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  1. Well the I think I have ALS queen is back. After weeks of accepting I’m fine some weird crap happens. Has anybody ever had twitches so big it moves your limb? I had my arm laying across myself and all of the sudden - THUMP THUMP THUMP! That’s what it felt like and my whole forearm jumped with it. Does anybody else get twitches like that?
  2. From what I understand shakiness is part of benign fasciculation syndrome. Nothing I tell you is going to take your worry away forever. You’re gonna keep coming back to it. This is something you have got to fix in your head and I know because I’m currently trying to do that myself
  3. Have you been neglecting your water intake because of your worry?
  4. Yes, I have them daily. I had an EMG yesterday. I’ve had an MRI and other bloodwork. They have found nothing. She thinks mine is because of a food allergy and there is actually a scientific study on it. The lab tech was telling me she has known lots of people with frequent twitches. Twitches aren’t really an MS symptom. Neither is Parkinson’s. My dad has Parkinson’s. Most of the people who worry about twitching are medical students and people who google. i worried so much I sent myself into chronic dehydration and only made things worse. If you can’t stop worrying, go to a neurologist. Other than that, stay off Google and focus on your health. Get on your knees and pray. This twitch worrying cycle never ends. There are people here that have been twitching for 12 years and can hardly function to take care of their family because they are so worried. God is the only one who can truly give you peace.
  5. Do either one of you feel shaky in the morning? Like your legs are about to give out?
  6. You've been twitching 12 years?!?!?! You must just be worried that you are going to develop it at some point? Cause not even Stephen Hawking got away with 12 years after onset without weakness. I wish I was at the point in my terrifying journey that you are, cause I feel like I def wouldn't be worried anymore. Good you're going to the neurologist tomorrow though. Definitely let us know what they say. In the meantime, I know how it is just needing to talk to somebody and not being able to help but ask a million questions. Here if you need me. P.S. My spouse is very frustrated as well and I also struggle to be present!
  7. Geez, Louise. Are you married? I can see my husband's eyes start to glaze over when I talk about it. Can't say that I blame him, I've been hysterical. Every day I make him promise he will take care of my son. He's never been worried or depressed a day in his life so when someone is upset he's just kinda like durrrrrrrr
  8. Hey, the more - the merrier! I cannot imagine what going to that psychologist what like. I would have came out 10 times worse as well. If you're anything like me (or most health anxiety sufferers) if we are worried about something and say we happen to just randomly see a sign for a fundraiser for whatever we are worried about, we take it as a sign the universe is trying to tell us that we have it. What other symptoms are you having?
  9. Yeah it did for about an hour lol I have the worst health anxiety I think I’ve ever heard of. Just the thought of being a burden to my family and leaving my son without a mother scares the shit out of me! Honestly I think I won’t be happy until I drive my neuro nuts as well. I’m so grateful you have talked to me so thoroughly about it though. May God bless you for being so kind to a stranger
  10. balls never mind I saw where you said your pain is worse in the morning.
  11. Sorry to bother you Matty, did you find that your pain was better in the morning, like it was gone when you very first woke up?
  12. People with MS simply just do not have clean MRIs. There are lesions on their brain that causes those symptoms. And thats coming from a respected ER doctor.
  13. I don’t know if this helps but I have a deep ache that is in my right palm, right butt bone, and bottom of my foot on the heel. Always on the right side. I had an MRI and I was fine. Have you looked into getting an MRI? People with MS don’t have clean MRIs. You’re going to be ok, things out there way worse than MS. Hugs!
  14. But why did everything come on so suddenly? I’ve had major anxiety for 10 years and I have def been this stressed before. Never had this happen til now. Strange