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  1. Hi, so I just turned 40.....and have been having anxiety about this big 40!!! It is as if 40 means something scary to me...the beginning of mammograms, and such...Anyways I was doing a breast self check and noticed that I have 2 rubbery moveable lumpy type things in my left breast. I went to the doctor and he checked me and said he is not concerned and will send me for a mammo to just ease my mind. He said it is most likely dense breast tissue or Fibroadenomas. I scheduled my mammo and nothing is available until Jan 5th!! I am having major anxiety over this and I keep poking and prodding my breast and now it is hurting and that is making my anxiety worst! has anyone ever been through this? please help me!
  2. Im climbing with you....each day the climb gets harder and the struggle becomes more real, but knowing we are not alone and we can climb this together will help us through it.
  3. Have you measured to see how fast your heart is going? How do you stop fearing it from happening again. Its so scary when it happens ..I am afraid I will drop dead from it. Its so you know why your heart races with anxiety.
  4. Have you ever had heart racing? Or been woken from sleep with anxiety?
  5. So lately I have been told that I snore a lot. I have been waking with palpitations and rapid heart rate 2 times these last 2 weeks. Which then leads to panic attacks in the middle of the night. And the more I think about it and freak out the worst it gets. I am fearing I have a heart condition. Mind you I have had an echo done in June and all good. I have also had hewr monitors placed 4 times and all good benign pvc and pacs...i checked my heart rate just now cuz I am freaking out and cant get a good read on that little O2 finger monitor it ranges from 150 to 105...not sure whats correct. Am I dying? Is this a heart condition? Coulf I have sleep apnea and that is causing the heart issue? Does anyone else have these feelings? Has your heart raced before and how fast? What have you done? Thank you for jelping out a freaking out mama here!
  6. Thank you for replying! I feel like being 40 is the end of my youth sounds crazy. Why is this sense of not be able to breathe a sense of anxiety. What can I do to make this feeling go away...from the moment I wake I am wonderinf will I be able to breathe to today and the more I think about it the worse it a viciois cycle.
  7. Hi so I have been battling anxiety for the last 13 years on and off. I was good for a while but hot has come back like a beast!!! I was diagnosed with GAD and panic attacks. Lately I feel like I just cant breath as if something is pressing on my chest its almost that feeling of holding your breath but I am not. This all started when I got winded going up 100 stairs. I am overweight and I am on my weight loss journey. I do not know why this triggered me so much. To the point that I now think I have heart failure or a lung cancer. I had blood work and an Echo all good! All normal. I read the results and it said my ejaction fraction was 56% (which is normal) norm being 50 to 70% but Idk why this is bordering me. I guess I feel like its too close to 50 idk. So now I have it my head that I cant do anything cuz I will get winded..its as if I am afraid to move. I Feel this constant urge to sigh or yawn. I check my O2 all the time and its between 95 to 98...sometimes dips to 94 and thats when I am either shallow breathing or very tense and panic is rising. I should mention I just turned 40 and for some reason I did not take it well lol! I fear getting old and crusty and falling apart. I have been anxious ever since turning 40 in May and kind of in denial about it. Can someone pls tell me they have felt this feeling as if they cant breath?! How long will this last? The more I think about it the worse the feeling gets. Some days are good and some days like today are horrible. Pls help me understand this. I am scared and cry daily of fear of dying and leaving my family. This is no way to live and I want to find joy in life again. Its as if my smile and joy has been taken away from me. I am scared and need some advice pls.
  8. How are you feeling? Are the boobs still itching? I sometimes get itchy boobs too, but it is usually dry skin or the bra I am wearing causing it. try wearing cotton only bras and try putting on some oatmeal or cortisone lotion. My mom had a pituitary tumor and her symptoms were excessive thirst and using the bathroom non stop!!! her sodium levels were dropping and her bp was getting high she ended up needing emergency brain surgery to remove the tumor because it started leaking blood. It was definitely a scary time but the surgery was actually pretty easy and her surgeon performed the surgery through her nose. She recovered great and is doing amazing 6 years later! keep us posted on how are you feeling and doing!
  9. How is your wife doing? Any updates?
  10. I have the same fear and worry lately. Been feeling nauseous and back pain bu5 I know thqt is due to my hip alignment and the chiro takes care of that. Still I worry and fear the damn C word. Its hard not to...
  11. I am trying to stay level headed about this, but the anxiety is creeping in and it is starting to take over, so I could definitely use your support and help. For the last 3 weeks I have felt more aware of the sensation in my hands it started with the left hand and it is mainly my pinky and ring finger that feels numbish like when your foot falls asleep, and I will feel the pins and needle sensation. It will last for a while sometimes the whole day on and off and then go away. Last night I slept on my right side with my arm folded and bent in. When I woke up this morning I felt the pins and needle sensation in my pinky and ring finger in my right hand. This sensation is still there and I have been awake since 6:30 am. I am trying not to dwell on it and not think about it, but the truth is that its freaking me out. I am thinking I have MS, diabetes, or a tumor is compressing a nerve somewhere. I also seem to think it could be a stroke or you know the end of the world as I know it. I have tried talking to my husband and friends about it and they try to be supportive and tell me no it could just be hyperawareness of the sensation, a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel (since I am a teacher and I am on the computer a lot), or something less sinister then what I think it is. I just feel like they cannot relate. If someone could please respond and let me know if you have ever felt this tingly sensation in the hand on and off for a while. I am starting to freak out, so any support would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!
  12. Hi everyone so I was able to dodge Covid for the last 3 years, but the bitch finally got me. I am on day 12 of covid and overall I feel alright. I didnt get it too bad fever for 2 days a slight cough sore throat and a ppst nasal drip. I was actually doing pretty good not knowing I had Covid, but the minute I found out I had Covid my world turned upside down since then I swear I have developed pots because I feel shaky and short of breath and jittery and sometimes it feels like my heart is racing...mind you I have checked my O2 and its in the 95 to 98 range. I have gone to the doctors twice and they have checked my lungs and all is good. I had a heart monitor and ekgs done back in May and all was fine. I know this is anxiety..right? I lost a dear friend to covid so knowing I had it instilled this fear that I could die and leave my kids behind like my dear friend did. I am afraid of long Covid....i am fully vaxxed and double boosted. Are the symptoms I am feeling of jitterness and heart racing and short of breath and the dlihht or fight feeling all anxiety? Or did I develop some type of POTs? I need help pls! Thank you!