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  1. Hi Mike, no i did not. But then again, im in Europe so we might have different names/products. My bowel/intestines still making rumbling noises. So far had blood checks, abdominal ultrasound and was all clear. Cannot say i am not worried… did colonoscopy 5 years ago, so the doctor less worried on that front. its like a month i am with this noises and loose/ floating stools. If its nothing serious i would really like some good product to try. Everyone saying probiotics are very good, but didn’t had much success with the 2 kinds i tried.
  2. Good to see you Holls ! I was wondering how are you doing since we spoke last some 5 years ago. Kinda funny we came back around the same time...
  3. Thanks ! I just wonder if to keep take it till i get used to it or to stop…
  4. Thats exactly the cause. You thinking and monitoring natural processes which your body used to do automatically since you were at the age of 1 day old. This symptom is very common here as well…
  5. Yes i had it years ago when i was in super stress times. Its the hyper awareness to every thing plus stressing this muscles when you are not even aware.
  6. Anyone know if those probiotics pills should make me super gassy ? I mean really gassy and noisy belly from these gasses. I never took probiotics before in my life.
  7. Thank you for your response ! yes i am trying now all kind of probiotics(never had any before…) maybe as i turned 38 my body has different needs ?
  8. Hi guys, So after good 5 years ( in terms of HA...) looks like i am back in the cycle 😞 ..... 5 years ago i was in in every cycle you can imagine. This time i am in the stomach/colon fear again. The trigger was last week. I started to have diarrhea and lose stool. My gut keeps on making the growling sounds and I am pretty much very gassy. If it would pass in a day or 2 i guess i would not pay attention, the fact it went longer put my anxiety back up and as i know HA, i am pretty sure it only making symptoms worse. Anyone else suffering from noisy guts and lots of gas movement ?
  9. I now fully admit i have full scale health anxiety as it is written in the book. Not believing doctors,tests etc... I am currently stuck on liver cirrhosis as i used to be quite a heavy drinker for some 5 years. The only reason (i think) why i am having hard time to except the clear tests results ( Physical. Blood works, ultrasound, colonoscopy) is i was reading online ( big mistake i know i know) that people had it even with all of those tests came back clear... So now i am in a real deep hole... what to do ? how to accept the result of the tests ? If it wasnt for some annoying constants symptoms( some pain in the upper part, back pain, neck pain, dry mouth, general abdominal discomfort and the palms of my hands are sometimes getting red even i think they were always like that since i was a child) it would have been much easier, but it looks as they are here to stay so then again the loop of the tests must have missed it... I really dont want to go on medications, its not stopping from things like going out, flying, working etc... but it is effecting my lifestyle and it is taking my brain most of the day and i cant help but visiting liver diseases forum in searching for more reassurances.
  10. Apparently internal hemorrhoids are more common then we think... i didn't know i had till my colonoscopy.
  11. Thank a lot Holls ! As usual you are very helpful ! Really trying to but from time to time falling again to this.
  12. So after numerous C****'s, als, cirrhosis and maybe few others thing its time to go back unfortunately I think its mostly my neck muscles casuing me strange lump feeling and pain when i touch the left side and sometimes the right side of the throat. i can eat and drink fine but most of times i am worried about something bad going in my throat... i am just so tired of this...
  13. Its good to get checked and its even better to come out after them feeling great once you know you are all good. Before my colonoscopy i was super stress since i was sure they will find something horrible. After they found nothing its the best feeling ever. Good luck and iam positive it will be good.
  14. Been there... they say you would have to drink HUGE amounts of alcohol for about 15 to 20 years to have cirrhosis. By the way they found lately that early cirrhosis is reversible by just dealing with the cause. In our case, stop drinking.