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  1. Hi, I'm sorry you didn't get replies before. I've seen that a few time here and it always saddens me. Unfortunately I don't know much about ALS but I do know it's actually pretty rare. A few years ago I kept seeing friends post their ice bucket challenge videos so ALS was on a lot of peoples minds but it's not actually that common. I wish I could help but hopefully that can help you feel a bit better till you get to talk to someone professional.
  2. It seems to be post-nasal drip, in my case.
  3. Sometimes when I get a coughing fit, presumably from allergies, it's accompanied with nausea. Not every time but enough times that I notice. Do you experience that? Does anyone?
  4. A co-worker tested positive. The company I work for had everyone known to be in contact with her tested. I was tested in 5-10 minutes and it came back negative. I assume your workplace won't cover testing?
  5. It's about a serious topic, but makes me smile.
  6. davide.h


    Not sure what possessed me to do so but I started googling it and now I'm freaking out! I've also contacted a doctor that helps with allergies, and hope to get some peace of mind there. Our house is quite dusty and moldy and we're still waiting on repairs to fix it.
  7. It's possible I have allergies. My doctor suggesting taking flonase on a regular basis.
  8. davide.h


    II saw my doctor today and I have mixed feelings about it.
  9. davide.h


    but hey if it's cancer i'm gonna fucking die anyway. 😢
  10. davide.h


    But being put to sleep and never waking up again is a scary prospect.
  11. davide.h


    Well like I said earlier, I don't like being anesthitized.
  12. davide.h


    What's an EGD? Was is scary? I'm worried I may have permanent damage.
  13. davide.h


    I'm seeing my primary physician tomorrow. I've been more diligent in taking my meds and I stick to foods that cause the least flare ups. Right now I have a mild sensation. Not terrible, but feels like something in my chest. Trying hard to to be scared but I am.
  14. davide.h


    I can't help but worry. I am new to this medication but took awhile to get into the routine of taking it each morning. The older I get the more things I have to remember before leaving the house. It seems like some things make it flare up no matter what. Coffee always makes it worse. I'm just scared there's permanent damage or something. I called my doctor today but haven't heard back yet.
  15. The closest thing I can think of is suddenly twitching awake just before falling asleep but I haven’t had this exact experience.