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  1. Had the ultrasound today . All was normal! Feeling very relieved
  2. Thanks soo much for the reply! I will definitely take ear buds and my phone.ive been through this before several years ago. Turned out to be a lot of cyst. They eventually went away. I have no bleeding or anything so I guess that’s good. I’m just so scared of any test. I do t know how I’ll get through if they find something.
  3. Hi everyone. I’m trying , so hard, to not have a complete freak out. I had a pelvic exam last week. Doctor felt something small on my uterus. She assured me over and over that she doesn’t think it’s serious. I’ve had this doctor for years, I don’t think she’d lie to me. I have to have vaginal ultrasound tomorrow. I’m so so scared! I’ve had one before and it traumatized me. Ended up having to get biopsy. All was fine then. I really don’t think I can get through this, I’m making myself sick can’t sleep or eat.
  4. That’s exactly why it’s happening! I know how hard it is. I’m going through something now too, I’m obsessed with it. Health anxiety is torture! Try and distract yourself, I’m sure this is all anxiety,
  5. I Have the same thing, one day it’s fine, next day I’m going all the time. If you’re anything like me, youre subconsciously thinking about it, the more I think about it , the more it happens. I truly think you’re fine, I’ve had this in and off for years
  6. My doctor told me anytime pain hurts with stretching or movement it’s muscular
  7. Hi penny, I’ve also had this, I don’t remember how long it lasted, I honestly forgot about it, cause lately I move from one thing to the next
  8. Yes yes yes, I’ve had it off and on for years, I’m constantly going, the more I focus on it the more I need to go. I also don’t wake up at night but all day long I go. I’m constantly anxious, so I know that’s why it’s happening.
  9. I was the exact same. My son had a cold and I constantly was yelling at him to wash his hands. I worried for days adter
  10. Me and you are the same person haha. I’m terrified of flu, I will hardly let anyone come to my house during flu season, I also won’t get shot cause of my fear of allergic reactions.
  11. It’s so unnerving, it hasn’t been happening lately, I usually get the dropping feeling palpitations, I’ve had those for years . I have gerd. So I was used to having those after eating or caffeine. Doctor did an ekg a few monthes ago it was good. She said heart sounds great. The racing heart is something I usually only get when really nervous. But lately I’ve been getting it on and off for no reason.
  12. Mine sometimes is 100 when I’m just sitting, like you, I was afraid to do anything. Mine did seem worse after eating. It’s been better lately, but it has been doing it off and on for a month. I went to doctor cause I could feel it beating really fast when laying on my left side. She said it’s because I’m thin. She said the racing is anxiety.
  13. I’ve also been having this in and off for a month now. I’ve always had palpitations, but they’re usually the fluttering kind. Now I feel the racing. When I getbit , it lasts for like an hour. Comes and goes . I also hate it. My doctor didn’t seem concerned.
  14. So sorry mark. This health anxiety is awful! You’ve helped me so so many times. I’m sure you’ll get through this. I will keep you in my thoughts. ❤️❤️❤️
  15. My chin , my lip . My nose all do this. I e had it happen off and on for many years now