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  1. What does yours look like? I’m dealing with this right now and am freaking out
  2. Please someone help calm me down! I’m a mess right now. I just got home from work, was changing my clothes and noticed my big toe has two spots on each corner (toward the bottom of the nail bed) that is a purple-black color. When I saw it my stomach instantly dropped. I’m sick!! I go every year to the derm for an annual skin check. I have one coming up on the 28th of this month, but I called to see if I could come in for just a check on that and they are booked until March. So the scheduler told me I can post a pic on the portal. I did that and am waiting on a reply. But for now I’m so sick and am convinced it’s melanoma. And I’m scared that waiting 3 more weeks for my appt will make things even worse.
  3. I’m having the same fear. I sometimes have loose stools also and have upper left back and abdominal discomfort. From what I’ve read, that kind of cancer is quick spreading so even in two months your symptoms would have gotten a lot worse. CT scans are a good way of detecting that kind of cancer, so I would trust your scan. honestly that is the only thing that is keeping me partially sane, is knowing that I had a clear CT a year ago (I’ve had these symptoms for a little over a year). However I understand how our anxiety can overwhelm us and take over.
  4. Which organ? Cysts are pretty common. I totally understand you are worried though. I know it is difficult but TRY to relax or at least do something to take your mind off of it and trust what your dr tells you tomorrow. let us know how it goes
  5. I know it’s difficult but I would at least try to trust your dr. And I know how anxiety keeps us from doing that. I feel a tugging sensation as well. Along with a random flutter. I hate how anxiety can just steal our joy away from us 😢
  6. Jessi

    Pancreas fears

    Do you feel your discomfort in the upper left as well? not definitely has been in the media a lot, and I have a friend who actually passed from it, AND I’m making the poor choice of weaning myself off of my anxiety med (I think I should stop that and continue taking them). I just need to get to the dr and hear him tell me it’s fine. I made a bad decision and googled last night and came across an article where people had intermittent symptoms when they had cancer. I have always been told and read other places that it would be continuously worse as time went on, not here and there with nothing in between. That just made my anxiety even worse.
  7. How did your appt go? I’m also dealing with pancreatic cancer fears.
  8. I’ve posted on here last month about my fear of pancreatitis, which has since turned to a pancreatic cancer fear. I have an appt with GI on the 19th of this month but in the meantime I really need some rationalization. I’ve had a dull ache off and on under my left rib for quit some time. It comes and goes. Sometimes it feels muscular, sometimes like trapped gas, sometimes like a semi sharp pain. Nothing that ever stops me in my tracks or has me down for any amount of time. My stools (sorry, tmi) are all over the board, but always have been. Loose, firm, in between. I had this discomfort last year and had h pylori, so MAYBE that’s what it is again, but I don’t know. (Last time I had a test for it, it was negative) I did have a ct of my abdomen in October of 2019 when I was in a car accident and the report was perfect, and it did include my pancreas. my discomfort does sometimes get aggravated when I think coffee or eat sugary snacks, but then other times those things don’t bother me. I’m just getting so overwhelmed with anxiety that I can hardly function. I’m worried sick I have pancreatic cancer. Hoping someone can talk me down.
  9. My anxiety is very high today about this. I’m trying so hard not to call my pcp and ask for labs, because I know she gets frustrated with me.
  10. I sure hope that’s all it is. It I were giving someone else advice that is definitely what I would suspect it would be, but ya know how that anxiety works when it comes to yourself. there have been times where I would have a really sweet drink, such as a sweet wine, and If I had more than one glass, I would start to get this HORRIBLE pain that would start on the right and radiate towards the middle and left. It would feel more like a contraction, like it would literally tighten and relax, but it was so painful, I’d start to break out in a sweat, and I’d have to have a bowel movement. The feeling would pass after about 10-30 min, but during the time it was happening it would be awful and I’d have to lay down. Never happened with beer, only sweet drinks, so I tend to avoid those now. To my knowledge a pancreatitis attack lasts way longer than 10- 30 min. I’ve even went to the dr when that stuff first started happening and they didn’t suspect it. I’ve actually never received an actual explanation for why it happens.
  11. Hoping not to make this too long, but usually I am always concerned about my liver. I drink (not excessively or daily, but when I do drink it's usually at least 4-5, maybe more, drinks at a time), but I would always worry about my liver because I have had a right upper quadrant discomfort for YEARS. I've had so many ultrasounds on it, all been great, I've had blood tests, all normal, had my gall bladder out, pain still there. Finally I came to the realization that I do not have anything wrong with my liver. But now, for the past year, I've also had the discomfort on the left side, where my pancreas is located. So last year in September I spoke with my GI and told her about my latest symptoms. She tested me for h pylori and it did come back positive. I did the treatment and a lot of my symptoms that I've had for so long (bloating after eating, lots of built up gas, etc) finally disappeared for the most part (certain things still trigger those). But I still, on occasion, get the left sided upper abdomen discomfort. If we're being honest, it is worse when I focus on it, so I know what that means. But Also, my bowel movements are across the board, but they have been for years. I can be constipated for days, even up to a week, and then have a normal looking movement, and then for the next few days it will be runny or goopy and a lighter color (orangish brown) sorry, TMI. So I am freaking out that I have pancreas issues. I've had recent blood work for my annual physical, but your pancreatic enzymes aren't tested on a CBC. I've read tons on pancreatitis, and I know one person personally who has it, and from what I gather the pain is so severe you literally can't eat anything and you wind up in the hospital. I don't have any of that, but I still have this nagging discomfort in that area and I'm trying so hard not to spiral out of control with the anxiety. I did call my GI to schedule a follow up with her, havent' seen her in a year, and found out that she moved. All that is there now is the actual doctor and I don't want to see him, I've never saw him before so I'd have to start all over with the symptoms and explaining myself, and plus he's booked for a month. I guess what I want to see is, has anyone had any discomfort in that same area and been ok? Does pancreatitis always lead you to the hospital? Basically, would I definitely know something was wrong and not just be wondering about it? I was also in a car accident one year ago this month and had a CT of my abdomen to check for internal bleeding/organ damage and everything, including my pancreas, was fine. I'm just really freaking out. My husband and I are going to renew our vows in Tennessee in a couple weeks and we've been planning on going to our favorite winery down there but I'm so scared that I have something wrong and that I'm going to further damage myself if I even have a glass of wine. I hate anxiety!!
  12. Follow up was good. Everything resolved. Now I’m onto breast cancer, for probably the 20th time 😩 it’s never ending.
  13. Thank you for your reply! I have no idea why I didn’t get a notification for this. I’m going back in for my follow up tomorrow. My anxiety had been doing ok but now that my follow up is close my anxiety is acting up again. I’m so nervous
  14. Thank you! I was good for a few days after talking to my dr but the anxiety came back yesterday 😔 trying hard to fight it