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  1. The warning came on the package itself.
  2. I used to get them at the grocery store for lunch all the time. They're delicious and healthy, or so I thought. But I happened to notice a warning that they might contain carcinogens. I had simply never thought to look because I believed them to be good for you. I haven't eaten them since then. Has anyone else seen these or know what I'm talking about? It's been awhile and I am not showing symptoms of cancer so I think I'm okay, but I will not eat them anymore.
  3. Let us know how things go. We care about you here. 🙂
  4. What's wrong with Gilly? I don't know her well but have seen her around a lot ever since joining, :( I'm sorry to hear she's having rough times.
  5. There it goes. This came out in 2018, the hardest and worst year of my life. I appreciate it for keeping me somewhat sane.
  6. davide.h


    Have you ever gotten one? Recently I was at the doctors and mentioned I had sporadic chest pains. He administered an EKG and found no signs of anything wrong. Around December 2017 I was given a drug to lower my cholesterol and my worry, I suppose, was that the damage to my heart had already been done. I have blood work done every few months to make sure it's still working. It was very high when I started but has gone way down however last time I had it checked it had gone up slightly though still considered a health level. Even so, it worried me. Has anyone here ever had heart and/or cholesterol problems or worry they might?
  7. This won't be the end of my many health anxieties though and I told him that. It will never end.
  8. A few months ago I wrote about my fears of having/getting pancreatic cancer. This is primarily because of glancing at an article which linked the disease to "fizzy drinks". As I once had a bad soda habit (I rarely drink it anymore) I felt scared that I had the disease or would likely get it. I straight up asked my doctor if this was true. He's practiced medicine since before I was born and I have immense trust in him. He said he had never heard of any correlation between the two. So the article (which I admittedly only glanced at) was wrong or I misread it.
  9. I'm feeling a lot of that today. I wonder if the world will make it another 100 years.
  10. In the Western world it's such a big deal we just call it "the holidays" and people either love it like it's the greatest thing ever or hate it with a passion. In my case..it's kind of both. What are your thoughts in general? What do you like about Xmas and what do you hate about it? Like: Christmas Eve, family, food, (some) music, trees and decorations. Hate: Shopping, commercialization, Christmas music being played before November's even over, the overall anxiety that accompany's a year's end. And especially this year, missing my mother, who basically ran Christmas for us.