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  1. Jonathan, your words were so comforting in the past; you truly know what to say. I particularly like your blog on ‘giving up’. Honestly, at this point I think I have developed some kind of anxiety disorder because of the weird chest surges and leg skin hypersensitive. I think about it constantly. And most certainly I was raised in a chaotic, tumultuous household, which doesn’t help. I’ve had bizarre symptoms on and off my whole life, probably due to anxiety. My doctor pointed this out as well. He’s a good guy, but really doctors don’t know what to do in the psychology realm. What a terrible cycle I have myself in. I remember a woman on this site who I used to be in touch with had awful neurological symptoms (again nothing could be found) and they finally went away after a few years when a demarcated event occurred - her marriage ended. I guess I keep wondering what I need to do. I’m just hoping that the antidepressant will allow my mind to calm down a bit. I’ve never taken them more than two weeks in the past because quite frankly I’ve always been afraid of them for some reason. And you are right, 10 years is a long time, which scares me in itself. Thank you Jonathan. I hope you are well.
  2. There are so many thoughts in my head it’s hard to know what to write. I have an awful anxious feeling inside, throughout my whole body. It’s difficult being in my own skin. I’ve had this on and off (mostly on) for almost 10 years. It began when I had an injury that caused awful pain for months. Doctors couldn’t help, so I honestly feel I developed an anxiety disorder of some type because of it. From that I developed a hypersensitivity, prickling on my leg skin and a surging sensation in my chest. I had these sensations twice before, the first time starting after a flu. Having said said that, after many medical tests nothing could be found. I’ve started taking an antidepressant for the first time and it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks so I’m not sure how that will work yet. Jonathon, Gilly and Mark G have been so helpful in the past. Hearing from one of them would be wonderful. It’s all unbelievable, as I’m a logical person and should be able to figure this out. I try acceptance and letting go, but maybe I’m afraid the medical community missed something. My doctor doesn’t know what to do because he thinks I’ve been tested for everything. Mental and physical anguish together is terrible. I had to get this off my chest today. Thanks for reading this.
  3. Merry Christmas Jonathan and to everyone!
  4. Torontogirl


    I agree with Jonathan, read a book by Claire Weekes. I read Hope and Help for your Nerves, by her. It’s full of great information. It’s nice to see you on-line Jonathan. I hope you are well. You are such a help to people on this site.
  5. Health anxiety seems to be the worst form of anxiety a person can have. It makes it difficult to live in your own skin. I experience it as well and I’ll tell you at times it takes my breath away. I’m sorry you are both dealing with it as well. As soon as I get a bit of a grip on a situation something else comes along to derail me. I’m seeing a therapist, and I’d highly recommend you do the same. Exercise and reading books on the mind body connection are other helpful things I do. I’d really suggest reading these types of books as they allow you to see HA for what it is. Best of luck!!
  6. Mark, health anxiety is the worst. I wish you well and look forward to seeing you back on this site. You’ve been so helpful to me in the past. Thank you.
  7. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in this site, but I wanted to add to the thread by saying I was tested extensively for MS and other disorders in the past. All test results were negative. So, my doctor said that since my symptoms didn’t progress and the test results were negative it was probably anxiety related. I tried to believe him and probably did actually believe him at times. A number of years have passed and I still get these prickly painful sensations on my legs. The strange thing is I do feel I’ve put these symptoms behind me and moved on with life., but they persist. I’m really not anxious about it any longer, more just saddened. There are long periods of time I probably even felt indifferent about it. I’m wondering, given this info, do you think practicing pain management would be the way to go? My concern with going this route is that I’m admitting it really isn’t anxiety induced, but rather a physical disorder. I don’t think I have MS, not really sure what it is.
  8. I reread it and I do see what you are saying. I guess initially I focussed on the part about poorly understood syndromes such as fibromyalgia and took that to mean they just didn’t know what was causing it. But there is definitely a feeling to the article that gives some hope. Thanks.
  9. I have to say the thought of unexplained physical symptoms not being anxiety related but rather an actual illness has always been disturbing for me.
  10. Great post Matty. Thanks for taking the time.
  11. You’ll see if you read some of the posts on this site that what you are experiencing is pretty common with anxiety. Yes, I’ve had weird neurological symptoms and like you, was told by doctors that they couldn’t find any health issues. Believe the doctors, then move on. Meditation, acceptance, exercise, all these things will help you with your anxiety. And finally the best advice I can give - DON’T GOOGLE symptoms. Happy and healthy New Year!
  12. Hey Bin, I just want to say I feel for you. Raising children can be so stressful. Even with my daughter, though I didn’t have any sort of mental illness to deal with I still had to contend with other issues that made many years just plain difficult. 13 is not an easy age at the best of times, but with all the help you’re getting for her I think her future looks pretty good. I’m rooting for ya.
  13. I think it’s just abnormal chewing noises that bother me, like when someone chews with their mouth open, that sort of thing.
  14. They sound good. Lol. If you are able to find out, I’d love to know the name. Thank you for your help.