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  1. Hi, I've been feeling lightheaded recently and I try not to worry so much . I keep trying to blame it on lack of sleep . I usually sleep at around 1AM or 2AM and wake up at around 6AM . I've been having some on and off headaches too . I've been extremely anxious the past few weeks and I decided last Saturday to have a massage but it seems like it's didn't get help with my body that's really tense . Really trying my best not to search for online before I see mention of the C word or tumor .
  2. I have . She told me it must be UTI if I don't have colds . Asked me to do urinalysis and a 24 hr ECG
  3. I'm trying not to . I've been trying to distract myself but anxiety keeps creeping up on me . I've tried doing breathing exercises but it doesn't help . I just try to sleep it off but I still have to work 🥲
  4. Has anyone else experience a sudden slow heartbeat for a split second ? I rarely experience it and sometimes it causes me to overthink what it is. I experienced it once last Saturday and then today and I'm about to start panicking . Tomorrow I'll be having a 24 hr ECG and I'm nervous . I've already done 2 ECG's but not the 24 hr one and they're all normal .
  5. Hi, I haven't been feeling well for a couple of days . I've 2 or 3 anxiety attacks already . On Monday I went to the ER and they found my vital signs normal except for my bloodwork . They found that my white blood cell count was a little high and said that I could have an infection but no clue what it is . They asked me if I've had colds or anything or does it hurt when I pee, I said none . My doctor said to have me admitted but I didn't and requested to have the lab exams as an outpatient . Since Monday, I've been feeling short stabbing pains above my ribcage w/ a pain score of 4 . Then the pain randomly traveled anywhere my stomach . It goes on and off but now I don't feel it much . I'm supposed to have lab exams today to have a urinalysis, chest xray, and bloodwork . I was sort of fine yesterday but then today I felt like another anxiety attack was going to happen so I took a nap . I just felt tired since and like I'm about to have a fever . The loss of energy scares me and I'm trying my best to be calm . I also have this tension on my back and I just do some stretches to ease the tension . IDK if that one is also a factor to me anxiety . My mind has been wandering to so many stuff and I'm unable to tone it down .
  6. No it feels like cramps all over my stomach . Sometimes sharp poking pain near my belly button and then on my lower right and sometimes left . I don't understand what's happening 😖
  7. Hi, I'm a 28YO female, I've been experiencing sharp stabbing pains below my breast and just above my ribcage . It's short stabbing pain, it's not so painful, I rate the pain more like around 4 or 5 . Has anyone else experienced this ?
  8. Hi, I've been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism since 2018. The symptoms I've experienced the most are heart palpitations. My doctor prescribed me a propranolol to normalize my heart rate if it goes beyond 60. I've been checking my pulse rate and it's usually around 70-80. I searched that the normal range is within 60-100. I'm afraid that I might be taking propranolol when my pulse rate is only 70-80 and might just be because of my anxiety (Not clinically diagnosed). The weird thing is when my doctor took my BP, it's normal but my pulse rate is high. Anyone else experienced this?
  9. Is it normal if it's fully covered with blood ? It's not like a dot of blood, it's almost all blood .
  10. Hi, This morning when I woke up, I cleared my throat . The kind where you like sniff from your nose and some of it gets to your throat and then spit it out . When I spit it out, I saw blood but mixed with phlem not sure if it was phlem or just discharge from my nose . Maybe my nose was bleeding but it went to my throat as I sniffed ? I just checked my nose right now and it has blood in it . Help, I'm really scared .
  11. Hi ! Yesterday I felt feverish and was having a bit of a chills but every time I check my temperature it's normal . Has anyone experienced this ?
  12. Hi ! I'm still a bit terrified about what it is . It's still on my eye . I'm trying not to be bothered but I can feel that it's there sometimes . It also feels a bit more dry than my other eye . I'd probably have it checked by next week or so . I'm so close to googling it too .
  13. Oooh . Did the doctor say it could go away with some meds ?
  14. Hi ! Thank you . . . I'll try not to google it. :(