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  1. Hey Brit, I used to get the same way with swallowing. Id think that I was having troubles and having a stroke and it would send my anxiety through the roof. I found it helpful to focus on an object in the room, and think of as many descriptive words about it as I can. Weird but for some reason it helped. And I'd constantly remind myself that ive felt anxious about this so many times but nothing has ever actually happened to me. Hope it gets better. Take care xo
  2. Hi I'm Bee, 19 and from Aus. I suffer from anxiety and depression too. xo
  3. Hi Canopy and welcome My anxiety also gets worse due to weather but mine is in the Summer (I live in a hot part of Australia) Maybe you could try to exercise in the house? I know its not the same but it may get the endorphins flowing and take the edge off. There's lots of forums with advice and friendly people so I hope you find it helpful Take care x
  4. Hi Sunflwr, nice to meet you I'm 19 and also studying social work. I can completely relate with the shyness meeting new people! I guess with the blushing just tell yourself that other people probably don't even notice that you're blushing but its more obvious to you because you know it's happening. I always carry a bottle of water with me and take a sip whenever I feel nervous interacting with new people, it seems to help and gets me out of talking for a bit. Or i find it helpful to look at an object slightly to the side of the person im talking to and focus on that. It still looks like your looking at them but its not as intimidating. There's lots of nice people on here with great advice, hope it works out for you x
  5. Basically the guy that works at my local gas station keeps giving me free donuts and i don't like donuts so its a waste and I'm worried he'll get in trouble off his boss for giving stuff away. But he's always super nice to me even though I'm too anxious to say much to him. I try saying "thanks but i can't accept these" but he gives them to me anyways. And now even if i could say "i don't like donuts" it would be really awkward cause I've been taking them for like 6 weeks.
  6. I wrote something but my phone is playing up so when I edited it, it must of gotten rid of it
  7. So I went to the concert, was right up the front near the stage, danced and sang until I lost my voice and my legs ached. I talked to random people next to me. Most importantly I had the time of my life Take that anxiety!!
  8. Hi Lillith, welcome to the site I'm also 19 and I suffer from depression as well as anxiety so I understand how hard it can be. There's lots of good information and personal stories on here that can be helpful and inspiring. Also everyone on here understands how tough living with this stuff can be, so it's nice to know you aren't alone Nice to meet you and take care.
  9. Thankyou guys for your advice and support. It's reassuring to know there are people who understand. I'll try my hardest to go and have a good time.
  10. In a few weeks i'll be going to a concert with my best friend who is travelling interstate to see it with me. I've been to a few in the past but I think this will be the biggest. I have terrible social anxiey, i've barely left my house the last 2 months and I get drained and exhausted even having a 5 minute conversatiom with anyone. I'm getting bad anxiety. We're dressing up which means people have a higher chance of looking at me and I HATE people looking at me. I have an irrational fear that i'm going to have a seizure from all the lights, or pass out from the heat of being in the moshpit or my heart beat will go irregular from the pounding of the speakers. Loud music and loud people make me panicked and disorientated. I recently ended an abusive relationship and at the back of my mind i'm still petrified i'll get in trouble for doing this cause I was never allowed to hang out with friends let alone go to a different city, stay in a hotel and see a concert. I know it was silly of me to go but my friend loves the performer and I didn't start getting freaked out about it until recently. My plan would be to get completely wasted before going in but they can refuse entry if you're too intoxicated and i'd probably get dehydrated. Ah someone help.
  11. This "break" might be a good opportunity to work on yourself. I recently ended a 4 year relationship with someone who never understood my anxiety no matter how hard I tried to explain. Yeah it is hard at first but it was a great chance for me to get a hold of my anxiety and become confident without allowing others to control my happiness and the way I see myself. Just remember you always have the people on this site who completely understand how shitty anxiety is. Hope it all works out for you
  12. Hi naleik I think you should talk to your girlfriend and explain what's happening. Let her know that the sexual issues aren't caused by her, it's just your anxiety and stress about being unable to make her happy. If she is fully aware of the situation she might be able to help you feel more comfortable. Seeing a psychiatrist or doctor will definately help getting the anxiety under control. I'd make an appointment as soon as possible. Until then, I think communicating with your girlfriend will be helpful and maybe try closing your eyes and just focusing on your breathing for a few minutes beforehand. Take care.
  13. Bee123


    I'm starting to get really bad sudden headaches accompanied by dizziness. It's only when i'm at my mums house though, within 10 minutes of me arriving I get one. It never used to happen, only recently. I've been trying to think what's changed that could be triggering it and the only thing I can think of is my neighbours put up these 'snake repellents' which send vibrating waves to deter snakes. But if this was the case wouldn't other people get them? I'm starting to panic :/