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  1. Im really having trouble this go around. My jaw tires when I eat certain things, l like a salad or nuts where I get muscle burning like you feel with overuse in the jaw. I already described that I get the same thing with my hands when doing things like carving, shaving etc. It certainly feels like muscle weakness to me though with rest and restart I can still perform the tasks. Body wide pulsing and fasics combined with these other symptoms just seem like too much not to be ALS.
  2. In addition to being in a chronic state of fear over als I have a red patch on my cheek that I am now convinced could be oral cancer. It’s a red patch on the cheek that feels raw or velvety when I run over it with my tongue. I went to an oral surgeon who gave me anti inflammatory steroidal cream to use. He thinks it’s autoimmune and didn’t take a biopsy. I was hoping for a biopsy so I would know for sure!
  3. I’ve been dealing with health anxiety on and off for at least 20 years so i do know I have a propensity to obsess, over analyze when it comes to symptoms. I dealt specifically with als fears that started about three years ago when I noticed muscle fasciculations all over my body combined with perceived weakness in my arms. I was able to overcome the fear after a trip to a neuro who did basic strength and reflex tests and said I was fine. I’m three years into fascics and though they have slowed they are still there all over including ones that seems to occur right after movement of limbs. My pincher grasp in both hands now feels weak. I feel pain and muscle burn from over use when I’m doing fairly basic things like shaving, carving with a knife or even clipping nails. I can still do these things but my hands appear to tire and need rest before I can resume. I’m also having Terrible back pain that I think is either occurring because of rigid tight hamstrings or is causing them because I have hamstring tightness all the time. I recently have consipation like stools all the time though I’m going daily. I can’t walk even a mile without debilitating back pain and pain in ankles and shins. I have to rest before I can proceed. I’m back to panicking about als in such an extreme way. It’s preventing me from living again and I don’t know what to do.
  4. Update: i am scheduled for surgery on 1/15. They found what was measured as a 3.5cm complex cyst on ultrasound right before the holidays. I was sent for a CT scan with contrast and the urologist told me at my age (41) thus has to come Out. There is a solid component 1cm wide by 2cm long. He says the rest is fluid filled and does not need to be removed. He is saying there is 100 percent no evidence of spread based on the CT scan and other tests I received during the first round of testing which included ultrasounds of my throat and abdominal area including all organs, chest x rays and x rays of the spine and thoracic area. My concern is I have been having. Shoulder pains (both shoulders) which is what prompted me to get these exams and so I’m worried cancer has spread. Doc says I will get a partial nephrectomy preserving 80-90 percent of my kidney. I have had very little time to speak to him because of holidays (two quick phone conversations) so I haven’t been able to ask questions. Im concerned about spread related to elevated liver numbers, enlarged fatty liver and my shdder pain. Anxiety through the roof!
  5. Sorry it’s been so long,I haven’t been in here. I still have the muscle twitching daily but I’m convinced I don’t have als. It’s definitely stress/anxiety because I have anxiety symptoms all over my body. Unfortunately or fortunately for me depending on your perspective I sought medical attention for the twitching and accompanying shoulder weakness/pain I was feeling, forced my doc to do comprehensive imaging after negative neuro testing and they found a mass on my kidney which I am now having surgery to remove. I have no idea though doubt this has anything to do with any of my symptoms but hoping since it is small they caught this early enough to cure me if it proves to be cancer.
  6. Finally I can post! So it was a really rough week. Started with good news that the thyroid was benign and in fact wasn’t a nodule at all. At first the Urologist told me he suspected the cyst was benign but he wanted a cat scan before confirming and unfortunately the cat scan confirmed the opposite, that it is very likely to be malignant. He wants to remove it because of my age (41) rather then observe it. He did say 100 percent no indication of spread and that 98 percent of cases like mine are curative and the person never gets a recurrence. The tumor is 1cm x2cm so also smaller then they originally thought. Could use all the thoughts and prayers possible as I have to have surgery 1/18 and won’t know for sure that I won’t need further treatment till after surgery.
  7. Seems to say larger the 2cm and under age 50 increases likelihood it’s malignant. Mine is 3.5
  8. Unfortunatley I have a complex cyst in the kidney which percentage wise for my age does not look good
  9. Thank you @Bobnnat I’m having such a difficult night and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your response!
  10. I was afraid the kidney and thyroid meant I could have a cancer that has spread. Already on doctor google found a correlation
  11. Adding to my fear is the other symptoms I have had muscle twitching arm weakness and tenderness in the ribs and clavicle
  12. I’m 41 white male. I don’t smoke. Just drink.
  13. I am unable to avoid tears. I am so distraught right now
  14. So as a Health Anxiety sufferer, today I received news that has totally sent me back into a serious tailspin. My doctor ordered a series of tests related to pain in my arms, upper back and neck and I was just told that I have a nodule on the thyroid and a Cyst or nodule on the kidney. They want to biopsy the thyroid and they want to send me to a urologist for the kidney, likely requiring an MRI. I have to wait till Tuesday for the biopsy and who knows on the kidney. Right before the holidays...i am not going to make it through the next two weeks...