too when they were alive. Don't stress it, the worse that can happen is you feel a bit lightheaded if your dosing is too high - which is easily fixed of course. Medication for hypertension is incredibly safe and effective - if only all drugs were as good!
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    Worth a try - what have you got to lose? Be careful with the alcohol, it feels like it helps but if you overdo it, it just makes things worse. I am a recovering alcoholic so I know from bitter experience.
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    I agree, older people have this "suck it up, buttercup" mentality that is really not helpful. If I could will away my anxiety I'd have done it years ago, it doesn't work like that!
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    Anxiety definitely makes my tinnitus worse. I get all sorts of visual disturbances too, but not sure about this visual snow. What does it look like, can you describe it?
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    I often say to myself that if my doc's not worried, then I'm not going to worry. It helps - a little! A couple of years ago I too had severe upper abdominal pain, and was worried about pancreatitis. Turned out to be muscular and it went away eventually. Has your doc considered gallstones? My mother had this, and was cured.
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    I see the chief of gastroenterology at a large regional medical center here in Baltimore as I had an esophageal ulcer around 15 years ago. He has performed multiple EGD's and colonoscopy's on me over the years and I have become friendly with him. I have discussed stomach cancer with him in the past and he has told me that it is extremely rare in people under 50 and symptoms are persistent indigestion, nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing, and weight loss. I try to occupy my time with work, hobbies, etc. I have had GI issues over the years, including pain radiating from my stomach to my back with vomiting, rectal bleeding with paid and persistent nausea. All have turned out to be benign.
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    Had them a lot in the spring but they kind of went away on their own and now I am feeling them again. I don't know what to do.
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    Don't turn to older people for help. They like scaring you and telling you there is no hope, either that or they laugh at you and dismiss you. Happened to me many times
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    You're in between medications. This is a good time to take a look at the symptoms and how you are handling them. I would look up Prozac withdrawal/tapering issues. It might give you what to expect. You're not going to die; you are thinking it and your body is reacting. Combine that with the biochemistry changes of being with medication (you're kind of going through a withdrawal. I was on Paroxetine/Paxil for about 14 years, but after broken teeth from the bruxism (two crowns, and damage to surrounding teeth) and 55 pounds of weight gain despite running 18 to 24 miles a week.....it took its toll, so I transition to Cymbalta. It was a seven week process, and I still ended up with lockjaw as one of the side effects of coming off Paxil! You're not losing your mind - you are preoccupied with returning fears, though. That part you do need to work on. Why are you thinking these thoughts, and what is really going on that you might be afraid to address. That was a BIG question for me when I switched.
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    Thanks! They're okay 🙂 I brought my daughter to the doctor AND dentist because her gums bled a little three times when I brushed them last week and they looked swollen to me. I LEGIT thought she had leukemia. I was a hot mess! I really try not to do that with my kids because a) it scares them and b) I REALLY don't want to be THAT parent....and I don't want the doctor to think I'm nuts but I think it's too late for that to be honest! As far as my son's lymph nodes, I would say the took a good three weeks to go down to what I felt was "normal" I can still feel them there, but they're tiny now. Once they get inflamed, they may never go back to the way they were. Both of my kids have lymph nodes that I can feel in their groin. I truly believe for some people, this is normal for them. We both need to stay the eff away from Google. Easier said than done though, I know. Let's make a pact!
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    I periodically get the feeling of food sort of getting stuck or having trouble going down my throat too and sometimes I feel like I need to drink something to help the food go down. I have a hiatal hernia too, which can cause odd sensations at times. Since I had an esophageal ulcer around 15 or so years ago, I have had many EGD's and all have been OK to date.
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    Hi Joe, I went through exactly this. About 2 months ago I was eating dinner and a piece of food went down hard and I coughed. That started me doing exactly what you’re doing, over thinking every swallow. I was testing as well, purposely eating things like bread and meat. When I made the mistake of getting an Arby’s roast beef, which probably had been sitting in the warming bin for hours, it went horribly wrong. I chewed, swallowed and awful pain. Hard to get down. That was all I needed to fear, well something really bad. Enough meals passed I guess and I finally was able to move on, but not before bugging my doctor who in no uncertain terms set me straight. Of course like you, I’d been moving back and forth with various other HA concerns, and I still am. It’s really difficult, isn’t it? But clearly, like me, your swallowing is fine and once you’re able to stop micro managing every swallow, this will pass.
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    You tried to swallow too much too fast. That's all that it. It sounds normal if you are biting off too much. Take smaller bites and chew your food! Peanut butter is sticky, too.
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    I do know that we have a pulse in our necks but in case you couldn't tell from reading the post, it seemed far from normal. I definitely didn't make the post to get to know from someone as ignorant as you that iTs mY puLSe. hopefully you don't make such replies on other people's posts on the forum. regardless, thank you for replying 🙂
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    That is magical thinking. You can look that up. Also, forgive me for being blunt but I think you need to hear this. What you’re worrying about is bullshit! The world is a logical place. Think about that. That an owl can hoot and he means to cause you harm is not logical. These are old wives tales made up long ago by people for who knows what reason. There are a lot of things to worry about in this world, it’s true....but an owl conspiring to bring you evil is not one of them.
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    Loss of appetite and sex drive are classic symptoms of anxiety. Absolutely classic. You don't need to go looking for any other explanation.
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    Let’s start a thread of things you’ve been convinced you have. I will go first. leukemia( a handful of times) brain tumor(several times), diabetes, low iron, stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, heart attack, MS.
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    I've had a brain tumour, myocardial infarction, sarcoidosis, lupus, Wegener's granulomatosis, amyloidosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, esophageal cancer, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, heart arrhythmia, pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, carcinoid syndrome, polyneuropathy, multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia and arachnoiditis. And I'm still here! 🤣
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    And purely as a matter of interest, did you know your luminous watch gives off harmful rays, as do luminous clocks. I hope this puts it all in perspective.
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    Hi April. Your doctor did not inform you of the risks because they are minimal. Life is a risk. When we cross the street it's a risk. When we take any medication it's a risk. You did nothing wrong because you followed your doctor's advice. You are beating yourself up unnecessarily. One test with a CT scan is going to make no difference to you. When X-rays came in everyone was afraid the rays would cause harm. Nowadays millions of X-rays are done daily. Actually, and this is a fact, there are more harmful rays from the sun that any form of medical treatment. From the ultra violet to the infra red the rays are all harmful if we have too much of them. We all know the results of laying in the sun with no protection. But if we concerned ourselves with this and became anxious, we would only go out on cloudy days!!! Which would make no difference because the harmful rays can penetrate cloud. Nature has given us protection if we are sensible. You say no one seems sure about the effects of CT scans. They do you know, and many medics have given reassurance to many people. You are obviously a sensible person, so just keep to your regular routine.
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    Oh my goodness. 35!!!!! my God!!!!! Come on!!!! 35 is young!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting on for over twice your age and still feel 30. AGE IS A NUMBER. YES it is, and that's all it is. In the UK earlier this year we had an old guy who was 99 doing a walk a hundred times round his garden to raise money for the NHS. He was knighted by the Queen for his efforts. It's what's in your mind that counts. Some of the greatest people have been old when they have invented some of the worlds most useful scientific works. As for dating guys, well, if a man wants you and is only concerned with your age and looks keep well away. Anyone that really wants you will accept you as you are irrespective of age or looks. They say ' love is blind' and it is. Who gives a damn about a load of morons who only regard a woman as a sex object? The world is full of them. It is also full of good respectful guys who value a woman for what she is. A woman has to be discerning in her choice. I do appreciate what you are saying about this ridiculous age thing on social media. It's just a load of old rubbish and best ignored. I can speak from years of experience in counselling and one of the most important things is self worth. Self esteem. This is not the narcissism form of self admiration, but a feeling you are of value to society and those close to you. 'Love thy neighbour AS THYSELF'. That's the important bit. 'Love thyself' because if you don't how can you love another? Live your life, and realise that age has little to do with love, real love.