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  1. Hi, I've been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism since 2018. The symptoms I've experienced the most are heart palpitations. My doctor prescribed me a propranolol to normalize my heart rate if it goes beyond 60. I've been checking my pulse rate and it's usually around 70-80. I searched that the normal range is within 60-100. I'm afraid that I might be taking propranolol when my pulse rate is only 70-80 and might just be because of my anxiety (Not clinically diagnosed). The weird thing is when my doctor took my BP, it's normal but my pulse rate is high. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. Is it normal if it's fully covered with blood ? It's not like a dot of blood, it's almost all blood .
  3. Hi, This morning when I woke up, I cleared my throat . The kind where you like sniff from your nose and some of it gets to your throat and then spit it out . When I spit it out, I saw blood but mixed with phlem not sure if it was phlem or just discharge from my nose . Maybe my nose was bleeding but it went to my throat as I sniffed ? I just checked my nose right now and it has blood in it . Help, I'm really scared .
  4. Hi ! Yesterday I felt feverish and was having a bit of a chills but every time I check my temperature it's normal . Has anyone experienced this ?
  5. Hi ! I'm still a bit terrified about what it is . It's still on my eye . I'm trying not to be bothered but I can feel that it's there sometimes . It also feels a bit more dry than my other eye . I'd probably have it checked by next week or so . I'm so close to googling it too .
  6. Oooh . Did the doctor say it could go away with some meds ?
  7. Hi ! Thank you . . . I'll try not to google it. :(
  8. Hi, OMG . Thank you so much I feel a little more calm right now . I was scared that I might be the only one experiencing this and no one would respond . I almost googled it 'cause I was so scared . Thank you for responding . I'll probably wait it out . Yeah, my eyes feel dry sometimes and my lashes kept falling into my eyelid and I rub my eyes a lot . Could be all of those .
  9. Hi all, Yesterday, I just noticed that it feels like something was on my eye and I kept trying to rub it off . I checked on the mirror to see what it was and I saw a tiny white bump on the lower right corner of my left eye . I couldn't get rid off it and it's still on my eye until today . I didn't google it 'cause I'm way too scared . Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this ? I drew what it looks like:
  10. Hi all, I've been experiencing this weird feeling in my stomach as if I'm full but when I get hungry it's starts to feel like it's burning on the inside . After eating a meal, hours later I'd feel hungry again and the kind of hungry as if I didn't eat a while ago kind of hungry . I've been feeling things for like 4 days now . I've been burping more often and I feel like puking . I've already taken antacid and it does go away for a while but comes back afterwards . I'm thinking this is due to me drinking soda/soft drinks more often plus my body clock . I sleep so late and wake up at around 1PM or 2PM so I'd miss out breakfast and lunch . Sort of freaking out 'cause it's been going on for so long . Haven't been to a doctor yet . Could this be hyper acidity ? Anyone else experience this ?
  11. Hi . I just got back from my doctor and she said that I could have gotten a yeast infection due to my antibiotics that I developed a "candida?" . She prescribed me a tablet called "Fluconazole" and I only had to take it once . She then said take it and observe the symptoms . When I bought the tablet I read the instructions and there was this instruction " Vaginal cadidiasis, 150 mg, single dose " and it had a note " for HIV patients only: A suppressive therapy of oral Fluconazole 200 mg once daily for life is recommended " and now my anxiety is skyrocketing .
  12. Yeah, Ive decided to just go with my internal med doctor . She's had all of my records of my previous diagnosis and list of meds I took . Thank you so much for the responses and to everyone too . I just want the itch and burns gone ASAP . x_x
  13. No . I'm not from the U.S .
  14. Maybe it's different any country if it needs prescription or not . I'm not from the U.S by the way . I'm currently torn between going to my Internal medicine doctor or to a gynecologist which I have not been to a gynecologist . I'm thinking about going to my internal med doctor 'cause she has been my go to whenever I feel something . I just hope she could help me with my situation without having to stick anything up in my feminine area . I'm not sexually active and I'm still a virgin as well .
  15. I tried to look for a vaginal cream or the one that you have to insert int the feminine area at the pharmacy but it's not in the feminine aisle . I also asked the pharmacist if they have anything for yeast infection but they didn't know what yeast infection was and they had to ask me where the area is itching if it's inside or out and I said inside . They said they have something but it has to be inserted inside and I'm guessing that was the on but they said it had to be prescribed for me to get one . I'm probably gonna go to the gynecologist this weekend to have it checked 'cause it's starting to burn a little bit and the itch is really annoying .