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  1. Oh my! That would be unsettling. Thanks for the encouragement.
  2. Hi @bin_tenn, it's been a long time 😊 I mean, how much blood are we talking? Cause my urine was pretty red. It was truly frightening. It's normal now though, at least visibly, thank goodness, but I'm still so rattled. They didn't really check me out, just a urine test, so I guess my fear is they're missing something like cancer.
  3. It's not that I doubt UTIs are common, but that I'm afraid it could be something more sinister than that. 😟 If it had just been the discomfort and urgency and stuff, I don't think I'd be as worried, but the blood in my urine really freaked me out.
  4. @Leah1976 I am female. And married so have sex a lot. I've never had this happen. But then (TMI) we use condoms so maybe less mess? 🤷 I wish I could stop freaking out.
  5. I went to bed last night at 10:30 seemingly completely normal. Within two hours I had peed at least 4 times even though I hadn't drank anything before bed. From there is quickly escalated to the feeling of a very full bladder, constantly feeling like I had to go really bad, even though I had just gone. When I turned on the light next time, suspecting something wrong, my urine was red. Like pinkish-red I guess but pretty red. I went to the ER and they did a urine test. The nurse I saw first said UTIs are notorious for coming out of nowhere - is this true? I've never heard that before. The doctor who gave me my results said my urine looked very infected and asked how long I've had symptoms... Uh, literally just 3 hours. They prescribed 7 day course of Bactrim and Pyridium, which finally helped me sleep. The red urine has thankfully gone back to seemingly normal yellow, but I can't get that unsettling image out of my head. I almost passed out from panic the first time I saw it. The nurse and doctors were pretty reassuring that it was a classic UTI but when I asked if it could be something more serious, like cancer, considering the red urine, they were hesitant to say definitively, which I understand, but still... I have been in a panic ever since about bladder cancer and read that that's one often the first symptom and it can come and go. The last time I had a UTI was in high school and all I had was a little burning when I peed. (I'm 35 now.) I am in a tailspin wondering if I should just go ahead and book an appointment with a urologist. I hate to just assume this is a UTI, I can't stand not having a definitive answer. I guess I'd just really appreciate any advice/reassurance/similar stories that have a good ending while I wait to see how things go on the meds.
  6. Thanks so much for this reminder and putting things into perspective, bin_tenn. ❤️ You are so right about not being able to be in the present moment if we're living in the past or future. I really needed this. I honestly feel so much less anxious today thanks to you. I am going to focus on the moment and live one day at a time while still being vigilant and seeing my doctor tomorrow. I wish I could hug you.
  7. Thanks, bin_tenn. ❤️ I feel like I can always count on you for a reply. I'm worried though because I've heard stories of people being devastated by Lyme, and of the antibiotics not fully eradicating it, etc. I'm in panic mode, I have two young children to care for. I can't afford to contract Lyme. ?
  8. I found a tick on me last night. No idea how long it had been there but it wasn't too attached and it basically came off with my fingernail, though there was a drop of blood where it had been. The tick was pretty small so it was hard to tell if it came off easily because it was engorged and letting go or had just gotten there, but I'm freaked out. I live in an area of Virginia where there are high rates of Lyme. I didn't sleep well last night because I'm so scared of getting it. I already have several legitimate health problems and afraid this could do me in. Help ?
  9. Thank you Holls! Actually the radiologist is different from the tech, the tech is the one who isn't supposed to give you any results but she actually did too by saying it looked like normal tissue before the radiologist came in. When you get diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds you always see the radiologist afterwards, who is the doctor who reviews the images before he/she sends them to your referring doctor. So yeah I got the official results right there. I'm so relieved, and yet for some reason I still can't let go of the tiny thread of nagging worry in the back of my mind. I know that's classic anxiety, but I keep second guessing what the radiologist said. Like was she *sure* it was just a fat lobule or did she say she thinks it is? What if she's wrong? I mean, she's seen enough images in med school and experience that she knows what fat lobules look like right? I mean, when she was going over the area, she seemed completely unphased, saying there was scar tissue and a fat lobule, and nothing else. Not much to see and she said there was nothing suspicious on either scan. If she wasn't totally sure, she would have recommended a biopsy right? But from my memory, which my anxiety is trying to tell me is not reliable, she was pretty definitive about it. What is wrong with me? Great news but I can't let it go. ??
  10. Holls, I really want to thank you for responding and with such kind, encouraging words. I just got back from the mammogram/ultrasound and wanted to update this post, as I have when people leave us hanging. The 3D mammogram looked great with nothing abnormal to be seen. Then they did an ultrasound of the lump and scar tissue area. The tech said it didn't look suspicious at all, just like the rest of the tissue there. Then when the radiologist came in and also examined and scanned the area, she said it looks like a fat lobule and could find nothing suspicious on either scan. But if you know radiologists, they tend to be pretty guarded and cautious with their rhetoric and she still encouraged me to follow up with a breast surgeon just to talk about if any other scans should be considered with my history. But from her perspective she said she thinks I'm fine and there's nothing suspicious there. I know it's classic anxiety to be dissecting and over analyzing what she said but I'm having a hard time celebrating what should be good news (right?) because she was a little guarded in giving me the all clear. Maybe they have to be to with all the crazy law suit nonsense these days? If it were you, would you guys feel good about that? Can I stop worrying for now?
  11. TRIGGER WARNING: I am a young breast cancer survivor, dx when I was 24. Fast forward 8 1/2 years and so far been good. I have 2 kids now, which I think makes this current scare a million times worse. I found a lump in the same breast as before a few days ago and I am an absolute basket case over it. It is very close to some scar tissue I have in that breast, in the same area, so I suppose there's a chance it could be that but it feels different than the jagged scar tissue, and my husband agrees. It's small and smooth like a bean, somewhat firm or rubbery, and I can't tell if it's moveable or not. It is not painful and I know that pain is usually a GOOD sign so that also worries me. I found it on accident while standing and waiting to get in the shower the other day. I realized that when I do my breast exams, I'm usually lying down with my arm above my head, like they tell you to do, or in the shower also with my arm elevated. And I realized that it's very hard to detect when I'm positioned this way. It's much easier to find when I'm standing with my arm at rest, so I'm not sure if it's just kinda always been there and I've just never noticed it or it is new. I was able to get in for a 3D mammogram and ultrasound today but I am absolutely freaking out beside myself with crippling anxiety. So afraid I'm going to leave my kids without a mom, have to take my breast completely off and doubt I can get reconstruction now with such damaged skin from radiation and I'm so young how will I wear a bra and look normal, etc, so many thoughts spiraling through my head. I know with the actual history in my case, it's hard to reassure someone when the fear is not irrational. But if anyone has any kind of reassurance they could offer to get me through to my exam at 1:30 today I would be so grateful.