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  1. Wow big hugs!!! It's been a long time. I'm doing well despite this wild year that has spilled over into 2021! I hope you and your family are well.
  2. Hi. Fellow als worrier here. I had twitches in my calves while at rest... It was ALL anxiety. Let me tell you my story real quick. One night I was having horrible wrist pain and weakness. I googled weak wrist and als came up. I almost passed out in my living room. I had to go take a bath to calm down..I read all about als and the symptoms the next night as I lay down for bed I felt twitches in my calves and I had never had them before and I again went into hysterics. My husband made me go to my Dr (to talk about anxiety bec he knew I was fine) my Dr said no it's anxiety but I couldn't let it go. My mind was really screwing with me. After about a year of an als rabbit hole I finally went to therapy and we called bull on all the lies my mind was feeding me. Truth is, als doesn't work that way. You don't get twitches first.. they come after muscle loss and death. They don't happen in more than one muscle at a time and twitches are extremely normal and common..all those sites like to tell you other wise... And that's why we don't google lol. Hugs hun. Let it gooooooo! Say yeah I see you twitch and you mean NOTHING! And slowly but surely it will go away. The more you feed into it the slower it will go. Deep breath. You are okay.
  3. My toes do that and have since I was five. I believe mine is restless leg syndrome. Starts at my feet and moves up but my toes will move on their own, curl up, shake and twitch. Hugs. It doesn't look like anything bad and sure isn't als so don't even go down that road. (Past als worrier for twitching calves)
  4. Lol that's the damn truth right there! Hugs!
  5. Hi ! Definitely don't let this ruin your Christmas!!! I'm sorry this is still worrying you. I personally don't think it's something sinister at all. I was talking to my sister in law last week and she is waking up in the morning with her arm being completely numb and having tingle feelings during the day. She has been remodeling and she thinks it's from pulling or pinching something while painting. My husband had this in both arms and after a Dr visit and some steroids he was fine. I started having both my arms fall completely asleep and it was so painful when I would wake up..I changed out my pillow and got a flatter one and I haven't had the issue. It could be something as simple as the way you sit during the day. Hugs..you are okay. When you went to the chiropractor they weren't concerned right? I would remind myself of that to when this worry flares. Steroids from your Dr could help it once and for all..
  6. Hi!!! Sorry I don't get on much anymore. I realized it was actually a trigger for me. I come on here and there. I'm glad to hear from you! I hope you are staying safe during these crazy times. Hugs.
  7. Hi. You really have to put this fear to bed. I was an als worrier. It took me mentally away from my kids birthdays and holidays. Als anxiety is a horrible rabbit hole so let me save you that... You simply do NOT have als. You wouldn't FEEL weak or shakey you would be failing, not feeling. You wouldn't be able to put your hair in a pony tail, put a coffee cup on the shelf ... I was just like you, I had a weak wrist that made it hard for me to brush my daughter's hair without it feeling weak and shakey.. I googled and nearly fainted when als popped up. I went to my Dr several times before she got stern with me and told me I need therapy for the anxiety. Hugs hun..you are okay. Congratulations on your sweet twins. Just focus on them and the beautiful holiday season and don't worry one more minute about this.
  8. I would be careful repeating that info. I have talked to many many people with also and they all say it is extremely rare to start with just a twitch. Reading articles is just as bad as googling. I saw that he passed. I said a prayer for peace and moved on. If als is a trigger for you, it is for me...(was for me) then never expose yourself to things like that. Twitches are extremely extremely common. Als is NOT!
  9. I'm glad y'all both had your masks on. Hugs. I have also had a coworker that had covid but luckily it stopped with just him.
  10. I do therapy every two weeks and walk and ride my bike to keep my head clear. I absolutely never, ever google. I try to eat heathy Bec when I eat healthy, I feel healthy 🙂 hugs everyone!! Trying to find what works for you is a huge step in the right direction.
  11. I wish I would have caught this post sooner. I also cancelled my yearly bec of covid and my appointment came around again.. I went and all was good! I have my mammo in December. I'm glad you got the all clear. Hugs.
  12. I agree with everyone. I was an als worrier, you don't have any symptoms of als. Anxiety absolutely can cause everything you described. Please trust me, let this fear goooooooo... ! Don't waste another second on it. Go enjoy your sweet babies. You don't have als. Hugs.
  13. Go for a long walk to clear any anxiety and worry, sometimes it's the absolute last thing I want to do but I my mind feels 100x better after. Ride your bike etc... Hugs. This will pass.
  14. I've had this too and I remember when you posted it Bec I thought it was just normal lol. I have it maybe two - three times a year. It has never worried me.. it's just one of those things. Hugs. You are okay. It will go away soon.
  15. Don't test... I was an als worry as well. Over use, anxiety, stress are causes of twitching and you can also just twitch for no reason. Twitching with als is after muscle death.. it never starts with a twitch. Feeling fatigued doesn't mean anything either Bec people with als don't feel tired or weak. I'm sure you already know this. Your irrational thoughts are taking over. Hugs. You are absolutely fine. Move on from als for good.