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  1. Rbren5

    ALS fear

    It's brutal. It's tough not to think about it throughout the day. I think anxiety can manifest itself in many ways and it seems like for us it shows itself with physical symptoms. I too had the dreaded tumor/c-word fear, it's never fun. Key is accepting the symptoms as anxiety but that is the hardest thing to do.
  2. Rbren5

    ALS fear

    Thanks Mark, nice to know I am not alone!
  3. Rbren5

    ALS fear

    That's a great point actually. Ignoring them almost acknowledges the thoughts more...the thought like the knee giving out or the left leg won't be able to take a step...excellent point and makes a lot of sense.
  4. Rbren5

    ALS fear

    Thank you for the kind words guys, really helps a lot. Hyperawareness really is a nasty thing and can lead to a lot of issues. I appreciate you all reaching out. It really becomes a mind game and ensuring that you train to the brain to ignore the thought and reverse it.
  5. Rbren5

    ALS fear

    Not sure if I am alone in this or not but for the past year I have been battling a brutal fear of ALS. Like anything it began with twitches around my body and then I just became hyperaware of my body's every movement specifically my left leg and knee. It seems that I have focused on it so much that as a result it feels weak, and I really can't tell if it is or not. It's scary and some days I know it is anxiety and other days I don't know that. I can still walk and run but I am so aware of my movements that weakness just take over my mind. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had this or if I am alone in this battle. Thanks guys.