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  1. Thanks amazing news!!! I’m just so worried because melanoma can be deadly 😭
  2. You’re right. I guess I’m so scared because melanoma is the deadliest most serious form of skin cancer. you’re definitely correct about the what ifs 😭 I hate anxiety.
  3. My brain (I hate it sometimes) is playing out this horrible scenario where either melanoma pops up in the spot I had the mole removed from, ior somewhere else before my next visit in a year. And by then It’ll be stage 3-4 and I’ll be screwed. Since I had an atypical mole I was told I’m at an increased risk of getting melanoma so to me that says I’ll get it soon
  4. Thank you. But was there skin cancer melanoma? That’s what mine could have turned into. I’d take basal cell any day over melanoma. have you had yours biopsied?
  5. I had my yearly skin check last month and for the first time ever I had to have a biopsy. It came back as moderately atypical and she said since it had clear margins that I didn’t need to do anything else. Just follow up in a year. I’m TERRIFIED that now I’m going to get melanoma. I know it can increase your chances. I’m literally sick to my stomach over it. Idk what to do. I’m scared since they only did a shave and not a punch, maybe they didn’t actually get it all. I feel like I need 3 or 6 month checkups, not a year. I’m so scared I’m going to get melanoma before my next visit and die. I can’t even function now I’m so terrified
  6. Did they do a punch or shave? I’m in this boat now. I had mine removed and it was moderately atypical. I’m still a mess even though they got clear margins. How often do you have to go back for checkups?
  7. I’m going in for an echo tomorrow and am terrified of what they will find. Also my left calf and ankle are swollen tonight so I’m really freaking out now
  8. Jessi


    Mine ended up not being cancer 😊
  9. Jessi


    I’m hoping If mine is melanoma, it’s in-situ as well and hasn’t been spreading over the last year.
  10. Jessi


    Yes. I’m still using the petroleum jelly and band aids. Still obsessively checking the portal too lol
  11. Jessi


    I went for my annual skin check at my derm on Thursday. She found a spot she wanted to biopsy. It was on my side and I guess I never really paid attention to it because I get skin checks annually and am always fine. She took a pic of it and showed me. It was jagged and brown with some black in the middle . I have to wait up to two weeks for results and I’m trying so hard not to freak out. has anyone had any melanoma scares before? I’m HOPING that since I was clear last year, it won’t be too bad if it is melanoma, although I read it can spread pretty quickly.
  12. Did she need surgery? What did her dr say about it?
  13. Thank you for replying. My blood pressure is always great, my cholesterol levels are great, I have no edema, no sob, my dr said I have no murmur. I have zero symptoms but I’m still quite terrified of what may be going on inside my heart. Despite that, your reply was assuring and I thank you again.
  14. Back in 2011 I had an ekg and it read possibly abnormal so I went for an echo. I was told the echo was normal and that was the end of it. I went on about my life. fast forward to recently when I got bored and decided to go looking through my health portal and read all of the tests I’ve ever had done. I opened my echo and read it. It definitely said normal, but it also said I had trace regurgitation and mild thickening of the mitral valve. So of course I freaked out. I’ve been having palpitations due to anxiety so I went to the dr and had an ekg. It was fine. I showed her my report of my echo and she said that everyone has regurgitation and while she wouldn’t have labeled the mild thickening as necessarily normal, she doesn’t think it warrants wasting money on another echo because I have no symptoms of heart disease. I’m trying to take her at her word and not worry about it, but it’s so hard. has anyone else had this show up on an echo and been ok? Or do you know anyone with heart disease and are the symptoms really obvious?