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  1. How is your wife doing? Any updates?
  2. I have the same fear and worry lately. Been feeling nauseous and back pain bu5 I know thqt is due to my hip alignment and the chiro takes care of that. Still I worry and fear the damn C word. Its hard not to...
  3. I am trying to stay level headed about this, but the anxiety is creeping in and it is starting to take over, so I could definitely use your support and help. For the last 3 weeks I have felt more aware of the sensation in my hands it started with the left hand and it is mainly my pinky and ring finger that feels numbish like when your foot falls asleep, and I will feel the pins and needle sensation. It will last for a while sometimes the whole day on and off and then go away. Last night I slept on my right side with my arm folded and bent in. When I woke up this morning I felt the pins and needle sensation in my pinky and ring finger in my right hand. This sensation is still there and I have been awake since 6:30 am. I am trying not to dwell on it and not think about it, but the truth is that its freaking me out. I am thinking I have MS, diabetes, or a tumor is compressing a nerve somewhere. I also seem to think it could be a stroke or you know the end of the world as I know it. I have tried talking to my husband and friends about it and they try to be supportive and tell me no it could just be hyperawareness of the sensation, a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel (since I am a teacher and I am on the computer a lot), or something less sinister then what I think it is. I just feel like they cannot relate. If someone could please respond and let me know if you have ever felt this tingly sensation in the hand on and off for a while. I am starting to freak out, so any support would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!
  4. Hi everyone so I was able to dodge Covid for the last 3 years, but the bitch finally got me. I am on day 12 of covid and overall I feel alright. I didnt get it too bad fever for 2 days a slight cough sore throat and a ppst nasal drip. I was actually doing pretty good not knowing I had Covid, but the minute I found out I had Covid my world turned upside down since then I swear I have developed pots because I feel shaky and short of breath and jittery and sometimes it feels like my heart is racing...mind you I have checked my O2 and its in the 95 to 98 range. I have gone to the doctors twice and they have checked my lungs and all is good. I had a heart monitor and ekgs done back in May and all was fine. I know this is anxiety..right? I lost a dear friend to covid so knowing I had it instilled this fear that I could die and leave my kids behind like my dear friend did. I am afraid of long Covid....i am fully vaxxed and double boosted. Are the symptoms I am feeling of jitterness and heart racing and short of breath and the dlihht or fight feeling all anxiety? Or did I develop some type of POTs? I need help pls! Thank you!
  5. Any ladies experienced this before?
  6. What is the difference from an overactive bladder and a UTI? Any ladies have had this issue? Thank you!
  7. What would cause an overactive bladder? Anxiety?
  8. Hi so for the last maybe 8 to 10 days I have been feeling the urge to constantly pee even though I just went. Back in May I had the same experience and took some antibiotics and it went away. I am not sure what is going on now and it is freaking me out because I also feel lower abdomen pressure and slight cramp tyoe pain. Is this a UTI?? Ovarian cancer? Bladder cancer? I am freaking out and should mention I had an ultrasound and Ct scan of my lower abdomen back in November of last year and then had a hysteroscopy and D and C in February and all biopsies came back benign. So what is going on? I am trying to stay calm and not go to the ER but I cannot help myself and I am freaking out. Thinking the worst case scenario. I messaged my doctor so hoping to hear back soon. I notice the more I think about it the worst I feel and the more I notice the urge to pee...the anxiety is starting to creep in and I am now starting to feel shaky and lightheaded and I can feel the flight or fight feeling starting to creep in. Someone pls help me I am a mom of 2 beautiful children and my biggestfear is leaving them!! I am a mess!
  9. Hi i need help pls. I have been haing paipations and waking up with a racing heart. I have been having panic attacks in which I feel my heart racing I get tingly and warm all over and then just cry uncontrollably. I have been to the doctor 3 times and ER. All have said heart is good you have anxiety. They put me on zoloft but that didnt work just made things worse. So now I am trying to get off of zoloft. I need some help please! I cant continue like this!! I feel like I am dieing all the time and like there is something wrong my heart. I have seen a cardiologist in the last regarding these issues but everything comes back fine. I am afraid right now. Please help me understand these palpitations. Have you guys had them? Have you felt them? Thank you!
  10. Do you think its just tight muscles from tension? Has anyone else had this?
  11. Hi everyone! So stress has been high for me latley. I am a teacher and a mom. My brother in law lives with me and helps with the my 3 yr old son while me and my husband are at work. Lately we have been having a lot of problems with my brother in law causing me great stress..on top of that work is super stressful. I also need a D and C procedure because i have a polyp in my uterus and I am worried could it be cancerous?! To top it off my 3 year old son has covid right now. Im terrified of covid and this is triggering me big time. About a week ago i woke up feeling like my heart was racing and palpitations and it freaked me out...triggered a panic attack thought i was dying. I also have this odd dull ache in my breast bone when i push on it it hurts. My doctor said it was muscular and he checked my bp and did and ekg and all normal..I kept waking up with racing heart and it kept freaking me out so went to urgent complained of the same thing told them i felt that odd ache in my breast bone and the palpitations and such. They checked me out and did 2 ekgs and bp and all was normal. Both doctors said I am fine and its just stress and anxiety and that I need to calm down. I am scared right now thinking the worst like what if it is a heart attack? Why the breast bone ache and shoulder tightness? Is it in my head the more i think about it the worst it gets! Did the the docs miss something? Thank you!
  12. Interesting...what should i do? Should i go see an allergist?
  13. Ok so I need help solving the mystery. On Saturday i put on a new sweater that was shipped to m. I also put on some makeup same makeup i always wear, but i noticed my makeup brushes were kinda dirty. I also took 3 advils and some flonase. Within 35 minutes i had hives on my face and my arms. My top lip swelled. I am not sure what caused the reaction??? Am now i lergic to advil even though i jave taken it before without any issues? Was it the sweater?
  14. Thank you so much! PCOS is crazy to have and so frustrating at times. You helped calm my fears. I have an apt on November 12th with the gyny for an ultrasound and exam. Hoping it all goes well. Are you still on birth control? would you feel crampy too?