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  1. I have never heard of a 6 year old with any type of skin cancer. Dermatologists can spot skin cancer right away as they see it all of the time. I remember when I had basal cell carcinoma on my nose the dermatologist saw it and had a big grimace on his face as he knew it was bad news. I went to a Mohs surgeon and had it removed around 11 years ago and I was told there was a 99% chance it would not come back and it has not.
  2. Welcome to the forum.
  3. MARC


    I have had GERD for years. I also have a hiatal hernia that was diagnosed by an EGD back in 2005. I also had a very painful esophageal ulcer which was also diagnosed by an EGD in 2005. For GERD, my GI physician said to try to stay away from alcohol, chocolate, to not eat before bed and to try to keep your weight normal. I take OTC Prilosec, which is not great to take long term. I have had around 9 EGDs since I had the ulcer.
  4. I agree from what I have read, that the risk is higher in say a restaurant, etc., but I have also read that in ones home the risk is extremely low. I have also read that in a public setting that practicing social distancing, hand washing, etc., is a big help in avoiding getting sick. Nothing of course is full proof.
  5. Why would you be nervous about turning on the air conditioner?
  6. As a young woman of 30 years old, the likelihood of you having any issues is remote and a few months should not make any difference. Many people have had more scans then you and are fine, so I would try not to worry.
  7. Stress can cause twitching too. A number of years ago when my daughter was in college, she was under stress taking her final exams. She began to have this terrible twitch below her eye. It was very noticeable and we could actually see the twitch moving. Once her exams were over, the twitch stopped.
  8. I will now tell you about people I have known who had ALS. Person number one was a man who was 71. His first symptom was slurred speech and they thought he was having a stroke. Person number 2 was a woman in her 60's who was waiting at a bus stop when she suddenly collapsed and had trouble standing back up. Person number 3 was a man in his 50's who was a fitness person and weightlifter who one day could not open a jar which he could usually do easily.
  9. I have actually known a number of people who had ALS and twitching was not a symptom they had.
  10. Excedrin many years ago caused me to have a rapid heart rate that lasted a while. I never took it again.
  11. ALS is actually a pretty rare disease as there are only 5,000 new cases diagnosed per year and less then one tenth of one percent of all deaths can be attributed to ALS.
  12. When a close relative or friend passes away, it can be extremely difficult to deal with. From the period September 2012 to August 2013, my mother passed away in September 2012, then my father passed away in January 2013 and then my uncle in August 2013. I have suffered from health anxiety off and on for many years and I would attribute the sweating to the stress from your mothers death. I hope you feel better soon.
  13. Anytime you get in any type of car accident, it can be very unnerving. I think you will be OK. You aren't getting any type of headaches, you aren't bruised up, you are not in pain, all of which are good signs you were not hurt. In my lifetime, I have been involved in 6 car accidents, two head on collisions, one car hit me broadside, and 3 rear ended me. Luckily, I was never really hurt.