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  1. I've been there with this stuff. Constantly playing with my tongue has made it tired and i was sure for a few days that it was becoming weak. Nope, just tired of being forced into random positions ALL DAY LONG. Ya, ignoring it makes this almost disappear. It may still be something simple, but fearing over it is doing me no good at all.
  2. I’m going to force myself to take a solid week off talking about I or checking it. Then see where we’re at. Thanks @Holls. You’re still my favorite. 🙂
  3. So true. Being home with my toddlers all day has heightened my stress during this time. My anxiety is worse than it’s been in a year. I understand. Try to find peace though. It’s right there for the taking, regardless of the fact or fiction in your thoughts. 🙂
  4. This seems like grasping at every unlikely possibility. The first thing that obviously sticks out is that in order to have some kind of reaction you would need to eat a LOT of turmeric. Probably significantly more than you ate. The second and more important obvious fact is that if this was a real issue, they would have warned against it when they gave you a shot. Or it would be common knowledge. You're fine. Enjoy being free of anxiety and stress over tetanus!
  5. Just figured I’d post a few pictures so people can see my tongue and give me honest feedback. I can’t trust my own judgement as I, of course, think worst case. You can see that my tongue is red when I coil it back in the second picture. It used to be more red when normally stuck out, as in the first. That has cleared a lot more and now it seems to be far more normal. There is no swelling or pain. Just a little sensitive and red as if I burned it. Feedback?
  6. I am going to post some pictures to hopefully get some honest feedback from people who understand how I see the worst case even though it may not be bad at all.
  7. The main thing to remember is if you have ALS you won’t be wondering if you have it. In every case it is VERY obvious there is a major issue. Things like being unable to speak, unable to walk, unable to hold simple objects such as a coffee mug, and so on. Twitching is quite literally always a symptom well after diagnosis. Only those afraid of ALS are freaked out by twitching. You are fine. I got over these fears a while back but only after a year that sounds much like yours. I loved some furniture and my shoulder got injured. It ached. My muscles began twitching all over and I was convinced I was dying. That was almost two years ago. I’m not dead and still living a pretty normal. Yours will be the same. Keep in mind that the anxiety will cause more twitching. It may be some time before they back off. Rest easy. You are fine. I am sure of it!
  8. I understand. I don’t want to play either. Sometimes ignoring it and filling it with other thoughts is the best we can do.
  9. This legit might be part of the problem. I’m trying to be conscious of not doing that kind of thing for the time being. Praying it all subsides. It’s gotten to where if I just take a quick peek at my tongue it looks normal. I have to inspect pretty close to see anything wrong. Which of course, my tongue is not something I ever pay close attention to so who knows what’s normal. 😂
  10. Absolutely. I’ve had several family members with arm problems that ended up being spine and muscular back issues. Sounds very likely that is what it is. Also, I’ve found that anxiety can literally create ANY symptom. The more I worry on something... the more my body creates the exact symptom I’m scared to find. Try to get good rest and change beds if possible. You are likely fine, friend. 🙂. Oh, and welcome! This is the greatest site for anxiety help.
  11. I am going to give it a few days and try to avoid certain foods. See if it goes away. In the morning it is barely there. It gets worse through the day.
  12. I had similar stuff just recently. Shoulder twitch. Tried to freak me out. Arm felt tired. I felt tired. It was tough but I refused to give in. The next day or two it was gone and forgotten. Yours will be the same. Ignore it and realize it is benign twitching that everyone has every day. You just happen to notice it. 🙂
  13. Hello again, @qcd. I have had this fear try its best to sneak back into my life as well. You already know this stuff but I will reiterate it anyway. ALS doesn't show itself this way, you don't have it. Twitching is all too common and will come and go your entire life in different parts of your body, you don't have it. Being anxious about twitching is the worst thing to do as it causes more twitching, you STILL don't have it. Relax, ignore the twitching as much as you can. In a day or two you will forget about it altogether. Rest easy and enjoy your weekend.
  14. Ya. I tried salt water for the first time today. The main issue is this is a persistent inflamed tongue for over a month now. Some days are worse than others. My anxiety spiked today and it’s the worst it’s been since then. Burning Mouth Syndrome can be brought on by anxiety. 😒