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  1. My health anxiety is starting to bother me again and everything has got to be something awful. Lots of fluids and a decongestant cough drop and all better.
  2. I'm with ZenCube. I once burst a blood vessel turning a doorknob! My doctor at the time was a young woman who was very interested in nutrition. She ordered a blood test for Vit. C and told me it was very low. That can cause fragile vessels and capillaries. I've had it happen a few times in my life and it usually feels like a sting when it breaks AND the blood usually fades faster than a bruise. I had one on my knuckle just last week.
  3. Shotty nodes. Nodes that enlarge and never go down are called shotty nodes because when they were first noted in medical books, doctors said they felt like the iron pellets used in guns in the 1800's. I have 3 in front of my right ear. I can only feel one but my doctor told me there are 3. I've felt the one since I was a child (loads of ear infections) and I'll be 70 in December. You can make a node enlarge by poking at it.
  4. I was told when going for a urine test to avoid sex or for women, vaginal exams, for at least 24 hours prior. Riding a bike or working out at the gym was also a no no. Aspirin use causes blood in urine in a large number percentage of people. If I take it a few times a day for several day, I have pink urine. A teeny tiny kidney stone can cause horrible pain as it moves. It's a crystal (rock) and usually not smooth but jagged and sharp. It cuts and scrapes as it makes its way out. Hubby has have them several times.
  5. Be sure to have baby empty both breasts if possible without over feeding. Don't switch to the 2nd side until you feel empty AND don't favor one side. Put a pin on the side you finished on and rotate regularly.
  6. I have a bad habit of rubbing my tongue against the back of my front teeth and that will make it sore. Make sure you're not doing that.
  7. I've been going through something similar and the more I fixate on it, the worse it seems. My left hand will slightly twitch if I am holding it out and watching it. I can force myself to relax my arm and it will stop. The pins and needles are usually from the neck/ shoulder area and I think the 'cold' is part of that. I have had very bad neuropathy since chemo in 2009. Now the toes on my left foot will slightly curl under but I believe that's me stretching my muscles by putting it up on an ottoman. The more I pay attention, the more it happens. I've been putting on sneakers and socks so I can't fixate on it. Can you work on finding a better location for your home office? Something that will have you facing straight and arms at a proper level. Concentrate on relaxing your shoulder and neck. I feel sure we'll both be okay. Hang in there!
  8. I had pale pink urine twice yesterday. It's SO pale that it looks clear on the tp, but pale pink in the bowl. This happened back in 2017 also and I went to a urologist. He did a cystoscopy and said my bladder was 'YES, that's what a bladder SHOULD look like!'. He also had me go for an MRU (MRI of the bladder, kidneys, tubes, etc) and everything was perfect. I was taking 2 full strength aspirin daily and going to the gym 3 days a week for 3 hours of classes. He blamed it on the aspirin. I asked 'What if it happens again?' and he told me to ignore it. I asked 'Do I need to come back?' and he said no. He's my husband's doctor and I really trust him. Aspirin has been proven to cause blood in urine, especially in older people. I Googled and found the paper written on aspirin and blood in urine. I've taken aspirin several times a day over the last week for arthritis in my knees and TMJ pain. I KNOW that's what caused it. STILL, I am now on day 70 of seeing no one but my husband and an adult son for a few hours a day (he works nights). I have only left the house for a short visit with a new primary care in town. I didn't like my other doctor and it was quite a drive. This woman had some new spots open when the group hired a second family practitioner (another female). Being trapped is starting to get to me and at our age and with hubby's bad health, we can't just 'take a chance'. Our area is not good and next to a 'hot spot'. I don't have an urge to go to the clinic. Just really could have done without this trigger right now. Anyone else having locked in anxiety?
  9. It has to be the Klonopin. I tried all sorts of advice and it was horrible. The year before I was on it, I went to the walk in clinic 82 times! I've never had a dosage increase (tho after 70 days of not leaving the house, I'm feeling 'on edge').
  10. My primary care is ............ uh............ not helpful. He sees me to rewrite thyroid meds and tell me 'you're fat'. He would immediately refer me to a specialist within his group. Yep, Penny. I'm not freaking out but we quarantined way before it was suggested. My husband would not survive with all his health issues. I'm not surprised I started clinching again and I think the buzzing sound was probably magnified the way things are when you're sleeping and are disturbed. I did Google and found that compression of that nerve can cause buzzing, vibrations, etc. I have no other symptoms other than TMJ and it's only on one side. Hopefully it won't happen again. My dentist and oral surgeon are closed.
  11. I started Klonopin about 10 years ago. It worked pretty quickly and I didn't take anything else with it. It's been a lifesaver for me. I took it through 2 bouts of cancer, chemo, surgeries and when something strange happens, I can usually decide to see if it happens again. I haven't been to the doctor for a 'nothing' visit in a couple of years or more.
  12. Ihadcancer


    The 3 or so little nodes in front of the ear can enlarge and become hard, never go down. They're given a funny name that reminded me of cannon balls or pellets. They're benign and basically stop working and harden. I've had one in front of my right ear as long as I can remember. I'm talking 50 years or more.
  13. It could be a shoe! I had one nail (big toe) that did that and even had a white like area near the end. I showed my derm and he felt inside my flats and had me feel where that toe would fit. There was a marked indentation in one shoe that wasn't in the other. It grew out funny then eventually looked fine. My middle toe gets a synovial cyst at the base of the nail. He takes a needle and drains it then puts in some cortisone. The nail is flat but almost indented. He said it's like a ganglion cyst where the fluid between the joints leaks out. The splinter hemorrhage was probably from the first damage to the nail.
  14. I really understand. For 5 years I kept telling my doctor I was gaining weight without a cause and he'd say 'old age and sedentary life style'. The last time I asked him to check my thyroid and I was super hypothyroid. It goes up, it goes down and we can't get the dosage stable plus I continued to gain weight. I'm counting calories for the last 10 days and lost a couple of pounds. I'd gone from 155 (at 58) to 178 at 69. My knees kill me from the weight gain and arthritis. I really am trying!
  15. Hi friends! I've had virtually no health anxiety for a very long time and am not SUPER worried about this, but knew I could turn here for some common sense. I clinch my teeth and used to have to wear a night guard. That eased and I found I could sleep better without and not clinch/ grind. The last week or so I've woken with sore teeth and jaw knowing I've been clinching. Two nights ago I was on my right side and felt the clinch start in my left jaw so I put my fist up and pushed against the middle of my face next to my mouth to stop it. Hours (I think) later, I felt and heard a buzzing. It woke me and I realized it was in that area and jerked my hand away. It stopped immediately. Same thing last night. The bottom of my fist was on the area where the TMJ nerve runs. Today it feels a bit odd, like a bit numb on that side of the face. I think I compressed the nerve and caused irritation. Certainly some tumor or MS wouldn't stop the very second my hand moved from my face. Thoughts? I hope y'all are doing well. I am still using Klonopin with no dose increase in approximately 10 years now and only go to the doctor for my thyroid bloodwork and to refill my script. Diane p.s. Did I tell you the oncologist released me last fall, pronounced me CURED of Stage IV cancer and I only struggle with weight gain from them ignoring my thyroid for years.