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  1. I take klonopin and withdrawal can have that affect on me.
  2. davide.h


    That's a great idea. I might be on tonight (Eastern US). Busy with work from home right now.
  3. I know, it only makes things worse. I'm counting on forums such as this one to tell me when there is a breakthrough. I hope my story helped you a bit.
  4. Thought I'd share something. A friend of mine is from Queens, the epicenter of the virus in the US. She's from there but lives a ways out on Long Island and said her friend had been diagnosed with covid-19 and had been declared recovered. When I asked what the treatment was, she answered rest, lots of fluids and keeping his temperature down. Basically, everything I'm already doing. It made me feel better since this person is around my age.
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    Lets talk

    Almost always empty
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    Lets talk

    wish this site had a chat room.
  7. davide.h

    Lets talk

    Hi, how are you feeling right now?
  8. I think I feel chills, not sure if anxiety can cause that. I checked my temp just a few days ago and haven't gone anywhere since then. 😫
  9. I'm nervous cause I have been sniffling a bit this morning. I wasn't before. Also my anxiety meds are out and the pharmacy won't deliver them and I'm not willing to go out. So I'm stuck without them.
  10. I haven't heard of those being symptoms, but it never hurts to call your doctor just to be sure. I wish both of you the best.
  11. The US is a nation of selfish idiots ruled by other selfish idiots so that's the difference.