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  1. MARC


    My wife is a pharmacist and she said to contact your physician and never change the dose without calling your physician. She also said medicine sometimes need to be changed or adjusted as they may lose their effectiveness over time.
  2. My wife is a pharmacist and she said that in some cases, antibiotics can make you feel more tired than usual and sometimes feel ill. She said to discuss your symptoms with your physician if they are bothersome.
  3. I have had CT scans with contrast of my abdomen, pelvis and chest and they are a piece of cake and are over pretty quickly. I have also had an MRI of my brain and neck and they take longer to do but are still easy. Years ago I was getting tingling and crawling sensations on my head and was sent for a brain MRI which was negative. I was told later that tension and disorders of the back, neck and shoulders can cause headaches and odd head sensations. In my case, if my neck hurts, I also get head pain sometimes.
  4. That happened to me a number of years ago and it scared the crap out of me. I was checked out and all was OK. I was told by a urologist that blood in the semen is typically caused by benign causes.
  5. A.number of years ago I was dizzy every day for 6 weeks. I went to my ENT physician who told me that sometimes the crystals in your ear shift which can cause dizziness as it takes a while for the brain to catch up with this shift, so thus the dizziness.
  6. MARC

    Lung granuloma

    I was told by my wife who is a pharmacist that they do not turn into cancer and do not need to be treated unless they grow to a large size.
  7. MARC

    Clogged ear

    My left ear rings and makes various noises 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If it really is uncomfortable, you could go to an ENT physician and let him look at it. It sounds like nothing serious.
  8. I am gassy and my stomach makes noises too. My GI physician told me to take Florastor 3 times a day, which is a probiotic.
  9. My coworker had in-situ melanoma on her cheek and is fine. My friend had melanoma on his stomach and is fine. My daugters friends father had melanoma on his arm and is fine. None were from moles.
  10. I had basal cell carcinoma on the upper right part of my nose 14 years ago. My dermatologist sent me to a Mohs surgeon. The surgery was performed in his office. I sat in a special chair and a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff was put on me and I had local anesthesia and the surgery began. He had to go in twice as he said the tumor was bigger and deeper then he had originally thought. He said there was a 99% chance it would not come and so far it has not. I get a yearly checkup by my dermatologist.
  11. My coworker had In-Situ Melanoma on her cheek, and your spots look nothing like hers did.