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  1. Hi Again WW. It's all about suggestion and belief. It's belief that makes a suicide bomber do what he does. The suggestion has been planted in his mind that all non believers should be killed and he acts like a robot and does it. The whole principle of brainwashing is based on suggestion. Now I do appreciate that these are extremes. But OCD is not just limited to HA sufferers. It can have much wider implications. It's not what is true but what we believe to be true. I don't believe in any of it so it has no effect on me. Years ago I too had OCD although not badly. But I deliberately put it to the test and walked under ladders and did all the the things my mind told me not to do. Wonder of wonders!! I was not struck by a bolt of lightening or died at 40, so I conclude it was all rubbish and left it alone. Good luck to those who do believe. But when in an anxiety state this kind of stuff can have a bad effect IF YOU ALLOW IT TO!!!! You are master of your mind. You can make decisions for yourself, and you don't need superfluous advice from those who would have you believe this nonsense. Fear of what MIGHT happen can bug us all day. But who knows what might happen. President Trump firmly believes he won the election and because people voted against him he calls them cowards and fools. See what can happen when you go against the facts. It does make sense in anxiety that you worry about such things. Never underestimate the power of suggestion. Now take care of yourself and leave it all alone, including the suggestions from Dr. Google.
  2. Hi. Betsy. You are so right abut those who do not understand. Unless one has been there it is very difficult to know what it's like. Because it can't be subject to blood tests, scans or any other form of diagnosis, to some it doesn't exist. The only indication of anxiety is our behaviour. 'It's all in the mind!!', of course it is, where else would it be? The old brigade, as I call them, still exist. 'Snap out of it!' 'Pull yourself together!' 'Don't be so childish!' Best ignored!! I have never regarded anxiety as being a mental illness like schizophrenia or paranoia. Those are often incurable, anxiety is not. There is a book I suggest by Dr. Claire Weeks who was considered an authority on agoraphobia. 'Essential help for your Nerves' available on Amazon and well worth a read. She also talks about anxiety in general, It became my Bible years ago. She wrote many books back in the last century, and this one is an amalgamation of all of them. Never despair! It's an emotion that can lead to lack of effort. Oh I know, don't I just. Sometimes it all seems so overwhelming that to climb out of the hole we seem to be in seems impossible. It's not!! Given the right tools and help from those who know, it can lead to recovery. What a lovely word, but it is possible. Take care and be kind to yourself.
  3. We can't deny the laws of physics by which the Universe and all things are kept running. They are immutable laws. I am not saying for one moment that a realm of possibilities does not exist beyond the dimension in which we live and call life. Good respected and honest mediums do exist, and often help so many who have suffered loss. But so do many charlatans who take advantage of someone's distress for money. And there lies the problem for anxiety sufferers. Who to believe!! It's why I suggest leaving it all alone. Any sort of superstition can have a negative effect on anxiety. The last thing we need is to be told by some so called psychic person that we will die at at a certain age!! Genuine psychic people do exist, and when you meet the genuine article you will know. But I doubt any of us are in a state of mind where we can discern good from bad. In severe states of anxiety a little child could lead us, and we are prone to believing anything. So for the moment I suggest leaving it until we can reason properly.
  4. Yes Jerry. It can be anxiety for 2 months, twenty months or twenty years. There is a nervous disorder called 'globus hystericus'. (Now don't look it up. Not worth it!).It feels like a lump in the throat. It's not but feels like it. Have you ever heard anyone say 'that brought a lump to my throat' when they have been emotionally disturbed? It come back to the old story and the old fact. Anxiety can mimic any disease. Neck muscles are very prone to causing problems in anxiety. The neck tenses up and can cause headaches and pain.
  5. Hi Athol and Welcome. I don't think in all the years I have been on here that I have read such a true and uplifting post from a newcomer. Everything you say is so very true. You could be a valuable asset to this site so keep posting. There are times when we all need to read encouraging posts, and that's what it's all about really. Helping one another. Very best wishes.
  6. Hi. Jerry. You say no one knows what's wrong. I do!!! Anxiety!!! Now it is a fact that anxiety can mimic any known disease if it's in your mind., and some unknown ones!! You are making the biggest mistake any HA sufferer can make, you are Googling. Throughout the years on this site so many have Googled and made themselves ten times worse. I notice you use some medical terminology. We are not doctors and such words are meaningless. You have had enough checkups to reassure you, but the fear of any disease does not go away easily. Having been checked out and found to have nothing really physically wrong, then believe your medics. They do know about physical diseases, you don't. My father, who lived to 95, had every disease known to man, yet hardly ever had a days real illness and never went to hospital. His life was made uncomfortable and miserable by his belief in various phobias. Surely there is a lesson there. Accept that you will feel this way for a while. but accept the thoughts and pains however they worry you. Health anxiety is an illness like any other, but it won't kill you. No death certificate ever read ' he died from health anxiety'.
  7. Hi. Well Worrygirl, if you want to believe that pure unadulterated nonsense then go ahead and make yourself even more ill. Superstition is one thing we want nothing to do with in anxiety. Many believe this kind of thing, but life is life. Things happen and mostly we have no control over them. So take life as it comes. Try not to get caught up in superstitious nonsense. You have enough on your plate already. Now what I have said will not go down well with believers in this kind of superstition. I stress this is my opinion. But do you really believe? Think about it! Most people who believe in this sort of thing do it for reassurance. They seek answers to the unknown. If you allow your life to be governed by such stuff, you will surely finish up making yourself worse. Live your life in the best way you can. Be kind and honest and give love and compassion to others. By helping others you help yourself.
  8. Hi ThreeCs. Welcome to the site. I understand you not wanting to go to the doctors, but is it because of fear as to what they may find? I suggest, as does AriaRen, that your GP should be your first port of call. You would get an examination and be reassured it's anxiety. You sound a young person and the chances of it being a problem are remote. We can all give you helpful tips and encouragement, but that would follow a trip to your doctors. Once you have been checked over believe them. We tend to doubt everything. It's called 'catastrophising'. Every little twitch become something awful! That's health anxiety, and the more you worry the worse it will get. That is because worry is fear based, as is anxiety. Your body goes into the fight/flight mode. It's a perfectly natural reaction to fear, when in fact there's nothing to be afraid of. If you are having therapy then your therapist can reassure you. Dark times do come in anxiety and the secret lies in acceptance of how you feel. No panicking because you are panicking, if you see what I mean. Everything passes if we go about it in the right way. Sit down and deep breaths when you feel anxious, and try not to add fear to fear. Allow it all to come with complete and utter acceptance. This may not work at once. There is no magic wand or a quick cure for anxiety. It can take a lot of patience and perseverance, but I have seen sufferers of 30 odd years recover and so can you. Take care. Look after yourself. You use the word 'shufty', that's Arabic for 'have a look'. Are you studying Arabic??☺️
  9. Hi. TE. I think that is a good idea. Things are constantly evolving and that applies to sites like this. We live and learn. Thanks for the great job you do for all of us. Have a good New Year.
  10. Hi. Bobnnat. Good to hear from you again. I do hope you and all of us have a better New Year than the last one. It seems ages since the old crowd were on the site. But time is irrelevant in anxiety. One day can seem the same as another. Talk about 'Groundhog day !!!!!!! Take care.
  11. Hi. JJ. You are so right, only we can help ourselves in the long run. But I would add this proviso, with help and understanding from others who have been there. I think this is so important. It's a long hard road we travel, but the destination is well worth the hardships. I found that I emerged from anxiety a better more understanding person than when I went in. It's not a 'breakdown' but a means to 'breakthrough' into a new level of understanding. We can help fellow sufferers because we know only too well what anxiety can do to one. Advice from anyone who has not been there is usually pretty useless. Thanks for your helpful post. Take care and a good New Year to you.
  12. Hi. PP. It's not fun, not at all, but we know what it is. Tremors are the body's way of relieving stress. We can't do it consciously. You may have experienced the shaking you get after a fright. Weakness is the result of using so much energy in the 'what if's'. We may not realise it, but anxiety uses so much energy. You can do a five mile run and still not feel as exhausted as an hour with anxiety. Mental exhaustion can raise all sorts of horrors in our minds. It's a tiredness beyond tiredness, isn't it? After a panic attack so many feel weak and exhausted. And is it any wonder? The trying to 'fight it off' takes so much effort. Rather let it come with total acceptance. It always passes.
  13. To everyone, past and present members, I do hope you have as happy as possible a Christmas. This time of year can be very trying for those with anxiety. It so often happens too much is expected of us and we may well be feeling low. Guilt so often comes into it too. But Christmas is all about a new beginning. It is possible and it can happen. In the US you will have new President. Here in the UK we have a new Brexit deal. You may look at the New Year with apprehension. But it is new and can be full of promise. It's the year when you will work to be rid of anxiety. You can do it and you will!!! CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS TO ALL.
  14. Yes indeed. So many seem to get their kicks out of putting the frighteners on others. A very big pinch of salt is often needed. Now we need ask ourselves, why ALS? Because it's one of those diseases we hear so much about. What about Mississippi Swamp Fever, or Mongolian Heart Enlargement? (Don't look them up, they don't exist), but you see what I mean? We are not doctors. Leave the diagnosis to the diagnosticians who do know what they are talking about.
  15. Hi. Drazz. There are two main symptoms in anxiety that cause problems. Heart and stomach. Both these organs are very susceptible to stress. It's why people feel sick and have palpitations. FIGHT/FLIGHT again. Your body is responding to your thoughts. You become anxious and your brain obeys it's Master, the Mind, and senses danger. You immediately go into the fear mode. Your body prepares you to run, but you can't can you? Because there is nothing to run away from or fight! So you turn in on yourself and worry all the more. The old vicious circle. Fear/anxiety/symptoms/fear. Can you see how you become like a dog chasing its tail? I still advocate ACCEPTANCE. By accepting your symptoms you calm yourself down. I assume you have been to your GP, if not do so. You will get reassurance and some comfort from being told it's anxiety. Take it easy and take care.