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  1. I was wondering the same thing but for some reason my internal medicine doctor just wanted me to get checked by an infectious disease doctor . When the 7 days of taking antibiotics was over 😥
  2. So I just got back from my checkup with my doctor about my lymph node . It did shrink from 1.76cm to 1.52cm after taking antibiotics for 7 days . I did get colds around December 28, 2023 so the lymph node did make sense . She recommended I'd have it checked with a doctor for infectious disease and I'm like scared as hell . But then the doctor who did my neck ultrasound comparison said it's normal for the lymph node to take long to shrink back into normal size when you have allergic rhinitis . And I do have allergic rhinitis but my attending physician said " Nope, I don't think that's the case . It should return to normal after the antibiotics and that there could really be an infection going on " . Been also feeling a poking pain at the on the right base of my head behind my ear . Already had cervical x-ray done and my doctor said the pain I felt radiating from my neck to my shoulder and chest was just muscle spasm (Which has gone away now) and she just prescribed me with muscle relaxant . I told her about the pain behind my ear and she said I could go to an ENT doctor if I think it's TMJ or something but she told me to go to an infectious disease doctor first for my lymph node . I also asked her if my lymph node was anything alarming and she said she doesn't think it is but she would like me to see an infectious disease doctor just to identify what it is and get it treated . I'm so confused and terrified and spiraling as of the moment 🥲🥲🥲
  3. Hi, So I was diagnosed with supraclavicular lymph nodes around last Tuesday and my doctor prescribed me some antibiotics . On the first two days of taking the antibiotics, it just makes me feel tired but it goes away in a while . On my 3rd day of taking it, it makes me feel tired still, sleepy even and making me feel sick like I'm feverish . I'm taking co-amoxiclav (bactiv) 1g, 1 tablet twice a day. Is it normal for me to feel these things ? I just fall asleep when I take one .
  4. Were you given antibiotics for your lump ? My doctor said it could be lymph nodes and gave me antibiotics . We'll see if it'll go away in a week . I'm scared that it might take longer to go away and my doctor might make me go through procedures that'll make me more even scared 😥
  5. That would be great . I actually have a history of lymph nodes but it was pea size and it was located on the right side of my face near the ear . I also had colds and fever back then . When we also had it checked . The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and also tried to rule out tuberculosis if the lump didn't shrink but then it did . I just hope it's still the same case as I have now . But I told my doctor I'd want the x-ray results first before starting the antibiotics just to be sure I don't have tuberculosis .
  6. Hi, I just got back from the doctor . She had my neck ultrasound . The doctor who was performing the ultrasound said it's just lymph nodes . Most likely 'cause I had colds a few weeks ago . Then when I got back to my attending physician she said that it seems like it's just lymph nodes but she said she'd want a chest x-ray to rule out TB . If the chest x-ray is negative, she'll prescribe antibiotics . If the lump is not shrinking after taking the antibiotics, she'll have it biopsied if in case it's TB for the lymph nodes . I asked her if it's TB curable and she just said that there's anti-TB . She mentioned not to think about the "C" word 'cause it's too early . Now my mind is spiraling from the terms TB and "C" word .
  7. Hi, My health anxiety is at an awful state, my mind keeps thinking of any possible illness I could have but I try to distract myself. My doctor diagnosed me with benign lipoma yesterday (soft lump above my right collarbone) and since then I felt a burning sensation from the back of my neck running to my entire back . I also feel tension on my neck and back and a headache . Really trying my best to convince it's nothing .
  8. Hi, I just had a checkup from my doctor last minute . She says it's probably lymphoma, I asked her what it and she just says it's just fats . Nothing of relation to my thyroid . She suggested to have an ultrasound on my neck but focused on the lump above my collarbone . I didn't want to look into lymphoma more or I'll get into the scary rabbit hole . If anyone has any idea here, I'd appreciate it . This is what my doctor diagnosed me with. Thank you . Happy New Year !
  9. I'm sorry, did understood this right ? If it's a thyroid issue, the lump should be somewhere at the front of the neck and not above the collarbone ? I could only consult my doctor on January due to the holidays . I'm kinda starting to panic if this is something that needs to be brought to the ER . I'm just hoping it's just lymph nodes since I had colds since Wednesday .
  10. Hi, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism around 2018. The symptoms I experienced were losing weight even when I eat a lot, insomnia, and heart palpitations. I do take medication which is also my maintenance to normalize my thyroid levels and a meds for my palpitations. I do get blood work from time to time per doctor's request to monitor my thyroid levels. If you have hyperthyroidism, you shouldn't eat food or take meds that are high in iodine. As long as you see your doctor after getting your blood work, you'll be fine. Don't leave it untreated. I barely noticed the symptoms, I got my thyroid checked 'cause my mom was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Do get some rest and take a break. Hope you're okay.
  11. Hi, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism around 2018 and I've been on medication since then. Recently I had some blood work and so far my thyroid levels have been normal but I noticed a soft lump above my right collar bone. I will be going for some updated blood work again to show to my doctor hopefully next month. I am slightly worried 'cause I'm afraid to undergo biopsy. Has anyone else with thyroid issues experience this?
  12. My 24 Hour ECG results were normal . No issues with my heart . I do feel lightheaded but I'm pointing it to lack of sleep . My brain seems to be focused on how my body is functioning and it makes me feel anxious that I might have some serious illness which I try to distract myself from .
  13. I'm sorry you're going through the same . It is really annoying . I try hard not to think about it too much .