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  1. This is my current issue. I am noticing both hands slightly shake, but nothing extreme or anything. I am almost positive it is normal and not something to worry about but I can't stop checking for it. I am not sure how to move past this. Did this ever stop for you or do you still see it and no longer worry about it? I noticed it first by holding my phone and seeing the reflection was shaky. Then started starting at my hands all the time. Thanks.
  2. Just an update. The internal shaking has all but stopped. It almost never happens anymore. My fears shifted for a time to a cold and throat problems again and I almost forgot about it. I can't help but keep checking my hands for shaking though, which I know I must do. It has reignited those fears a few times because I think my hand might be shaking. I hold them in front of myself and keep them still and if they shake at all, it is very slightly. I think that is normal though for our hands to not be perfectly still, especially when testing to see if they are perfectly still. The phone test still shakes the same, which tries to get my anxiety going. I do know that as I get distracted and busy, I don't really notice it. Also, for days on end I was ignoring it and I am pretty sure all of it was gone for those days. I hate this crap. The hands slightly shaking is normal, right? Thanks.
  3. No harm in trying a chiro while you wait. Having your neck or back out can absolutely cause this kind of stuff. I would suggest a gentle adjustment chiro rather than a snap, crackle, and pop. I went to one today for neck and back pain. It really helps a lot.
  4. If you haven’t yet, maybe try a chiropractor. They do wonders.
  5. The shaky feeling went away for a few days when I focused on treating anxiety and relaxing. I had a few stressful days and it came back again. Not really freaking me out as much but doesn’t make me relax either. Today I was at the gym and noticed my reflection on my phone was shaky. Both hands but left is worse. Not horrible but enough to notice. I have only eaten yogurt today and that was a few hours ago. Very likely just no food and stress causing it. I definitely had a small anxiety spell as I thought maybe this was the start of hand tremors. I hate anxiety.
  6. It did let up almost entirely yesterday and today barely bothers me. I’ve noticed that when I feel the shaking I’m super tensed up. I mentally force myself to relax and it goes away. I believe this is the same as my twitching was five years ago. I didn’t realize how stressed and tense I was and I twitched all the time. Working on rest and relaxation right now. At this point, worst case is MS and that just isn’t all that scary.
  7. I’ve had a lot of sinus issues and many times with dizziness. They can cause a lot. Often ears are involved too.
  8. I did read somewhere that PD is incredibly rare to get before age 60. MS is super rare to get after about age 40. I am 38, so I think I am in a good camp for both diseases. Just something to brighten my mood a bit I guess.
  9. I hear you. The great thing too is I know several people with serious skin cancer and for cancers, it tends to be VERY mild and easily dealt with. You see dermatologists often, but they just deal with things as they come up. Overall, it's a very annoying cancer but rarely life threatening. So if it brings comfort, even if it was what you feared, supe easy to take care of most of the time. My mom and wife's grandfather both had it at one point. My mom has never had another issue in 30+ years.
  10. I've been in the skin scare before. I have three large moles on the side of my head and one is large and red. I went in to check them out and it was nothing. The lead up to it was a little concerning. The main thing you have to trust, those doctors see this stuff ALL THE TIME and they know what cancer looks like. Color changes are not uncommon with moles as we age. Rest easy. That is a great report from the doctors.
  11. I have a little, not much yet. I plan to playthrough it eventually. Not a lot of time for gaming these days. I do notice this goes away when I exercise or keep myself busy. I only notice it if I am sitting still or trying to relax. Which kind of sucks for trying to go to sleep.
  12. You are helping a lot right now. Since it just came on yesterday, and is not constant... I think anxiety is the bets bet here. I am believing it will let up as I let Anxiety go and believe it's nothing this time as well as the last 50 times it was something I was "sure" of.
  13. Thank you, that is very helpful to hear. I made a catastrophic mistake and looked up internal shaking feelings. Of course MS and PD came up as the only options, which of course are worst case scenario. I know anxiety can cause it too. I had a small panic attack but am feeling a bit better now. I definitely felt the feeling this morning but now I am not sure if it is persisting or if it has backed off at this point. I am trying to believe it is anxiety and not a disease... but as you know, that is hard to do. I hate anxiety.
  14. I’ve been having this for a day or so now after fearing due to my face having a weird twitch/brushing feeling on it for a week. I only noticed it after getting in bed and trying to sleep. I’m not actually shaking but it feels kind of like my very bones re vibrating. It seems to move around if I roll over or change positions. Very disconcerting. Sadly, my fears these days has gone to Parkinson’s due to working previously with a guy who had it. I refuse to google symptoms but I’m thinking my anxiety is creating what it thinks it would be like. Anyone else experience this shaking inside from anxiety?
  15. Cold sore appeared today on that same lip. I've never had one before but I am wondering if that is part of why it has been feeling so weird lately.