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  1. Perfectly normal. They are called ectopic beats and are prevalent with us anxiety sufferers, Sometimes they are sporadic, sometimes they come in clusters, sometimes they stay for a few days/weeks. I literally had an ectopic every 4 beats, every time. Super odd but that was 10 years ago and i'm still here. Stress is the main cause of this so please try not to worry, it's benign, harmless and will sort itself out. It is NOT a sign of heart troubles.
  2. I have a condition called Levator Ani syndrome in which the levator muscle, the one which holds your rectum and supports the whole area goes into spasm. The pain can be unbearable, much like a locked jaw when you over yawn. This disfunction can also cause multiple symptoms including slow pee steam, urge to pee, pain after deification, pain in the coccyx bone and general tightness. In my experience most sensations when it comes to the urge to pee are muscle related.
  3. Good to hear. You were noticing them more and lost habituation to them.
  4. Yeah if you cannot afford to eat then help is most certainly there. What country are you in?
  5. Yes, every time it comes around it will feel different. Why? because if it felt the same you wouldn't fear it. This time it's the big one right? No, it may feel that it is but it isn't, it's the same old anxiety doing the same old thing.
  6. The thing with anxiety is that tends to rotate in cycles. Anxiety can only manipulate a fearful, reactionary mind and as time uncovers the falsehoods anxiety creates (ie, health fears which never come into fruition) and as you start fearing it less, your anxious mind starts to wander to other potential health issues and as soon as a though received the reactionary fear it needs, boom, you're on to the next health anxiety. We all tend to have a number of base fears which anxiety swaps and changes around. So for me it's heart, stomach and head and anxiety will keep moving to the thoughts of most resistance. For you the cycle has moved back to PC as that is where your fear is currently. It's like clockwork. What happened last time you had these fears?... Nothing right? So what is the difference this time?
  7. Not a problem, if there was something going on then PPI wouldn't touch it. The fact it comes and goes adds more weight to the acid theory. As your stomach is out of kilter currently, be mindful of what you're eating. Tabasco sauce and sausage are a bad combination when you have acid issues. Anything high in fat can produce more and more acid in the stomach. Try light things for a while and see what works and what doesn't.
  8. That's almost certainly excess stomach acid. Get that a lot myself, feels like a churning feeling. It happens, it's not a sign of anything wrong. Just a normal anomaly reacted upon fearfully. Stress and anxiety create more acid in the stomach.
  9. Ok now fear is the driver and is the fuel that keeps the anxiety engine firing so the way to treat this is to first lock in on what your main fear is. Looking back on your original post you explain that you don't trust yourself when driving or if you come across a knife for fear of hurting others. Now, ask yourself this, would you be fearful of hurting others if you felt the compulsion to hurt others? No, you would be feeling a whole different set of emotions. What you're feeling is the anxiety spun from a fear distorted mindset. Would you use that knife? No, you absolutely wouldn't but you feel fear from not being able control the thought that you could, right? This is anxiety at play, it's very powerful. Everyone has strange thoughts like this, EVERYONE from time to time. It's normal, it's part of the thinking process but the difference is you fear that thought as if it shows some deep longing to hurt within your subconscious. None of that is true. Typically a non anxious person would not even think twice about that thought, they would just discard it and move on.. no fear and no reaction. What you're doing is latching on the thought and running with it fearfully which is fuelling it. Does that make sense?
  10. Yeah man, this is another jacket on the same anxiety. The reason for the lack of trust in your own memory/actions is hyper analysis of every function. Everything you experience is an interpretation of data received to the brain and that includes memory. So just as anxiety can form physical symptoms, it can also interrupt memory recall, muddy memories or creating false memories. The main element to all of this is fear, it's the fearful reaction to what you're experiencing that fuels it. I suspect you have an engrained fear of losing control which could be the main driver. Would that make sense to you?
  11. Mark G


    Hi Leila, so nice to have you here and very pleased to hear that therapy is working for you 🙂
  12. If the blood is bright red and looking at reading your post. I would say its almost certainly piles or a tear in the anal canal (fissure).
  13. They last for as long as you're anxious and fearful of the symptoms. The typical 'Vicious circle' that anxiety creates.
  14. 9 times out of 10, eye floaters are debris in your vitreous fluid. They can look like little cells or strands and can move around when you move your eyes. I have loads of the blighters. As we age, the vitreous fluid gets thinner and a lot of the time floaters which have always existed move into our line of vision. Now are you going blind? No, you're not! If you had a detached retina or anything serious, you would experience hundreds of them crowding your vision suddenly plus you would experience peripheral flashes and blurred vision. Let the optician take a look just to be on the safe side. Honestly, you're not going blind.
  15. Hello guys, yes, i'm still alive lol. Just a brief explanation as to why i disappeared for so long. I relapsed, i relapsed hard and it's taken another therapy course and sertraline to get me back on the even keel. I have learned a lot more and i have gained a deeper appreciation of just how powerful anxiety and negative thought processes are. Anxiety is a beast, it really is but it IS treatable and it ISNT invincible. I should be around a little more again now i feel i can help.