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  1. I think this heel thing triggered some subtle anxiety issues. My arms and legs have felt tingly and heavy the last couple of days. I have felt clumsy and my tongue has seemed heavy. Making me lose confidence in not stumbling over words or dropping things. So of course I hyper focus on those things and they seem much worse. I’m sure it’s anxiety but my mind is trying to convince me that this along with the heel numbness is a brain tumor or ALS. I haven’t been in a place like this in a long time. It has been hard to eat much lately which of course adds to the weakness, fatigue, and other problems. This kind of caught me off guard. 🤨
  2. Ya, it's the new stuff that always gets into my mind. I have had tingles, twitches, or phantom feelings in my legs or feet for years and they no longer worry me. I have never had full numbness ongoing like this. It is only in the pad of my left heel, and the physical therapist said it sounds very much like my trip caused me to pinch a nerve somewhere. I am not super concerned but as you know, the mind continues to wonder even if you aren't "anxious".
  3. I came back from a long trip for work last week and had a numb heel the day after I returned. I had sat more than usual while flying and driving as well as in the office I was working. I usually stand at home. I also had some late night game sessions in the hotel room on a crappy chair and had severe lower back pain from that chair after sitting in it, slouched, for several hours on end. I THINK I pinched my sciatic nerve and caused the issue from this trip. The timing lines up. I went to a Chiro physical therapist who agreed that is what it sounded like. I have now tried a week of stretches they gave me and it MIGHT be slightly improving...? I am not sure because it definitely remains. My big concern is now Diabetes of some kind. I have been feeling kind of light headed and possibly due to the stress of all of this... I am starting to feel tingles in hands, feet, and on my affected leg. I haven't been getting enough sleep or eating super great either, which could definitely be contributing. I run a lot though so I wouldn't think that something like this would happen when I am regularly getting exercise. I also feel like I have slimmed down in the belly region and haven’t changed eating habits much. I am running but that doesn’t usually make me change much physically. No really big weight changes, just physically thinner it seems. I am not sure what to do. I am trying not to panic or let my mind wonder into the unknown that I can't control and is probably fake anyway. Any level headed thinking is welcome. Thanks.
  4. Try a functional medicine doctor. They lean far more on the natural side and are far less intimidating than standard doctors. Mine has all but fixed my stomach issues with a few supplements and diet changes.
  5. I’m going on three months of very similar. Been to a few doctors who are not worried based on the symptoms. Trying some natural remedies with a natural doctor. Lots of gut stuff can happen that’s not serious. Try to relax.
  6. Yep. I almost always get a cough after I have a bout of GERD. It irritates your throat and such.
  7. I’ve had GERD off and on for years. It’s super common. Especially if you eat or have eaten poorly recently. I wouldn’t worry. Just try to eat better. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of sleep. Etc.
  8. sTeaLth

    ALS fear

    Man, I’ve been there. I spent the better part of a year in an anxiety storm from twitching and perceived weakness. That is what yours is too, perceived weakness. Your fear will make you see and feel what you fear because it’s your main focus. Take a deep breath. You fear having ALS. You don’t have it. The main thing to remember is this disease is NOT subtle at all. You either have it and can’t do things. Or you don’t. If you can hold a coffee cup and walk up stairs with no problem… then you don’t have it. Just thinking about a muscle too much can give you that perceived weakness feeling. Let alone allowing dread from that ever-present “what if”. Relax. You have anxiety, not ALS.
  9. Basically it is a bacteria that causes gastritis, inflammation, acid reflux, and ulcers. I’m thinking I have it. If not… well then. I’m not sure at that point. I’ll find out soon enough.
  10. Blood test came back a few weeks ago and it was all normal. I will be doing an H Pylori test on the 28th. My stomach has largely stopped hurting though today, oddly, the discomfort hit me again after drinking a smoothie. Overall, I kind of hope it’s just H Pylori and I can take antibiotics to knock this out and heal up. I have basically every symptom. Off and on aching that’s worse with an empty stomach. Bloating. Nausea on occasion. And so on. It would be nice if it would be simple and done!
  11. I read this the other day in a devotional. I thought it was very wise and it helped reorder my thoughts about anxiety. Anxiety is useless! I hope it helps someone.
  12. I finally decided to establish care with a general in my city. I talked to him today and he didn’t feel anything but decided to test for H Pylori to see if I have an ulcer. The pain has drastically reduced but persists a small amount. I’m also doing a full blood work tomorrow morning. He suggested testing for celiac and my liver but I suggested we just do a full panel. What all do they look for in full blood panels? I’m not really nervous… but I still hate the waiting game. Thanks.
  13. I finally talked to another doctor on Saturday and he agreed with my initial assessment from the PA I visited a few weeks ago. Sounds like some inflammation from an infection I had in my stomach. He gave me stronger PPIs to take for two weeks. I am three days in and it feels far better already. These types of things are common sadly. The gnawing feeling generally is the acid in your stomach against inflammation. Just FYI.
  14. I literally have the exact same thing right now. Have for a few weeks. I went to a PA who told me it was likely an infection that my stomach is still healing from which was causing heartburn. Mine has slowly improved taking PPIs. I’d suggest that and chill for awhile. See if it improves.
  15. Sorry. I think they’re Umbilical Hernias. They’ve been there for years but of course now that I’m stomach focused I think I’m noticing them more. Pretty common and not usually dangerous unless they start hurting or turn colors. Just curious if anyone else had anything like this.