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  1. All close contacts are tested here in Ireland. Close contact meaning anybody who was close enough to a person with Covid. So testing should be covered. Just to be on the safe side.
  2. That is something we could all say about events that happened to or around us. If we were not there at that time. There are many times I look back and think ' what if I had not gone out that night '. I am sure life would have been different in a big way today. But I did go out those nights. Life is as it is. you were not to blame. Answer me this, what if you were not there and somebody else was? Another driver in another car. Exact same outcome. As my mother always says ' when your time is up, your time is up '. Hard not to feel somewhat guilty. But you did nothing wrong at all. This is something you have to come to accept.
  3. Ireland. Just across the Irish sea from you. Like I said ask lots of questions if unsure. Here's hoping for some good results.
  4. With gastritis I would expect you to be throwing up. Maybe I am thinking that way because is that is how it worked for me. A scan on the stomach area would show up an ulcer. Might give you some of that horrible dye. Makes the area they want to see more clear to them. Have had an ultrasound done. Been fed into machines and spit back out. LOL. You name it, I have had it done. But this was all after the burst ulcer. Nothing at all before it. Every test you can think of after it. Including the camera to make sure their handy work was still all good. I was not eating much at all. Never did weigh that much. But with this issue I lost a lot of weight. Last year has been good to me. Eating a lot every day and gained a good bit of weight. Am on a PPI daily. That is for the stomach. As for what kind of pains you get? I had them all over. Including in my back area. That was the first thing that did hit me. Bad pains. From there, a few months later I began to throw up a lot. But never any tests done at all. Baffled me. Then one evening I dropped with the pain. That was the ulcer bursting. Rushed to hospital. Operated on nearly straight away. Had been throwing blood up. 2 weeks in the ICU. Poison in my blood. I was tripping. Seeing things that were not really there. Hearing things too. It was freaky. They were pumping me full of drugs too. Get yours sorted early and don't end up were I did. Don't be afraid to ask the doctor questions. Tell him your thoughts. Good luck with everything.
  5. Gastritis is just throwing up non stop. Simple as that. Is just bile and the likes. Is a severe symptom of acid reflux.I never knew I had an ulcer until it burst. They might suggest putting a camera down you. Have a look around. Never done that with me. If they had it would have saved me a lot of pain and trips to the A&E.
  6. Had a burst ulcer. In hospital for a month. Leading up to it I kept getting bouts of gastritis. Which was in turn related to acid reflux. So if unsure, visit a doctor. Have things checked out. When they burst they can be dangerous. 3 operations needed on mine. Don't let yours get that far. They can tell very early if you visit a doctor or a hospital. Put you on something for it. Keep an eye on it.
  7. Hey there. Again I think. Think I welcomed you on another forum as well. Picture looks familiar.
  8. Hello to the Otherside. Sounds better if you sing it.
  9. Colour of what comes out depends on what you eat. Had a friend eat a tub of mint ice cream once. When he went he boasted it was just all green. Colour of the ice cream. You are fully aware of things. You are too focused on this. If you didn't look, you would have a problem. But stopping yourself from looking is the main problem you have. Try and go and not check it and see how you feel. Bring a magazine in with you. Focus on that.
  10. I am sorry to hear that. Can be hard ar rimes like that. to have a person you loved just lifted from your life. Can only hope you find peace. It can be found with time. I am sure there is still so much in life you have to offer. Wishing you all the best x x x
  11. Gilly. Been a while Hope you are doing good?
  12. Do you pay well? You know I would do anything for love, but I won't do that.