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  1. I have known 4 people with ALS and their symptoms were nothing like yours. ALS is actually very rare in the USA, with only 5,000 new cases per year, compared to heart disease and cancer which have over a million cases a year.
  2. One time when I tried to self diagnose, my GI physician said to me to stick with being a CPA, which I practice as my profession and leave the diagnosing of my issues to him.
  3. My wife has had an ingrown toenail and it resolved itself over time.
  4. I have tinnitus pretty much all of the time in my left ear. I have gotten used to it and have learned to live with it. When I told my internal medicine and ENT physicians I had it, there response was they have it to and not to worry about it.
  5. Two of my friends had Covid-19. One was sick for three weeks and the other was sick for around 2 and half weeks and both are fine now.
  6. If it was something serious, you would have more symptoms by now. I have had a couple of ultrasounds of my neck as I have had 2 small swollen lymph nodes on 2 different occasions on the same spot of my neck/jawline. Mine went away after a month or so. It they thought it was serious, further testing would be done and maybe a biopsy of the node would be done. An ultrasound would have detected any abnormality.
  7. Last month my daughter who is 30, went over a friends house to visit and another girl in the house had Covid-19 and did not tell anyone and continued to go to work. My daughter was tested and was negative.
  8. MARC


    A client of mine has one and she is fine. She is just monitored periodically to see if it grows. She was told the chance of it growing bigger and it having to be removed are minimal.
  9. I have know 2 people who have committed suicide. One person was in his 30s and said he had no friends and felt all alone. The other person was going through a terrible divorce and could not take the stress. I have had some and still have actual health issues. I find it difficult to cope at times. I have tried to develop a support group of friends and family. I also have excellent doctors. I say to myself I can't quit and this is especially true when I feel at my worst. I have been in pretty bad pain, in the ER, hospitalized for 6 days once, etc. It was no fun to say the least. However, I did not give up and that is the key. In fact that is the key to life in general I have found.
  10. MARC

    Sleep Anxiety

    According to WebMD, the US Food and Drug Administration continues to warn people to avoid using products containing kratom or its ingredients. Kratom is banned in some states in the USA due to safety concerns. Kratom use has been linked to hallucinations, seizures, liver damage, withdrawal and death. In addition, the Mayo Clinic said that kratom is unsafe and ineffective.
  11. MARC


    The anesthesia they use today actually wears off quickly and is extremely low risk is what the nurse anesthetist told me.
  12. MARC


    Not necessarily. The odds of it being cancer are minimal anyway.
  13. MARC


    No one likes to be put under anesthesia, but sometimes you have no choice.
  14. MARC


    An EGD is an upper endoscopy, which looks into your esophagus, stomach and the duodenum. I was sedated at an outpatient facility and the EGD was performed by my GI physician. It is a piece of cake.
  15. Allergies at times have made me feel ill too.