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  1. Humans getting rabies is very rare but it’s a good idea to see a doctor just in case
  2. In my room, caused by furniture scraping up against it for years. Getting scared that it could cause health issues in me, from asbestos or something similar. I know our house did have a mold issue but I’m not sure what else they checked for.
  3. davide.h


    I’m a delivery driver and the long hours on the road can have an effect. It’s not unbearable pain more like a mild soreness. I remember when I had that issue at 7 I was in terrible pain crying for my parents.
  4. davide.h


    My doctor did say I was dehydrated. I’m hoping it’s that or a muscle issue.
  5. davide.h


    I’m having a mild soreness around where one of my kidneys is. I had surgery on the opposite when I was a child. I’m worried it’s a tumor but I’ll see my doctor soon to ask.
  6. I wonder why it's going through fast though. I've had a lot of stress lately. Maybe that's why.
  7. Yes, it's always at night.
  8. I learned it years ago but don't remember it now.
  9. There is a nasal spray version of it known as Spravato (brand name). I'm hoping my insurance will cover it.
  10. I worry about my aging dad choking when I'm not there. I am wondering if I should get a LifeVac for him..and myself. I might sleep better with it but I'm sure he'd tell me I was overthinking again.
  11. I always pee before bed, then feel the need to go, get up and find I don't need to or do very little then go back to bed and this cycle repeats a few times. Happened for years. I don't know what's going on.
  12. But I don't think it's just me. It has gotten more dangerous out there, at least in the US where I live. I was supposed to go out this evening but I just couldn't bring myself to do so.
  13. Now I'm really scared because of my light colored stool! I hope this doesn't mean I'm sick!
  14. I can think of only one murder to occur in the town I live in, about 12 years ago. It's pretty peaceful. But I still am always glad to get back indoors.