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  1. You absolutely will get back to yourself soon. Your future is big and bright! Definitely start making plans. I too at times want to sleep and escape reality.. I have a 20 month old and she is a fireball! she keeps me running all day. Honestly if it wasn't for her I would be in worse shape. I'm doing therapy too.. it's a new therapist so it's slow going. That's good you are in therapy too, it really does help. I'm so sorry about your dad. I can't imagine what you went through. That sounds traumatic.. My dad told me he didn't want me or my sisters with him when he passed..he said that was a Private moment and he didn't want us crying over him. We left my brother in law at the hospital and when he stepped out of the room my dad passed. He had his private moment..I regret it and then I don't..I know that's all part of grief. It's like one hell of a rollercoaster. I hope you are giving yourself a lot of grace. Sounds like your dad was a great man and y'all were close. I'm sure he's still close by you. Do you ever feel him?.do you feel he leaves you signs? I asked my dad if he would and he said no lol!! He said he would be too busy having fun and he would see me when it was my time. I'm here if you ever want to swap dad stories and vent about it all, just sent me a message. Don't worry about your thumb though. It's absolutely fine.
  2. I'm so glad it's better and your fears are gone..I know you are so relieved to put this worry behind you. Big hugs.
  3. Holls

    Lip Twitch

    I'm so excited for y'all! You have helped me so much too! I'm forever grateful!
  4. I just looked at your new picture. Honestly if you didn't circle it and point to it I wouldn't have noticed. We def notice more because of our anxiety but I definitely don't see anything to be concerned with..it you feel that it's still a bit swollen I would put a frozen bag of veggies (I do peas lol) on it for 15 min here and there. That will help with any pain as well. I'm really big on epsom salt. It helps ease pain and gets rid of any skin type issues I have. Worked wonders for an abscess I had years ago. Hugs. I know you are worried but you are fine. I promise. I'm glad the Tylenol helped with the pain. I bet it looks better/ might be completely gone by this time tomorrow.
  5. Honestly, not well. I'm 44, I'm incredibly lucky and happy I had so many years with him but it's never enough. He was my hero and I miss him daily. My anxiety is through the roof. I was just on tik Tok and every post was about someone with cancer it freaks me out. My dad passed from a UTI that made him septic and fungal pneumonia very odd things. He was my opposite, he lived in the now and never ever worried. I wish I could do that. I want to run to the e.r and do a CT scan just so I know everything is fine lol. I've thought about paying out of pocket for those MRI full body scans but I've read that sometimes that leads to unnecessary worry and testing down the line. I expected this uptick in anxiety but it really sucks. How are you? Has your anxiety worsened since your dad's passing?
  6. Holls

    Lip Twitch

    Congratulations on your new baby! How exciting..I have a 20 month old. She's been so much fun. She's our 4rth. (I'm 44) lol. My oldest is 20 😆 I had the lip twitch it felt so bizarre lol but it's harmless. I actually went to my Dr about it. I also couldn't see mine move in the mirror. I have had eyelid twitching. My eye Dr said it's stress! Ugh stress! it really can cause havoc.
  7. Im sorry you lost your dad. Mine passed in July. Big hugs. I was an ALS worrier so unfortunately, I know way more than I should. Pain and feeling off is not a symptom. That's actually the exact opposite. They have failure with no feeling. You can still do all of your normal activities even if you have moments of pain or feeling weakness and feelings off it's not a symptom. It's absolutely not Als. People with als would tell you to get it out of your mind and live your life. Als worry can be a rabbit hole that can steal your time and happiness..don't let that happen.
  8. When my wounds get itchy I was always told that's a sign of healing. I wasn't concerned with the red areas "streaks" near the area. Looks like just an area that has a wound.. I understand your panic, that's why we are all here but I 100% know you are okay.
  9. Hi. I'm sorry your anxiety is high right now. I have had that burning sensation when my anxiety gets really high. Tension too! When you are at an anxious state I think your body responds in different ways and I've read here many times other people that have both the burning and tension. I honestly wouldn't worry about it. Once your anxiety calms, so will these sensations. Hugs. Happy New Year
  10. Hi all. It's been awhile. I hope everyone is doing well and had a Merry Christmas. My dad passed this July. It's been extremely hard. We were very close. I can't believe he's gone. I'm 44, I had a lot of beautiful years with my dad but I wanted forever. My anxiety is amped up. He had a UTI that turned septic and fungual pneumonia. He was on the ventilator.. we had to make the decision to end life. It was horrible. I started therapy again but it's not really helping. I have these quick burst of anxiety worry.. they don't last for days but they come fast and hard. I wish I could just live in the now and stop worrying all the damn time. Any advice on a certain type of therapy that has worked for someone one or some type of meditation that helps redirect my thoughts? Walking does help when I'm anxious but I feel like I need more. Hugs all.
  11. Oh my goodness I had that exact same thing a few years ago and mine was also after an extremely stressful period. I started hyper focusing on it and eating became a nightmare and in some way it started affecting my breathing. I had to do activities that kept my mind busy or I would go right back to that feeling. This one took awhile to go away. It will go away.
  12. Hi! It's good to see you too. I hope you are doing well. Oh I agree. I just got blood work done and I was an anxious mess until my results came in. Thank you for your feedback back on th scan, that helps bec my mind was ready telling me I needed it.
  13. I think you you frequently and hope you are doing well and loving anxiety free! You have helped me so much, I will always be grateful. 

    1. angrry


      Hi Holls...I was wondering how you are doing....I hadnt been here for a long time...things changed for me when I joined a gym and started losing weight and getting into shape...its been 3 1/2 years now....my HA is practically non-existent now...I hope everything is going well with you...

  14. Hi all. It's been a very long time since I've been here. Love this community. The only social media I have is Instagram and I've been seeing ads for prenuvo so much. Prenuvo is an MRI scan that you pay for yourself. You can get diff scans ranging from like 2500-1000. How do y'all feel about these types of "preventative" scans? I feel like it's opening a can of worms then my anxiety tells me but you need to do it lol. I've always wondered why scans weren't part of a yearly health check . I'm curious what my fellow anxiety central friends think. Hugs everyone.
  15. Holls

    ALS fear

    Twitching in Als comes AFTER muscle loss and death meaning you would have clinical weakness and would have had a Dr diagnose that. Twitching can be from so so many things. Neither one of y'all have any symptoms of Als. I was a huge Als worrier. Sad to say about two years worth. 😞 Took my mind a long time to grasp that twitching and perceived weakness is NOT an als symptom. Hugs. Don't spend one more minute on this worry. Promise, y'all are both okay. Enjoy your day and don't let this worry steal any more time.