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  1. Sounds like you may have some pinched nerves in your back or spine area. Especially if it is happening after you workout. Have you seen a chiropractor? I have had some very similar stuff happen and it is almost always muscular due to pinched nerves and similar stuff.
  2. Any red is generally nothing to be concerned on. Fissures or hemorrhoids. The concern is when there is tarry black substance. Coming from someone who has had a lot of blood in there stool over the years, you have nothing to be concerned about.
  3. Interesting. I have realized that it is almost none existent in the morning when I wake up. So apparently, sleeping and laying down for long periods of time makes it diminish. Just another reason it is sounding more and more like a pinched nerve or something similar. I can't think of anything life threatening that could cause my heel to tingle and feel partially asleep, but my anxiety is trying anyway. Just mark this off as another thing my anxiety tried to cling to and cause me to focus on. It almost caused a mini panic attack yesterday morning when I was examining. I thought my ankles/heels were different sizes for a few minutes. I then realized that I am an idiot and investigating is going to no one any good. Here is hoping it continues to improve and disappears. Thanks for your reply.
  4. I’m willing to bet it’s sciatica or pinched nerves. I am going to try doing more stretching and exercises like I did early on with feet stuff in hopes of improvement. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I have had crawling tingles off and on for about a year now in different spots on both feet. I’ve labeled it sciatica and it does disappear for days at a time. I sit a lot for work and recreation. A few days ago my left heel start doing this weird feeling almost like it’s half asleep. It only bothers me if I brush my finger across it, or have on a sock that rubs it, wear shoes, walk, etc. If I just sit or something, I forget about it until something hits it. Basically, it makes that weird crawl feeling for a second or two and then goes away. Very bizarre. I’m curious if this is also related to what I think is my other sciatica issues. Anyone have some experience with this?
  6. Thanks! I am also taking Pro Biotics. I’ll post in a week or two an update.
  7. The pills my wife takes are supplements and actually recommended for people to take every few months to keep your gut healthy. I started taking them the day I posted this and I have no had diarrhea since. My stomach is still sensitive but taking fiber and those pills is definitely improving things.
  8. I have been doing so well for so long. Most of my long standing anxieties have gone away and I have been living in peace for the most part. About a week and a half ago I got a bad stomach bug, seemed like just typical stomach flu, and was in bed off and on for about three days. I had bad diarrhea and stomach cramping when I tried to eat or drink too much. Well, the sickness seems to have gone away as of a week ago or so. I don't have a fever, no headache, body aches are minimal, cramps and whatnot have all diminished. Yet, the diarrhea seems to be hanging on. I would love to just write it off as nothing major and that the bug is simply hanging on. For some reason, my mind is trying to gravitate toward something being terribly wrong and this is finally it for me. I realize how silly that is, it hasn't even been two weeks yet. My wife did have parasites and the same exact symptoms a few months back. I am wondering if that is what is going on here too. I began taking her anti-parasite supplements today and it SEEMS to be better. Anyway, I am hoping to hear from some of you who have had similar things happen. Thanks.
  9. I used to but lately, no, I haven't been. I plan to take those up again actually for this very reason.
  10. Thanks. It helps to know that even at 35 if I DID have a diagnosis, I would like live to near 80 or longer. That’s assuming something else didn’t kill me anyway. The fear definitely is less due to that. But yes, I also agree it is likely sciatica, food or vitamin deficiency, or just anxiety entirely. Thanks so much for your post.
  11. I’m supposed this may be similar to my issue. The fact that I can relax or think it away points to almost assuredly it being nothing serious. Directly related to stress and anxiety along with constant sitting and computer use. Praying it goes away as I begin to ignore it again. Thanks.
  12. I posted months ago about crawling feelings on certain spots in my feet. My chiropractor thinks my sciatic nerve is being pinched due to sitting all day for IT work at home and then being a gamer after work for several more hours. Granted, it did start when I sat in my son's banana rocker for multiple hours a day. That coupled with stress from having two toddlers around me all day. The issue is that now it doesn't want to go away. I am fearful of MS or something worse... but I can't help but believe this is just another anxiety issue. About a month or so ago, I stopped thinking about it.. stopped focusing on it... stopped touching or rubbing the spots where I could feel it happening... and it actually completely went away for about two weeks. I think I got stressed out or something at one point and it came back. Now I focus on it again and it is as bad as ever. To go along with it, I have had an aura in my left eye for a decade that comes and goes with stress. I went all the way to neurology long ago and he told me it was likely my neck. We never did scans but he said, "There is nothing concerning about this to me, stretch, exercise, and ignore it." It has started again during this stressful time as well. Of course, that makes me fear that it is related... even though the eye stuff is NOT new at all. I am hoping for someone to speak sanity to me. Clearly this is anxiety again and constantly focusing on it? I wake up and feel it in my feet but when I wear shoes I tend to forget about it. If I focus hard enough sometimes I can make it stop entirely. I feel like I am going mad. I just want this junk to go away! Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
  13. I just went to the chiro yesterday and he said the other foot stating to do it is to be expected due to the pelvis being twisted. So it pinches both sides. After talking to him and starting to believe it is nothing... it didn't both me almost at all yesterday. I am going to go forward believing it is mostly anxiety and nerves and trust it will go away soon. There will be days when it's bad...but I will try to get it to go away as I did the twitching.
  14. These feeing simply won’t leave. Started in September as occasionally in the arch of my foot, then a few toes in the opposite foot a while later, then the same toes on the arch foot. They have become almost completely persistent with occasional breaks at random intervals. Wearing socks helps tremendously though I can still feel it through them sometimes. I’m at a loss. I’m struggling to let myself believe anxiety is the cause this time. I’m beginning to fear MS or a brain tumor. I know the chances are small... but the fear is starting to seem logical from my perspective. I try to ignore it and blame anxiety or a pinched nerve. The both feet thing makes me fear it’s too specific to be a nerve. It does go away usually when I sleep. Not always though. Often I wake up not really feeling it but there are times it’s there right away. There is no numbness, weakness, or other scary symptoms at all, just the odd sensations. I try to remember back to my twitch fears which lasted a year or more. They often persisted through sleep and had me dreading it. Now that I don’t fear them or even think about them, they’re long gone. There are times that it lets up if I relax... but I can’t always make it disappear. The pinky in one hand started around the same time my first toes did too, though I think that is related to a very tight and injured shoulder. If I work on that neck muscle and arm it tends to let up for days at a time. I need some encouragement. I greatly fear going to a doctor in case I get horrible news. But living this way is starting to be a drag as well. I don’t want this to ruin Christmas. 😢 Any words or encouragement or stories of similar things that were nothing would be most welcome. Thanks.
  15. Absolutely. Or even a rib out. Ribs and the muscles around them cause all kinds of whack stuff. That X-ray was not long ago. You are fine!