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  1. I'm not going reply line by line.*Hug*Remember you aren't alone!You are aware of what's going on and that is a great starting point!In my very unprofessional opinion I think personally I would change course.Whether it be meds or alternative therapy or doctor or whatever you know!?.Just want to say I can really relate and sometimes you just have to shake things up.You can and will feel better!:)
  2. 9. I really like it.You have to tell me who she is. Seriously it has been bothering me.I know I've seen it before lol.
  3. Well it all starts with quality of the beef?My meatloaf has never been referred to as juicy though lol.
  4. I don't buy love but I buy meatloaf.(For the love of....someone jump in stuff is getting weird lol)
  5. If I told had a hot body would you hold it against me?(I'm dying over here lol)
  6. Just waking up.Hopefully you get some rest*hug*
  7. *Hugs*Gilly. I hope all is well.:) On my phone having trouble sharing gifs.
  8. Oh Total Eclipse thou's beauty is only eclipsed by your inner warmth.To thee I say.......I have no idea what you look like.:p