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  1. Sometimes food gets stuck for me too. Around 15 years ago I had an esophageal ulcer near my stomach. It was extremely painful and every time I ate food, my back burned like it was on fire. It was diagnosed by an EGD and healed by the use of Nexium. I have a hiatal hernia too and GERD. My GI physician has told me that stress, GERD, etc., can cause swallowing issues. He has told me to stay way from alcohol, don't eat 2 hours before bed, keep my weight down and drink plenty of water. He told me that even when someone has Barrett's esophagus, esophageal cancer is still pretty rare. My GI physician also told me that in many cases, the cause of nausea is never found.
  2. Try to remember ALS is an extremely rare disease with only around 5,000 cases diagnosed each year in the USA.
  3. I would not feel selfish as anyone would be worried.
  4. A few years ago, I was shaving and I found a small lump below my right ear around my jaw line. It was around my parotid gland. I said to myself, this may be Lymphoma, so I called my concierge internal medicine physician and he saw me the next day. He felt it and thought it was nothing, but to make sure he ordered an ultrasound of my neck. The ultrasound came back negative and it was a swollen lymph node. He theorized that I had cut myself near there and the lymph node swelled from the cut. The lymph node went back down around 3 weeks later.
  5. My wife has had leg cramps for years off and on. They have at times woken her in the middle of tbe night. They are very painful and she needs to walk around and they eventually go away.
  6. My one friend who is 57 had COVID-19 and he was sick for 3 weeks and was fine thereafter. His fever got up to 103.9 one evening. He lost 13 pounds and was extremely fatigued. Another friend of mine who is 62 was just very tired and lost his sense of taste and smell. He was fine after a month. Two women I know who work at a client of mine just had fatigue and the loss of taste and smell. They were fine after 2 weeks. One girl is 29 and the other 56. I hope all of you feel better soon.
  7. I hope she feels better soon.
  8. My internal medicine physician told me that the typical first sign of a brain tumor are seizures.
  9. I just took my temperature on my forehead and it was fine, but in my ear it was higher too.
  10. My wife is a pharmacist and she said you should not drink alcohol while on antibiotics as it can cause side effects like vomiting and diarrhea. She said don't drink a few days after your done either.
  11. The pasta sauce could be responsible. My GI physician told me that what you eat or drink can influence the way your stool looks.
  12. Your nail looks fine to me.
  13. When I was 25 years old, I went to the bathroom and when I wiped, the whole toilet tissue was covered in blood and the toilet bowl water was all blood red. I had an immediate meltdown and had myself dead and buried. It turned out to be a large hemorrhoid. When I went to the bathroom, the stool hit the hemorrhoid and then the bleeding happened.
  14. I have mentioned this before but in November 2019 I had severe rectal pain and consistent blood on the tissue. It persisted for a long time and I got nervous so my internal medicine physician told me to call my GI physician. He scoped me and it was just a hemorrhoid.
  15. Back in November 2019 I had extreme pain in my rectum when I went to the bathroom. It bled some too. It persisted for weeks and finally I had a scope and it was hemorrhoids.