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  1. BrokenArrow, I know we all will be fine. We know these sensations are all anxiety but we often think it's something much worse. I thought many of my symptoms were new but when I brought out all my journals from 1985-2000 to my surprise many of the symptoms I have now I also had in 1985. I also noticed I had a pattern I would wake up have anxiety do laundry, clean house, take care of nieces and nephews, cook and worry about the same things I do now. I need to break that pattern. I find the only way I feel better is to keep myself busy to take my mind off of symptoms and worrying. That's why I keep journals of my anxiety, symptoms and thoughts. My anxiety only gets bad when I have a new symptom like this ringing in ears and that floating feeling like being on a roller coaster when your body lifts a bit but I am thinking it may be a panic feeling. It's hard cause I don't have control of that feeling nor do I understand it. My therapist always reminds me to eat, hydrate and sleep. Also she wants me to do meditation and yoga and to start walking. Hope you feel better... Kathy
  2. Hi BrokenArrow, I am in the same boat as you. I also came back yesterday for support because my health anxiety went sky high again. My anxiety never went away but I was trying hard to get better just with my therapist. But it's hard trying to get better with just my therapist because I feel we who have anxiety understand what each of us feel, fear and thinking. When my Dad, sister and brother passed away I also did fine. But then about a year or two later I started anxiety. I was told by my therapist that I always have a delayed reaction to each of there passings. Now, everyone has left my home who been living with me it seems like my anxiety is much higher. Why? Because when I am now home alone I have more to think about my anxiety and focus on feelings I have. When I feel this way I don't like to go anywhere because I feel like poop. Then when I have to much on my hands like your work hours I have anxiety knowing I have to do it and I worry I will have some sort of anxiety. As for your symptoms I also had it on the past. My upper stomach would also feel so bloated. It's so crazy. I am hoping you feel better and I am sorry to hear of your Dad's passing. It's hard. Hugs to you, Kathy
  3. Hi Sighnomore, That floating is not out of body feeling but more when your on a roller coaster and when your body lifts off the seat. It's hard to explain. But it feels like my body is going to float like I have to grab something. I am thinking maybe it's a sudden rush of panic. Who knows.... Yes I so agree that when one symptom goes away and new one takes over. I been dealing with so many symptoms for 16 months now. I am seeing a anxiety therapist and she feels I am going through a transition because for 16 months I been under so much stress taking care of 2 little niece and nephew I had 3 weeks break then my daughter, husband and 5 kids moved in and it was so crazy and very stressful. They all moved out and instead of getting better my anxiety sensations gotten worse. Well, I hope all of you have a good day.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am back. I have been still dealing with my anxiety and I have noticed for a very long time that when I accept one of the symptoms and new one starts. Crazy. Well, for a week now I been having a humming sound in my ears and it's been stressing me out so bad. It's non stop and I panic all day. My hearing is fine. I also clench my jaws a lot because that's just what I do and tighten my shoulders and legs. Today I got this feeling of when you float. I freaked out. I am scared. Has anyone ever had the constant sound in both ears and felt like a sudden floating feeling. I don't know if that sudden floating feeling is a sudden rush of panic. But I been thinking about it and rembering that feeling I had last night. Thanks Kathy
  5. KathyC


    I break out in small hives off and on but nothing to worry about because mine are from stress. All I can say is that they itch. They come and go. You should be OK.
  6. I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis but thyroids are still producing the right hormones. So far I don't need any medications and my Dr wants to see for a year. The only reason how they found it was because one day I was rubbing my neck and felt a lump and of course I suffer from health anxiety and thought it was something worse. They did an ultrasound and then blood work. I had no symptoms and I know my anxiety is not caused from Hashimoto's because I have had it since I was on the 7th grade. My specialist said Hashimoto's is the number one thyroid problem. I was scared at first and very worried but knowing so many people have it makes it easier for me.
  7. Oh boy, I know exactly how you feel. I had some blood test done and was told I may have Lupus. I did not know much about Lupus until I searched it on Dr Google. It was a nightmare I was scared and worried. I had to do some other blood test and all came back negative for Lupus then 2 weeks later BOOM huge panic attacks and I started with health anxiety. Just like you I started going to urgent care, med7 and the ER. One time i even had to call the ambulance. I always thought something different was wrong with me. I would keep going to my Drs and I felt he was getting annoyed with me. But he ran so many blood tests and all came back fine, X-ray of my stomach, digestive track you name it I had that test done. I swore something was wrong and in my mind I thought I had many diseases or the C word. It's so hard to deal with and understand but I myself was scaring myself letting my fears and thoughts get to me. My Dr felt i should see a physciatrist but I would not but rather I decided to get help with a anxiety therapist who also works with health anxiety people. I have gotten better but still not completely where I want to be. I have ups and downs which is normal. This site has helped, guided and reassured me many, many times. I am trying to accept that I am healthy except for thyroids and that stress and anxiety gives us many symptoms. I noticed if I think I may have something I end up with the symptoms and many of anxiety symptoms mimic other illnesses so we believe what we read. It's best to stay away from Dr Google. As for blood on the toilet paper. I get that from time to time due to internal hemmroids. For one when my anxiety is high or I am stressing about something i end up with bowel problems then it causes the hemmroids and of course the bleeding. But if it bothers you and you need that reassurance from your Dr then make an appointment. I hope you start to feel better and remember your not alone... Kathy
  8. Is your headache by the base of the skull and neck? I just had that yesterday and Everytime I moved my head I could hear it crackle sometimes. I can feel the tightness all by the back of the skull. It's not a horrible headache but more tight annoying feeling. I was told it's all from stress and tension. I do find myself tighting up my shoulder and jaw. I am sure many of us have headaches even if we don't have the anxiety at least for me it does. Sometimes I get it after the stress or if I don't get enough sleep. Hope your feeling better.
  9. Many people who never experienced anxiety will never understand. They think they do but honestly they have no clue. In my experience I think your Mom gets mad at you when you talk about how you feel is because she worries and don't like to hear how we are feeling because my husband is the same way. I will tell him what I am feeling or thinking and he gets upset. I think it scares him to hear how I feel or he has no clue how to help or guide me. It's been like that for many years. That's one reason I try to stay off the internet is because we see something or read about something then we worry or imagine how or what that person is feeling and of course we worry what if I have it. I just started reading Mind Gate so I am starting to today. I also see an anxiety therapist twice a week. I know I can start to feel better again because I have in the past and was anxiety free for over 10 years but then it came back when I was foster caring my 2 year old niece and nephew who was less than a year. It was to much stress for me and it started my anxiety. I then was feeling a bit better and then my daughter,her husband and 5 kids moved in my house and anxiety went high again. But try not to worry about the C word because you been checked and cleared. Let me know how your doing. Kathy
  10. If you feel better about going to the ER or urgent care then go. Maybe it will bring your anxiety level down instead of waiting. I have gone to the ER in June for horrible pains they did nothing really but give me Cipro for a bladder infection. They only did a urine test. I honestly don't think I had one cause the Cipro did nothing. I went to my Dr and he had scans and x-rays done all in my digestive track and everything was fine. Eventually all the pain went away and realize it had to have been stress and anxiety I still have lower back pressure, lower neck pain. It likes to come and go. But if you feel better about going to ER or urgent care I would. I think Urgent care is much faster than the ER. Let us know how things go.. Kathy
  11. Maybe your focusing on your heartbeat and also your so in tuned to how fast your heart is racing that your worries, fear and them anxiety causes your heart to race so fast even when you don't think about it. Like me for instance I find myself worrying about some symptom and boom it happens. Even when I think or worry about it. But in the past you mentioned your Dr said everything is fine so you need to convince yourself that it is because if you don't your always going to have that symptom. I know when I thought I had neuropathy I had mostly all the symptoms even if I was not thinking about it but deep in my unconscious mind I was scared and worried I had it and it kept my symptoms active. I hope you can try and find a way to fight this feeling of the heart beats because each day or week you will notice it will slow down and one day disappear as long as you don't remind yourself about it. It is hard but hey we are strong people dealing with anxiety and if we deal with the anxiety we can beat these symptoms. Kathy
  12. Head pressure really sucks, ear pressure and off balance. I have had that in the past and sets off the anxiety even more. Flimsy feeling or weakness is normal with the anxiety as well same with depersonalization where things around you feel unreal or like a dream. In my beliefs God is never mad at us. Thoughts can control us and so maybe when your thinking scary or horrible thoughts go play a game on your phone or computer, read posts but keep your mind busy. It really works. We need to keep our minds occupied to get rid of the bad thoughts. Set backs are hard because I been having them off and on for no reason.when my anxiety is high I also have a terrible time sleeping. But the less sleep we have can make our anxiety higher. So try to rest.. hope you feel better.. Kathy
  13. Dys, You mentioned tingling on your face and I can totally relate to that as well. Sometimes my scalp as well and when any symptom happens our mind pays so much attention to that sensation well at least I do and then it bothers me and leads me into anxiety. I can tell you this that I have had many odd, scary and strange sensation because of my anxiety. Like I mentioned in my above reply that I am trying to accept them but when I accept one then another starts. Our minds are very powerful and anxiety loves to play games with us and wants to control us. It has for me and i have my ups and downs good and bad days as for today it's a half and half day for me. I worry to much about sensations i feel then think oh no it's something bad. But I honestly try to stop thinking like that or even think about it. My nerves are so darn sensitive... You try and have a better day.. Kathy
  14. Hi Dys, First I want to say Hello and glad you came to AC for support. You are going to get lots of support like I do. As for you blacking out on the road not realizing where you were at and where you were going it did happen to me a couple of times. I had to look at road signs to remember where we were going and for what. Mine did not last long and I did not want to ask my friend where we were at and where we were going. It did not last long but I went into a panic attack thinking something was wrong. As for your burning lips I also have had that. It felt very hot and yet it was not same with my face at times. Anxiety can really play with our mind and body and I been working on accepting the sensations i get. If it's not one thing it's another. But what your feeling is so normal with anxiety. Burning skin sensation is so common with anxiety. If you look on this site and read about 100 symptoms you will see the burning skin. I hope you will feel better knowing many of us also have this symptom. Take care and hope you will feel better.. Kathy
  15. KathyC


    I'm sorry to hear about your husband and hope everything will get better for him. As for you I would not worry since you had a test done and everything came back negative. I do understand how you feel because I have had family members with c****r my brother and Dad. So I worry I will get it. I assume many people also feel the way you do and I honestly don't blame you. But like I said your fine because of your test results. If they found something wrong you would know. So try to help your husband to cope with his results and try to remind yourself your test is OK. Hope you feel better and tell yourself you do NOT have bowel c****r. ..Kathy