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  1. Wish it had said something in the title to warn me. No swelling, just such an ugly red. The pimples were gone overnight. I'm putting some Cetaphil healing moisturizer on the spots.
  2. I had a pimple on each 'apple' of my cheeks and hubby had bought some Clearasil 10% Benzol Peroxide Rapid Relief. I used it on both cheeks 2 nights ago. Yesterday I got out of the shower with almost purple red spots. Today they're sunburn red. I tried looking it up and tried calling the company but can't find a working number. I think it's a chemical burn. The box doesn't say to rinse but says it works in 4 hours. What should I do? My doctors are closed on Fridays.
  3. Your thyroid is in the front of the neck. I'd see a doctor asap for a lump in that area.
  4. The small increase in Klonopin has helped with my hand tremor and almost 100% of my twitches. Physical Therapy is very helpful but my copay is $40 and I was going 3 times a week. I do have some days that I have problems walking or standing in line at a store. My PD PT says it's anxiety because my exercises measure leg strength. Most days I'm positive and should say my symptoms have not changed since Oct. 2021 except getting out of bed. Still NO meds except Klonopin. I see my specialist again early February. I turn 73 tomorrow.
  5. There is but I have only done this twice. Youtube has 'classes'.
  6. I'm the only person in my family who had colon cancer. Stage III in Jan 2009 and a small spot on my liver in March 2012. They removed 80% of my liver and at 6 years, released from care. I only had 1 polyp ever.
  7. On Christmas Eve I felt a piece of corn block my airway. I 'huffed' out, heard a pop and a kernel came flying out of my mouth with a few bits of chewed up corn. I made myself cough hard for a while and nothing else came up. I'm terrified of aspiration pneumonia. It's been 2 days and no symptoms but I can't stop worrying about it. I have Parkinson's Disease which affects one side and walking.. I'd ignored a minor tremor in my left hand for 2 years.
  8. My eye began a huge twitch but an extra dose of Klonopin seemed to calm the facial tremors.
  9. Yes, I have early mild PD. Too soon for medications. I'll be seeing a PD physical therapist on the 26th and they will write up info for my insurance company to get approval and time limit for visits. The neuro increased my Klonopin giving me an extra dose for bad days. I have to remind myself that I'm almost 73 so my lifetime is already much shorter than most of you.
  10. Hubby opened a new jug of Milo's Sweet tea, all natural, and filled my insulated mug. A little later, I took a swig thru my straw and it was like a very carbonated soda. I swallowed quickly and then checked the jug. Best Buy date was 3 weeks ago. The tea in the jug had a foam on top but the rest was clear. Should I worry about food poisoning?? It's been 2 1/2 hours.
  11. Thanks everyone. I saw a speech / swallow specialist who has horrible health anxiety and she helped me overcome the fear of choking. My newest 'thing' is a tiny muscle under the left side of my lip will spasm or indent and cause it to feel like my lip twitched. My anxiety is horrible and I won't see the specialist until Oct 9th. Good news is one of her specialties is treatment of certain tremors with Botox. Right now, you wouldn't notice anything but my hand tremor. PD patients need more dopamine in our brain. By time we're dx'd, we've lost up to 80% of dopamine.
  12. The neurology PA and a GP dx'd but I'll see a movement disorder specialist on Oct 9th. She's the only outpatient neuro in 100 miles. I failed the 'tap test', walk slower than average and do not swing my left arm. I have also choked on food many times but cough it up. I really appreciate the prayers! Diane
  13. I'll be given OT to help with swallowing (I noticed it happens more if I think about it) and for my voice. Parkinson's Disease cause both.
  14. The hand tremor I posted about several times remained and I began to walk slower and was not swinging my arm when walking. I'm very sad and discouraged. I see a 'Movement Disorder Specialist' Oct. 9th. The bank called me today thinking checks had been stolen because my signature has changed so much. I'd appreciate prayers. It won't kill me, but I'd rather not live 10 to 20 years as a burden to my husband and children.