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  1. Hi. I was an als worrier and I try to not comment too much our I'll start to worry again, it's all very suggestive when you have anxiety. Since this is in your family I can see how you are hyper aware of any feelings you have. Tightness and twitches aren't symptoms. I'm so sorry that your uncle's have been diagnosed. I hope that when you see your neurologist that you can get the relief you need to move forward. I would suggest seeing a therapist. Not only will they help with the ALS anxiety it helps with anxiety in general. It absolutely saved me. Hugs!
  2. Hi. If you had a Dr look at it . I'd let it go. I always just get my pcp to look at skin stuff Bec I'm scared of dermatologist lol. They love to cut . Drs know what to look for and if your Dr was concerned she would have said to see a derm. Hugs hun. You can relax and let it go.
  3. Feeling weak isn't ALS weakness... That took me a long time to understand.. even though it was explained to me so many times..I'd always think but you don't feel what I do, I feel so so weak... People with ALS don't feel anything..they don't feel weak.. they are weak in that they fail. I wish the word weakness wasn't used Bec they have total failure at tasks.. the weakness you feel is real and I have it too, but it's not failure to do tasks . Anxiety is exhausting, worrying is exhausting. I completely understand how changes can increase anxiety. I have three kids and I started a new job before the virus.. it's a lot!!!! So give yourself a break and know that you aren't alone and your feelings are valid. I love my husband, but he doesn't understand my anxiety. I go to therapy once every two weeks and it has helped so so much. I get ahead of my anxiety now instead of letting it build before I get help. I personally don't think you need a neurologist. If you need peace of mind. Go to your pcp. They can do simple strength tests and that's it.. once I did that it helped me move forward. Hugs.
  4. I'm doing well, thank you!!! Wishing the world would heal and we can all move forward with a fresh start. Hugs. Squeeze that cute baby for me! 😘😘💗😘
  5. Yes hun... She would have felt a swollen node. Trust the nurse. She sees this day in and day out. She would not have sent you home and not have scheduled a mammogram if something was wrong.. legally she would be in trouble too. The ultrasound is clear. You are clear. I'm sorry this happened... But you did get a test and it's all clear. Hugs!!!
  6. Dents and dimples aren't atrophy.. man with ALS told me think of a block of ice that has melted or he said go look up pictures of men from the Holocaust. Your twitches got worse from the alcohol. Your body is on high alert and the alcohol isn't helping that. The shock, zap feelings are the adrenaline trying to go somewhere .. same as the twitches. You absolutely do not have ALS. You have zero symptoms. You self diagnosed yourself with a very very very very rare disease and your not a Dr! You can't see clearly when you read ALS symptoms or you would see clear as day you don't have it. Hugs. You really can relax. I'm not a Dr but I've talked to several Drs, men with ALS and a neurologist.. but even if I didn't talk to all those people I know you don't have als... It's just absolutely not how it works. Enjoy you Saturday hun, take a deep breath. Stop googling , ignore the twitches that mean nothing and live your day!!!!!! Please. Please don't waste another day on this.
  7. Ellebel! I'm so sorry that getting peace of mind made things worse . So I would go with the breast cancer nurse who knows what's she's looking for .. what did the ultrasound show? Also.. if they are concerned they would tell you to stop breastfeeding for the mammogram.. I don't think they would take the risk.
  8. I am so so glad you posted this!!! This will help so many that come to this forum worried. I'm so glad you are doing so well!!! You know I waisted almost two years with this worry. I also have days I still twitch, I still feel weak in my left leg and foot . But I'm not clinically weak. The mind can trick us to believe so much.. especially when we Google and self diagnose 🤪 walking and spending time with family is what helped me too!!! @Jremtx hugs!!! I'm so happy you are doing well!!!
  9. You are too!!! You have helped so so many and when I slip into old worries you always bring me back to reality. I think that's a great plan! You know how powerful the mind is. I went through a short (2 week) worry over bulbar fears.. and you know I'm sure , how subtle that is not but I had a hell of a time with my tongue. I felt like it was preventing me from swallowing and breathing right. I could hardly eat. But it was all me doing it. Once I took a break it went away. Ughhh!
  10. I also go in June for all my yearly exams and a full blood panel etc... Mine is put off for at least two more months as well. I think right now with everything going on we are just more anxious than usual. Not being able to have the tests and get that yearly peace of mind is hard but rationally I think you know deep down that you are absolutely fine and it's more about not having that quick confirmation that has made your anxiety flare. We are creature of habit and I know for me when that changes my anxiety goes up. I was anxious knowing mine was delayed but I'm okay with it now. Two months is not long to wait and I want to be safe going to my appointment.
  11. Your tongue looks absolutely normal. I had to look at mine and compare lol.. so mine is a bit redder than yours but other than that.. I'm sorry this is still a bother for you. 😞 But I don't see anything concerning or out of the ordinary
  12. You are going to be okay.. anxiety comes and goes. This too shall pass! The pandemic has made my anxiety amp up from time to time.. it's normal and you are not alone! My therapist said she was even feeling some anxiety and that's when I realized okay, it's not just me.. when I feel my anxiety i use my tools to help.. working out to clear my head, biking walking, reading...anything to keep the mind busy and clear. Hugs .you are okay.
  13. It sounded fishy to be honest. This is a place where we all help one another on their posts. That's how you can help people.
  14. This might be a scam, so please be careful. We have a few of these type of posts pop up and then they get deleted by the administrator. If you need help you can always pick someone and send them a private message. Hugs. I hope your anxiety has subsided a bit with your worry. I know I'm not a Dr.. but you shouldn't worry about Als. It just doesn't present like the way you say. Hugs again!!!
  15. I had this worry for two years and it ruined and took so much from me. My children's birthdays, holiday's, vacations. Even if I was a little better it was always in the back of my mind. My absolute best advice to you is to go to a Dr. I saw a physicians assistant. It takes maybe 10 min. They pull and push on you to evaluate any clinical weakness. After I had my appointment the worry faded.. Bec I knew I was fine. I know it's a strange time with covid but a Drs office will def be taking precautions. Hugs. I hope you do this soon so you can peacefully move on.