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  1. I agree with everyone. I was an als worrier, you don't have any symptoms of als. Anxiety absolutely can cause everything you described. Please trust me, let this fear goooooooo... ! Don't waste another second on it. Go enjoy your sweet babies. You don't have als. Hugs.
  2. Go for a long walk to clear any anxiety and worry, sometimes it's the absolute last thing I want to do but I my mind feels 100x better after. Ride your bike etc... Hugs. This will pass.
  3. I've had this too and I remember when you posted it Bec I thought it was just normal lol. I have it maybe two - three times a year. It has never worried me.. it's just one of those things. Hugs. You are okay. It will go away soon.
  4. Don't test... I was an als worry as well. Over use, anxiety, stress are causes of twitching and you can also just twitch for no reason. Twitching with als is after muscle death.. it never starts with a twitch. Feeling fatigued doesn't mean anything either Bec people with als don't feel tired or weak. I'm sure you already know this. Your irrational thoughts are taking over. Hugs. You are absolutely fine. Move on from als for good.
  5. Holls

    MS fears

    Yes!!!! @sTeaLth said it perfectly! Listen to him..when you feel anxious come back and read it again. Hugs..
  6. That's awesome!!!! I'm glad you have comfort and can drop the worry for good. !
  7. Since this is giving you anxiety, the worst thing you can do is read stories about colon cancer. You don't have colon cancer. You don't have any symptoms. My best friend had colon cancer then our other co-worker had it as well as I relative of mine on my husband's side and they all had black blood and black stools... That's it.. your tummy is all in knots right now so you have to see that the worry isn't going to help your stools. And the best part is, your Dr isn't concerned! Big hugs!!! I hate to hear you are worrying over very very normal body functions. Our food sensitivity changes ... I can't eat ice cream or broccoli anymore Bec I have horrible horrible tummy pains and loose stools. Cauliflower makes me bloat like crazy and changes my poo... It's just all over the board. When I eat welly poo tends to be looser. When I eat like crap I had hard ball like poo.. when I'm about to have my menstrual I get constipated. And that's all completely normal and it's always changing. .
  8. The best thing to do and I was told this by my Dr .. is to wipe and flush. You don't and shouldn't be looking at your poo to this degree. You can tell by looking at your toliet paper after you wipe what color your poo is.. as long as it's not midnight black.. flush and move on. My poo changes all the time.. food and hormones cause mine to change.
  9. That's frustrating..how is he feeling? Hugs been thinking about you. I hope your therapist session helped any fears you had.
  10. Food poisoning possibly? I know how bad the anxiety is with ourselves, but so much more intense when it's about the kids. Hugs. Keep us updated if you don't mind.
  11. I experienced zaps in my head and body..mostly I'm my legs..my Dr said anxiety and that I needed to get control of that. Walking to burn that adrenaline helped me so much. Hugs.
  12. Sounds like you are looking for things. And what's that saying when you look, you shall find.. (or something like that lol) sounds like what you are worried about you have been worried over it for a long time... And maybe you have already asked a Dr and all is well????
  13. You are absolutely fine and your Dr told you that as well. My coworker and best friend had colon cancer. She had black blood clots in her poop for a year. She told my boss about it one day and my boss said next time I want to see it. ( Yeah we are a close family office unit lol) so she did and my boss said I'm taking you to my Dr . She was diagnosed that next day with cancer and she's fine today, that was seven years ago. You don't have any symptoms of colon cancer. You are going to change your poops by all the worrying you are doing, trust me I know Bec I had three diverticulitis attacks four years ago and I was freaked out I'd have another one so I obsessed over my poo and 1) almost drove myself insane 2) all my worrying was causing tummy issues which caused my poo issues .. when I finally said ENOUGH! I realized how irrational I was being. Trust both of the Drs that told you that you are fine. And just to help more. My poops are never the same. Ever . As long as I don't see blood clots I flush and go. Please do the same.
  14. Yes you are okay and you will be okay!!! Hugs. Let's this worry goooo!
  15. You are fine and don't have anything to worry about. That amoeba is found in lakes and rivers etc...and the chance of contracting it is so so so so small. You would have a better chance of being struck by lightning. I have stayed at a condo a few times at fort walton beach! Please, please, go on your balcony.. take a deep breath.. look out at the stunning view and give yourself a hug. You are okay. Have a fun time and don't let an irrational thoughts ruin your beautiful vacation!!!!