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  1. If it is in grown hair, it could also form a papule/blackhead. That can be pulled out if it did form. It was likely a clogged pore, nothing much.
  2. For me, the store machine was pretty close, but it took two or three readings. My dad bought one, but rarely used it - and passed away of a heart attack in 2007. Both he had and my mother have HBP, so I am nailed genetically. I was only put on Losartan at age 41 after I had my eye issues. My blood pressure was always around 120/90. I am sure my Paxil fat doesn't help. I ran 24 miles a week and still gained weight! The moment I got to 148/108 after taking two decongestants (WATCH THE OTC COLD/COUGH MEDICATIONS!), the eye doc freaked thinking it was my normal rate and thought I had a stroke and sent me to the ER lol.
  3. With inflation.... I gave in and finally had to buy a mouth guard because I grind my teeth... Well, add the bruxism of Paxil and caused filling breakage, and then crowns, and then the crown being too large and breaking the tooth above it - with a walled filling....that broke....was refilled.....broke again.....and now the mouth guard to prevent a third breakage. The mouthguard was $630.....$160 out-of-pocket with insurance. They will clean it for free when I bring it in for checkups lol. Usually the checkups are 100% covered.
  4. @SurferJoe - it's called stress. πŸ™‚ I actually have had a rough three days - today in particular. My anxiety has spiked with work issues and feeling attacked. I have to rely on things I have learned to destress.
  5. I am glad to hear this. As you can tell, we do worry and hope you can save enough. We can help if things get really bad.
  6. Likewise....this inflation stuff is a mess. People going hungry because inflation is not cool even if I have leftover Paxil and Cymbalta fat. Having no life has its advantages, but it's a mess too. GERD is treatable, so that's cool, too.
  7. Likewise....this inflation stuff is a mess. People going hungry because inflation is not cool even if I have leftover Paxil and Cymbalta fat. Having no life has its advantages, but it's a mess too.
  8. @AnxiousinOH You have to think positive! πŸ™‚
  9. Have you been able to get something to eat? 😞
  10. I hope you're okay out there - it's been 13 days.
  11. Yep - an ingrown hair can cause it. I have quite a few on my upper leg from wearing compression shorts while running. I never used to have a depillatory problem with running gear, but I guess it has started up. I yank hair out and it growns in weird.
  12. Yep - anxety, or just stress, can cause the acid to increase activity a bit. Any irritation would make feelings worse. @sTeaLth I am glad you are getting relief. It's not a very good feeling to endure.
  13. We are the same age. The anxiety can take things in many directions. Getting to the point where you worry about not seeing your daughters grow up is a concern. The only time I have had issues with my stomach was with the lockdown. I am usually pretty active, but the threat of $750 fine for being caught outside without a mask by the police - to someone with anxiety who runs the streets in the city (literally), I went from active to sedentary for six weeks. Upon trying to get back into shape, I actually had to take an antacid in the initial weeks because the stomach acid would bubble up and cause heartburn. In 20 years (at the time - this was 2020) of exercise, that had NEVER happened to me. Fortunately, it eventually passed and I could run with an antacid. Come to think of it - I did have coffee before the runs! Coffee contains acid and so does many foods. I have a feeling that this will eventually pass for you. Anxiety can dredge up extra symptoms to make you think something is worse than it is.
  14. You exercise and that can lower cholesterol. That also keeps your heart going. The damage is reduced. You don't have COPD or congestive heart failure, so neither is a factor. I have a similar concern as I lost my father when he was only 60. I exercise a LOT. My diet could be a bit better, and my weight is up mainly due to medications. I get checked every six months.
  15. Thank you - I have had to learn these lessons myself. We have to reinforce reality when times like this come up. The key is building the skills. We are all getting older, so we have start checking more. It shouldn't be a game of "let's see what I can find on my body today"'s more like "I need to be aware of things - they look fine today, but if I notice something, I might need to raise it to the doctor". But, at the same time, not worry that everything is malignant.