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  1. My wife was also diagnosed with a fatty liver. She is on a special diet called Optavia and has lost 30 pounds so far, with a bit to go.
  2. I know a few people who have MS and tingling was not a symptom they had.
  3. That can be a side effect of alcohol. Maybe eat food when you drink next time and see if that helps.
  4. I get weird cuts and bruises sometimes that seem to come out of nowhere and I can't even remember how they happened.
  5. MARC


    My GI physician told me to take Florastor everyday, which I have done for many years.
  6. I have some friends who are Korean and they have eaten seaweed for years. They purchase it from a Korean grocery store here in Baltimore County.
  7. MARC


    In December 2019 I had to take an antibiotic for a gum abscess. It was a strong antibiotic and I had to take it 3 or 4 times a day. I figured the risks of any antibiotic issues were outweighed by there benefit and you need to think the same way. A strep infection is nothing to play around with, so taking the antibiotic is better then the strep. I would try to eat food when you take it, which will lessen any side effects. It worked well for me. Hope you feel better.
  8. My wife once had diarrhea every day for 6 weeks and it just went away by itself and no cause was ever found.
  9. I remember when I was 25, which was quite sometime ago, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped, the entire tissue was drenched with blood and when I looked in the bowl, the water was all blood red. I had an immediate meltdown and had myself dead and buried. It turned out to be just a hemorrhoid.
  10. I was diagnosed by my GI physician via a scope up my rectum up to the left splenic flexure.
  11. I started having pain in my rectum in September 2019 (I had a virus) when I went to the bathroom and it bled a bit. I read I should try A&D ointment. It worked for a while and then it came back. I called my internal medicine physician and he examined me and could find nothing. It persisted and he told me to call my GI physician. I called his office and I have been going there for around 15 years when I had my esophageal ulcer (which was very painful by the way). I called on a Thursday and I was having a scope on Monday. It turned out to be a hemorrhoid. I had the scope November 30, 2019 and I still get some pain. My GI physician told me once that anal cancer is pretty rare.
  12. I am very happy you are feeling better.
  13. MARC


    I have actually known a few people who had ALS and twitching was not a symptom any of them had.
  14. My anxiety typically centers around health for the most part. My sister many years ago suffered from agoraphobia and actually stayed at home for an entire year. Eventually she snapped out of it and began to function OK. She never got therapy for some reason.
  15. I would try some tums, gaviscon or mylanta and that should help pretty quickly.