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  1. I recently went in to test for RA but ended up with two positive ANAs. RA is negative. I have follow up with Rheumatologist but she sent me a note saying it’s stable and all other blood work normal. Now I have in head I have Sjogens because of dry mouth and occasional dry eyes. Does anyone have this? How can two positives be stable?
  2. Thank you. It turns out my RA factor was negative but ANA is slightly positive so I’m freaking out it’s another scary autoimmune. I see rheumatologist tomorrow. I’m terrified. glad to hear you’re doing great. That’s inspiringly
  3. Ironman, I’ve been mess lately. Worried about crazy incision on my face and then fractured my foot. I’ve had the hand and wrist stuff on and off for over a year. But my mom diagnosis and recent emergence of symptoms has send me in tailspin .
  4. I’m terrified I have Rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve been in occupational therapy for elbow and wrist problems and it never really resolved. Recently I broke my toe and in addition to that I started developing a lot of pain in my hands and wrists joints again . Oddly I read that breaking a bone can increase your chances of it. But here’s the kicker my mom was just recently diagnosed with it at 80 and it’s hereditary. Anyone just get wrist and hand pain from being on phone and computer? Looking for any explanation because I am convinced I have this autoimmune disease.
  5. Well that’s good to know so I don’t freak out if it doesn’t go away right away.
  6. Thank you. I’ve sent pictures to my plastic surgeon who thinks it looks normal. She did not prepare me for the healing time said It wouldn’t be noticeable in 2 months now she is sayin 6-12 months. It’s beet red and so noticeable but it’s hard to cover because of indent that splinters. I’ve been using silicone as instructed. Marc since yours was deep do you remember indent and did it fill in? When you say months do you know how many? Thank you so much xxx
  7. I have a broken toe and skin worries. My anxiety is so high. I had a non cancerous mole removed on cheek 5 weeks ago and it’s at a stand still with healing. Very red and indecent. Worried I have delayed healing and it won’t fill in and my face will be indented. can anyone reassure me with this?? Thank you!
  8. I has a fluke fall Monday and broke my big toe. Urgent care doctor made it sound bad. Explained it is an avulsion fracture where bone pulls too far away and may require surgery. Seeing a specialist tomorrow and I’m terrified. Anyone ever have this?
  9. My health anxiety is the worst lately. I had a series of strange headaches that resolved on my left side side. Now I have this ear issues on same side as it crackles when I talk loud. I went for a walk with headphones and thought my ear was just congested but this cackling noise with go away. I tried ears drops still there. What IS it?
  10. Thank you Marc. I’m hoping it’s just stress.
  11. For about a week I have these strange surges of pain radiating at the top of my head. It’s started last Saturday and happens throughout the day. It’s not a constant headache but a flash of pain on top of my head that lasts a few seconds. Now my mind is going nuts and I’m scared of brain cancer. I rarely get headaches. Does anyone know what thsi could be other than the worst case scenario? I could really use some words of encouragement.
  12. Thank you Mark. I did get it checked out I seem to be okay!
  13. Omg you just put the fear of god in me. I’m so afraid I’m gong blind.
  14. How was this resolved? This is terrifying.
  15. About 6 months ago a black floater appeared in my right eye, right in my central vision. This has never happens before. I had an eye exam but didn’t have time to get eyes dilated. It’s rescheduled for next month. I feel like it’s getting worst and am worried about detached retina or progressive vision loss. Floater advice anyone?? I’m freak every time I drive when it’s super noticeable.