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  1. Glad you got through that, because I know how the attacks can be. Jonathan that was a great help to me when you said there is only a certain amount of adrenaline that can be secreted. I have been extremely anxious and stressed lately over a few things in my life and the panic attacks have been coming a little and the other day I had that burst of adrenaline and I kept thinking, what if it doesn't get back to normal etc. My mind was racing, I was pacing the floor and felt so anxious! It is such a scary feeling, but after about 5-10 min it all just went away and my heart rate went back to normal. The feeling is just so scary and uncomfortable and my mind just races with thoughts and fears of wondering is there something wrong etc, although I have been checked out numerous times and know for a fact that I have anxiety/panic disorder. It is draining, but it does go away for sure.
  2. My biggest fear is something being wrong and the main one is thoughts of a bad reaction to the numbing meds, which I never have before but with all the anxiety I have recently had I am terrified that I will react to the numbing med they use, which does cause your heart rate to increase, now I have had an extraction before for one wisdom tooth and I did fine. None of these thoughts even crossed my mind! I wasn't anxious back the either, but one little trigger right now could set my heart rate off and that scares me into thinking the dental work may do it. I know it sounds crazy. I have health anxiety so I get worked up about medical stuff or my health. Thanks so much for your reply. You'll do fine I'm sure. I was afraid of being judged also but they said they see it all the time and way much worse than my issues. All of mine are in back that need fillings. My front teeth are all great which is good.
  3. I have been getting that flip flop feeling also and the skipped beat sensation which sends me into worry! I worry about it and wonder why I get it but I only get this when I am really stressed or experiencing anxiety over a period of time, which I definitely have been stressed and anxious for a very long time. I have been checked out many times all the EKGs would show was tachycardia and of course they told me it was anxiety as well. I just worry that this is really not good and that I will always have it, and it makes me even more anxious. I just had a burst of adrenaline few days ago, out of nowhere. Scared me a bit. It lasted a couple minutes. I was sooo anxious while it was going on. The skipped beat feeling and flip flop type sensation really scares me also. I just wonder why this happens!?
  4. Oh my gosh! I have had this! I was having the eyes crossing type thing and vertigo symptoms few months ago and got so bad I went to the urgent care and they thought it was sinuses. Then I ended up at the eye doctor since it was more of my eyes crossing or losing focusing and it would happen after I had been looking at my phone or laptop for long periods of time. I was TERRIFIED wondering what could be going on with my eyes or head. I was really really scared and panicking. Eye doctor said all looked great and that I needed to get glasses because I was straining my eyes so much by always looking at the computer or phone. My vision was 20/20 both eyes but still says I need glasses to help me to stop straining my eyes, so just telling you that in case that could be your issue as well. Secondly, I have had the adrenaline rush thing happen and it just happened to me 2 days prior to my cycle this week!! It happened out of nowhere after I had eaten lunch. I got so nervous and all I could think of is, what if it doesn't slow down!? It was just like an adrenaline rush for a couple minutes, then it passed. I have had so many panic attacks over the years and been checked out by doctors and ER and cardiologist years ago and all was fine, just linked it all to anxiety. I just wonder why this happens?? It makes me really worry about my health and I think all kinds of things when it happens. It is ironic that it did happen to me a few days prior to my cycle. I think it was all linked to hormonal changes. I have had a lot of weird sensations going on lately around my cycle.
  5. I TOTALLY understand. I JUST went to the dentist a month ago and got a complete checkup with xrays etc. I knew I needed some work done, which I was told awhile ago and kept putting it off, but I was terrified. Anxiety has been so bad for the last several months that I was nervous to go get checked out. I kept fearing something really bad would be found or wrong with my gums or teeth etc. I would panic to even think of what could be etc. My mom went with me to the appt since my husband was working and that made me feel much more at ease but I was nervous when they called me back there. I explained my anxiety to them and told them I was terrified of possibly thinking something could be wrong since I had not been in awhile and actually it was much better than I ever expected! I got great news but some work does need to be done, which I was aware of from previous visits so now my next fear is having to get my wisdom teeth out, which is where they want me to go next. I still have not contacted an oral surgeon. The whole 'being put under' makes me panic! I do not want to be put to sleep. It terrifies me and I am just so afraid of my heart racing or going into panic and all. I really worry that I will get a reaction to the meds they use to numb etc. Why am I thinking all of this? Why? The dentist turned out fine so I know the extractions will also, but the anxiety just keeps telling me otherwise. Glad you had a good dental visit though!
  6. I have done the exact same thing! It seems like I can start thinking something or if I hear someone else complaining of an ailment, I start to feel like I have the same symptoms. It is horrible. I can't go to hospitals or medical facilities because I really take on feelings that were not even there before I started seeing others or hearing about their issues. Starting to get more of a "medical anxiety" along with health anxiety. It is sad. Oh and I never Google anymore. It was hurting me big time. I was a nervous wreck some years ago when I was googling all my symptoms.
  7. LOL! I like that - yes I am 39, or let's just say 29! HAHA! Oh I need your help for sure! Guess what, we are going to Orlando FL next month, first time ever in Florida and I am already terrified of the heat! Is it hot there in mid November?? I am so nervous and anxious about that trip AND on top of that we are flying! I haven't flown in over 10 years! All of that is just a lot for me to think about but it is already booked and paid for ya know? I am really nervous about that. I am afraid of that heat and the anxiety. You are right I know our hearts pump extra in heat and as you said, my adrenaline spikes and then I am in straight panic mode! It is a bad feeling but I recall being in heat for years and no issues at all. I had those same feelings I am sure and I just ignored it. You said it right though, it does feel like I have had 40 cups of coffee with caffeine when I get that sensation. I really get worked up and nervous when it starts pumping like that and if it is in heat or humidity I get worse. The thing that is so funny is that I don't faint and nothing bad ever happens to me from that, so it is anxiety isn't it? Yes, I have to just rest or something after an attack like that. I am definitely calling my therapist tomorrow because I need to see her before I go on that vacation next month anyway because I would hate being that far away and having anxiety attacks and no meds. I may need to get the meds again to help me. UGH. I feel like a failure. I haven't had meds in about 8 or more years. This is so horrible. I feel like I am going backward instead of forward. I can't get that vacation off my mind though. I really am not looking forward to it. Thanks for your help and if you can, let me know how the temps are there in November.
  8. Hi! Thank you for your reply. I have been asleep for about 4 hours, so it is 2:30am here so I woke up but going back to sleep after I drift back off. I am actually 40 (that sounds old...much older than you, although people say I look so young, LOL). I got hit with anxiety and panic at the age of 26 I think. I know it was in 2003 so I was somewhere around that age. Anyhow, I had just gotten married a few months prior and had lost my grandmother 2 days before my wedding. I guess it hit me later and I was at work just working and out of NOWHERE, I got so dizzy, the room was spinning, my heart was pounding, it was like an out of body experience. I was terrified! To feel my heart beating that fast and to not know what was going on was really really scary. My hands were sweaty and I just panicked, of course. I got a co-worker and she was going to dial 911 but I told her to call my husband instead so that he could take me to the ER. I managed to calm down after about an hour and I think he came to my job to follow me home but I felt so exhausted by then. I ended up at the ER because another attack happened. That is the night I will never forget. They ran tests, EKGs, bloodwork etc. Cardiologist came in and talked with me and said, "young lady, why are you so anxious?" I was like I do not know. I was just laying there and my heart was racing. They gave me a beta blocker to slow it down some and it did. They were talking (doctors) and they said I had tachycardia. I was like what is that?? They ended up suggesting I see a therapist ASAP for anxiety. I could not believe that! It felt like I was so sick. I was weak, no energy, omg it was awful. I was out of work for about a week. Went back and had attack, after attack after attack. By that time I saw a therapist and she gave me meds to help with things and they helped but I was still just not myself. I ended up back out of work for few more days and after my body adjusted to the meds I was feeling better. I did much better and felt better and I was so glad. After 2 years of the meds they quit working. I was getting anxious again and have mild attacks so she tried adjusting the meds but nothing worked. Even slightly increasing the dosage was too much for me. I was getting shaky and just unable to increase the dosage so we even tried other meds and they all made me sick or extremely anxious so I ended up off of meds and just visited my therapist for awhile. I prayed and just started speaking positive affirmations and I actually got better. I had no choice since meds were not working for me. I have been off meds for years and the anxiety has only been mild and I have managed it very well on my own. Here recently I have had the panic attacks to hit again. I think I know why. I have had a fear of heat and humidity for years now since I had a panic attack in mid summer one year so since then I fear heat. I know that is crazy but I do. I guess I have worked myself up a lot this summer because of the extremely hot days we've had and I do feel my heart rate increase in the heat and then I get panicky and a few times this summer I had small panic attacks if I was out in the heat. I had one out in the middle of my daughter's baseball field and it was about 90 some degrees and I dropped my chair I was carrying, I felt like I couldn't breathe and all I saw was that big huge field and I knew I couldn't escape to the car because it was SO far away. My heart raced for about 2 min it seems and as I talked myself down it just slowed back down and I felt fine from that point on, but I would still fear going out in the heat and found myself avoiding heat if I could, but with kids it is very hard to avoid things ya know? So now that I think back, I think all of that anxiety over the summer has really led into panic now. I have been on edge all summer in the heat, and would fear walking in it because I would feel like the heat was sending my heart rate up, which it never even affected me when I didn't have anxiety! It is all so crazy and weird sounding, I know. That has to be how I have gotten the panic attacks now. So last week I had palps (heart was beating hard) and that freaked me out. I got nervous and kept wondering why it was doing that because I don't drink caffeine or eat chocolate etc.I just kept wondering why and then started worrying about my heart. I know it seems like if I am that worried about it I would go get it checked AGAIN for the 100th time, but I guess I am trying to tell myself it is anxiety, which I know it is and the silliest part of it is I am too nervous to even go get it checked. The machines and doctors just work me up. So when I walk stairs and I am already anxious, I feel my heart rate increase and sometimes that makes me panic. When I am not anxious, I walk stairs and I am fine! It lets me know that it is definitely anxiety. I am healthy, yes and have had a physical with bloodwork over the summer and all was well. Thanks for reminding me that I am ok. Today was a good day. I had a rough day yesterday. I had an attack while waiting to pick my children up from school. When that happens over and over again it wears me out and I really get so sad and I was not wanting depression to hit. I had a great day today and did fine. Hope you hare having a great night!
  9. @Worry2much Thank you so much! Yes I need to vent to feel better. Having someone to chat with helps me a lot. It is tough feeling alone, although I have friends and family but I just can't explain to them how much this hurts. They don't understand really. One friend has dealt with it as I have but she's much better now and I think that may have just been a one time thing she dealt with in her life but it seems to revisit me every few years and that bothers me because I feel like something is wrong with me. Thanks for listening and I am praying that I have a really good day. I just don't want my heart racing and all. That is what makes me nervous and causes me to get emotional. Hope you have a good day also! Message me anytime as well. I was going to PM you but forgot to do that. LOL. If you want to post here or PM me that is fine.
  10. Just waking up from being asleep about 3 or 4 hours and was almost going into panic after I was up moving around for a few minutes. I tend to feel my heart beat when I like this and it is so frustrating. Does anyone get this? I have had ongoing anxiety for over a week now and I am feeling so drained and panicky. I really don't understand why this is going on. I actually felt my heart start to race once I got back into bed but I know my thoughts brought it on. This sucks. Does anyone get this way? It takes a toll on my body and makes me feel so sick. This is happening again! I can't understand why. I was doing so well.
  11. @Worry2much I understand that. I am just waking up from going to sleep earlier. I was tired from all the anxiety. I'll have to call my therapist for sure. I can't fight this off it seems. I woke to use restroom and I felt anxious. It is like underlying anxiety. This is a horrible feeling. My heart started racing a little but it is ok now. This is crazy. Hope you are resting well. Thought I'd text on here to get myself together and back to sleep soon.
  12. Thank you so much! You are right, I have to keep going anyway and not stop. I have no choice because I take her to school so I have to walk her in etc. I will conquer this!! Just like when you get dizzy, you ignore it and nothing happens. So true. My back is SO tense! Very very tense and tight, I can tell that I have been anxious.
  13. @moneakers Congrats on your baby!! I know that is so exciting. My kids are 5 & 12 now and I miss them being babies I can relate with the meds not working anymore also. I was on very very low dosages of meds because I am super sensitive so it didn't take much for me but I only took a 1/4 pill of valium which was 2 mg for anxiety when needed and Lexapro for depression and it was 5mg but after a few years it quit working so my doc tried increasing my dosage but it was too much for me, made me shake etc, I even tried 6mg, 7.5 mg etc just to add a little more to the dosage but they were all too much for me, so I was in a bind. I even tried other meds that my doctor thought she would try but they were too much for me, made me sick or more anxious. I gave up and just took nothing. I learned how to train my mind to think positive and did lots of daily affirmations and confessions daily and prayed a lot! It really got me through. I am so sad because I really thought that part of my life was done with, and that I would never revisit that part again. It seems like I am just in a place where I will need help getting out, like with doctors, and that is dreadful to me. I am embarrassed that I keep having this. I guess this is really anxiety disorder huh?
  14. @worrying2much Those "what ifs" are so destructive. Remember, they are just thoughts and not really going to happen. Our minds hold the key to how our bodies will respond based on our thoughts. I know it is hard to not worry about that but guess what? You all are ok and you didn't fail him at all. You did what you knew was best, which was to go to the doctor and the doctor prescribed a med but thank goodness it wasn't what they thought, so eventhough you took a med, just trust that you are ok and you won't need the medicine any longer. That's right, no googling! It it not good and you will only work yourself up even more. That is the worst thing to do. I used to do that all the time and I was self-diagnosing myself all the time and causing the anxiety to really take a fast spin. It was awful. Think happy thoughts. Focus on your little guy and how happy your life is having him.
  15. joy14


    I can relate lately mine has been racing also and I have had the scary thoughts. I keep checking my pulse with my finger on my neck. The palpitations have been off and on over the past week.