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  1. Just to update you all. Blood work is clear and the colonoscopy found a single benign polyp. Just gave to revisit in 5 years again.
  2. Hey all, I woke up this morning and had a really normal bowel movement. I was so relieved. Then went to the doctor, then had to pick up a passion fruit smoothie for breakfast. Afterwards I slowly felt a bit of discomfort in my belly. I got to another appointment and had to use the toilet. Still mostly normal. Then I got to work less than an hour later, and my dinner from last night was out and not too digested. I had salad for lunch, went back to the office around 2:30 and was pooping water. I've been at it for hours now. I think my lunch is now passing. Is this anxiety causing it or the smoothie? Or what? I am definitely obsessing after the watery poops and finding hard black bits. They seem rock hard, I think most seem like the passion fruit seeds since they are jagged and brittle. I know it's obsessive and disgusting. I just am so scared and don't know how to react.
  3. Hello Andrew, Thanks so much for your thoughts. I have to say the advice I got here really brought it down and I don't constantly have stomach pain and am finally having some bowel movements. I still have to work through the worry about pain that shows up when something touches my stomach or back at times. I'm familiar with this phenomena, it's just not always easy to ignore. I think I do have an irritable bowel, so it's worth talking to someone. I'm doing my best not to obsess about it and assume the worst. Right now I feel like I'm in a much better state of mind.
  4. Hi Bob, Yes my sons conception was a trigger, then he came into the world in the 26th week at 650g. After we got home it sort of displayed itself a couple days later as heart condition and then cancer worries. My son has seizures when he gets a fever, and we've been unlucky this year in that regard. There's no history of cancer in my family that I'm aware of, and my dad is in his 70s and they found 1 harmless pollup maybe a year ago. Most of me knows it's anxiety and I even occasionally rationalize it, but it reverses so quickly and I find something else to confirm my own diagnosis.
  5. Question for you all. When a panic attack or high anxiety hits, what should I do? This mostly happens in the night when I'm in bed and I can't sleep. This is when I tend to look into things and start the research. I wish I could just dial down.
  6. Thank you for your insight. I've had the same experience and actually didn't react negativly to it funny enough. I guess because when it comes to a large, hard movement, I was able to put it together in my mind. Even when I had this bloody slime around my porridge stool, I just shrugged it off at the time. I think I am so scared of something being wrong that I give it a name and connect it to something in my recent past. It's not the first time, and I hope with this amazing community and therapy, I can conquer it.
  7. Thank you so much Mark. I found your community earlier and so happy I did. When I'm in one of my irrational fits I will look at what Mayo Clinic says and say that's gotta be it. Upon closer inspection, I realize the blood is never in the stool, the weight loss and fatigue likely come from other sources, and when it came to the concern that I'm drinking way too much water and not peeing enough, I then urinated normally. The strange thing is I know what I'm doing, but am scared of a Boy that Cried Wolf scenario when no one believes me. I really am calm for the moment, doubtful that will last too long, but I hope the bloodwork will put some sense in my mind, I just wasn't sure if that would indicate cancer. Regardless, I'd like to have a colonoscopy just to remove this worry further from my mind. I've already vowed to get into better shape, eat healthier and be active. Funny enough, that has also been a trigger.
  8. Thanks Mark. I don't think the blood was bright red, but it wasn't really dark either. Just looked like blood that was a bit washed out with clear slime or maybe it was pale, but I didn't think, "wow that's really dark or black." I just thought it was blood, and not really in the stool, just around it and not much at that. It also only occurred during these occasions, not outside of them
  9. Hello, I'm 37 and I'm terrified at the moment of colon cancer. I've been all over the place with fears of HIV, lung cancer, kidney cancer, etc. This time I reached back to a few times that I had porridge like stool that I had to hold in because I couldn't get to the toilet, which ended up with some slimy blood around/on it. It's happened a few times, but never when I didn't have to hold it as far as I know. When it happened, I didn't think anything of it because I held it and felt major strain and some sort of bubbling when holding it. It hasn't happened for months and isn't a daily or even monthly occurrence when it does happen. I get the sweats and stomach pain, poop and I'm fine. What started this was about a week and a half of a viral bronchitis or something. I got so freaked out about this feeling in my chest and throat, that it slowly wore me down. I stopped eating for about 2 days over a weekend and experienced diarrhea or loose stools. I honestly wasn't even thinking of anything then. I think I went back to the doctor, she listened to my lungs, heart etc and everything was ok. She told me to take cough syrup, and drink lots of Fennel/ginger tea. The pharmacy ended up giving me some drops instead of the syrup, which caused some stomach pain on Monday and Tuesday, then I went back to work on Wednesday. I think I ate normally, I don't remember if I pooped, but on Thursday I had only a few small bowel movements, and a constant full feeling, then stomach pain. I didn't eat dinner because of how I felt. On Friday the feeling continued and spent the day trying to get a full bowel movement whenever I thought to try. I got yellow slime at most. I also took some prune juice in the evening but got stomach pain from it. Its worth noting my son had a seizure on this evening and we spent a couple hours in the hospital, where I also tried to use the toilet. The next day in the early morning, I had some broken up diarrhea, I assume from the prune juice, then some really water stool, then I had an accident, pooping some yellow slime. Sunday was another little to no bowel movement day, I think just a bit of yellow slime with dark brown bits in it that seemed firm. I don't think they were black, but pretty dark. I might have had a few smaller movements. Monday I really had nothing. This morning I had a small movement but it was just a couple of round pieces. They looks normal in color and all, but have a bit of white slime on them or something. I'm so scared it's colon cancer because of the pain and lack of movements. On top of that I have a bit of thrush on my tongue, a bit if a cold with yellow mucus and I feel like I'm drinking a lot despite feeling dehydrated and not peeing enough a times. Throughout all this I've had the stomach pain, no appetite, and I was basically eating what I could. I've also lost several kg since Tuesday when I weighed myself. I was 126.4 and have found myself as low as 122. I think I was nearly 128 the Saturday before. Yesterday was the first day I really ate a full meal in the evening, but I also had a decent breakfast with bread, cream cheese and meat. I went to bed ready to sleep, but woke up and tried to poop because I thought I could, then panic sort of set in the second time I got up to pee and there was just a bit of yellow urine despite drinking a lot of water. I then checked Google and saw this could be a sign of tumors. I felt a bit better after the small movement I had just appearing mostly normal, but the stomach pain is there and I don't know how to overcome the fear. This morning, before the movement, I told my wife it could be nothing but colon cancer based on the last week's experience. I'm going in for blood work tomorrow and will also have a talk about a colonoscopy later. I also am meeting with a psychotherapist on Thursday. I'm just so scared it's too late for me. I've always thought constipation was in the lower intestine, but mine is empty. Could it be cancer?