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  1. Hi everyone! I'm struggling and I could really use everyone's support. I have been having this weird gurgle feeling in my stomach and chest at times. I have been feeling a ticklish feeling in my chest and back of the throat that has been causing me to cough at times. This is giving me anxiety, because I am thinking the Afib, or lymphoma, yes I googled 😔 I also read it can be anxiety induced cough as well as GERD which I have been having gas and acid reflux as well s allergies. Has anyone experienced a tickle in the upper chest and throat with a dry cough? As well as a gurgling feeling in the chest and stomach? I feel like I'm going crazy. I did have an EKG and chest x-ray back in Feb and all clear. Thank you in advance!
  2. I have hashimotos and unfortunately heart palps comes with the territory of thyroid conditions. I have been dealing with these heart palps for over 4 years now. I see a cardiologist annually nust to be safe. All my test come back fine. Unfortunately with thyrood conditions our hormonea fluctuate alot. It doesnt matter that your blood test come back normal the hormones are still all over the place and it cause palps. I have noticed my palps often come durong my time of the month and they go away. Try to stay positive, and dont dwell on them too much because it just makes things worse. Thyroid mixed with anxiety makes the heart race even more and palps are more often to occur.
  3. Get a second opinion...if your this worried and consumed with fear, and feel that you are not getting a complete analysis of your scans than you should look for a second opinion. I know with health anxiety the purpose is to be believe your doctor and what they say, but sometimes it doesnt hurt to be your own advocate and seek a second opinion. Once you get a second opinion and you are given the all clear then you need to really tell yourself that you are healthy and Ok and its Ok to trust your doctors. Once you get your second opinion you need to be Ok with the Dr. Response and go on with your life.
  4. Hey I went to the ER because I guess my anxiety got the best of me. They said it was tension headaches that became a migraine. They then gave me some meds that helped with the headache. They also gave me a head ct and said that they found a probable 2.3 densely calcified meningioma in the left frontal lobe. The doctor said this is benign, and not the reason for my headaches, but that I need to follow up with a neurologist! to say that I am freaking out is an understatement. The headaches went away for awhile, but yesterday we got an email at work that we had our first positive covid case in the building and it caused a lot of stress and tension and now my headache is back. I am terrified I am going to die or something and leave my two babies behind. Any support? greatly appreciated! how are you feeling BirdieS? Anyone else has a meningioma?
  5. Thank you! how long did you have tension headaches for? was it on and off for weeks? how did they feel? where are the pressure points? Thank you again!
  6. Anyone pls help me through this?
  7. I have been having these headaches for the last 2 weeks. I had blood not to long ago and it was overall normal except for a little high cholesterol. My blood pressure is normal too. Im not sure whats going on. I have working on the computer for like 9 hours a day looking at two screens and not sure if its the posture or the constant computer screen causing the headache. Im freaking out a bit not going to lie since i dont tend to have headaches very often.
  8. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy with this crazy Covid virus. I have a quick question I have been having constant tension headaches for the last 2 and a half weeks. I am not sure why. I am a teacher and have been using my computer a lot and looking at 2 screens due to remote learning. It has not been easy. I have stressed with work and the constant changes. I also had a filling on my tooth due to a cavity (the headaches started around the time I got my filling and started to use 2 screens) I am very concerned about this headache, it is constant it feels like a tension headache in the front and back of my head. It feels like a tight band or pressure feeling on my head. I also feel it above my eyebrows. My neck feels tense, and to be honest I am starting to freak out! All I am thinking about is this a brain tumor? a brain aneurysm? something else serious? My husband and chiropractor said that my headaches are due to stress and tension, but why have they not gone away yet? I feel them everyday and it's frustrating. the only way i get relief is by taking some advil or tylenol. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said it's most likely tension. I am overwhelmed with fear right now. What if Im dying...please help me!
  9. Yes!!! Omg I'm so happy to read this...because I have been stressing out about this for the last 3 weeks. My left breast is my bigger breast and it is lumpier and has firmer tissues especially on the upper outer quadrant. It has been giving me anxiety. It has always been like this from what I can I not sure why its bothering me now. I think its normal since I have had breast ultrasounds in the past and they have said that some breast just have more denser tissue.
  10. Hi guys! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. I have a quick question...and not sure if it's normal. I have this part on my skin on my tummy that feels numb compared to the rest of the skin. I can feel pressure and some sensations but it does not feel the same as the rest of the skin. It is located on the left upper side of my stomach. I googled which I know I shouldnt and I got two answers one is MS...and the other is due to having skin over stretched due to pregnancy...but I'm not pregnant I had my baby 2 years ago. So I am not sure if this is a thing that I have had this whole time but never noticed until recently. I'm afraid to go the doctor due to his Covid virus....and not sure what to think? Anyone else ever experience numb parts on their skin? Starting to freak out a little. Thank you!
  11. Can lack of sleep really cause palpitations crying irritability tiredness, anxiety feeling of jitterness??
  12. No fever and pimple thing is pretty much all resolved. I dont go to sleep early because I get caught up wanting to watch my tv shows or put laundry away or catch up on stuff at home or work since I have two little ones, I dont get much time for myself. What could be triggering this anxiety? Anyone else feels like crying a lot and jittery and palpitations when they are anxious? I feel like I'm in a constant state of anxiety.
  13. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted on here. I have been doing pretty good, but lately since Tuesday things have been rough. I caught an infection on my leg for picking on a pimple went to the ER got it lanced and on antibiotics...sounds pretty simple right. That's what I thought but ever since that experience I have been feeling off...heart palpitations, jittery, feel like my whole body is shaking and I want to cry over everything. I just want to be home and hide. This is not like me I dont know what's going on and I'm scared. I just had cardiac work up and all is good with the heart. I'm also very sleepy and I should mention that since christmas break Dec19th I have not been sleeping well at night, I think I get an average of 4 to 5 hours sleep or less daily. I always feel sleepy. Please tell me whats going on? Is this anxiety why??