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  1. Jessi

    Liver concerns

    Thank you Ironman. I appreciate it. I hate anxiety and how it makes me go to the worst case scenario immediately. I’ve been thinking I’ll be needing a liver transplant within a few years. The last few days have been awful. I really appreciate you responding to me
  2. Jessi

    Liver concerns

    So it couldn’t be the beginning cirrhosis that they missed or didn’t think they needed to mention? I’m not a heavy drinker but I do have some drinks. But this has scared me into not doing anything. No drinking and since I got these results I’ve been eating nothing but fruit and vegetables😬 I sent 2 portal messages to my drs office but they still haven’t replied to me.
  3. Jessi

    Liver concerns

    And doesn’t mean something bad? The office had called me Friday and said everything was normal. I’m worried they are missing something or not following up because they’re not sure
  4. Jessi

    Liver concerns

    I’ve had lab work a few weeks ago and it was totally normal. I have labs at least 2-3 times per year and they are always good. I try to have an ultrasound once a year and it’s always been normal. I’ve never even had so much as a fatty liver. When the nurse called me she said it was a normal ultrasound and then I told her I read the report and lost my mind. I would hope if it were cirrhosis they’d be able to easily spot that on the imaging. But I’m freaking out that maybe it’s borderline and they just aren’t telling me because it’s not full blown? Idk how to find out what the radiologist meant by that comment
  5. I had an ultrasound on Friday of my upper abdomen . Mainly because I am obsessed with my liver and pancreas. I’ve had many ultrasounds and they are always good. No fatty liver, no elevated enzymes when I do labs, nothing. This report though has me terrified that something is wrong! the “questionable” comment has sent me into a spiral! I’m fully convinced I have the start of liver disease and idk why I’m not being referred on for further testing.
  6. Jessi

    Breast lump

    I hope that’s true. They told me they legally have 30 days to give the results, which is absurd considering it’s a diagnostic. I really hope the dr knows by just a glance the difference between a cyst and a tumor
  7. Jessi

    Breast lump

    I’ve been in a major anxiety flare up!! Horribly. I had my mammo and ultrasound and lost my cool and broke down crying. I was convinced they knew something I didn’t. I usually don’t get images at this place so they said they had to wait until they receive my mammo from October from the other place. I begged the tech to ask the radiologist if he’d look at it before getting them. He said he had to do the official report after the fact but did look (briefly) at my ultrasound and said I had 3 cysts. I’m scared he’s wrong because it didn’t take him too long to look at it. I know this may sound crazy (but whatever, we’re in an anxiety group here) but I’m in the middle of a divorce from a very horrible relationship and the only thing keeping me from turning in my final paper is the fear of the final result being bad, and me needing to keep my husband for insurance and financial support if I get so sick I can not work anymore. I have never had anxiety this bad in my entire life. It’s awful.
  8. Jessi

    Breast lump

    Thank you. I’m hoping mine is nothing since I just had my mammo recently. I’m worried sick over it but trying to remain positive
  9. Jessi

    Breast lump

    Last week I decided to do a breast exam, which I never do and was pretty sure I found something so yesterday I saw my gyn and she felt it and she thinks it’s a cyst but wants me to have a diagnostic mammo. She also suggested I do the Brca testing since my mom had cancer. I did that yesterday but am waiting on the results. My mammo hasn’t been scheduled yet. I just had my regular mammo in October, so just 6 months ago. I’m praying this is truly nothing more than a cyst but I’m so scared it isn’t that. I’m only 42 and still have kids at home. My mom was 60 when she was diagnosed. my dr asked if it was tender or hurt and I said no and she said that was good but I’m thinking she’s lying to me because I’ve read so many times that cysts hurt and cancer doesn’t.
  10. Hi all in 2005 I found out I had a lung granuloma. I freaked out because at the time I was a smoker. I went through all the testing and it turned out to be a granuloma and nothing else I apparently still have it because it’s mentioned sometimes on imaging, and other times not. My anxiety has been extremely high lately and I’m terrified that this may turn into cancer later. I had a ct heart scan done 2 years ago and saw that it’s still there along with another one which no one even mentioned. I thought these went away so I’m confused and scared as to why mine haven’t and I’m terrified they will cause me issues. Does anyone have any experience with these? I don’t know why I’m all of a sudden worrying about it now but it’s scaring me so much.
  11. Thanks amazing news!!! I’m just so worried because melanoma can be deadly 😭
  12. You’re right. I guess I’m so scared because melanoma is the deadliest most serious form of skin cancer. you’re definitely correct about the what ifs 😭 I hate anxiety.
  13. My brain (I hate it sometimes) is playing out this horrible scenario where either melanoma pops up in the spot I had the mole removed from, ior somewhere else before my next visit in a year. And by then It’ll be stage 3-4 and I’ll be screwed. Since I had an atypical mole I was told I’m at an increased risk of getting melanoma so to me that says I’ll get it soon
  14. Thank you. But was there skin cancer melanoma? That’s what mine could have turned into. I’d take basal cell any day over melanoma. have you had yours biopsied?