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  1. It's normal - you just have to stop thinking so much about something that is involuntary.
  2. My hands look like they twitch with the heartbeat. Yeah - it's normal.
  3. Panic is the body's way of waking us up out of sleep. My heart tends to pound a bit. From what I have noticed, the heart beating actually isn't as intense as full-on-exercise. At that point, my heart beats about 160 beats or more a minute. Panic attacks aren't like that. Negative thoughts can trigger and then feed the panic. The first lesson I ever learned about anxiety was "How I think determines how I feel".
  4. Ironman

    The mountain

    The waves are trying to fuel the nerves. The thoughts are fueling the nerves. That is the cycle unfortunately. The key is to take each thought captive and find out how much it is worth worrying about or whether you can do anything about the issue.
  5. You have to assess the real likelihood of any of those things happening. Beyond that, you'd need to use patience to let some time pass. It's easy to get caught up in the latest disease trends.
  6. Welcome to Anxiety Central!
  7. I have a FitBit, so yeah I can see it. I actually don't worry about it because it's actually much much higher when I exercise. The panic attack isn't as pressing although it feels like it. The issue is that we shouldn't be worrying about it. Yeah, our heart is working, but the focus is supposed to be on getting rest. The more you worry about the heartbeat itself, the less you would be able to relax.
  8. At times, it happens more frequently than others. It jolts me awake "early". Yeah, anxiety has awakened me.
  9. Panic attacks wake us up from sleep. There might be sleep apnea, but the can only be determined with a sleep study.
  10. Hands shake using the phone all of the time anyway lol. Thinking too much causes anxiety. My dad (RIP) used to say this to me all the time .... "It's not rocket science, John.". I was like "Yes it is!". When it gets to the point when you also say "No, it's not, then your good.
  11. @angrry is right - there are a lot of interesting treatments now for Parkinson's, including treatments that help synchronize nerves.
  12. I would bet you would have heard something by now if there was something wrong with the CT scan.
  13. Were you diagnosed? I will definitely pray.
  14. You need to remember what you went through here, so that you know how you reacted. Part of overcoming this is to learn from each situation. ☺️
  15. Ironman

    The mountain

    I know the feeling. It has been starting to creep back for me as well. It takes thought training to assess what you can work on and what you can't. Break everything down.