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  1. Went out into the garage today and was clearing out an old box that had memoriblia and it had a lot of mouse poop. I haven't heard any mice in quite a while and have poison out. These boxes have been sitting for a long time too. I live just north of Oklahoma City and all of our 6 cases have occurred in our panhandle I believe but I'm still a bit worried.
  2. Forgot to mention that a couple of days ago my son at kick me pretty hard on accident in that spot. The pain generated around to the front this morning also. My wife said it made me go a little pale.
  3. Got out of bed this morning and had a dull but powerful pain in my lower left back around the kidney. It felt kind of like when I had a stone a few years ago but I had to take a couple of ibuprofen and use a heat pack. I couldn't sit or stand without the pain. Has anyone else experienced this? Feels much better right now.
  4. I noticed that I posted a couple of months ago regarding darker stool. Hopefully just been things I've eaten.
  5. Thanks. So far I've gone 3 times after and it's been more of the lighter brown. I'm hoping it was all the blueberries and stuff I had.
  6. I also forgot to mention a had about the total of a handful of blueberries over the last couple of days. Not a lot but some.
  7. Thanks Holls. So you're saying that it's very noticeable when black? My mind wants to play tricks on me and make me think certain things. I went again this morning and it's still dark. I looked close for a bit and it seems dark brown but my mind is saying black.
  8. Hey all, I've noticed a few times over the last couple of weeks that my stool has come out a pretty dark brown. Last week, the day after we had some green waffles (food coloring for St. Patrick's day) it was darker. This week I've had homemade chocolate cake twice. Could these both cause that kind of issue. I wouldn't say it's black or anything just noticeably darker.
  9. Hi all, I've been obsessing over colon cancer lately and really for no reason other than what ifs. I've convinced myself that I have precancerous polyps that will be discovered too late. I'm a 38 male with no family history as far as I know. My great aunt might have had colon cancer in her 60s but a couple of family members can't even recall if that's what it was. My dad passed away at 49 from liver failure brought on by heavy drinking and I do I worry he might have developed bowel issues I'll never know about. My doctors have said age 50 is when I need my first colonoscopy. I don't want to go just for peace of mind because there are risks as well as expense and it seems irresponsible to have procedures like that for nothing but peace of mind. I'm tired of hearing about how all these people got colonoscopies in their 30s. I guess we're all supposed to do that now it seems. I just need reassurance.
  10. Thanks I have before though and he just recommended to follow the current guidelines for checkups and preventive care.
  11. Thanks Cuchculan. Good idea. That's what I'll try to do from now on.
  12. I'm looking into it now. I've gone before but didn't take it serious and want to try again.
  13. Hey all. 38 male here. I'm so tired of focusing on worry about health stuff. I just want to be able to enjoy things more. I sit here and worry about colon issues and the what ifs. Like what off I have a polyp but don't get a colonoscopy until 50 as recommended. My great aunt MIGHT have had colon cancer but not even her grandson can recall and also she was over 60. My dad died at 49 from liver failure that he brought on himself with excessive drinking and I wonder if he would have had any diseases a little later that I should worry about. I know the real issue is in my head and getting tests may only alleviate for a short time but certain tests come with risks too. I'm so worn out from all of this.
  14. I just can't seem to get passed this. I look so hard in the toilet when I go and now afraid to go. I'm not going to get a colonoscopy for peace of mind. I feel like that's irresponsible and risky. Plus I would probably just move on to something else right after that.
  15. Thanks for the replies. I know foods can do that but my mind just ran with it.