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  1. thank you for your kind words John. 😊
  2. Hi Everyone, I used to be a member here 5 years ago. I can see alot of changes, but good ones 🙂 I had always wanted to share a success story here, as I used to read them and wish that could be me. I am here to tell you, you can mange your anxiety and depression, I don't think you can cure ANXIETY. That is something every human being is born with, it's just how you handle it. I have had GAD and depression off and on all my life, usually brought on my big stressors in my life, losing my mom suddenly when I was 16, divorce, re-marriage and the latest one was losing my job after being there for almost 17 years. I was bullied out of my job. That itself is a long story. I went into a really dark place, daily tension in my muscles, anxiety attacks, depression, and 2 mental breakdowns.... I think everything I had been through in my life was all coming out.... alot of anger at myself, and other people, scared and fearful of how we would manage with only one income coming in. My whole identity had been that job. When that got taken away from me, I took it really hard. Well I wanted to tell you with trauma therapy, CBT and other things I did, I am in a much better place. The main thing I learned is to accept the ANXIETY, don't be scared of it, sit with it. It will eventually subside...when I look back now, I am so glad I lost my job.. It was a toxic environment, and I only stayed there because I was afraid of change. Now I am doing things that I thought I could never do before, like a talk on local station to address mental issues amongst our community and especially with young people, I have done volunteer work at a local organization that helps people dealing with mental challenges, I am currently writing a short story on my mental health journey. I share all this not to brag but to give you hope that you can get through this with hard work, a supportive network and lastly BELIEVE IN YOURSELF..... I was always looking for a quick fix or seeking reassurance from others. Well let me tell you it doesn't work. The only person who could fix me, was ME... its hard work, and you have to be consistent. I am slowly learning to love myself, and I don't need the approval others anymore, and also speaking up for myself something I could not do for a very long time. Anyways I could go on forever, I just wanted to pop in and say Hello and give hope to those of you who are still struggling. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I consider myself a spiritual person, and when I was in the depths of despair I begged and I mean literally begged God to help me and he did !!! I still have good days and bad days, but life is a journey that will have its up and downs....it's how we choose to deal with these challenges. God bless 🙂
  3. Hi there your not alone. I have been anxious on and off pretty much my while life. Just recovering from another setback. You can get through this.
  4. Hi i had to switch meds as Zoloft was no longer working for me. Please try to get a new psychiatrist if this one is not helping.
  5. Hi there I have chest pains for the last 4 months and I am in my 40's. Like mark said it's just anxiety. I have had every test done under the sun and it's clear it's just anxiety. Sorry about your friend that would definitely add to the anxiety.
  6. Mark is right. I used to Google but I learned from this site never Google your symptoms that will just heighten your anxiety. You said you may have strained your neck cleaning. You have not been sleeping well. Lastly it could just be anxiety.
  7. Aww bterfly ((hugs))....that is hard I can totally relate. I lost my mom too back in 1989 and she was only 47. They say time is the best healer but you never forget the pain of losing your loves one. I pray to God I never have to lose a child and I understand you lost 2 of them. You are a strong women. But know one day you will meet them again. Take care
  8. Hi butterfly my kids are 13 and 10. I wish I could force them down for a nap lol. My therapist taught me a breathing technique a little bit longer than the one i do. She said start out 5 times a day and than build it up to 10. Mark I am just a very sensitive person overall. So when the kids have outbursts or meltdowns. I take on their emotions if that makes any sense. I am working on setting more boundaries with them. Than I was working full time in a toxic work environment. Hubby works late hours. So it was a build up stress and tension. Than I have always been a worry wart. Right now I am on stress leave working on getting myself better to be able to work again. Gilly i do have Epsom salts. I just need to make more time for self care. I think once the kids are back in school. I will have more time for that. How often did you the massage and Epsom salt baths when your tension was really bad ? I saw the signs coming that I was leading to burnout i guess i didn't catch them sooner. Plus I am on new meds which seem to be helping better. But glad to know this is a symptom of anxiety and hopefully it will eventually subside Thanks again for the replies.
  9. Hi sorry I meant I do the progressive relaxation tape at least once a day. Trying to do at least 2 times but hard when i have 2 kids to look after. I will try to do the relaxation techniques more often. I hate this feeling never felt this bad with anxiety before. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hi there Does anyone experience burning sensation behind their neck and shoulders. This has been going on a for a few months. I know it's stress and tension and some anxiety. I did do massage but it didn't really help. I do try to do progressive relaxation tape at least once a month. But any other suggestions would be helpful and if anyone has this issue or had it and how did it go away. Thanks
  11. Oh sorry lol....i meant what if it's your teen lying to you. Small white lies which can turn into bigger ones. Oh and breaking rules. Right now I am going through anxiety so it's hard when she continues the same behaviours.
  12. Hi E I take .5mg at night to help me sleep. Trying not to use it during the day as it makes me drowsy.
  13. Hmm what if it's your life lying to you arghh......
  14. Hi Emma Sorry your going through a rough time. Yeh I get lonely at times even though 9 have 2 kids but they are 13 and 10 so they more or less wanna hang out with their friends Mom I have a peer mentor who is going to help me once I feel better at looking at a career change. This desk job isn't cutting it for me anymore. I enjoy being around people and helping them. So more of a caring profession where I could help people who have been through mental illness as well. Emma you can pm anytime you feel Ionley or just need to vent.