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  1. Ironman


    It doesn't sound like a pain like that would suddenly appear. I would drink some water.
  2. Spirituality helps. Part of the process of overcoming anxiety is separating when you can change and what you cannot. If you can't change it, give it to God. He'll know what to do.
  3. Not a coffin, just a comfortable to bed to RELAX in. You're fine main system wise, you just have a service engine soon alert. The doctors would be able to point it out pretty quick. You're not going to die :).
  4. The unknown will do that. Remember that if it was totally urgent, you'd be in the hospital right now. If it was in the urine, think backwards to the urethra, and the kidneys. Kidney stones can cause it, which would lead to pain where they would have to blow them up like a video game. That's speculation. If you were going to go, he would have told you so. I think you are going to live through this :).
  5. You shouldn't be freaking out. Anemia means you are just deficient in something and the doctor is trying to figure it out. The rest you are putting on yourself. The hypochondria is fueling the anxiety, whic is the rest of what you are dealing with. Remember, how you think determines how you feel.
  6. Part of that may be the anemia. Really, it's just a path to find for health. Anemia isn't all that rare. If he was worried, you wouldn't be typing; you would be in the hospital connected to machines. Anemia just means you have a deficiency somewhere and the doctor is trying to find out where it is so he can restore that area.
  7. You have to identify what is triggering the anxiety this time. Is there something gnawing or something you need to address?
  8. You will have to press out in that area to overcome it then.
  9. I hope this helps a little bit.....welcome to the forum!
  10. Hello, ltybursk - I would start with an inventory of what is causing your agoraphobia and possible outcomes and their likelhood. From there, I would practice "expanding your territory" a little at a time, and then assessing you did - positive and negative outcomes.
  11. Well, we do have to "go with the flow", but we also kind of have to address what is causing the panic itself. For instance, it's actually a panic attack that wakes us up from deep sleep, so there is that kind of activity that is normal. We kind of have to have that one lol. Then, there are the panic attack situations that we have to look at to find out if we are reacting correctly or not. They are our reactions. The goal is to change the way we think so we can change the way we react. - How we think determines how we feel. Anticipatory anxiety is always worse than the actual event itself. We come up with the most crazy stories thinking they are going to happen.....and then they don't - what a letdown, right?! Well, we were the ones who put all of the thoughts into something that ended up not happening. Panic attacks? Same thing - what if thinking. What if I leave my house and forgot to turn off the iron or the coffee maker?! What if I locked my keys in my car? What if I get rejected? (A big one for me). What if I burn my kid's birthday cake in the oven and ruin his five-year-old party? (Wishful thinking, I'm single with no kids) What if my dog runs away with the poodle next door? There is a lot of catastrophizing on things that don't have a likelihood of actually happening, but we put our all into worrying about it, right? We get the panic attack - but we need to find out how much of that we can take on, what we can change about the situation. If we can change something, turn the panic into confidence and change it. The rest, we release - but with self-reassurannce. Yes, I can let this go, but the panic is there and I can't do anything about it and it doesn't make me any less of a person. This all takes practice and time - changing the way we think changes the way we feel.
  12. It's the anxiety - it drains energy. Stay hydrated and do things to get the circulation going, and also relax!
  13. Driving for long distances will do it to me, even if I would 18 to 24 miles a week. The muscles and joints just get locked in that position over the duration. It's like body jet lag or something. I have back pains from sitting too long - partially attributed to an injury I got while shoveling snow years ago. It's probably all related to the back - if the doctor said it's okay, then it's okay. We're getting older and that means we need to keep moving.
  14. That's probably due to being in the lying position then. How much fluid intake do you do?