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  1. Holls

    ALS fear

    Twitching in Als comes AFTER muscle loss and death meaning you would have clinical weakness and would have had a Dr diagnose that. Twitching can be from so so many things. Neither one of y'all have any symptoms of Als. I was a huge Als worrier. Sad to say about two years worth. 😞 Took my mind a long time to grasp that twitching and perceived weakness is NOT an als symptom. Hugs. Don't spend one more minute on this worry. Promise, y'all are both okay. Enjoy your day and don't let this worry steal any more time.
  2. I have a freckle on my lip too! I saw it after my daughter was born and flipped out!!! I went to the derm and she said oh that's completely normal. She said what SurferJoe said, as we age we can get new freckles anywhere. I see my derm yearly and I never mentioned it again and neither has she. In fact, I haven't even looked at it in 6+ years!!! Hugs you are fine. 🥰
  3. Holls

    Plane fears.

    Hi all. I'm back from the trip and my feet are on the ground lol. I will say that the flight was smooth both there and back but wowza, I am an anxious flyer. I just couldn't seem to keep myself focused on anything other than the plane. I also had a hard time enjoying vacation knowing I would be back on the plane again.. needless to say.. I'm so glad to be home and with the new baby coming there is no flights in my near future ☺️ thank you all for helping me and I did keep all of your comments in my head and it did help when my anxiety was rising. Hugs everyone!
  4. Just keep telling yourself, anxiety yes..als no. That's what helped me too. Hugs.
  5. Holls

    Plane fears.

    Lol penny you are so cute. I can see you wearing your Christmas shirt in summer flying ☺️ I completely understand though and I will be wearing my angel pendant on the flight. I always avoided the window too! And I'm not claustrophobic either but I do feel like I'm not able to see anything or have room to run lol. I think the window is a great idea. Thank you.
  6. Holls

    Plane fears.

    Thank you so much. And I love that advice.
  7. Love you too hun. I promise you are okay. I unfortunately have become an expert on als. I know with out one doubt you are healthy. 🥰🥰🥰
  8. Hi all!!! It's been so long. I'm currently 15 weeks pregnant! A total shock, but a great one. I'm 41 lol and it's our 4rth. Just found out it's a girl. My anxiety has been great but we all know with hormones, all bets are off. 😂 While this isn't health related, sorry. I love y'all and trust you with my fears. We are flying on a short flight in 2 weeks. It's 1 hour and 30 min flight to Florida. I have been on a plane twice and the last one I had a horrible panic attack..I cried and felt like I couldn't breath. I swore I'd never do it again. I can't drive 12 hours to FL pregnant sooo, flying it is. I will be with my husband and three kiddo and I sure don't want them to see me anxious or become anxious because I am. Can anyone give me a rational pep talk on plane safety lol or what they do for plane anxiety? Hugs all. And happy holidays!!!! 🎄🎄🎄❄️⛄
  9. I haven't been here in months, but I am so glad I logged in to see this post. Penny!!! You have helped me through some of my biggest fears, several times!!! Thank you for being you. You are wonderful. Biggest hugs. Happy holidays. 🥰
  10. I think we spoke before about this fear. I was an als worrier, for years. 😞 You have zero symptoms of Als and yes the emg absolutely clears you. As well as the neurologist not scheduling many many follow up visits with you. This disease does not ebb and flow, it progresses and yes, 18 months is a long time. This is just an irrational fear..your anxiety is lying to you. Don't let it take one more day. It's the holidays, please enjoy it with your family. You DO NOT have als. Biggest hugs. You are healthy, go enjoy a long beautiful life.
  11. I think you need to trust your Dr. Once I went to my Dr with a long list of concerns and she let me finish and even answered them all but then she said.. she is looking and listening to me from the moment I walk in the room, she is diagnosing me the entire time. She said she would not et me leave the room thinking I was fine when she was concerned. Your Dr would have sent you for testing, asked for a follow up etc.. told you his concerns.. they didn't did they? No.. because they know you are fine. You just have to believe it now. You got the test, you brought up your concerns, the Dr looked it over and he let you leave.. our minds run the show.. time to run it and say nope.. I'm healthy. Hugs. Anxiety is hell on wheels but you're in the driver seat.
  12. ALS twitching doesn't jump around. Als doesn't present like this and that's why your Drs aren't concerned. Hugs. You are okay. (Former als worrier here)
  13. 4 CT scans, bladder scope, blood work galore and 1 ultrasound 😝😝😝 it's been 3 years since I've had any out of the ordinary test. 😁 Recovery is long and hard but so worth the work!
  14. Holls


    I think our minds love to attach things together that don't belong 🥺 I think your blood work should be comforting to you as well as already having a Dr appointment and them looking over not only you but your results and are not concerned. Hugs. I think you are perfectly fine. It's just getting rid of intrusive pesky thoughts that should be a priority.
  15. Holls

    Check in

    Yes it's so good to see you here too. You helped me so so much! I remember sitting by my Christmas tree one year and you really helped me take a hard look at my worry and I finally put it away and enjoyed Christmas with my kids instead of worrying. So thank you so so much! You do great work here. 💜💜💜