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  1. Jessi

    EMG results

    I’ve been dealing with intermittent tingling in my left arm and leg for about 15 months or so (had previously dealt with left leg tingling back in 2013 which cleared up after PT) last year I went to my Dr requesting an MRI but she said due to it being my arm and leg that i would need an emg first. So I had that done in December (by that time my symptoms had subsided) and my emg showed a “sacral nerve root lesion”. The Dr preforming the test said that they are common and many people go about their daily lives with no issues. I still freaked out and called my dr who said that it was nothing to worry about. Nothing more came of it, she didn’t request an mri or anything. My symptoms came back last month after I decided I wanted to attempt jogging. Since my symptoms are back, I’m becoming obsessed with them and I am freaking out about the lesion that is on my nerve root. I started googling it (bad, I know) and when I Google it, the only thing that pops up is a tarlov cyst. It claims to not be life threatening, but I can’t help but worry that I will still end up paralyzed eventually. does anyone have any experience with the leg tingling? It’s mainly in the left but does go in to the right side at times. Same with my arms. (Also to my knowledge, Anything involving the lower back shouldn’t affect the upper extremities) my symptoms seem to last for several weeks before they will finally disappear. Any insight would be appreciated!
  2. Hey all! does anyone else deal with right upper quadrant pain (ache, general discomfort) and not have a gallbladder? I’ve had it off and on for over 10 years, and when I had my gallbladder checked out it just showed “sludge” no actual stones. So they told me I could have it taken out if I chose to. I did that back in 2012 but the pain still comes and goes. It’s rarely an actual pain, although I do get a random sharp pain in the area. It’s usually just an ache-type feeling. Since my gallbladder was gone I started to focus on my liver, but all of my labs and ultrasounds are always good. Most recent being in April. I’m just curious if anyone else deals with this and has any idea what might cause it? I’d definitely feel better knowing I’m not alone. My mind continues to wander to things like colon cancer and bile duct cancer. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.
  3. Paps don’t detect ovarian cancer though. I haven’t had an ultrasound on my ovaries in over a year.
  4. This is probably my 50th time thinking I have Ovarian cancer, but this time it really feels different (as everyone with health anxiety tends to say) I just turned 41 but for YEARS I’ve had the worst periods. Very long and heavy and painful. My old gyn would never listen to me. I will also randomly get spotting after sex (although not often) and I get a feeling of fullness or heaviness in my pelvic area often. I have went to the gyn for that several times over the years and she would usually order me an ultrasound. They always came back fine, except for some cysts that resolved on their own. However, this month when I ovulated, the ovulation pain didn’t go away. It feels like it traveled into my groin area, mainly on the right side but I also feel it on the left on occasion. It’s going down to my thighs and my lower abdomen and lower back are also hurting. Ovulation has been over for 3 weeks now, I’ve already had my period as well, but the pain and discomfort is still there. It feels like my uterus is sore, would be the only way I know how to describe it, but like I said it goes into my groin and thighs as well. It’s fairly constant, but does let up from time to time. I have an appt with my new gyn on the 14th of this month, but in the meantime I’m really freaking out I have cancer. I did just have my pap in September, which was fine, but I also know that the pap doesn’t detect all cancers. Im trying really hard to not let this take over my life but I can’t shake the worry that something is going on.
  5. Ok thank you. I know everyone is different but it is reassuring to hear that and know that you didn’t have any long term effects.
  6. Did you drink everyday? And for how long?
  7. I agree and I am trying to not drink anymore. I have a vacay planned for Nashville later this week and I’ve been telling myself daily I am going to not even have one single drink. Usually I go all out when I’m there. Cutting out alcohol completely seems much harder for me than quitting smoking was. I stopped cold turkey 11 years ago no problem. I just have so much anxiety that maybe my labs didn’t pick something up and im still doomed for problems regardless of me not drinking anymore.
  8. Hey all so I have this nagging fear that I have developed either cirrhosis or liver disease. I have had right upper quadrant discomfort off and on for at least 12 years or more. I’ve had my gallbladder removed but that didn’t help. My blood work always comes back fine (last drawn in March) I’ve had numerous ultrasounds that are fine (last one was 3 years ago though) and I have had a CT in late 2018 and again in late 2019. All fine. however I’m very scared something is wrong. I don’t drink but maybe once a week or once every two weeks, but when I do I have more than I should. Anywhere from like 4-8 drinks if I’m drinking beer, and if I’m drinking wine it’s around 3-4 glasses. ive read from people online that they had cirrhosis and their labs always came back fine so they didn’t know they were damaging their livers until it was too late. I don’t wanna keep going to the dr, I was just there in March for my heart and I’m more than certain I annoy her when I come in.
  9. Well I definitely think I aggravated my back at my job but I think MAYBE the symptoms aren’t as elaborate as I think they are. I think I may be focusing on them and making them worse. But idk for sure. It’s just very worrisome and of course my anxiety makes me think the worst and I’m so worried I’m going to end up not being able to walk anymore
  10. I’ve been going to the chiropractor for what I assumed was a sciatica flare and so far it’s not helping. I’ve been 4 times I believe. I haven’t had very much pain at all, very minimal. It’s mainly a tingling sensation. It was just in my left leg and foot, but now it goes into my right as well. It also is in both of my arms and hands AND I get a twitch on the right side of my face. I’m starting to think it may be anxiety related. Does anyone else experience this? I religiously do the stretches I’m supposed to do and have been avoiding what I’m supposed to avoid. But yet my symptoms seem to keep piling up. I just started back on my anxiety medicine almost 4 weeks ago, and that’s about the time I started having the tingling in one leg. Part of me is very concerned that I have something legitimately wrong with me but another part of me is becoming convinced that it’s all in my head and that if I would stop focusing on it, it would go away.
  11. So you all don’t think I need to worry about becoming paralyzed? Logically, I know how crazy that sounds. But my anxiety makes me feel like it’s a rational fear. I’m also going on week 3 of being back on anxiety medicine so hopefully that will start to help as well and I won’t even notice the sensations as much.
  12. I’ve been trying to do some core and lower body strength training exercises. Along with stretching. Hopefully that will help. I will also continue going to the chiropractor.
  13. Thank you! That’s very reassuring to know you’ve experienced the same thing and it just takes time. I did see my dr already who told me I needed to go to the chiropractor. I was just getting a lot of anxiety because I’ve been to him twice now and it’s still not resolved. I took some ibuprofen yesterday and that lessened the symptoms a little bit. so are you doing medication and PT? Or are you doing exercises at home that are helping you?
  14. Well I hope it’s got nothing to do with circulation or anything like that and is just my sciatic nerve
  15. Circulation 😳 that’s another fear I have. That I have poor circulation in that leg and will have a heart attack.