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  1. Hey all, had a little red bump come up over the last day or so about an inch and a half below my anus. It seems tender and when I put some alcohol on it, it burned pretty good. It's pretty bright red and smaller than the end of my pinky. Does this sound like an abscess or maybe hemorrhoid? It does hurt just slightly.
  2. Thanks MotherofMaya. Yeah I had a CT scan about 11 months ago and they said bowels,colon and everything looked good. I think those cancers can take years to develop so I shouldn't be worrying so much.
  3. Okay so it was pretty obvious that it was blood
  4. What age did you start getting colonoscopies?
  5. Thanks Marc. Does that include some that might have had a reddish hue?
  6. Yeah this was a reddish hue that was on half of it but the toilet paper just showed brown. It's been more typical the last few times I've gone. Trying to put it out of mind.
  7. I'm just so afraid to even go to the bathroom again.
  8. Yeah I've been on here for years and love it. Wonderful people here. I'll just flush and go next time and not go looking for problems. I know we will have a little reddishness sometimes due to what we eat and I need to stop obsessing.
  9. Yeah people tell me to do that a lot too. My brother and wife just said it a few minutes ago actually, just flush and go. But they I also start to wonder what if I miss something. But I guess a lot of times, you're going to have other symptoms as well. I guess I'll start trying that though.
  10. I went again this afternoon and it seemed to be more a typical color.
  11. Hey all, Went to the restroom earlier and my bowel movement seemed to have a reddish hue to it I guess you could say. There were about 3 pieces and they all had brown and then a different color that almost leaned toward a reddish color. Now I'm freaked out. I had been doing better with my anxiety the last few days until this. I had some fried rice yesterday for lunch with sriracha sauce and then have had quite a bit of chocolate cake the last couple of days. I had ravioli with a lot of pasta sauce about 3 or so days ago too. I just don't know what to think. Does anyone else get this sometimes?
  12. Ugh. I went to the restroom a bit ago and had a movement. It seemed to be have two different colors on all of the pieces. Like almost a reddish hue and then brown. Now I'm just spiraling again. My wife said I just need to flush and go but I just can't seem to do that. Does anyone else ever look and notice anything like that? I've had a lot of chocolate cake the last couple of days and had some fried rice yesterday that had siracha sauce in it.
  13. Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to try getting a medical card and try some THC and CBD oil.
  14. Hey all, I'm struggling so much with my anxiety and depression right now. I wake up and just dread the day. First I was obsessed with bowel movements but then moved on to urine. I see little white specks when I go. My doctor didn't seem concerned but did a urine test with microscopic and all was normal. My brother went into a jar twice and said he has the same thing. Almost looks like dandruff. My doctor wants to do a gonorrhea and chlamydia test but my wife and I met when we were pretty young and haven't been with anyone else. These flakes seem to be normal but I just can't seem to let things go. I know it's an issue with my anxiety and not physical. I called a counselor and hope to start that next week.
  15. So microscopic came back fine too. I guess I just need to let this all go and try to focus on being happy.