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  1. I will not be given an ultimatum on two things I enjoy!..........jusst kidding waffles.
  2. Lyrics are wrong.Replace mind with mine.


  5. I love music I'll be all over this thread:)

  7. Exactly it really is about quality of life!.I am just a wreck if I don't take my meds.To the people that are med free.....I am envious:)
  8. It has been some time but low dose valium has helped me tremendously.Also diagnosed with GAD.I tried various other things before meds.One of the biggest problems I encountered was that my trigger or triggers have never been identified.I just walk around with an extremely high level of anxiety.I understand that anxiety is usually rooted in some way to the fear of death.The thing is I don't think I fear it more or less than just about anyone else.I'm not exactly thrilled about taking meds but we do what we must!:)
  9. Definitely love the water!Are we talking about Poseidon and Sirens?:)
  10. Jets and Amy Lee does it for me.:)

  12. Maybe not helpful currently but seems promising.