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  1. Oooh you’ve had breast reduction surgery?! So do you have scar tissue? I had implants removed due to having capsular contracture in the left breast. It was painful. That was 9 years ago and still to this day I have random pains and I still have numbness on that side. I’m HOPING that’s what’s going on now, is just pain from the scar tissue. But since I have anxiety i always think the worst and am freaking myself out about breast cancer. but I did go to the dr on Thursday. She gave me an exam and said she didn’t feel anything, but said that breast cancer is “nothing to mess around with” so she would order me an ultrasound just to get a closer look. I asked if I should be worried and she said no, especially since she didn’t feel anything and since my mammo just 6 months ago was clear. But I still think she might have just been saying that. Either way I can’t get in until the 11th and I’m trying really hard to not obsess but it’s pretty much all I can think about. And I keep googling different things about it. I keep focusing on my breasts so I’m noticing all kinds of different sensations. This anxiety is so much too handle
  2. Well it’s good to know that even with the dense tissue they’ve been able to see something that required further checking. That is very reassuring. From what I’ve gathered online (bad, I know) that type of tissue makes it more difficult.
  3. Thank you, that’s reassuring. Do you ever get that “let down” feeling as well? I had an appt for just this past Thursday but had to cancel due to weather. I rescheduled for this coming Thursday. I have had mammos in the past and they have saw cysts, so I know despite my dense tissue something could possibly be seen if something was there, but there’s still a chance it couldn’t be. I just hate dealing with the anxiety. And of course it seems the more i focus on it, the more the symptoms are there
  4. Right. I’ve discussed my concerns with my dr several times. so have any other women had this pain and sensations?
  5. I’ve had similar symptoms. Muscle twitching and even eye twitching. Was convinced I had MS or a brain tumor. It was just my anxiety. Unfortunately anxiety can do many things to our bodies. It causes so many symptoms, it’s crazy!!
  6. Typically when sugar gets low like that, you should give him a glass of oj and check again in 15-30 min. At least that’s what the dr I work for has me do with my patients who drop.
  7. Every so often, maybe once a month or so, I get breast pain mainly in the left side. It will last for anywhere from a day to maybe a week or so. It just depends. It’s not related to my cycle. This has been going on for at least 7 years, maybe more. I also randomly get the “let down” feeling that you get when you’re pregnant or nursing, and I haven’t nursed in 10 years. That is on both sides, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes one side or the other. I’ve never saw anything coming out *knock on wood* but having these pains and that sensation scares me and makes me think it could be breast cancer. I just turned 40 and in my head that’s the “magic number” for breast cancer, since that’s the age you’re supposed to start getting your mammo. I have been getting mine since I was 35 though, because my mom had cancer at age 60. Her doctor said hers was caused by her hormone replacement therapy. My mammos are always clear but I do have heterogeneously dense tissue, and that makes it harder for them to be able to see any possible small masses. So that always freaks me out. And according to what I’ve read online (I know, don’t do that), that type of tissue increases your risk of getting breast cancer. I’m just wondering is anyone else has breast pain or aches on one side only, and if you still get that let down feeling from pregnancy? I just had my mammo in September so I’m trying really hard not to run to the doctor, but I’m really freaking out.
  8. Yes the majority of what I’ve saw online has been a straight line, but I have saw a few that was just horribly ugly dark blobs. My dr told me to take weekly pics of it until my appt with her on the 28th. I’m so worried that waiting until the 28th will increase my chances of it spreading if it is C*****😩
  9. I would trust the dr on this one. Since it’s growing out with the nail it is definitely nothing to worry about
  10. What does yours look like? I’m dealing with this right now and am freaking out
  11. Please someone help calm me down! I’m a mess right now. I just got home from work, was changing my clothes and noticed my big toe has two spots on each corner (toward the bottom of the nail bed) that is a purple-black color. When I saw it my stomach instantly dropped. I’m sick!! I go every year to the derm for an annual skin check. I have one coming up on the 28th of this month, but I called to see if I could come in for just a check on that and they are booked until March. So the scheduler told me I can post a pic on the portal. I did that and am waiting on a reply. But for now I’m so sick and am convinced it’s melanoma. And I’m scared that waiting 3 more weeks for my appt will make things even worse.
  12. I’m having the same fear. I sometimes have loose stools also and have upper left back and abdominal discomfort. From what I’ve read, that kind of cancer is quick spreading so even in two months your symptoms would have gotten a lot worse. CT scans are a good way of detecting that kind of cancer, so I would trust your scan. honestly that is the only thing that is keeping me partially sane, is knowing that I had a clear CT a year ago (I’ve had these symptoms for a little over a year). However I understand how our anxiety can overwhelm us and take over.
  13. Which organ? Cysts are pretty common. I totally understand you are worried though. I know it is difficult but TRY to relax or at least do something to take your mind off of it and trust what your dr tells you tomorrow. let us know how it goes
  14. I know it’s difficult but I would at least try to trust your dr. And I know how anxiety keeps us from doing that. I feel a tugging sensation as well. Along with a random flutter. I hate how anxiety can just steal our joy away from us 😢