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  2. I'm not going reply line by line.*Hug*Remember you aren't alone!You are aware of what's going on and that is a great starting point!In my very unprofessional opinion I think personally I would change course.Whether it be meds or alternative therapy or doctor or whatever you know!?.Just want to say I can really relate and sometimes you just have to shake things up.You can and will feel better!:)
  3. I pulled my leg muscle thinking about bowling that much!
  4. Hey BrokenArrow:)Extreme exercise or long distance cardio? Totally agree with Total Eclipse.Keep some liquid in you also.
  5. Opinions are like anus's,everyone has one?lol
  6. Definitely love the water!Are we talking about Poseidon and Sirens?:)
  7. Maybe not helpful currently but seems promising.
  8. All you drank was whiskey!?lol Hopefully you'll be able to laugh about it later. Anxiety and hangovers are pretty brutal. Get to feeling better:)
  9. I can definitely relate to your last paragraph. Having so much to be thankful for yet kind of taking things for granted while keenly aware of it.It's hard to say if your clinically depressed or going through some ups and downs. I would definitely recommend branching out on positive new things to do. Variety is the spice of life.Good luck!
  10. Lucid

    Son's ct scan

    Doctors aren't gods but if forced to bet I would say things are okay.6 weeks is a lot of time on this.
  11. For years I haven't been able to take antidepressants for unknown reasons(Terrible reactions). A couple of months ago my doctor recommended that I take a DNA/some kind of genetic breakdown test.She strongly suspects that Serotonin Syndrome may be the culprit.I will know the results in a couple of weeks. My ummmm thing is.....why wouldn't you run the test first!? Lol