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  1. No worries as you would need exposure over a long period of time. A client of mines wife many years ago used to wash her fathers clothes that were covered with asbestos over many years and she eventually got asbestosis and passed away. I believe her father worked in the shipyards, but I could be wrong. Her husband got a multi-million dollar settlement due to her death.
  2. My GI physician told me that GERD can cause nausea and vomiting.
  3. I am not trying to give you a hard time. My thoughts are that you are young enough to get your life back on track and live a more fulfilling and worry less life. You can and will succeed.
  4. I have an eye disease which is monitored by a retina specialist every six months. They can't tell me when if ever it will worsen. I live with it and try not to think about it. For your own good and peace of mind you need to move on or your fear will ruin your young life.i would seek out a mental health professional.
  5. Have you been to a physician about your symptoms and concerns?
  6. Stomach cancer is extremely rare and you are way too young for it. In addition your symptoms are not indicative of stomach cancer.
  7. My uncle had pancreatic cancer at 85. He suddenly had severe upper abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital and it was diagnosed. A friend of mine had pancreatic cancer at 62. He had worsening back pain over a period of many months. Your symptoms come and go and are not getting increasingly worse, so odds are you are OK. What is your age?
  8. Welcome to the forum. My friends wife passed away from ALS at the age of 62 in December 2020. Her first sign of ALS was uncontrolled movement in her right arm, like she was waving goodbye. She had no twitching.
  9. A friend of mines wife passed away from ALS in December 2020 at 62. Her first sign was severe hand movement like she was waving goodbye. She hsd no twitching.
  10. MARC

    Covid Vax

    I got the Pfizer shot and after the first shot, I had no symptoms. After the second shot, I felt tired and my arm hurt for a few days and my temperature went up to around 99.6 for a day and after around the 3rd day, I felt back to normal.
  11. I know a number of people who had Covid-19 and they all eventually were well again.
  12. A number of years ago I had crawling and tingling sensations on my head. It made me uneasy so I went to my ENT physician and he said he did not know the cause and he asked what I wanted him to do. I said I would like an MRI of my brain. He looked at me weird and said he would have to say I had tinnitus or tbe insurance would not pay. I had the MRI and it was negative. I was later told that tension in your back, shoulders and or neck can cause odd head sensations.
  13. MARC

    covid fever

    My friend was sick a total of 3 weeks. He had trouble breathing for a bit and went to the ER and they examined him and discharged him. He too had a 103 temperature for a while and it took a while for his fever to go away. He was weak for some time.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I have had a number of CT scans/other tests over the years and from what I have read, the risk is pretty low of developing cancer later, so I would not worry. I try to remember that every time you fly, you are exposed to radiation too and many people fly and don't get cancer as with CT scans and other similar tests.