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  1. I finally talked to another doctor on Saturday and he agreed with my initial assessment from the PA I visited a few weeks ago. Sounds like some inflammation from an infection I had in my stomach. He gave me stronger PPIs to take for two weeks. I am three days in and it feels far better already. These types of things are common sadly. The gnawing feeling generally is the acid in your stomach against inflammation. Just FYI.
  2. I literally have the exact same thing right now. Have for a few weeks. I went to a PA who told me it was likely an infection that my stomach is still healing from which was causing heartburn. Mine has slowly improved taking PPIs. I’d suggest that and chill for awhile. See if it improves.
  3. Sorry. I think they’re Umbilical Hernias. They’ve been there for years but of course now that I’m stomach focused I think I’m noticing them more. Pretty common and not usually dangerous unless they start hurting or turn colors. Just curious if anyone else had anything like this.
  4. Things have been improving steadily. Not entirely gone yet, but definitely improving. Curious though, I’m pretty sure I’ve had a few ulcers near my belly button for years. I noticed them during this whole thing even more and I’m not sure if they’ve gotten worse or if I’m just noticing them more now. Anyone else have little lumps in their belly that can be sore if pressed on too much? Just wondering if I should go back to have them checked or not.
  5. What became of your worry last time? This is no different. Focus on the fact that anxiety is causing this. Not an actual disease. It’s been proven before and it’ll be proven again this time.
  6. I talked to a PA but she said she honestly thinks that it might’ve been an infection in my stomach at the start of this that is already gone and I just am having recurring inlammation and/or heartburn in my upper stomach. No other symptoms and the physical exam was fine so she said she’s not worried at all. Stay away from coffee and acidic or spicy foods for about a week and continue taking the PPIs I’ve been taking. Basically there was no reason for me to come but I wanted the peace of mind. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. I decided that rather than deal with another week of potential anxiety, I’d go see what’s up. Sitting in quick care waiting for the doctor just to see what she says. It’s gotten better but only barely.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have had stomach weirdness before but this one was a bit different, hence the concern. PPIs seem to have proven what it is not at least. I will maintain and see if it just resolves in the next week or so like most things do. Thanks again.
  9. If you have ever drank soda/pop on an empty stomach... that is the best way to describe the gnawing feeling I felt on my stomach about four days ago. Randomly but strong, it stuck around over night and kind of freaked me out as I woke up to my stomach hurting. No other symptoms other than a desire to use the bathroom to hopefully alleviate the feeling. I stumbled upon gastritis and my symptoms and location of pain seemed to match. Though, I have no nausea or vomiting. No blood or anything. Stools seem normal. Just an uncomfortable feeling and generally not great feeling stomach. I saw that PPI's can help so I started those about three days ago. It immediately removed that gnawing feeling but my stomach is still not feeling amazing. Today, I felt the gnawing after eating some sausage and eggs with Tabasco sauce on them. I am hoping that is all that caused the feeling to come back. I am eating watermelon now in hopes to calm things down again. It has drastically lessoned after only feeling it for a half hour or so. Of course my mind tries to go worst case and think of all the terrible things that it COULD be. Symptoms and results from taking PPIs make my sane mind think either a bug/virus of some kind or gastritis related pain. Anyone have some kind of experience or advice here? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. It does seem to be improving quite a bit. I have a lot of tightness in my neck this week from stress and I think that is a factor too. The speech issue seems to have mostly gone now. It is just a thought in my head that tries to persist. Not actually doing anything.
  11. I was just watching videos on YouTube, minding my own business, when a guy I follow interviewed a guy who almost certainly has early ALS. His speech is slurred and he’s growing weak. I haven’t feared ALS in years. I had the thought that I probably shouldn’t watch the video. I did anyway. Since then I’ve noticed words I’ve messed up, such as saying “plulel” instead of “Plural.” I was already having some pain in my lower right throat/neck area that now my mind is trying to tell me in related. Thought I’m pretty sure that pain was related to stress and being sick a week before. When I stretch my neck and do jaw stretches, the pain and ‘heavy’ feeling mostly go away. Also, when I first wake up it’s non-existent. I’m pretty sure it’s anxiety and over focusing on things. I just want to hear from other people to get out of my own head. I’ve been insanely tired the last few days too and of course in my brain that all ties together. Thanks for listening. I hate this crap.
  12. Nope. I was fine for many months and just a few weeks ago had a tingle start on my heel. Then a tight muscle in that same leg that won’t go away. I had about a week of anxiety before I accepted that I can’t control it and found peace. Our bodies just do things for no reason sometimes. Could it be sinister? Yes. Fearing every little thing though isn’t sustainable. Try to accept that it’s probably nothing. If it is, you’ll deal with it once you know that. But it probably isn’t. No matter what it is.
  13. I totally get you. I was there for a good chunk of time. Mine would pop up in different places for awhile and then move. I would feel like legs, arms, or hands would be weak at times. For me it came down to stress and anxiety. Or sometimes over exerted muscles. Once I stopped fearing it and ignored it as much as I could… it stopped. That’s been a few years ago now. I still get twitches sometimes but now they don’t scare me. Twitching is normal and not a sign of anything progressing. It’s definitely a sign of stress though. Fear not. All they prove is your normal. Try to ignore them. Take a warm salt bath. Drink lots of water. Get plenty of rest. They will leave.
  14. It has helped some. I’m still working though convincing myself that it’s nothing. I answered you back on the other community.
  15. I made a mistake and googled leg lumps on the thigh. My left, which is where my tingle in the foot is happening, definitely has a strange lump that is not on the left. I found that it could be sarcoma or a tumor on the bone that grows painlessly. This has no pain and now I’m borderline spiraling. I don’t want this to happen. I haven’t been this bad in some time. What if it is and it’s what’s causing this tingle in my foot too? I’m literally shaking. 😭