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  1. I just went to the chiro yesterday and he said the other foot stating to do it is to be expected due to the pelvis being twisted. So it pinches both sides. After talking to him and starting to believe it is nothing... it didn't both me almost at all yesterday. I am going to go forward believing it is mostly anxiety and nerves and trust it will go away soon. There will be days when it's bad...but I will try to get it to go away as I did the twitching.
  2. These feeing simply won’t leave. Started in September as occasionally in the arch of my foot, then a few toes in the opposite foot a while later, then the same toes on the arch foot. They have become almost completely persistent with occasional breaks at random intervals. Wearing socks helps tremendously though I can still feel it through them sometimes. I’m at a loss. I’m struggling to let myself believe anxiety is the cause this time. I’m beginning to fear MS or a brain tumor. I know the chances are small... but the fear is starting to seem logical from my perspective. I try to ignore it and blame anxiety or a pinched nerve. The both feet thing makes me fear it’s too specific to be a nerve. It does go away usually when I sleep. Not always though. Often I wake up not really feeling it but there are times it’s there right away. There is no numbness, weakness, or other scary symptoms at all, just the odd sensations. I try to remember back to my twitch fears which lasted a year or more. They often persisted through sleep and had me dreading it. Now that I don’t fear them or even think about them, they’re long gone. There are times that it lets up if I relax... but I can’t always make it disappear. The pinky in one hand started around the same time my first toes did too, though I think that is related to a very tight and injured shoulder. If I work on that neck muscle and arm it tends to let up for days at a time. I need some encouragement. I greatly fear going to a doctor in case I get horrible news. But living this way is starting to be a drag as well. I don’t want this to ruin Christmas. 😢 Any words or encouragement or stories of similar things that were nothing would be most welcome. Thanks.
  3. Absolutely. Or even a rib out. Ribs and the muscles around them cause all kinds of whack stuff. That X-ray was not long ago. You are fine!
  4. I took off my socks and walked around the house barefoot for a while today for the first time in a couple weeks. I definitely feel it still in my toes but it kind of comes and goes and if I really focus on not thinking about it, it will go away almost entirely sometimes. I think it’s probably a combination of nerve pinching and anxiety and over focusing on it. I am hopeful this is the beginning of it going away. Thanks for your help.
  5. Great! I still deal with it every day but I did a workout today and several times while doing something, the weird feelings would leave. So I am almost certain it is a nerve of some kind. Yours is too! 🙂
  6. 100% yes. I spent a full year with muscle cramping and twitching that scared me to death. I thought I was dying daily from the worst possible causes. Anxiety can cause literally any symptom. I have had myself convinced I had a mass in my throat for months. Turns out it was spasms due to my anxiety and constant focus on it. Twitch and muscle stiffness/soreness/spasm is the most common thing to happen from anxiety. When you are stressed, your body does all kinds of crazy things. Relax and try to ignore them while keeping busy. I find doing something that keeps your mind AND body busy, will help you ignore the symptoms. You are fine! Many of us have been where you are and it does get better.
  7. These sensations in my pinky toes just don't want to go away. It isn't tingling but it just feel like I stepped wrong or something and the nerves got twinged. If that makes sense. But it is identical in both feet and lasting for months now? That freaks me out. I can't shake fear of MS or something like that. There is no weakness, just the constant odd sensation. I try to ignore it and not let it cause anxiety but that only lasts for so long before it starts eating away at my happiness and eventually leaving me in despair at what it could mean all over again. I want to believe this is just another thing my mind is grabbing hold of and freaking me out over that turns out to be nothing... but I am afraid this time it is real. The persistence of these feelings only seems to confirm that fear. Any advice? 😞
  8. Relax. Masses are all too common in everyone’s body. Almost always they are benign and will be ignored. These people do this all the time and usually get it right. We only hear about the one time they say something wrong. Never about the million correct times. Realize that your nurse very likely nailed it or she wouldn’t have said anything at all. Say a prayer. Take a warm bath. Distract yourself. The good news will come.
  9. Hi there. I was confirmed to have Covid today. I’ve had symptoms for going on six days now. It’s just a cold. My wife has it too and it is a cold. Doesn’t feel good but the flu is far worse. Rest easy, this is how it is for the VAST majority of people who get it.
  10. The main problem is I have two toddlers, so stress follows me around screaming and angry. 😂 I can say that when I totally relax and focus my mind, I can make most of these tingles go away. I am hopeful they are diet, posture, and stress. I sit for work all day long and then game afterward often. I have been having some back pain, so that could all be related. Thank you for your help. I will continue to convince my mind it is fake.
  11. Now my other hand is starting to feel it in the pinky as of an hour or so ago. That’s how it started in my left hand. I’m doing all I can not to spiral here. 😩
  12. I freaked and started googling. Luckily, only found decently good news. Nothing life threatening but I think I found my cause. Peripheral Neuropathy likely from sitting so much at home during this season. And eating poorly. I am going to try some of the natural remedies from this site and trust it will improve or go away. I am feeling a lot better and more at peace even though I still feel it. Lathering up my feet and back tonight in cayenne pepper rub. 🙂
  13. The main thing you need to keep at the front of your mind is that those symptoms are also caused by 40 other things. Like a pulled muscle from sleeping wrong, an infection, a rib out of place, etc. Don't let your mind have control and take you to the worst case scenario. Allow peace from it being other possibilities.
  14. Sadly, full blown panic attack this morning. My right toes are starting to do the same thing my left foot has been doing. Same toes, opposite foot, feeling weird. I can’t shake the thought that this is MS or something worse. Help! I don’t know what to do. 😢😩
  15. Main issue is this is not even when I have anxiety. It just sticks around. Though it does happen more when stressed. I had never thought about not thinking of every sensation as bad. That mental change has already helped. Thanks again.