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  1. i feel this forum doesn't work for me anymore. causes more harm than good. 😞
  2. I need human connection but have little of it right now.
  3. Yes, I feel a sense of terrible dread every morning. I just want to cry but am alone and have nobody to listen to me.
  4. Thank you, I am trying to get off of it. Seeing a specialist who will help ween me off of it. First time was in person but she said we can do remote sessions after that. Send a private message if you'd like Shanowl, you're nice. 🙂
  5. I'm okay, just please drop it okay. I'm already scared.
  6. Okay I will try to sleep now. I'm sure I'll wake up in a panic. Happens every day lately.
  7. So scared right now. I think I'm going to die. Please respond or message me privately. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
  8. I've had it twice. In 2018 and now. It's in my right ear. Not sure if it's relevent but that's the ear I always sleep on.
  9. Dark discoloration, like dried blood. I've seen a doctor about it and he reassured me not to worry but that somehow hasn't helped me much. It was bigger a few months ago as clipping it cause some dried blood to fall out but trying to hard or going to deep can make it worse, it seems. I don't know why I still worry. It's a new doctor who I have only seen a few times. That could be why.
  10. davide.h

    Vcjd fear

    I sort of remember "mad cow" being a thing when I was a kid and people avoiding British imports for awhile. It seems to be extremely rare in every country though. Talk to a doctor if you really want to but they will probably tell you you are fine. Good luck 🙂
  11. I might have been exposed last week. I am being tested tomorrow morning. I have no symptoms.
  12. I take 1.5 mgs of it each day, divided into threes. Because of the holidays it's been slow to be refilled. I took a dose yestereday, but none today. It will take 2 or 3 days for it to get here. Scared the withdrawal will physically harm me. I'm terrified. Is there some way to get it sooner? please please help!! 😥
  13. I've had twitching in toes and fingers before. I don't know what caused it. But they just went away after awhile.