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  1. Hi I have the same feeling......had it for many years. Doctor's tell me it's anxiety. Drives me crazy because when it happens it can stay with me for a few weeks. Have you discussed this with your doctor? How long for you?
  2. This is one symptom that really bothers me..... so annoying. Last usually all day for me.
  3. Thanks for replying!!!! Just trying to see if others have ever had this symptom. I got so freaked out when I read this. I have other symptoms also which can last forever and 24/7.
  4. I have had burning skin of and on for years. Of course I fear having MS. I have had MRI's and other tests and all are neg. I also take meds which don't really help. Please help me out here so worried about this. I swear I have been diagnosed wrong. ☚ī¸
  5. Hello this was s posted back in May and just saw this. I have been suffering with burning skin all over my body for years. Again no reason for it. I got nervous because it can be a symptom of MS which is what I am concerned about. All tests are neg. Anxiety has been with me for many many years but I still worry about this. Anyone here having the same problem.
  6. Oh and boy does it strike at any time!!!! I am always running to the doctors. (Not good). But my mind just thinks the worst. Keep in touch and I do hope it ends for you. 💕
  7. Hi Ashley..... Mine started in my 20's and I am now in 60's!!!! Doctors tell me the same thing.... ANXIETY. What do you do to get relief?
  8. Ok this anxiety really sucks!!! I am fine for a few weeks or even months and then BAM it hits me again. Just keeps knawing away at me. Getting so sick of hearing its just anxiety. I literally can't do anything when I feel this way. Always tired, neck hurts, head hurts, feeling so of balance, shakey I mean WTH! Anyone here deal or feel like this. 👎
  9. You sound so much like me! Are your symptoms 24/7? Mine are and when I go to bed I get a little relief. I may get a few weeks of relief here and there. Having a hard time it's all anxiety. Keep in touch Ashley!!!! 😘
  10. Yes TE something I should consider and look into. â˜ē
  11. Ashley how long for you?? Glad I have met someone who has the same feelings as me. Sometimes I feel alone.
  12. Thanks TE...... But I still worry
  13. Marc thanks for your reply..... Sorry to hear this about your friend. I give him so much credit for what he does. I have such a fear of this disease and have read how hard it is to detect. I have had 3 MRI's and I still worry.
  14. Thanks Ashley..... You helped me out here a little. Just so difficult when they don't go away!!! Always come for awhile and leave only to return. Really sucks!!!!
  15. Thank you for understanding..... guess I can be a tough one.