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  1. I hope when I had that blood work that they would have found anything serious but I forget what they checked for specifically. They also checked for cholesterol. Maybe I will ask for more.
  2. There used to be a lot of people posting here. Was hoping to hear that my symptoms don't sound like my worst fears from someone who'd been there. 😥I am taking things for gas and dehydration now and every time I feel the symptoms start to go away they just come back later.
  3. I think the one sidedness of it seemed alarming.
  4. They didn't do an x-ray or anything.
  5. Because they wouldn't know either.
  6. I can't get answers. So scared it's a tumor.
  7. This sounds a bit like what I've been experiencing. I wonder if posture could be effecting it.
  8. davide.h

    ALS worry

    Stress can do that. I've had twitching in various parts of my body during times of great stress. ALS is pretty uncommon though. I think if you work for hours on the computer it might cause twitching.
  9. Do you have similar pains?
  10. Trying to drink more water, might see if there are supplements available.
  11. Hope so. She did not see any cause for alarm. Likely gas pains and or dehydration.
  12. I am seeing a doctor tomorrow again. They hear lots of activity each time they check. I'm hoping that's a good sign and trying to let it calm me.
  13. bad gas lately too. ugh
  14. doc said I was dehydrated.