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  1. I think you need to trust your Dr. Once I went to my Dr with a long list of concerns and she let me finish and even answered them all but then she said.. she is looking and listening to me from the moment I walk in the room, she is diagnosing me the entire time. She said she would not et me leave the room thinking I was fine when she was concerned. Your Dr would have sent you for testing, asked for a follow up etc.. told you his concerns.. they didn't did they? No.. because they know you are fine. You just have to believe it now. You got the test, you brought up your concerns, the Dr looked it over and he let you leave.. our minds run the show.. time to run it and say nope.. I'm healthy. Hugs. Anxiety is hell on wheels but you're in the driver seat.
  2. ALS twitching doesn't jump around. Als doesn't present like this and that's why your Drs aren't concerned. Hugs. You are okay. (Former als worrier here)
  3. 4 CT scans, bladder scope, blood work galore and 1 ultrasound 😝😝😝 it's been 3 years since I've had any out of the ordinary test. 😁 Recovery is long and hard but so worth the work!
  4. Holls


    I think our minds love to attach things together that don't belong 🥺 I think your blood work should be comforting to you as well as already having a Dr appointment and them looking over not only you but your results and are not concerned. Hugs. I think you are perfectly fine. It's just getting rid of intrusive pesky thoughts that should be a priority.
  5. Holls

    Check in

    Yes it's so good to see you here too. You helped me so so much! I remember sitting by my Christmas tree one year and you really helped me take a hard look at my worry and I finally put it away and enjoyed Christmas with my kids instead of worrying. So thank you so so much! You do great work here. 💜💜💜
  6. Holls


    No I don't..my close friend and co worker had colon cancer and they did not have those symptoms. They also didn't have clean adominal checks or ultrasounds, scans etc... If it's been a long time since you have worked out and the level of intensity is high, it can make you feel sick. Find a low impact workout and slowly build. 🤗
  7. Hi again! I was an als worrier. Sadly for almost and entire yr. It can def be a dark destructive rabbit hole. Please run out now. Yes you are right, there is no having a good day with als.. it gets worse and worse. You also don't have any symptoms that go with als. My husband has had numbness come and go at different places. It has stopped for him...I had twitches and weakness and some cramping in my calves at night, But it was my anxiety causing it all. Have you gone to your Dr? Mine said nope right away but I by passed her and went to a neurologist. He wanted to do a nerve study and my husband put his foot down and that's when I knew I had to get better. Took awhile but I am 3 years out from this worry. Hugs. Please don't think als. It's def not that.
  8. @Gog13 I love that rational thinking!!! I'm going to use that when I have a new worry... " There are lots of shades of gray in medicine" it's so easy after you Google to only see it one way and usually it's the absolute worse case scenario. Hugs !! I'm glad you posted, I have way less anxiety than I ever have but learning new ways to cope always always help!..
  9. Holls

    Gum boil

    They are so sore! I had one a few months ago and it stayed for a week. Looked awful and I had a hard time eating and drinking stuff. Mouth stuff isn't fun lol. Ugh. 🤭🦷
  10. Holls

    Gum boil

    Is it a boil or abscess? I had an abscess and just got antibiotics. I called into my dentist and he prescribed them and my appointment was a week later..you might could get your family Dr to peek at it and get antibiotics if needed. I did rinse with salt water a few times a day and my dentist had mentioned tea bags.. lol I never did it Bec my spot was healing pretty well. He thought my abscess was coming and going with the bad tooth I had. It was a root canal tooth that needed to be pulled. So unfortunately, if you don't get your tooth fixed, this could happen off and on until then. Hugs. I know it's jarring to feel and see that on your gums, you will be fine. And if you don't have a dentist call one and see what they can do for you over the phone until you can get in.. hugs. I absolutely hate dentist problems lol. I hope yours gets eased fast.
  11. Hi. I remember long ago when you first posted about this. 🥺 I'm so sorry this fear has lingered that long for you. I'm not a Dr. But I can tell you what I know from my friend having colon cancer and also a close coworker. They both had symptoms. Dark blood clots when having a bowel movements, neither had an obstruction. 1 had chemo and surgery and the other had just surgery. Both are absolutely fine and it's been more than 7 years ago. Their symptoms were noticable and concerning. I'll add this too.. my best friend had liver cancer and she had tons of symptoms.. you wouldn't have a mass and no symptoms. I agree that sometimes when we are in a worry cycle it's best to have the Dr just squash the worry with a quick check up. That way in the future when you mind wonders to this, you can say nope, Dr said it's fine. I've had to break down and do that several times. It's always hellish to wait and go through with the appointment but the relief is what we seek and need. To me you have nothing to worry about, but that's easy for me to say. I understand that worry train and how relentless it can be. Bug hugs. !!!
  12. Holls

    Check in

    Ellebel!!!! Just saw your notice. I don't get on hardly at all anymore. I'm doing well, I got a new job at the very start of the pandemic 🥺 it's been a wild, hard ride so most of my attention has been focused on that. Luckily it's part time and I work from home! I am sorry to hear that your worry is jumping from 1 thing right to another. Is it any wonder though with all that's been going on? Our minds always go to old worries when we are anxious hence that pesky als fear. You have zero to worry about. Then throw in hormones after baby and I have to give you a pat on the back !!! You are doing an amazing job and your baby is so very lucky to have you as a momma. When the worries come in, pack your baby up in a wrap or stroller and take a brisk walk to clear the head. Your mind can run away with lies so fast.. don't let it. Biggest, warmest hugs. You are healthy and amazing! 💕💗💜🧡❤️💙
  13. Wow big hugs!!! It's been a long time. I'm doing well despite this wild year that has spilled over into 2021! I hope you and your family are well.
  14. Hi. Fellow als worrier here. I had twitches in my calves while at rest... It was ALL anxiety. Let me tell you my story real quick. One night I was having horrible wrist pain and weakness. I googled weak wrist and als came up. I almost passed out in my living room. I had to go take a bath to calm down..I read all about als and the symptoms the next night as I lay down for bed I felt twitches in my calves and I had never had them before and I again went into hysterics. My husband made me go to my Dr (to talk about anxiety bec he knew I was fine) my Dr said no it's anxiety but I couldn't let it go. My mind was really screwing with me. After about a year of an als rabbit hole I finally went to therapy and we called bull on all the lies my mind was feeding me. Truth is, als doesn't work that way. You don't get twitches first.. they come after muscle loss and death. They don't happen in more than one muscle at a time and twitches are extremely normal and common..all those sites like to tell you other wise... And that's why we don't google lol. Hugs hun. Let it gooooooo! Say yeah I see you twitch and you mean NOTHING! And slowly but surely it will go away. The more you feed into it the slower it will go. Deep breath. You are okay.
  15. My toes do that and have since I was five. I believe mine is restless leg syndrome. Starts at my feet and moves up but my toes will move on their own, curl up, shake and twitch. Hugs. It doesn't look like anything bad and sure isn't als so don't even go down that road. (Past als worrier for twitching calves)