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  1. As I noted before, while I haven't been constipated in the technical sense, I haven't been passing as much stool as is normal for me. I've been trying more fiber, more water, etc., but it hasn't totally normalized. And the stool seems a little on the dry side. But what's concerning me even more now is my reduced urine output. I've been drinking plenty, and I'm someone who has always urinated frequently. I have once before had this problem, and it resolved after the constipation I also had at the time resolved. I don't really know how they're linked. But this time, I have had moments where the constipation has sort of seemed to clear up, but I haven't resumed full volume in urination. I have read that colon cancer can cause reduced urine output, but I'm not sure why.
  2. Been eating tons of fiber. Nothing's working. I did finally just pass another small stool after eating dinner, but this is the worst constipation I've ever had. 36.
  3. This is BAD. Haven't had the urge to go at ALL today. I suspect the minimal stools I passed the previous few days were whatever was left on the left side of the colon, and the cancer on the right side has completely blocked everything else. Forgot to mention my urine output has also been restricted, despite drinking TONS of water.
  4. If it doesn't change it's not cancer. Also, there's no evidence that "odd" moles are any more likely to have melanoma arise from within them than "typical" looking moles. Most melanoma starts "de novo," meaning it was melanoma from when it first appeared on the skin, but occasionally melanoma can arise from within a nevus. However, as I said, there's a lack of evidence that "irregular" nevi are any more prone to that happening. If you've had it for ages, and it's not changing, nothing to worry about. At least, not any more than all of your other moles.
  5. This has been going on for a week or two now. While in the "technical" sense I'm not constipated, as I still have bowel movements every day, the amount of stool I pass is nowhere near as much as it should be given the quantity of food I eat. I'd say it's at about 30% of what it should be. I don't care about what the internet says...this is abnormal for me. Particularly because I can't figure out reason for it.
  6. Whenever I eat certain foods, I tend to get this milk-like aftertaste that I never used to get. What would cause this? GERD? Esophageal cancer? Throat cancer? As I said last year, I have had a few instances of waking up with acid in my mouth since the start of 2019. I have also had problems swallowing at times when eating, but this comes and goes and seems to occur when I'm transitioning from eating one type of food to another. I have also had a clicking in my throat when I swallow since (I'm serious) I woke up after a dream where I was screaming at a vending machine. Ever since then, the clicking never went away. Something's scraping against something there. I think this was in 2018.
  7. Problem is it's probably too small to even biopsy. They'd have to wait for it to grow.
  8. Not with the texture of this. If it were on the surface of the skin I would figure it's a keratinizing I could pick it off. Feels like a grain of sand is in there or something.
  9. When cancer spreads to the lymph nodes, does is grow on the lymph nodes? The sense I get is this is cancer that is growing on the outside of the tonsillar lymph node or something, which is why I feel this tiny, hard bump. I don't think lymph nodes themselves are only 1 millimeter or so in diameter even when they're healthy, so I would think this has to be a growth.
  10. This might be hard as a rock. I can't tell. I can't get a good feel of it because it's so small. The smallness and general feel of it is what makes me think this is probably cancer. I would guess it's about a millimeter in diameter. I don't even know if they would be able to biopsy the thing because of how small it is.
  11. I have all kinds of permanent shotty nodes in my neck (have since I was a kid), but what worries me about this one that I just discovered is it's much smaller and has a different, disconnected sort of feel to it. It feels like a tiny pebble that's loose in's much smaller than the size of a pea. I'm not even sure what to compare it to. It's like a really small seed or something. Not even sure it's a lymph node and not just cancer of something else in that region.
  12. I don't understand this. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was noticing how my upper abdominal asymmetry didn't seem as noticeable as I remembered it being from about 2 years ago, despite the lower abdominal bulge that I discovered within the last few months. Now it seems to be noticeably worse than I remembered it being. Is it just that I had forgotten how I had palpated it before? Or is my body somehow able to actually create symptoms like this? Seems far-fetched. But here's the thing: I also developed unexplained bruises on my thigh (worst I can remember having) just a few days after contemplating whether or not the spontaneous hypertrophic scars on my shoulders/upper back/chest might actually be from an indolent form of leukemia. I have had minor recurrent unexplained bruising that appears around once per year for the last several years, and it was always over one of my knees. But just a few days after thinking about leukemia again, out comes the worst unexplained bruising I can remember...and in a different location. I understand psychosomatic symptoms, but I don't imagine your mind can do that.
  13. Never seen them on my thigh before. I've been seeing them on and off appearing unexplained above my knees over the last 5 years, but never to this severity and never in this location.
  14. See what I mean? I just develop non-stop real, abnormal symptoms. I've been noticing unexplained bruises on and off for the last 5 years. Been noticing petechiae since 2014...since 2010 if you include this time I had them on my gums and thought they were a sign of periodontitis. I have this, plus an abdominal obstruction that leads to visible paralysis, plus a thin, horizontal bulge in my hypogastric region, and that's only one of at least two places of asymmetry, as there's asymmetry further up towards my belly button as well. I wonder if these things are all related (swollen organs from indolent lymphoma), or if I have multiple types of cancer.
  15. When you see it, how noticeable is it? When I'm lying on my back, I can see a portion of my right abdomen lift up and stay there for a few seconds, then descend. It's always the right side, although I think when I first noticed it a year and a half or more ago I saw the left side doing this occasionally as well.