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  1. Been a week now and still no results. Trying to keep it together. The mole really isn't raised and is probably less than 2mm wide.
  2. This is just really bothering me and don't know how to get through another week worrying about it.
  3. Thanks Marc. We hadn't noticed it changing or anything. They said it would take about 2 weeks to get the results back. The dermatologist said she sees quite a few people with spots under their toenails and it's fine.
  4. My son has a little spot under his toenail on his second toe for probably about a year that we thought was blood. We took him to the dermo on Monday and she doesn't seem concerned but sent it off anyway to make sure. He's 6 years old and she said it's pretty rare to see that type of cancer in a person that age. She reassured us that even it were they would just cut it off. It's smaller around than a BB. His pediatrician saw a picture of it and doesn't think it's cancer either. The dermo said it was slightly weird looking and that's why she sent it off as she does this with all of them like that.
  5. Thank you Bobnnat and Total Eclipse. That's the thing is learning to trust them. The ER doc didn't mention the tiny stone that evening at the ER but I think he was more concerned with my mental state as I was freaked out it was something else. My PCP went over the report with me a couple of days later and made me aware of the stone.
  6. Thank you Marc. Just having a real hard time on this for some reason.
  7. 39 male and had severe back pain twice over a few weeks and then a little blood when urinating. Went to the ER and they did urinalysis which showed the blood, blood work which all came normal and a good ct scan. A couple of days later my PCP said I have a mild stone in my left kidney that was probably the reason for the blood and some constipation which the stone, probably contributed to the back pain. I'm just having a hard time getting through this and trusting more than one doctor that said nothing is wrong. I'm also over analyzing my urine every time I go to the bathroom.
  8. Hi Jessi, I'm not a woman so can't speak to ovaries but I (38 male) was having some bleeding during urination and had sever pain in my lower left back a couple of times of the course of a few weeks. Went in for a CT scan last week and all was clear and then on the follow-up with my PCP this past Monday he said they saw a stone in my left kidney. However, I just keep thinking the same as you with not completely trusting CT results. But we have to keep in mind that they do these all the time and know what they're looking at and we aren't trained like they are. A CT is good at finding anything bad.
  9. Wow that's strange. Thanks for responding Marc. I have a hard time trusting my doctors for really no reason at all. It's probably my anxiety. I know that CT scans are very good at finding abnormalities. The scan was done with contrast. My doctor then told me this past Monday that there was a very small stone in my left kidney that probably caused all of the issues. I just want to move on and stop second guessing my doctors diagnosis.
  10. Got the CT scan and it came back normal as well as the blood work. There was a couple of little spots on my liver they aren't worried about and my mom has the same thing. I just want to trust these results and move on. I just don't want them to come back and say oh wait we were wrong and there is something on the scan.
  11. Hi everyone, Twice this month I had a 10 or so minute extreme pain in my lower left side on the back near the kidney. I was thinking stone because that's what it was 5 years ago when I had a similar pain. So I talked to the doctor and he didn't seem concerned. Then today I went pee and saw a tiny red something floating in the toilet bowl, it was bright red. I told my doctor and he had me come in for a urinalysis earlier so I'm waiting on the results for that. However, when I peed in the cup it seemed rusty and then back here at home it seems still to be that color but maybe even reddish. So I'm pretty freaked out right now about all of this. I'm a 38 year old male and I know some male friends who have had stones and peed blood. Also went to the chiropractor this morning and he did xrays and said I have two pinched nerves in my lower back which can also cause pain. Just not sure what to think.
  12. Mel1981


    Hey everyone, I have this rash on my butt and a little on my legs. They are tiny red dots. I messaged the dermo PA with pictures and she things eczema or contact rash. Of course I freak out thinking I have meningitis. They look like tiny pimples almost.
  13. I appreciate the response Jonathan and you're right about hygiene. However, that's exactly how you get hantavirus is from mouse droppings and inhaling contaminated dust from the droppings.
  14. Went out into the garage today and was clearing out an old box that had memoriblia and it had a lot of mouse poop. I haven't heard any mice in quite a while and have poison out. These boxes have been sitting for a long time too. I live just north of Oklahoma City and all of our 6 cases have occurred in our panhandle I believe but I'm still a bit worried.
  15. Forgot to mention that a couple of days ago my son at kick me pretty hard on accident in that spot. The pain generated around to the front this morning also. My wife said it made me go a little pale.