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  1. I have an anxiety high right now also. The only thing that seems to help me are my magnesium pills and daily exercise. I’ve been so achy lately it’s keeping me up nights. I think I’m having withdrawals from taking too much aleve. 🥴 When is your anxiety at it’s worst? Mine is in the mornings. I’ve been having panic attacks every morning. That’s when I grab my magnesium an hour before I get up.
  2. Are you taking aspirin? Aspirin can make you dizzy. I take magnesium for panic attacks and it works well. I feel your pain, I have been getting panic attacks everyday now. 🥴
  3. I’ve been having the same problem with my arms and upper legs lately. They are twitchy and achy. Not sure what is causing it. You can easily go on Medicare and get free health insurance. Just go to healthcare.gov and fill out the information.
  4. Read this........low magnesium can cause muscle twitches headaches general muscle tightness or aches anxiety restless legs tingling numbness, or depression Just something to think about
  5. Are your muscles achy too? My muscles have been achy, twitchy lately too. I read it might be caused from dehydration so I’ve been trying to drink more water.
  6. Do certain types of pain relievers give anybody anxiety? I took aleve yesterday and today I’ve had anxiety all day long. I like taking Aleve because it works really well but the side effects when it wears off are horrible. Anybody else here ever take Aleve and feel anxiety later the next day?
  7. I get the exact same thing in the morning and what calms me down is taking a magnesium pill. I even take it at night before I go to bed or if I get up early in the morning before the anxiety hits. It really works.
  8. Have you tried magnesium. I get non stop panic attacks without it. It really works
  9. Woke up feeling terrible. Took my blood pressure and it was 135/88 and heart rate was 101 plus I was shaking. Am I having a panic attack? I feel like I’m dying. Took some magnesium and am waiting for it to kick in.
  10. Thanks for everyone's replies. Fortunately I work in the back away from all the smoke. But people have seen spirits there. One guest ran out of the bathroom screaming when she saw a woman in blue come out of the walls. Workers also saw people in there that suddenly vanished.
  11. Yes I know it sounds crazy but there’s a bunch of people at my work getting sick and every time I go there I feel sick even though I’m fine at home. I work at a casino and some of the patrons going there have seen spirits coming out of the walls and it supposed to be haunted. I know it sounds crazy but I’m beginning to believe it
  12. My anxiety is really bad in the summer. I keep hearing good things about Hemp to relieve anxiety. Anyone try this? Results? I ordered some gummy bear hemp to help to try out.
  13. Could your medication be making you dizzy