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  1. You kind of have to separate the reality from the fear. ALS is not something that just suddenly appears. It's not worth waiting for something that is not going to happen. If you get frequent checkups, and are not told anything at all, then you definitely have nothing to worry about. It's a distraction from something we are afraid to face. We do it because we become good at it.
  2. Actually, it was worse than this! About two hours after I posted this, my stepmother got a call from my stepsister. This is what happened! My stepsister and brother-in-law have three kids - daughter, son, daughter, and then an exchange student from Italy. All but the exchange student came to dinner - she had a 101 fever and stayed home. The son brought his girlfriend. Everybody else was fine.....the youngest daughter had a headache but she was tired from not sleeping. Fast forward to the day I posted that quoted message - they tested the exchange student and she was positive for Corona. The eldest daughter was vaccinated since she is in college, the son tested negative (he had it last year), the girlfriend tested positive, and the youngest daughter also tested positive but was asymptomatic. So - I go home on Sunday and have been in "quarantine" ever since in case I have a breakthrough case or am carrying it to be spread to others. My stepmother got her booster before Thanksgiving so she is fine. My issue is that my second shot was May 20 - the "contact" date was November 25 (just past the six month threshold). I am currently in day six and, so far thank God, no symptoms. This is actually good information from a research standpoint.
  3. You might need to talk to your doctor about this one. The next step would be over-the-counter sleeping aids. The "Nytol", "Sominex" brands comes to mind in the States. I had this same issue during my 2004-2005 episode (A bad church experience led to severe SA and near nervous breakdown due to spiritual abuse). I was actually put on an antipsychotic called Geodon for a couple of months to help me sleep. I would be up all night worrying to the point where I would get less than four hours of sleep a night, some nights none at all. I would then have a full day of work. I was only on it for about three months because it was too strong for me. Even I didn't need it all that long and I was a nervous wreck.
  4. Actually, a list of questions from a doctor would be a perfect roadmap. Googling would be like "OMG - I fit ONE of the criteria therefore I have this disease". That's too easy to do. You could see a bump on the skin, freak out that it's cancer....and it's a pimple!
  5. Well, there is nothing to do in the immediate short term but do the best you can and wait. Leave it all to the doctor. I am in a similar situation. My father passed at 60 of a heart attack. He smoked and didn't get a lot of exercise (twisted his knee and never got surgery). His parents died at 72-74. Grandfather of a broken heart seeing his wife pass - they fled to the US from Hungary. So - blood pressure is also an issue. Mom's side - far more longevity, but blood pressure issues....My maternal grandfather died at 67 of liver cancer....he was a mortician, though. Great guy. My maternal grandmother was 92, sharp as a tack, but had a stroke (likely because nurses were giving her meds after a fall that put her in a nursing home). Even the men in her family lived to be 90. Since my eye issues of 2016, I see my doctor every six months.
  6. Definitely. Have you tried melatonin? There are products you can get a t the pharmacy. Melatonin is a supplement of what helps get you to sleep.
  7. We had thanksgiving dinner and a couple of the people had Corona in the last monrh, but not immediate. They were no longer contagious. I am vaccinated, but no booster.
  8. It could be anything - nerve, muscle, "tardive dyskinesia" - ALS is a bit of a stretch, especially after 18 months.
  9. From what I heard, there is supposed ot be some time between the flu shot and the booster. I actually plan on getting the flu shot this year as well. MY very first flu shot ever was right as the Corona started up! I am visiting my stepmother for Thanksgiving and there is always the get-together. She found out that the hosts recently got the Corona. They said they would be okay to host, but even with the vaccine - and hearing that more breakthrough cases are occurring with Pfizer - I am a bit nervous....but I was around people in the same situation last year before I even got the first shot! It was too late to look into the booster, but like you, my second shot was May 20. I am totally PISSED at the "Jab or Job" - even with the current halt. I still had to have my data submitted by Friday November 26! - A holiday in the USA!
  10. It will get back to normal. COVID doesn't really affect that.
  11. No - actually, light tan stool means that it went through the body kinda fast. Believe it or not, waste begins as dark green. For me, it will stay green if I have food with purple dye in it (Grape Kool-Aid and Purple icing on cake will do it). As the body processes the waste, it actually turns tan or beige before darkening to the dark brown color we all know. It happened to me earlier in the week, but it's back to normal. You know you've hit the big time in anxiety forums when the topic goes to POO lol!
  12. Orange urine is usually dehydration. The darker yellow it is, the worse the dehydration is. When urine is clear or slightly yellow, like a weak lemonade, you are properly hydrated. Passing a kidney stone would have some blood in it, too. You just had a bit o' calcium pass through a ureter, through the bladder, and out your urethra....that's like giving birth pain.
  13. I just wanted to make sure :)
  14. Does your doctor know about this?