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  1. Exactly. Sped up is the right words. Fastest ever vaccine was for Ebola and that took about 4 years. So this was really sped up to get it out there. Lot of countries refusing certain vaccines because of the whole blood clot thing. Which was either not found in their tests or found but no mentioned. Not here to put anybody off the vaccine. They have a choice to make. Now more facts are been found out. They can make their choice knowing what they know now. Which is something they did know when the vaccine first came out.
  2. They would not really have had the right amount of time to test any of the vaccines. As a rule you would need about a year to see various side effects if there are any. Have to remember these vaccines were done quickly and put in use for emergency use only. They were not fully tested like any other new type of vaccine or medication would be tested. Because they were wanted quickly.
  3. With such things it could be as simple as the food you eat. Junk food as you call it. Trapped gas and the likes. That alone can cause discomfort. But for peace of mind it would be good to try and rule other things out. None of us are doctors on here. So nobody can say it is this, that or the other. only similar issues I had before were brought on by acid reflux. But as you don't mention that, I assume we can rule that one out? You would know if you had that one. Plus there is this thing of all the things you think it might be. Even just thinking about such things can make you feel like something is going on. When really it is not. You get an idea in your head and your mind takes over. It blows it right up and turns it into something worse. More you worry about it, the longer it will stay with you. There would be no harm in having a few tests carried out. if the problem is in your stomach, maybe they should have a look inside your stomach. See if there is anything going on that they can see. This is probably the only thing that will give you full peace of mind. I do agree about the hemorrhoids. We have all been there. Using the bathroom and more forcing ourselves to go. Can cause some blood. Easy to get some cream in a chemist. Next step is up to you. Live with how you are feeling? Or ask to have a few tests done to rule out many things?
  4. My friend's latest project.
  5. All close contacts are tested here in Ireland. Close contact meaning anybody who was close enough to a person with Covid. So testing should be covered. Just to be on the safe side.
  6. That is something we could all say about events that happened to or around us. If we were not there at that time. There are many times I look back and think ' what if I had not gone out that night '. I am sure life would have been different in a big way today. But I did go out those nights. Life is as it is. you were not to blame. Answer me this, what if you were not there and somebody else was? Another driver in another car. Exact same outcome. As my mother always says ' when your time is up, your time is up '. Hard not to feel somewhat guilty. But you did nothing wrong at all. This is something you have to come to accept.
  7. Ireland. Just across the Irish sea from you. Like I said ask lots of questions if unsure. Here's hoping for some good results.
  8. With gastritis I would expect you to be throwing up. Maybe I am thinking that way because is that is how it worked for me. A scan on the stomach area would show up an ulcer. Might give you some of that horrible dye. Makes the area they want to see more clear to them. Have had an ultrasound done. Been fed into machines and spit back out. LOL. You name it, I have had it done. But this was all after the burst ulcer. Nothing at all before it. Every test you can think of after it. Including the camera to make sure their handy work was still all good. I was not eating much at all. Never did weigh that much. But with this issue I lost a lot of weight. Last year has been good to me. Eating a lot every day and gained a good bit of weight. Am on a PPI daily. That is for the stomach. As for what kind of pains you get? I had them all over. Including in my back area. That was the first thing that did hit me. Bad pains. From there, a few months later I began to throw up a lot. But never any tests done at all. Baffled me. Then one evening I dropped with the pain. That was the ulcer bursting. Rushed to hospital. Operated on nearly straight away. Had been throwing blood up. 2 weeks in the ICU. Poison in my blood. I was tripping. Seeing things that were not really there. Hearing things too. It was freaky. They were pumping me full of drugs too. Get yours sorted early and don't end up were I did. Don't be afraid to ask the doctor questions. Tell him your thoughts. Good luck with everything.