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  1. Hi i need help pls. I have been haing paipations and waking up with a racing heart. I have been having panic attacks in which I feel my heart racing I get tingly and warm all over and then just cry uncontrollably. I have been to the doctor 3 times and ER. All have said heart is good you have anxiety. They put me on zoloft but that didnt work just made things worse. So now I am trying to get off of zoloft. I need some help please! I cant continue like this!! I feel like I am dieing all the time and like there is something wrong my heart. I have seen a cardiologist in the last regarding these issues but everything comes back fine. I am afraid right now. Please help me understand these palpitations. Have you guys had them? Have you felt them? Thank you!
  2. Do you think its just tight muscles from tension? Has anyone else had this?
  3. Hi everyone! So stress has been high for me latley. I am a teacher and a mom. My brother in law lives with me and helps with the my 3 yr old son while me and my husband are at work. Lately we have been having a lot of problems with my brother in law causing me great stress..on top of that work is super stressful. I also need a D and C procedure because i have a polyp in my uterus and I am worried could it be cancerous?! To top it off my 3 year old son has covid right now. Im terrified of covid and this is triggering me big time. About a week ago i woke up feeling like my heart was racing and palpitations and it freaked me out...triggered a panic attack thought i was dying. I also have this odd dull ache in my breast bone when i push on it it hurts. My doctor said it was muscular and he checked my bp and did and ekg and all normal..I kept waking up with racing heart and it kept freaking me out so went to urgent complained of the same thing told them i felt that odd ache in my breast bone and the palpitations and such. They checked me out and did 2 ekgs and bp and all was normal. Both doctors said I am fine and its just stress and anxiety and that I need to calm down. I am scared right now thinking the worst like what if it is a heart attack? Why the breast bone ache and shoulder tightness? Is it in my head the more i think about it the worst it gets! Did the the docs miss something? Thank you!
  4. Interesting...what should i do? Should i go see an allergist?
  5. Ok so I need help solving the mystery. On Saturday i put on a new sweater that was shipped to m. I also put on some makeup same makeup i always wear, but i noticed my makeup brushes were kinda dirty. I also took 3 advils and some flonase. Within 35 minutes i had hives on my face and my arms. My top lip swelled. I am not sure what caused the reaction??? Am now i lergic to advil even though i jave taken it before without any issues? Was it the sweater?
  6. Thank you so much! PCOS is crazy to have and so frustrating at times. You helped calm my fears. I have an apt on November 12th with the gyny for an ultrasound and exam. Hoping it all goes well. Are you still on birth control? would you feel crampy too?
  7. How long will you spot for?
  8. Can stress and anxiety affect your period? I have been under a lot of stress lately.
  9. I am still spotting or having a light period...was not crampy but have been today. Freaking out to be honest!!
  10. how are you ladies feelling now? what did the Doctor say?
  11. Hi so I need some advice! I had my period back on September 24th and it was heavier and crampier than usual. Then on Oct. 9th I started to get crampy and left side twingy ovarian pain on and off. this lasted for about 48 to 72 hours. I have had crampy feelings since Oct. 12th with light pink spotting, and it has continued. I am not sure if this is normal? I have been under a lot of stress and I have read stress can cause hormone and period problems. I should also mention that I do have Hashimoto's and PCOS. I am not sure if my period is just starting again or if something is wrong like ovarian cysts..or the the dreaded c word (ovarian cancer, uterine cancer??) I should mention i did have a CT scan with contrast back in early July and all appeared normal in my uterus, and ovaries. I am also feeling this constant urge to pee or I start thinking I have to pee I dont know...My doctor thinks that constant feeling urge to pee is my anxiety, but he did give me some antibiotics just in case. I don't know I am stressing out right now. I am 38 for any point of reference. Has any lady experienced this?? is this normal?? have an apt. on the 12 for an ultrasound and gyny apt. Thank you in advance. I need some reassurance in the meantime because I am stressing out. Thank you!
  12. Thank you MotherofMaya! I hope your babies are doing well! It is so hard as a mom to not worry..i struggle with this. I am just overcoming my daughters health concern and now my son has a hard swollen lymph node that is moveable in the back of his neck by the base of his head. It has me very concerned and worried because its hard. I asked his doctor but he said it is most likely a reactive lymph nose and it will go away in several weeks. Some take months he said. He also said its good that it is moveable. So I am trying to not feeak out. How did your son's lymphnodes feel? How long did it take?
  13. So my daughter has this swelling in her right armpit...I noticed it because she had some bruises from her backpack pinching her in the arm. When i touch the swelling it feels like extra cushy skin. There is nothing really behind it. I touch it and push on it and it doesnt hurt her and there is no lump or mass of any sort. When i have her lay on her back i can feel it better. It feels like the part of the joint/muscle tendon of the armpit that connects to the arm that moves up and down when she moves her arm up and down. I took her to the ER cuz of course Dr. GOOGLE SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!! They checked her and pressed on it and it was all normal to the touch the doctor said. She said she could not feel anything to cause alarm or suspicion. She ask to do a cbc and I knew why... she was checking for infection and any other causes like the c word i think. We got the results and it was all normal the most perfect cbc. She said we can follow up with her primary but that she was not concerned at all. I am still having a hard time processinfg everything and I am scared they missed something. She has no other health concerns and is a healthy beautiful 8 year old girl. As a mom I can't help but worry. Is tbis something more just anatomical/ muscular or should i be worried of something more serious like the c word? Thank you in advance! I will say i was looking at previous pics of her and noticed in some pics that her armput looked like that back then too...these pics are about 2 months old. Idk ER doc thinks its just extra cushiness and its just her anatomy. Im hoping she is right.