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    It's almost as if he has shifted his concentration to swallowing and breathing. That's supposed to be subconscious - pulling it up into the conscious is going to make you freak out more than you should be.
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    We need to try and be civil here. We have enough anxiety triggers these days. I am not sure why there needs to be a persistent link advertisement when pertinent information can be cited.
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    My wife a few years ago had chest pains and she threw up too. We both got nervous and she went to the ER. It was not her heart, but when she went to the GI physician the next week, it turned out to be a benign stomach polyp which got twisted up in her stomach lining, which when it was removed, the pain stopped. One of the reasons we are over vigilant for not only our health, but for our families is our inability to accept uncertainty. Of course the main reason is we care for them and don't want to see anything happen to them.
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    Hey folks. I went through a big M*/A** scare back in 2013 after I had an inner ear infection (note: I was never really dizzy). I had quite a bit of buzzing, twitching, etc. I never saw anyone about it, and when my anxiety finally subsided, it went away. When I had the inner ear stuff, I experienced roughly 3-4 months of what I would call a "haziness". My brain wasn't foggy, per se; it was more like I hadn't got enough sleep the night before, but all the time. There's just general sense of something being off, but I can function like normal. It finally diminished as well. Since then, I've went through two more bouts of said haze, the current one lasting since around Thanksgiving. I saw my GP, who told me to check with an ENT. He also suggested I see a neuro, just to put my mind at ease. The ENT appointment was awesome; the guy explained that not all vestibular issues are with the ears, and it could be my neck, eyes, etc. He gave me exercises to do and told me to work on them for the next few months. He was confident I'd get back to normal soon enough. That's been a month ago and I'm slightly better, but not all the way. So, yesterday, I saw the neurologist. Let me start off by saying this dude was a trip. He wasn't American, so there was definitely some cultural differences at play, but his mannerisms were just sort of off-putting, to say the least. I described what I was dealing with and he began asking questions. He asked if I'd ever injured my neck. I told him I'd sprained it back in 2009 and had issues with it ever since. He then did reflex tests all over, then mentioned I was hyper reflexive and positive for something called Hoffman's sign, as there was weakness in my ankles. He wants me to do an MRI to check my neck. He also wants to check my brain "just to be safe". When I point blank asked him if he thought I might have the big M, his response was "let's see what the MRI says". Now I'm beyond scared. He mentioned a possible neck compression, which would make sense with the pain I've had for years. But I'm 100% convinced they're going to find something more sinister there and I don't know if I can take it. I keep trying to remind myself that he himself never mentioned anything neurological, so maybe I shouldn't panic. But I can't help it. Anything you guys can relate would be sincerely appreciated.
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    It can be because of your anxiety and stress. It's better to control your stress to avoid risk of some serious health condition. Here is what you can do Deep breathing exercises. Meditation. Managing your anxiety Mindfulness meditation. Progressive muscle relaxation. Mental imagery relaxation. Relaxation to music. Counseling, to help you recognize and release stress. Take a time-out. Eat well-balanced meals. Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks and heart diseases. Get enough sleep. Distract your depression Exercise/walk daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. I hope it helps 🙂
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    Depression and loneliness will tell you to get in/stay in bed, with a vat of ice cream, draw the blinds and restlessly switch through the TV stations or surfing the web. In the short-term these will likely feel effective. However, if you do what your emotions are telling you to do, you will certainly be more depressed and lonely as this is not a good long-term strategy for resolving depression or loneliness. Instead, keep yourself warm, get outside, be around people, and build up your endurance for walking, biking, swimming, kayaking, or some other repetitive sport that is slow and gives you time to work out your thoughts and feelings. You can find people with common interests through Meet Up, a place of worship, yoga studio, and simply by spending time in a coffee house on the weekends and meeting locals. https://mangoclinic.com/top-18-social-media-influencers-and-their-mental-health-resolutions-that-can-change-lives/
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    Oh, the MRI isn't until the Monday after next. Yesterday was just an initial consult. I'm having to wait on it due to me getting my wisdom teeth out next week 🤮
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    Yeah I've had a couple of decent sized stones in the last six years that caused horrible pain so I've definitely been there
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    Hi ty for the info I am in wkly outpatient therapy and I am grateful for it
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    Okay let's talk meds. Lexapro basically inhibit the uptake of serotonin and is used for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder. But it does take time to settle and show its effect on your body. I used to take Xanax and Lexapro too but I realized they work to a limit. And our body gets immune to high dosage. I would rather recommend using a holistic approach. You can try alternate therapy options as well. For me, I prefer trying natural and herbal ways.What I mean is that the antidepressant only get you so far in life.then it up to you to scream from the roof tops to your mental health team “I want therapy”. It’s so fulfilling when your having therapy.it can be so much fun exploring your self and what you have to discover about your self. I divert my mind from indulging in different activities and reading. Reading helps the most. Here is a complete guide on how to manage anxiety mangoclinic.com/anxiety-man... It will be very helpful for you. Just give it a read.
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    Dear, Trudy, Many people who suffered from this condition did not understand what they were going through. Today, over 2.2 million Americans suffer from OCD. This is an anxiety disorder that affects people from all walks of life, including celebrities. OCD is a chronic and long-lasting mental health illness. People struggling with this disorder are always fighting with their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. OCD is usually uncontrollable until treatment is initiated. https://ezcareclinic.com/surprising-facts-about-21-famous-people-with-ocd/ I hope you find peace and feel better.
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    My wife has had a couple of callbacks after her mammogram for an ultrasound and all has been fine.
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    Many people won't notice mispronounced words, or would let it slide. It's not a big deal. I have post nasal drip myself - the doc told me to take antihistamines if it bad.
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    I have saliva in the back of my throat quite often and it is thick sometimes too. My ENT physician told me it was due to a combination of allergies, post nasal drip, sinus issues and GERD.He told me not to worry about it. Welcome to the forum by the way.
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    Hi. Nick. There is a problem in anxiety called Globus Hysteretic. It gives the impression that the throat is constricted when it's not. It's another of Mr. Anxiety's little tricks. The more you worry about it the worse it gets. You won't choke or not be able to swallow because nature sees to that. This complaint can be very upsetting, but it's all smoke and mirrors. The vast majority of anxiety symptoms are illusions. Now that may seem a sweeping statement, but it's true. They seem so real because we make them so by constant worry and stress. The sympathetic nervous system controls our normal functions. Try to stop breathing! You can't, because the nervous system won't allow it. Try to stop your heart beating!!! Left alone, all these functions operate smoothly, but when subject to stress they can play up. The breathing gets faster, the heart beats faster and may palpitate. All harmless symptoms but ones that make us freak out. Just accept, for the time being the symptoms as nasty as they may seem. Try not to add fear to fear. A very common mistake anxiety sufferers make. 'Oh my God, what's that??' Immediately the body responds by going into the fear cycle. It senses danger and responds accordingly. Knowledge can be a powerful tool in anxiety. Take it easy and look after yourself.
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    Yes!! When I was at the height M of my fear, I spoke weird, dropped things, ect... all because I was I was making automatic body processes complicated by thinking about them . Good point iron man
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    This sounds nothing like the disease you fear. Allergies maybe? Bulbar onset is very aggressive and even more rare than this very very rare diseases You’d be in bad shape by now. Try not to stress and replace your anxiety with something. Hang In there! You can overcome this!
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    I had basal cell carcinoma on the right side of my nose around 12 years ago. I originally had a shiny spot and I thought it looked weird. I called my dermatologidt and he saw me the next week. He looked at it and grimaced a bit and I knew it may be bad news. He could never play poker as he would give his hand away. He took a biopsy and he called me and the biopsy was positive for basal cell carcinoma. He referred me to a Mohs surgeon. I went to the surgeon and he got me ready for the surgery in his office. He sat me in an elevated chair and hooked a blood presssure cuff and heart monitor on my left arm. He then took a needle out and stuck it in my nose to numb it. He then covered up part of my face and began the surgery when I was awake. He kept on asking me if I was OK and I said yes. He then began to remove the tumor. He thought he got it all and went back in and said the tumor was deeper then he thought so he had to go back in and dig deeper. He then got it all and sutured me up. He told me their was a 99% chance it would not come back and so far it has not. My dermatologist checks it once a year.
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    I know all too well that feeling you had this morning. You go in looking for reassurance, and don’t get it, but rather leave even more stressed out then when you went in. That said, I agree with you; if he was truly concerned, he would give you no choice but to be seen ASAP. No Doctor worth his salt is going to sacrifice your health and their reputation and potential legal issues, just to make you feel better. Thus, he’d have been no nonsense with you. When you didn’t commit whether to go to the in or out of network derm, he figured why not be seen earlier? Less time for you to stress, and it’s not like the extra cost you’ll incur is anything he would be concerned with. This will be stressful, since you have HA. We just can’t be calm if we have the chance to worry. It’s in our nature. Keep one thing in mind that sometimes helps me. As HA sufferers, we over estimate the chances of a concerning outcome, AND we under estimate our ability to deal with a problem, should it actually occur. If you’re fortunate enough to have a significant other who is understanding of your anxiety and can help soothe your fears, there’s nothing wrong with seeking their calming of your fears. Bob
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    Hi 25. I think we all know how you feel because the fear of death is present in every human being. It's usually ignored and only arises when we see someone else in pain. We just can't believe that one day we will not be here. BUT!! you are not your father, and such illnesses as he had are not hereditary. You are scaring yourself with your own thoughts. Now that must be obvious to you. The more you think such thoughts the more entrenched they become. In anxiety, and especially OCD one thought is replaced by another. It's bound to happen so let it. Don't fight and struggle with the thoughts or try and not think them. That won't work. It's like trying to push a cork under water. It keeps bobbing up somewhere else. See the thoughts for what they are. Nothing more than anxious thoughts in a tired mind. Rather accept them for the moment without resistance. Now that may seem odd to you, but it's so important to ease the strain of negative thinking. Keeping occupied does help, but eventually your thoughts once again revert to the old routine. I know I always go for acceptance, because it does eventually work. Being scared makes you want to fight 'IT' off. So the body goes into the fight/flight mode with all the symptoms of fear and anxiety. Fighting and struggling makes matters worse. Try, just try to accept how you feel without resistance. best wishes.
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    All the time! It’s more on myself, but I’ve worried inappropriately about family. One example...maybe 2 years ago my wife showed me some bruising she had. To me it looked like petechie (spelling?) which can, amongst many.totally benign reasons, be a symptom of a blood cancer. She said no, it was from her aggressive workout. I insisted she see her doctor. An argument ensued and I “won”. She saw her doctor, and made it clear she was there because I insisted. Doctor said no, it’s not what I said it was, it was a simple bruise. She felt foolish. I felt relieved.
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    I have lost a lot of things to my anxiety and depression. I was empty and dead. I wanted to end up my life.After years of suffering, I am going to give you my secret to success. It took years of research and therapy before I beat anxiety. Now I live without panic attacks or nasty irrational fears. Some fears pop up, here and there, but they are manageable because I know how to deal with them. I have started loving myself. Self-love is a very important factor to overcome anxiety. Live every moment. Worrying about something will not change the situation. And it will not only increase our worry. Everyone reading this I would love to share some anxiety management tips. https://mangoclinic.com/tips-to-lower-stress-levels/ . This will help you a lot with your stress and anxiety. I hope it helps.
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    Dr. Said it was just a shoddy node, nothing to be worried about! Common in groin. Thanks all!!!
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    Thank you for replying so quickly! I see that you are a mom too. I feel like being the mom of small children makes everything feel even more desperate! Like, I can't leave my kids.... It's so hard to see that getting in a car every day is a gamble and life is never certain. I know you're totally right about thinking too much about these things that we don't normally think about...it makes everything feel wrong! I am totally pissed at myself for letting myself start down this road again. What have you found to be most useful to "forget" to to focus on things like swallowing?
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    Depression is the most trending topic these days. Anxiety and depression are life-threatening. Due to the Covid-19 situation, things are worse now. I'm sorry honey, but no medication can help you as much as you can help yourself. I took a lot of medicines for my anxiety and depression but they worked to a limit. I will recommend you to work on yourself. Live every moment. Live for yourself. I used to do things which I liked the most. I was a person with a lot of hate towards life. But with time I realized no one will help me but only I can. Keep coming here and keep on seeking help. There is nothing bad in asking for help. I was alone but forums like this have helped me a lot. People here are like a family and they would really support and lift up each other. https://mangoclinic.com/anxiety-management-guide-2020/ These are some amazing ways that can help you with your anxiety and depression. Grab the peace and clear your vision for the future. Meditate as much as you can. Good Luck!
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    Glad you’re better!! We are all over thinkers. You are in good company.
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    I wasn’t sure if this would be helpful, but I wanted to leave it just in case. My knees click and it has happened my whole life, even in childhood. When I was in sports in high school, and even now when running, I always wear knee braces that I purchased on my own. I’ve never mentioned it to my doctor or given it a second thought (I have HA, but consistently my fears have been heart attacks, pulmonary hypertension or embolism, blood clots, or an undetectable form of cancer). Anyway, leaving this here because the consistent clicking has never materialized into any kind of diagnosis. I hope this gives you comfort.
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    I would not feel selfish as anyone would be worried.
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    Hey Holls and Jonathan! I hope you’re both doing well this past crazy year. Thought I’d check in again.
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    So I ended up having another outcome to all of this a couple years later, and I thought I would go ahead and add it in- just in case someone ever finds themselves in this boat. I had the weird vision stuff come back last fall. I, of course, panicked again. I didn’t necessarily think I had a brain tumor... but I was more worried about all the stress of going through another MRI. I ended up going to a new optometrist who was AMAZING. She looked at my eye and showed me pictures. She said yes.. I had a SLIGHTLY bigger optic nerve on one side, BUT she said “I think that’s just how you are”. She also could see something in my retina (like a tear or hole, but couldn’t confirm. I was sent on to another retina specialist. He only spent about 10 minutes with me, but was wonderful. He confirmed I just had a slightly bigger optic nerve and that he could even see it pulse. Lol. Which meant blood was easily going from it to my Brian... or something. He couldn’t really answer the question about light flashes but said if they didn’t go away in about 3 weeks, they would send me to another specialist. Well, they went away almost immediately. I think I figured out what was causing these flashes... it has to be either stress or that blue light phenomenon thing. Or just how my eye is shaped and responds to light... I still see it in bright light, but I just ignore them.. or tune them out. Lol. Bottom line is... I don’t have a brain tumor or MS. I also didn’t have PTC. I have anxiety...
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    I have been a patient of anxiety and depression for years. I WAS IN A SITUATION WHERE I WAS UNABLE TO RECOGNIZE myself! Being a kid who was always bullied in highschool and was neglected by parents it was tough for me to live a normal life. I was always that notorious kid and a depressed teenager. The depression took me over and I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I had no friends and family. I had sleepless nights. With my solitude. And isolation. The inferiority complex took me over. And guess what? Anti-depressants stopped working on me. There came a time when I lost all the hope. But then I decided to love myself. Started changing things in me. Took therapies and maintained my health. For depression I took medical marijuana and till today I am on marijuana. It has helped me alot throughout my recovery journey https://mdberry.com/ways-marijuana-superior-opioids/ I made a thorough study on it and took it! Alongside I worked on myself and today I am much healthier and better!
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    Hey! I am sorry that you have to deal with Anxiety and are not able to overcome it. Anxiety is unbearable I totally get that, but do you know there are ways you can make yourself mentally stronger and beat it with few changes related to your mind and body. I have dealt with it and few tips that I got from this amazing article were truly helpful https://ezcareclinic.com/methods-to-cope-with-anxiety/ This made me realize that human brain is powerful and it can be trained to fight or flight when we feel down. We have amazing cerebral skills that are unmatched due to the things it is capable of doing. So, please get over the anger and take charge! Great things happen to those who get up, wipe their tears and FIGHT! 🙂 I wish you strength!
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    It sounds like a case of health anxiety. Given how the circumstances are globally with this pandemic, you aren't alone in feeling this way. It is only a matter of not panicking and keeping calm about how you feel. It is most likely that you are perfectly healthy and have no medical problems at all. You just need to control your anxiety; try some breathing exercises, keep yourself physically fit, maintain a healthy diet and it will all help to boost your mental health. You can also use these marijuana strains to aid your mental health further because of the endocannabinoids present in them. The main thing is to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, hope for the best and everything will pan out just ok.
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    I don't know if it is phobia or fear. But then phobia is also a type of fear and there are many approaches to conquering fear but its way stronger. It can cripple aspects of a person’s life and trigger physical health complications. I had crowd phobia, weird it is I know but I had suffered a lot because of that. I used to go to school late so that I could avoid the crowd. I had missed a lot of carnivals and events because of this phobia. No cinema and no concerts. It has affected my mental health so badly because I took that on my nerves and allow that certain fear to invade in my mind demolish my mental health. I hope you don't have to go through any such thing. I was reading some ways to treat phobias on your own and I got this by my therapist. https://mangoclinic.com/effective-psychological-treatments-of-phobias-from-best-psychologists/ . He is on the list too. Give it a read, it can be helpful! 🙂
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    Anxiety symptoms are literally straight outta hell! they make you feel so horrible and worthless that you just can't focus on anything. I have had to deal with these symptoms for so long that it made me helpless to the point that I even felt like running away from home. It was only after I used these marijuana techniques that helped me overcome these symptoms. It is vital to treat these symptoms asap; prolonging symptoms can have a negative impact on your mental health to the point that you won't feel like talking even.
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    I just want to let each & everyone, suffering from anxiety. Let me tell you that anxiety isn't a weakness. Living with anxiety, going through a lot with anxiety, needs more courage & strength most will never know. Repeat after me that your anxiety is lying to you, you're loved and going to be ok. You can sound confident & have anxiety. You can laugh and have depression. You can be aerage size n still have a n eating disorder. You can look healthy &feel rubbish. You can have everything and feel nothing. Always remember mental illness may not always be visible. By inducing positivity in yourself, by self-reassurance, you'll get your energy back.
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    Anxiety is an emotion. Anxiety will bring anxious thoughts to your mind and when you identify with these thoughts, you become anxious. Your anxiety is palpable food for anxiety to recharge off. This deception works well because you are blind to what is actually happening. Be mindful with what is really happening. When you understand that anxiety is an outside energy that is sabotaging your thoughts, in awareness you can begin to heal. We all have different ways of dealing with stressful circumstances. Coping mechanisms are go-to strategies you consciously or unconsciously implement to self-soothe in the face of stress and or trauma that help your emotional well-being. There's much more if you take a look, https://ezcareclinic.com/methods-to-cope-with-anxiety/
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    Sorry to see you jump on the same boat as the one I have been on for years now. Although it's torturous to say the least, it can be managed effectively. Try and make at least one friend who you can always share your thoughts with. That is the key here to engage and share your thoughts. For beginners, marijuana has shown great promise to keep the symptoms to a minimum. I would recommend you to read this article ASAP.
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    According to statistics, over 40 million Americans are battling anxiety disorders. Of these, only 36.9% receive proper treatment. That’s because most sufferers solely depend on medication. If you look beyond the pills, you’ll discover several other ways of permanently coping with anxiety. Anxiety can also have harmful effects on your mental wellbeing. Panic attacks interfere with your daily activities and are hard to control. It’s essential to realize that these conditions won’t disappear overnight. Consult at EZCare Clinic providing the very best in anxiety and mental health solutions. I hope this works for you.
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    I think you're having something on your mind lately. Or you are worried about something. When you're too exhausted and overwhelmed with a lot of things these things can happen. Sometimes you get weird dreams or a flashback of something. It seems like you have anxiety which is not letting you sleep. You have to manage your sleep and anxiety. First of all you should see a good doctor. And get diagnosis. If it is anxiety then you should get proper treatment. And it should be cured at this initial stage. It could be restlessness also. Check out this article and see if you have the same symptoms. https://mangoclinic.com/anxiety-management-guide-2020/ This will clear your mind.
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    Thankyou for sharing this. I would suggest all of you a few things. Don't give up on getting help. If one doctor didn't work for you, try another. I don't mean family practitioners or primary care providers, I mean a specialist like a psychiatrist. Also, don't let the stigma of taking medicine stop you from doing it. Find your own ways. Practice alternate therapy programs. Talking about medication, I'm on nearly 5-7 medications to keep myself even keel. It took a long time to find the mix that worked for me. I don't know if they are still doing it in clinical trials, but they were doing genetic testing for which antidepressants would be most effective for you. Normally it costs a little over $1000, but because they were in clinical trials still, it didn't cost us a dime to have my daughter tested. It will tell you which class of drug will be most effective for you. It worked like a charm and we found one first thing with her. It's worth asking about anyway. Keep a balance in your life. Alternate therapy works more effectively. I mean find yourself a good therapist. Or some ways to escape your anxiety and depression. https://mangoclinic.com/an-ultimate-guide-towards-your-recovery-from-depression/ Above all, keep talking. Even if it's just to us, keep talking. Don't bottle it up as that will just intensify the anger and frustration you're feeling. I know your pain of feeling like nothing will help you, but don't give up and a breakthrough will come.
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    We all worry. We are anxious about money, our relationships, work, our health, our family's health, and pretty much anything else we care about that we can't absolutely control. We think about overwhelming tasks when we wake up and fall asleep thinking about what calamity tomorrow could bring. Sometimes it's hard to tell what's more exhausting — the things we worry about or the worry itself. One technique for gaining control over your anxiety is to notice when you experience it. Is it when you're around certain people? At a certain time of day or at night? What are the thought patterns? Are you reading the news, watching television, scrolling through social media sites? Asking these kinds of questions can help identify triggers that set off your anxiety. This is what helped me alot with my anxiety https://mangoclinic.com/anxiety-management-guide-2020/ . Hope it helps you.
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    So sorry for you, I hope everything went well after your oral surgery if you had that and I hope you don't have such problems like that anymore. I have cavity since 16 years and it took me some time to get rid of it. I was always afraid of dentists till I found a dentistry in Eastlake OH where I met a really professional and experienced dentist. He helped me a lot, he explained me how to take care of my teeth and what toothpaste to use for sensitive teeth. His approach consists in that dentistry includes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and a holistic whole body approach to well-being.
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    You are in a very sensitive state of mind and it doesn't seem much to be worried about. You probably have a lot on your mind and you just need to relax; this is why you are having problems like anxiety. It can also relate to a possible issue with your mental health but I would just you visit a professional to confirm that. If there actually is such a problem, do consult this https://mangoclinic.com/anxiety-management-guide-2020/ Remember a few things to make it easy on yourself. First of all, you can not cure your state in one day, but you can begin.You can never have the exact same life that you WANT to. And the monster is always bigger in your head.Remember to put well-being first, always. (before money, fame, education etc. no matter what anyone says)
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    Hey, Don't panic about your condition. I'm glad that you've come up with what you are going through. You're not alone we all are here with you. The problem with us is that we do not accept ourselves. Mental illness is not something we should ashamed of. It’s a condition and will not last forever. However sometimes opening up to people can be frustrating. People just starts judging you. I really got into an article and wanted to read more. Being someone with anxiety and depression issues I wanted to explore more positivity. I came across a very motivational thing which definitely has lifted my morale. A Surprising List of 13 Famous People with OCD . Reviewing this I was much motivated. Celebrities have always been an inspiration and idol to us. We try to follow their footprints in fashion and daily life. I spotted a few of my favorites on the list. My first thoughts, if they can live accepting their mental health issues with such amazing career and success why can't I? I mean by the end of the day we all are human. This is very motivational and has touched me. Gave me new hope and positivity. Nothing is impossible in this world. All wanted is inner will. As far as your anxiety there are many proven tips and advice that works. In case you want to read ( https://mangoclinic.com/anxiety-management-guide-2020/ ) Have a good day. 🙂
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    Hello. I can understand your situation but I fear effects of pharma drugs on our body. Lexapro basically inhibit the uptake of serotonin and is used for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder. But it does take time to settle and show its effect on your body. I used to take Xanax and Lexapro too but I realized they work to a limit. And our body gets immune to high dosage. I would rather recommend using a holistic approach. You can try CBD oil. Once my friend suggested to my aunt and it worked. For me, I prefer trying natural and herbal ways. I divert my mind from indulging in different activities and reading. Reading helps the most. Here is a complete guide on how to manage anxiety mangoclinic.com/anxiety-man... It will be very helpful for you. Just give it a read. I really hope it helps.
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    I guess you are thinking alot ABOUT this lately. Don't stress yourself. You have relax now. Perhaps it is because of anxiety and depression. You are stressed about something and you have to ask yourself about it. Brain tumor is a different condition with totally different symptoms. All you should do is talk to a good doctor. My aunt had TMJ and her physician told her it is not associated with brain tumor. Here I'm sharing some ways to get out of these fearful thoughts. https://mangoclinic.com/strategies-to-fight-depression/ . Give yourself SOME TIME. Live it to your best. I appreciate how you're so concerned about your health. It's just you need a good doctor to manage your health condition nothing else to worry about. Stay Blessed!
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    The first thing to do is ask what is causing the depression and then began the recovery to keep it stable with no meds and therapy. You will need some form of therapy which is called self-help therapy. This is where you talk to yourself to determine when or where did this depression began. Some do journal writing. Some do hobbies like painting, read puzzles, etc. The most you can do is exercise but if exercise is not for you then you will have to determine what will make your depression go away or be stable. Remember not every person's depression recovery will be the same. I do not take meds or do therapy. I do self-talk. I have good days and horrible days. I would journal write my thoughts than tear it up and put in the trash can. The least you can do is keeping yourself diverted. Hopefully, it will help you. https://mdberry.com/2-health-benefits-of-marijuana-by-15-marijuana-consumers/
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