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  1. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Thanks so much for your response . Getting this vaccine was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Then, getting Covid arm just made it worse
  3. Thanks so much! This is so hard for me. I will definitely take your suggestions. Which vaccine did you get?
  4. I sure hope not! I’m so anxious about it
  5. Kindra, did you have any issues with second vaccine? Now, I’m terrified to get it!
  6. Thanks for your comment, now, I’m so scared to get the second shot, I’m afraid I’ll get worse reaction , did you have any problems?
  7. Thanks! Yeah, my doctor said it’s not anything to worry about, I was just shocked it happened ten days after I got vaccine, it started Friday night still getting bigger. I am terrified now to get the second. I did google and it said it can last as long as 21 days. I wish o could calm myself down. Thanks for Yoir response
  8. It’s just so scary looking. Do you know how long it lasted?
  9. Can someone please calm me down? I’m so Terrified right now. I got the phizer vaccine 12 days ago, first shot. Was terrified to get it cause I won’t even take medicine. Had no issues till ten days after. Whole upper arm is red itchy and hot. Sent my doctor a picture she says it’s nothing to worry about. She said it’s called Covid arm. I read about it in line says it’s not serious. But, I’m truly scared to death, I can’t function at all. Now , I won’t want to get the second shot,
  10. Yeah, my doctored mentioned it could be that. She assured me it’s not deadly, my main problem is I’m terrified to use any kind of creams or take medicine, I go in the morning to see the gynecologist, one good thing my symptoms are a lot better than they were, thanks for the kind words! I hope the best for you also❤️
  11. Hi penny, I know exactly how you feel, I’m going to see a gynecologist on Monday. My gp and said I may have a precancerous condition on my vulva. Told me it’s not deadly very treatable, but,I’m completely terrified, can’t think of nothing else. It’s even getting better, and my gp said that’s a great sign, but, like you how do I live with anything that could be precancerous? I’m sure you’re going to be just fine, I’m sure I will too, but,we have to figure out a way to live with uncertainty, I wish I knew the answer,
  12. Thanks marc. Doctor says it’s probably from my back, but could be the start of plantar fasciitis. Hasn’t happened again so guess that’s good for now
  13. Thanks penny so much for replying.the numbness is better in heel. But having a lot of back and sciatic problems. My doctor says it’s from my sciatic nerve. I’m now on to other worries. This COVID 19 is causing me to have so much more anxiety, again, thanks for replying and stay safe, hope you’re doing ok❤️
  14. Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing ok, I’ve been having bad anxiety lately, one thing after another. I’m freaking out now , because the bottom of my heel feels numb. And kind of tingly, espcially when I walk on it. I do have sciatica and low back issues. My hip and butt both hurt. I’ve had tingly toes and numb toes but.never the heel. I can still feel stuff on the spot , but it just feels weird. Anyone else had this? Thanks for reading ,