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  1. Thanks, Ironman. I know it's an extreme leap but I can't help worrying and fearing the worst. I do have some actual health issues and a health history (not kidney related) pre-kids, and health issues just hit different after becoming a parent. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm really worried.
  2. A year ago, I started having occasional bouts of foul-smelling, cloudy urine. Not a strong ammonia-like smell but more like bottom-of-a-pond. Pretty bad. I have a history of UTIs, and even though at that time the culture was neg for bacteria, I assumed it may a precursor to an infection, so I would start drinking 100% cranbery juice (8 oz in the morning and 4 oz at night) for about a week and taper off. EACH TIME, the bad smell would disappear after about a day of doing that. Well, the bad-urine-smell episodes disappeared for several months and I all but forgot about them. Fast forward to this past April. I had some blood work done, mostly routine, and everything came back normal except for my kidney function. Creatinine was 1.18 (ref range 0.5-0.97) and GFR was at the very cusp at 60 (ref range > or = 60). I pushed the fluids and we retested a week later, and it came back in the normal range but still far from optimal: Creatinine at 94 and GFR at 79. As a busy mom, I went on my way. Well a few weeks ago, the bad-smelling urine returned, as well as some sediment in the urine. Once again drank cranberry juice, it went away, and I decided to try a supplement with cranberry in it to see if that would do the same. Five days later, the smell returned, and I started connecting the possible dots with kidney, so last week I went to the doctor. Urine was neg for bacteria again, so they ran some blood work. Kidney results were worse, Creatinine at 1.32 and GFR at 53. :(((( I am only 39, soon to be 40. I am really worried. Had a follow-up with my doctor today who is a bit concerned about why it's bouncing around and wanted to repeat the blood work again since I've once again been pushing the fluids. But she also ordered a renal ultrasound and wants me to see a nephrologist. I can't get into those appts until Aug 4 and Aug 13, respectively. I am in knots waiting for the blood results, that they'll be even worse, and about what the u/s will show. I can't stop worrying that this is the beginning of the end, that I'll leave my kids without a mom and not be here to watch them grow up. 💔
  3. I have had a few UTIs in the past couple years, but my first symptom was always the classic urgency/burning/discomfort. In the last two weeks though, twice I've woken up with rotten smelling urine that lasted the day and subsided. Both times, the classic UTI symptoms seemed to follow, though the first time the symptoms went away after drinking tons of cranberry juice. This time, however, the symptoms are lingering and I've been prescribed an antibiotic (Bactrim, which I reacted badly to, and now Macrobid which I've yet to start). But I guess what worries me is the smell, as that is new for me (all other times pee smelled normal). The only way I can describe it is rotten. My mind goes straight to bladder cancer or something scary, because I also sometimes feel lately like I have to strain to get all the pee out. It's sending me into tailspin and I'm really scared, please help.
  4. I have taken Bactrim a few times in the past without issue, the last time being over 2 years ago. A few days ago, however, I took one pill in the evening for a UTI and the next morning woke up with what felt like a really chapped top lip in the middle, which also looked a little swollen. Surprisingly, I didn't think much of it and continued with the Bactrim twice that day. Well, the morning after I woke up with a significantly swollen, red upper lip from middle to the right side and what looked like tiny little dark purple blisters (like tiny dots but fluid filled) on the right side. I stopped taking the Bactrim and took Benadryl all day and it almost completely resolved by the next day. But now where the blisters had almost gone (there was just some lingering redness), it looks like little white sores are starting to form. :( Naturally, I googled and read that lip sores can be a sign of Steven-Johnson syndrome which can be caused by Bactrim and now I'm really scared. I mentioned it to my doctor, and she confirmed it was a reaction to the Bactrim and thought I just didn't take the Benadryl long enough, so I started it again. But that appt was before I read about SJS. I've discontinued Bactrim and she's prescribed Macrobid instead, but now I'm scared to take anything, but also scared not to treat this UTI. Any help/insight would be appreciated.
  5. Oh my! That would be unsettling. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Hi @bin_tenn, it's been a long time 😊 I mean, how much blood are we talking? Cause my urine was pretty red. It was truly frightening. It's normal now though, at least visibly, thank goodness, but I'm still so rattled. They didn't really check me out, just a urine test, so I guess my fear is they're missing something like cancer.
  7. It's not that I doubt UTIs are common, but that I'm afraid it could be something more sinister than that. 😟 If it had just been the discomfort and urgency and stuff, I don't think I'd be as worried, but the blood in my urine really freaked me out.
  8. @Leah1976 I am female. And married so have sex a lot. I've never had this happen. But then (TMI) we use condoms so maybe less mess? 🤷 I wish I could stop freaking out.
  9. I went to bed last night at 10:30 seemingly completely normal. Within two hours I had peed at least 4 times even though I hadn't drank anything before bed. From there is quickly escalated to the feeling of a very full bladder, constantly feeling like I had to go really bad, even though I had just gone. When I turned on the light next time, suspecting something wrong, my urine was red. Like pinkish-red I guess but pretty red. I went to the ER and they did a urine test. The nurse I saw first said UTIs are notorious for coming out of nowhere - is this true? I've never heard that before. The doctor who gave me my results said my urine looked very infected and asked how long I've had symptoms... Uh, literally just 3 hours. They prescribed 7 day course of Bactrim and Pyridium, which finally helped me sleep. The red urine has thankfully gone back to seemingly normal yellow, but I can't get that unsettling image out of my head. I almost passed out from panic the first time I saw it. The nurse and doctors were pretty reassuring that it was a classic UTI but when I asked if it could be something more serious, like cancer, considering the red urine, they were hesitant to say definitively, which I understand, but still... I have been in a panic ever since about bladder cancer and read that that's one often the first symptom and it can come and go. The last time I had a UTI was in high school and all I had was a little burning when I peed. (I'm 35 now.) I am in a tailspin wondering if I should just go ahead and book an appointment with a urologist. I hate to just assume this is a UTI, I can't stand not having a definitive answer. I guess I'd just really appreciate any advice/reassurance/similar stories that have a good ending while I wait to see how things go on the meds.
  10. Thanks so much for this reminder and putting things into perspective, bin_tenn. ❤️ You are so right about not being able to be in the present moment if we're living in the past or future. I really needed this. I honestly feel so much less anxious today thanks to you. I am going to focus on the moment and live one day at a time while still being vigilant and seeing my doctor tomorrow. I wish I could hug you.
  11. Thanks, bin_tenn. ❤️ I feel like I can always count on you for a reply. I'm worried though because I've heard stories of people being devastated by Lyme, and of the antibiotics not fully eradicating it, etc. I'm in panic mode, I have two young children to care for. I can't afford to contract Lyme. ?
  12. I found a tick on me last night. No idea how long it had been there but it wasn't too attached and it basically came off with my fingernail, though there was a drop of blood where it had been. The tick was pretty small so it was hard to tell if it came off easily because it was engorged and letting go or had just gotten there, but I'm freaked out. I live in an area of Virginia where there are high rates of Lyme. I didn't sleep well last night because I'm so scared of getting it. I already have several legitimate health problems and afraid this could do me in. Help ?