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  1. Yeah google is not helping saying they should only last a couple days mine been here awhile could be stress it's been bad here lately
  2. Thanks Marc it's not really painful on my lip unless salt hits it but the little bump on my tongue now that's a different story it hurts and it seems like since I've always gotta wear mask it never leaves
  3. So for about a week I've had a red raised almost like it started as blisters inside my bottom lip now it's red and raised and feels raw also a place on inside of upper lip freaking out it's cancer cause doesn't seem like it's getting better can't get into the doc cause of covid also have a no on top of tongue that hurts bad and won't go away... Help
  4. Has anything like this ever happen to you
  5. So I got a sore throat for about a week and a half now, I've taken a zpack and that didn't help now I've started amoxicillin this is the 4th day and still don't seem to be helping tonsils still have white patches on them and swollen and hurt and center of throat is extremely itchy. Is this normal in my head all I can think of is tonsil cancer I'm 33 ex smoker I've always got postnasal drip, acid reflux, and horrible allergies but never had a sore throat to last this long while on antibiotics... help I'm freaking out been to the doc twice they don't seem to know what's going on just keep wanting to check me for covid!!
  6. So I've had this small red dots that come and go for the last 14yrs sometimes there rash like from head to toe, other times just kinda sprinkled, they look like petechiae I've had CBC test done every 6 months since and also just had a CBC done 2weeks ago, I'm freaking out cause when you Google the dang things it's luekimia anyone else have these?
  7. Does anyone have them on there legs?
  8. I've also been reading and some say it could be Capillaritis or a vitamin c def
  9. Has anyone found out what might be causing these dang things yet? Getting them bad on my lower legs now. I've had them now for about 15 yrs but sometimes there horrible like cover whole body just had blood work done 3 days ago and every 6 months and they say all looks good when I Google of course it says leukemia freaking out
  10. Has anyone found out what might be causing these dang things yet? Getting them bad on my lower legs now
  11. Well this constantly have to caught my breath feeling is back and it's horrible can't help but think it's something bad like cancer does anyone have any thoughts?
  12. Thanks y'all this constantly feeling like I have to take a deep breath is for the birds.... Doc didn't seem to worried
  13. So I quit smoking 3 weeks ago cause I couldn't breath good so I stopped. Smoked for 15 yrs not I'm nose is always stopped up, stomech feels full all the time and I feel like I just cant seem to get enough air or the feeling like when you've ate to much and can't get a deep breath, is this normal when quitting smoking?
  14. Ok so went swimming past two days first day not dang petechiae now the second day and there all over my legs
  15. I just wish they were normal and I'm just over reacting 😔