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  1. Update: I talked with a doctor and he told me that with my big workouts I do regularly I would be noticing things wrong if there was an issue. Due to it being A-Symptomatic, with no other problems or anything happening, he said it was almost certainly nothing and to ignore it. I will mention it to my general next month but likely he will say the same. Chalk that up as another wasted anxiety session. Bah!
  2. Ya. This is why I don’t think it’s actually my heart. I have no symptoms at all. It’s just the device and it’s only a SINGLE heart rate ping among the hundreds of normal ones. I shaved my arm hair off under my watch, it was a lot. It hasn’t even done it since doing that yesterday. I drink about a gallon of water per day.
  3. Ya. I plan to talk to my general about it in April when I do that appointment. There would be no way for me to where another device at all times for the random blue moon moment that it shows it happening. If the doctor is concerned he’ll probably have me where heart monitor for a week or something to see if there is any issue. I’d guess though since there are no symptoms of it and it is only Technology based that he’ll say “come back if there is another problem as well such as light headed, dizzy, short of breath, etc.”
  4. Ya, the main issue is I can't ever catch it doing it. It just shows a single ping of that rate and then it is normal again. I never feel different so I don't know to check it at that moment. I did go back into my heart history for Apple Watch and it shows that I have had days of random 40s as the low off and on since at least 2019 and probably before. I am guessing it is just an Apple Watch glitch or at this point I would definitely have noticed something. I have never felt light headed and had a low heart rate or anything and generally I believe if you have a real heart rate dip like this you have a great tendency of passing out from dizziness and whatnot. Furthermore, yesterday I set my watch to notify me if my heart drops below 50. This morning it shows a random 41 again while I was reading. Once again, I never felt weird or anything and didn't notice until I saw it on my watch. The funny thing is that my watch/phone never notified me that my heart rate dropped below 50. This makes me think it never actually did but the watch logged a 41 randomly for some reason while my heart rate was actually in the 60s. I know on their website they do have some info posted that I am attaching as a picture that also points to this anomaly. I think it all comes down to I am noticing NOTHING in the symptom department. I just see the weird low numbers randomly on my watch sometimes. People with real low bpm issues tend to pass out and go to the hospital when it happens. Mine is just on my watch. IDK... I hate this crap. Haha.
  5. I have no other symptoms, but every few days I have one or two heart rate registers that show a large dip. I think if it was real I’d be light headed or short of breath or something. I don’t even know until I check my watch later and see it. It seems to have been happening for at least the last few months but I have no way of knowing if it is a real issue or just the watch being stupid every so often. I have been working out quite a bit lately but not enough to get my heart into the 40s at rest. When I sleep my heart is in the 50s. 60s while awake at rest. Today I was watching basketball with my bpm around 65-75 and then it shows a random 40 before going back to normal. Not sure if that is a glitch in the watch or my heart showing signs of an issue. I don’t remember feeling any different at all. Anyone else seen this or what are your thoughts?
  6. It will eventually pass. Anxiety always gets better. Just rest in the fact that you already had it looked at by professionals and they didn’t have any concern. That’s all you can ask for.
  7. If it helps, we have a friends who has cancer spots appearing every year because she liked the sun a lot as a young lady in California. They take care of them and she moves on. She has had to have surgery to remove several but it isn’t life changing… more annoying than anything. In her case, it is definite cancer and still not a huge deal. Yours is a far cry to anything scary and purely anxiety. Skin cancer is one of the easiest to deal with and almost never fatal when it does happen. You will eventually need to believe that or accept the unknown to relax. What ifs are found everywhere if you look hard enough.
  8. Theirs was, yes. Mine have never concerned a doctor to biopsy. So no, I’ve never had to. My point is that even if it was cancer, it’s generally easily dealt with. Yours likely is not cancer or there would be more urgency. Breath easy.
  9. First, IF it was what you feared and the worst case scenario… it’s not that bad. My mom and my wife’s grandpa both had skin cancer and it wasn’t that serious. My mom’s was removed and never another issue. My wife’s grandpa had it for over 30 years before he passed away. Second, dermatologists know their stuff. If they had any reason to do more now, they would. I have moles literally everywhere and most are atypical. It’s just not that common for cancer to be the cause. Give yourself a break and enjoy the year. You’ll get to the next appointment and be angry and annoyed at yourself for being afraid for a year over nothing. Chill and rest.
  10. This finally vanished after awhile and I had forgotten about it. Likely, Gastritis. Just wanted to update that is came back over the last few days I am sure due to the crazy stress I have been under lately. I plan to ignore it this time and take gastro supplements to fight it. Stress jacks us up guys.
  11. Slight stigmatism in both eyes. Slightly worse in my right eye. They did full imaging on my eyes and everything and nothing alarming at all. Just getting older and I am a little far sighted. Not surprising since my dad and grandpa were both VERY far sighted. I expected it someday. At least I know why my eyes SEEM slightly blurry now. I can relax on that one. I ordered computer glasses to help with the eye strain and correct the small change.
  12. I’m headed to an eye doc this morning just to check it out. I’ll update after.
  13. I determined the leg issue was my sciatic as I just got back from a long trip and sat a lot. Last September, same trip, I had a numb heel for months. Same leg. I went to chiro and he agreed. My low back was jacked a bit. He fixed it and it has vastly improved. I keep forgetting about it because it is so infrequent now. Ha. This morning I feel light headed and short of breath again. Not scared. Just annoyed. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  14. Story of my life. Eyes are a bit better, though not totally stopped yet. My leg now has a spot on the thigh that feels like something warm is touching it. It comes and goes. Mostly not there but comes on randomly. That is making me fear MS. I am so tired of things just continuing to happen all the time. I want a break!
  15. Appreciate you as always, Ironman. Thanks for speaking truth.