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  1. Thank you for the responses. I haven't noticed anything else. My anxiety has just been bad lately and I feel like I'm just ultra focused on this.
  2. Have you ever had where it seems to be like a reddish 'aura' or something just outside of the stool? I had quite a bit of pasta sauce last night so thought maybe it. I would think something would have shown on the CT scan 8 months ago if it were bad.
  3. I'm just so sick of this. I went again and it was looser, probably because of the coffee I was drinking, but I couldn't tell if there was a red-ish type of color floating above one piece or if it was just a darker brown. I had a lot of pasta sauce last night so maybe from that. I think I'm analyzing it too much. You would think with a CT scan less than a year ago I would be okay to put this to bed.
  4. Yeah I haven't noticed anything else since then. I feel like the tiny spot of blood I saw was from blowing my nose because of dryness and everything. I guess I just want to know that a CT scan that recent with nothing bad is still something I should look at and say I'm fine.
  5. Hey everyone, So the other day I blew my nose and threw the toilet paper into the toilet and then I had to use the bathroom. Just after having the BM I wiped and then looked and noticed that it seemed to be a tiny round speck of blood on the TP but it seems to be from the one I blew my nose on and was probably from that. However, for some reason, it just got me going again about colon cancer worries. Now I'm looking very close every time I go. I had to have a CT scan with contrast on April 30th of last year that found a kidney stone. Otherwise, they said everything looked good, I had a slightly enlarged prostate and a couple of benign spots on my liver. They said the colon and everything else looked good. Please tell me I can just be reassured by that scan because I would think cancer like colon wouldn't just develop that quickly after. It's only been 8 months. This morning I saw a tiny different colored spot on my stool that I wiped away with TP and it just dissipated. I know I shouldn't be looking so hard but I couldn't tell if it were really red or not.
  6. Bin_tenn, no you didn't sound dismissive at all! But yes I need to trust my doctors, his doctors, and my wife's. SighNoMore, you're right, we're all in this together and supporting each other is what helps us get through this everyday.
  7. Thank you both so much. He's also very skinny and so I figure you can see more things on him than you normally could on someone like myself. You both made me feel much better. As always thank you for the support. I love this forum.
  8. Hey all, we noticed a nodule on my son's neck a few months ago. We showed his pediatrician and he wasn't concerned. He said not a lymph node and he thought either scar tissue from a bike wreck my son had where the handle bar hit him around that spot on the neck and scratched him or a cyst but nothing worse. With my HA I have a hard time trusting doctors. We never noticed it until after the bike accident. You can only see it when bends his neck far back. It doesn't bother him or anything and doesn't seem to have grown in the last few months. Anyone else ever have anything like this?
  9. Yeah I mean a radiologist and two doctors looked at mine an didn't think it a big deal. But definitely the HA fires up. I really don't think they would let it go if there were any doubt.
  10. Hi all, back on April 30th I had a ct scan at the ER which ended up being a kidney stone. The ER doc mentioned that I had a slightly enlarged prostate which is due to age and he mentioned a couple of lesions on my liver. He said no cancer anywhere but they always mention these kinds of things. He was pretty reassuring. Fast forward to now and I've for some reason had my liver on my mind. I messaged my doctor and he looked again at my ct results and said the lesions appeared harmless. Is this normal to find things like that? I just want to trust my doctors.
  11. This one seemed to want to resolve itself but didn't so they gave me some oral antibiotics which helped but I think I'll have to have it cut out since it sometimes bleeds.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm still dealing with an ingrown toenail and was worried about it. I can't really go to the doc right now unfortunately. Has anyone else here dealt with these and did you have it very long? It's on my left big toe. I've been soaking it and putting cotton under the nail. It seemed to be getting better for a bit and then came back.
  13. Thanks Marc. I'm still worrying quite a bit for some reason even though the doc didn't think anything of it.
  14. Hey everyone, So my almost 7 year old son had an accident on his bike about a month ago and soon after I noticed a little bump protruding from the right center area of his neck about midway down. It's hard but pointy and we took him in for a checkup the other day and his doctor wasn't worried and said we could do one of two things and that's to watch it or go ahead and take him to the ENT but he doesn't recommend anything that would put radiation on his lymph nodes. He said this isn't along the lymph node path and doesn't feel like a node. He thinks scar tissue on some cartilage from the bike wreck or possibly a cyst which is worse case scenario. When he had the bike wreck he was reaching down for something on the ground and the bike slipped and the handle bar kind of pushed in on his neck around that spot and scratched all along that area. I know it's likely from that but you know how we all think on things as well. I also noticed what feels more like a lymph node on the right side of his neck last night but the doctor didn't mention anything about that. It's very small but noticeable when he turns his head. I thought maybe that was from a little scratch on his lower cheek he got a few days ago.
  15. Hi i87, I know this is an old post but I'm having an issue with an ingrown toenail as well. Haven't had pus but a bit red and painful when I hit it. What did they end up doing to yours?