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  1. I have excellent long term memory, but my short term memory is questionable sometimes.
  2. MARC

    gut trouble

    I get gas pains out of nowhere sometimes and they can be bothersome.
  3. My friend's wife passed away from ALS in December 2020 and my client's brother-in-law passed away from ALS in December 2017. Neither of them had tremors. Try to also remember ALS is extremely rare with only around 5, 000 cases per year diagnosed. Compare that to cancer and cardiovascular disease and there is no comparison.
  4. Welcome to the forum. My friend's wife was diagnosed with ALS and passed away at age 62 in December 2020. Another person I know of had ALS and he passed away at age 71. Neither had any twitching. My friend's wife had sudden weakness and the man had sudden slurred speech and was initially diagnosed with a stroke. Try to also remember ALS is a very rare disease with only around 5,000 cases diagnosed each year.
  5. Whenever a person is diagnosed with a serious illness, it can weigh heavily on your ability to cope. A client of mines husband has a malignant brain tumor and is terminal at only 47 years old. He has had the tumor since March 2020. He has crying spells periodically and is medicated, although he is still alert and can communicate well and walk around. Another friend of mine who is 68 has had 3 very stressful events in the last 2 years. First his wife passed away from bone cancer. Then he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has recovered. Lastly, he had a benign brain tumor and had 9 hours of surgery at Hopkins and the tumor was so large that all of it could not be removed. He is monitored by MRI every 6 months. He was very depressed for a while but is doing better now as he has developed more of a social network, which keeps his mind occupied. So don't be too hard on yourself.
  6. POTS is a condition whereby when you stand or change posture, your heart races and you may get dizzy or feel faint. Your O2 is great at 95 to 98. I had COVID pretty bad October 1 of this year. It hit me out of the blue and I had a 102.4 temperature and had diarrhea. I lost 6 pounds in a couple of days as I was very weak and felt like there was a 600-pound elephant on my back. I was weak for around 2 weeks afterwards. Your symptoms seem like anxiety.
  7. MARC

    ALS worry

    Years ago when our daughter was in college she was very stressed by exams and developed horrible eye twitching. It was noticeable by me and by her. After the exams were done the eye twitching stopped. Stress caused her twitching and is most likely the cause of your feelings.
  8. MARC

    ALS worry

    Welcome to the forum. My friends wife passed away from ALS at age 62 in December 2020. My clients brother in law passed away from ALS at age 72 around 5 years ago. Neither had twitching as a symptom. Try to also remember ALS is very rare with only around 5,000 or so cases a year in the USA.
  9. MARC

    Back pain

    The other day I was in my office and I dropped something on the floor. I bent over and I got this sudden sharp pain on my right side. It lasted for a few seconds and went away. I did nothing really unusual but it happened anyway. Who knows why it happened but it sure woke me up.
  10. MARC


    I have had and have real health issues and I sometimes have trouble dealing with them too.
  11. One positive is that the cancer did not spread.
  12. Don't be too hard on yourself as the diagnosis of cancer would make anyone scared.
  13. Sorry to hear. My former boss had kidney cancer and he had his kidney removed and he was fine.
  14. My GI physician told me that excess gas can cause floating stools.