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  1. That is what small ulcer or hernias can feel like. They are usually not serious and can be fixed easily enough.
  2. Sounds like anxiety and stress to me. My sister gets heart palpitations and hers is not life threatening at all. Just annoying. Usually, even if it IS your heart... it’s not a serious issue. I’d try to relax, drink LOTS of water, and reduce stress. See what happens.
  3. Feel free to reply if you just want a cool head or to unload your fears into words. I'm at work but I keep this site up almost all day. I usually will reply within fifteen minutes or so. Praying for you and your nerves! πŸ‘
  4. I've had a similar pain in the exact same spot. Mine usually aggravates with coffee, pop, or citrus though. Though, sometimes it gets worse if I bend the right way. Fairly certain mine is inflammation in my stomach lining or a small ulcer. I've had it for years though off and on. Usually diet will improve it if I eat right. Maybe something similar?
  5. I don't struggle with absolute dread the way I did a year ago. Yet, there is an underlying fear that sits behind my thoughts and waits for something to happen. Either a bad cold, a cough that won't go away, a pain somewhere, an odd sensation, a stressful moment, etc. Then it tries to take hold not through spiraling in fear or dread... but through possessing most of my thoughts through the day. I'm so tired of living this way. In the last year, I have had every major illness there is. Or at least I have thought I did. Currently, I'm having throat sensations that don't want to seem to go away completely and back pain that seems related somehow... it once again tries to make fear the worst, catastrophizing about the "what if". In reality this makes no sense at all. I don't fear mass shootings when I go into public places. I don't fear car accidents when driving. Why do I fear illnesses? I'm tired of waking up nervous to go through another day with that fear hanging on to my every thought. Shivering, not from cold, but from the fear that so often greets me in the morning. 😟 I'm tired of wondering if it will ever end. I'm tired of not enjoying every day life because of the looming nothing that is always there. πŸ˜• This is my thoughts this morning, I wanted to share them with you all because I know you will understand. I am going to a chiropractor tomorrow in hopes that my back pain will relieve and these symptoms will again vanish... only to wait until the next thing comes along. I just want to fear normal things like everyone else. Thanks for listening. 😞
  6. First, you don't have sepsis. You have anxiety about infection from a root canal. A legit worry. I just had a root canal done about two months or so ago and the tooth STILL bothers me from time to time. They stay sensitive to touch and biting for some time. There was an infection present and it takes a while before it is 100%. A blood test would show whether or not you are suffering from anything major, yes. But I feel it is unnecessary. Anxiety has you spinning the worst case scenarios where there is nothing pointing to that. Rest easy, you are fine. I am confident.
  7. Aren't we all!? All the little nuances our bodies have is what causes us to have anxiety. BAH!
  8. My wife had meningitis at one point, it was VERY obvious. What you are describing is not it. Necks are used ALL THE TIME and can become sore from any number of things. Changes in weather, stress, eating the wrong food, sleeping wrong... you name it. I get a sore neck a lot and it has never been sinister. Yours sounds pretty common and like nothing to worry about.
  9. Oh man, people are posting my past couple years lately. I have 20/20 vision at 34 but I started having bad floaters about 6 months ago. Some of them stay stationary and others move around as I move my eyes. I've always been sensitive to light and was getting migraines with lightning as well. I went to a ophthalmologist, optometrist, neurologist, and gp for these issues. The sensitivity to light was due to my neck muscles and constant computer use as an IT professional. I fixed it with computer gamer glasses. Now, light bothers me far less and no more migraines. πŸ˜„ The floaters, all of the floaters, I have been told are totally normal. Even the ones that moved. The way they explained it to me was that there are tiny pockets of fluid in your eye that can catch some of the floaters in them. So when you move your eye you can see them move around inside that pocket. Totally normal and nothing to worry about. TI was told not to come back unless I was seeing curtains on the sides of my vision. Very obvious retina issues if you see that stuff. Still not incredibly serious, you just need to get in. Your eyes are crazy complex little blobs of water. They notice anything and everything. What you are describing is not concerning.
  10. Yep, the globus sensation is exactly it. It feels like I'll choke if I eat... but then gets MUCH better after eating or drinking hot liquids. Also, I have noticed that if I don;t think about it for a few days... it almost leaves entirely. Then when a stressful moment with my kids happens... suddenly it is back. Doesn't sound like cancer to me. Ha. I really don't have much HA from it, but it tries to creep in now and again. I really hate the feeling. Thanks for this discussion though. I'll start focusing on acid reflux rectification and ignoring the sensation again.
  11. So true. Learning to live with the uncertainty is key. Mine is different from the OP. I have a feeling like I have something in my throat a lot of the time. Like a pill is stuck or something. Sadly, this specific thing can be caused by anxiety all on its own. Frustrating. 😞
  12. Ya. That post triggered a small episode for me. Nothing major, but enough to lose my appetite for a few hours. πŸ˜• I hate anxiety.
  13. Sorry, but your reply seems to enhance anxiety... not help reduce it. Unless I missed your point entirely? It seems you are confirmed symptoms that we are mentioning. Or were you saying that he had a lifestyle that was heavily negative and caused it, so our anxiety is likely unfounded? Just trying to clarify. Thanks.
  14. Eh, I know my HA is USUALLY the cause. Through prayer and giving up my own thoughts I tend to find peace eventually. I'm not scared now by it, even though it is bothering me.
  15. Ya, that can be a big subconscious piece to your HA in this area. The good news is that because you have never done those things the chances are drastically reduced that you will ever see anything like that. Everyone focuses on the fact that cancer is widespread but no one ever talks about how many people DON'T get cancer at all. WAAAAY more than people who do. The odds are truly in your favor.