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  1. I has a fluke fall Monday and broke my big toe. Urgent care doctor made it sound bad. Explained it is an avulsion fracture where bone pulls too far away and may require surgery. Seeing a specialist tomorrow and I’m terrified. Anyone ever have this?
  2. My health anxiety is the worst lately. I had a series of strange headaches that resolved on my left side side. Now I have this ear issues on same side as it crackles when I talk loud. I went for a walk with headphones and thought my ear was just congested but this cackling noise with go away. I tried ears drops still there. What IS it?
  3. Thank you Marc. I’m hoping it’s just stress.
  4. For about a week I have these strange surges of pain radiating at the top of my head. It’s started last Saturday and happens throughout the day. It’s not a constant headache but a flash of pain on top of my head that lasts a few seconds. Now my mind is going nuts and I’m scared of brain cancer. I rarely get headaches. Does anyone know what thsi could be other than the worst case scenario? I could really use some words of encouragement.
  5. Thank you Mark. I did get it checked out I seem to be okay!
  6. Omg you just put the fear of god in me. I’m so afraid I’m gong blind.
  7. How was this resolved? This is terrifying.
  8. About 6 months ago a black floater appeared in my right eye, right in my central vision. This has never happens before. I had an eye exam but didn’t have time to get eyes dilated. It’s rescheduled for next month. I feel like it’s getting worst and am worried about detached retina or progressive vision loss. Floater advice anyone?? I’m freak every time I drive when it’s super noticeable.
  9. Thank you Marc for sharing your experiences! The strange thing is my cat puts his claws under the covers and scratches to wake me almost every morning. Although my spot is perfectly round like a cigarette burn and it isn’t going away. I just got blood work today which is normal but my anxiety is still high.
  10. It started with a spot on my wrist that looks eczema. Derm gave me a steroid and it’s not getting better after a month and half. I have also been occasionally getting hives. Being a nervous wreck I paid an online doctor who said I should get blood work because my rash could be allergies but was also consistent with low platelets. A blood disease was not even in my head. My sister had one and now I can barely function with worry. Anyone had a persistent spot not go away and have it be nothing serious? I’m shaking with fear. .
  11. The pain is in both feet and hands and feels worst after I walk or am computer a lot. Makes me fear I have als or scleroderma since inflammation is in hands.ugh
  12. I’m 54 and in the last three months I’ve been experiencing pain in my hands and feet. It’s usually after I do yoga or take a long walk but often aches for no reason. I have throbbing in my wrist periodically fingers and the bottoms of my feet. I’m afraid I have some kind of serious autoimmune disease. Anyone else experience this? I’m freaking out.
  13. Thank you all. My sister is doing well but I helped with caregiver. She had a bone marrow transplant and spent almost a year in the hospital. For someone who has always suffered with health anxiety the diagnosis was shocking. The problem as you all know is symptoms may mimic benign conditions. So are minds start playing tricks on us. So I’m literally looking at this one bruise obsessively and thinking the worst. It’s torture. I did make a doctors appointment.
  14. Haven’t been on here for awhile but I have a very real worry. Sister was diagnosed out of blue with leukemia and now they suspect my mom has it too. If that isn’t enough I woke up with an unexplained bruise on forearm. I put my worries away about myself to be strong for them but now I feel this is a sign I have it too. I made doctors appointment but I’m spiraling into that health anxiety vortex of complete panic. They say it isn’t hereditary but I’m still a mess. Just looking for some support during this bleak time. Thanks for reading 💕
  15. Yes don’t google ugh. It makes everything worst.