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  1. I call it 'Disease of the Day'. I've been MUCH better for years but will worry about a strange symptom but not catastrophize it. Used too, tho. Life was much easier for worriers before the internet.
  2. That's what I'm thinking Doug97. I napped today and woke twice with my lip vibrating/ buzzing and my hand was balled into a fist and I was pushing into the side of my face adjacent to the buzzing area. The SECOND I moved my hand, my buzz stops. I noted my teeth were super clinched and my TMJ was aching. I trapped my hand under my arm and slept 2 hours with no buzz. My TM joint is very achy tho.
  3. Have you strained or injured your back? I have tactile (mechanical) allodynia from central nervous system damage from chemo and gentle touches HURT my skin. A slap wouldn't hurt me. My legs from my thighs to my ankles hurt so much and loose, soft clothing hurts more than leggings.
  4. I have high cholesterol and refuse to take statins. High cholesterol can be caused by things like a wonky thyroid (which I have). I changed doctors to a doctor who allows me to help make decisions on medications. I have CNS damage due to chemo that ended Aug 2009. I refuse Cymbalta for the discomfort. I had 80% of my liver removed due to colon cancer in 2012 and decided to avoid anything that could cause my liver to work hard. https://www.forefronthealth.com/hypothyroidism-and-cholesterol/#comment-338965
  5. BTW........... horse hair was used as insulation and padding in furniture in the 1940's.
  6. My husband was exposed to loose asbestos daily for several years. He now has COPD, asthma and emphysema but it takes 20 to 30 years for fibers to cause problems AND you had on a mask. Jim is now 74. He was exposed in the last 1960's/ 1970's. No concerns.
  7. I'd had some lip 'vibrations' during sleep that sometimes had noises and think it's snoring or trying to mouth breathe. I was also aware of some cheek puffing when mouth breathing when my nose felt stuffy. The last few weeks my left cheek, I sleep on my right side/ face, will get what feels like a major jumping twitch or repetitive spasm while I'm sleeping. Sometimes it fully awakens me. It stops immediately if I touch the area or move. It has never happened when I'm up. When I get out of bed, I notice my face hurts and feels sort of numb in the tmj area. I'm 70 and am blaming it on my TMJ, but am sometimes afraid to fall asleep too early because I'm more aware of it if I'm not in a deep sleep. Napping is a prime time for it to happen. I don't know if it can be seen or just felt. My eye on that side has had a major twitch for a few weeks. I do feel anxious many days but I've been home, alone much of the time, since March 18th, 2020. I try to remember to massage my face before sleep and keep my neck and shoulder relaxed. I'm not concerned about things like ALS and don't have any other symptoms. My hand had been twitching quite horribly but I could talk myself out of the twitch and started supplementing with magnesium. That hasn't bothered me in weeks. Any thoughts on TMJ causing the spasm in my cheek?
  8. AK's MIGHT become cancerous in 30 years. Only a small fraction do, tho. Since he burned it off, it's gone for good. I've had many pop up as I aged and lots of SK's (those ugly spots). Doc burned off the ones that were in areas that bothered me cosmetically.
  9. I'll be 71 in December and have a 'shotty' node in front of my ear. I had lots of ear infections as a child. My GP told me I have two there but just didn't know where to look. They're very hard, movable and round and have never changed. Shotty: Resembling shot or pellets of lead, shotgun pellets and, hence, hard and round. The term "shotty" was in use in the 19th century. It is now generally obsolete but it is still in medicinal usage. Shotty is very commonly used in describing the feel of lymph nodes when they are palpated (felt) through the skin. "Shotty" lymph nodes are ones that are not only hard and round but also small and surely of no consequence.
  10. I get lip twitches or vibrations during sleep but it can be weeks apart and when it awakens me, my hand/ fist is pushed into my face. I know there is a facial nerve there. This only happens on my left side (I sleep on my right) and I've been blaming it on many years of TMJ. Last night I was almost asleep and my cheek felt like it was flapping for about 4 or 5 seconds. I was not touching my face. This was new. My left eye has had a very noticeable twitch for a few weeks. It will pull down or to the side and hold for less than a second before completing the twitch. I'm blaming it on anxiety. Dealing with an elderly parent with a horrible temper and concerned re: COVID for an unvaccinated son. My left hand will sometimes shake but I can relax shoulder, arm and tell myself to 'stop' and it will stop. I'm on thyroid meds, blood pressure meds (and low dose Klonopin for 12 years). I've not left the house but for doctor visits for my thyroid, 5 times for a hair cut and once to eat out in 19 months!!! Most days I'm alone.
  11. My health anxiety is starting to bother me again and everything has got to be something awful. Lots of fluids and a decongestant cough drop and all better.
  12. I'm with ZenCube. I once burst a blood vessel turning a doorknob! My doctor at the time was a young woman who was very interested in nutrition. She ordered a blood test for Vit. C and told me it was very low. That can cause fragile vessels and capillaries. I've had it happen a few times in my life and it usually feels like a sting when it breaks AND the blood usually fades faster than a bruise. I had one on my knuckle just last week.
  13. Shotty nodes. Nodes that enlarge and never go down are called shotty nodes because when they were first noted in medical books, doctors said they felt like the iron pellets used in guns in the 1800's. I have 3 in front of my right ear. I can only feel one but my doctor told me there are 3. I've felt the one since I was a child (loads of ear infections) and I'll be 70 in December. You can make a node enlarge by poking at it.