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  1. I think that's what I have and it's worse when anxiety hits. It also runs in families. If one parent has/ had it, 50% chance you'll shake. I remember my great grandmother held one hand up against her tummy with her good hand and her head had a gentle nod. My grandmother had a bad stroke in her late 60's and her arm was useless, so no idea about her. My 90 year old mother has 2 fingers on her best hand 'jump' but she has such twisted arthritis that she can't move her other hand. I haven't asked my 95 year old Daddy. He lost half his hand in a motorcycle accident as a young man when a car side swiped him and ran over him left hand. I do worry about Parkinson's because I only have Medicare and couldn't buy medication.
  2. We made sandwiches for supper. I took a small bite of the corner and noticed the Great Value Roast Turkey slipping out the side felt slimy. I looked and it had some bright pink spots dime to quarter sized in the middle. The sale by date is May 27th but this pouch had already been opened a few days ago. Is pink mold on food (guessing that's what it was) dangerous/ deadly? I threw it out right away and was too scared to eat anything else!
  3. My left hand shakes every day. Some times it's major movement and other times I can feel more than I see. I think it's essential tremor because it runs in my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. The thing that blows my mind is I can relax my shoulder and look at my hand and tell it to stop! I also noticed if I go to a shop and get to looking at things like pretty beads for my hobby, I don't think it shakes AT ALL. I did read psychogenic tremors (anxiety if you will) can exaggerate essential tremors. I'm almost 72 so starting to have things like hbp.
  4. I started treatment for intertrigo even tho some satellite spots were pretty far away from skin folds and it faded in 10 hours. Still using meds (I mix the RX steroid with generic Clotrimazole) even tho I 'see' nothing. I get intertrigo often in my panty line area. Mammo / ultrasound were both unchanged and good news. My doctor has her radiologist team print out a letter before she comes in to see me. No waiting.
  5. One spot has returned but only the size of a fingertip. I'm shaking all over from fear. I keep checking it ..........
  6. I think this was a hive from friction or heat. I used some RX steroid cream and it cleared up before bed. I'm still going for my mammo and ultrasound on Monday since it's been 2 years. It's done in the office and read immediately so I get a printed out report right then.
  7. I found a dark pink spot on the underside of my breast this morning. Right above it is some pink spots that look different and small like a pencil eraser size. I'm terrified it's inflammatory breast cancer. I'm not in the usual age range and have no heat, heaviness, nipple changes, puckered skin but I'm shaking all over with fear. I skipped my mammograms so it's been 2 years 3 months. I called and the breast care specialist group got me in on Monday because of the spot. I usually have a 6 month wait. Diane
  8. Our son got me the oil for back spasms and it seems to be working. It's a low dose/ mild and I've been using it for 3 weeks. Not sure how they differ for different needs.
  9. No side effects from Losartan and my cough is gone!
  10. My doctor changed my blood pressure medication from Lisinopril to Losartan 25 because of a chronic cough and hoarseness. I read the possible side effects and am terrified to take it! Anyone take it?
  11. I call it 'Disease of the Day'. I've been MUCH better for years but will worry about a strange symptom but not catastrophize it. Used too, tho. Life was much easier for worriers before the internet.
  12. That's what I'm thinking Doug97. I napped today and woke twice with my lip vibrating/ buzzing and my hand was balled into a fist and I was pushing into the side of my face adjacent to the buzzing area. The SECOND I moved my hand, my buzz stops. I noted my teeth were super clinched and my TMJ was aching. I trapped my hand under my arm and slept 2 hours with no buzz. My TM joint is very achy tho.