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  1. @Total Eclipse Thank you!!
  2. @nickdon321 It would amount to breath training. Slow deep breaths to help relax. It takes some focus at first.
  3. Anxiety can have the mind go in different directions, it boils down to attention span/focus. With Lexapro, you'd have to talk to your doctor. I maxed out on that med myself and it did nothing for me. I ended up on Paxil that put on 55 pounds and excessive sweating and bruxism over a period of years. I had to taper off that and onto Cymbalta - and had Paxil lockjaw in the process. Each person reacts differently to medications.
  4. Dehydration comes back if you stop drinking water (or caffeinated drinks). You have to stay hydrated...not a one-time deal.
  5. You're actually focusing on something expecting a disaster, though. I'd gently stretch out the affected muscles.
  6. If the tremors come after carrying objects, that's not ALS. That is more or less your muscles not being used to the action...even long after. I just shoveled snow and the muscles on either side of my back get worked to the point I can tremor and shake. The next day, it's sore. I trim my shrubs with an electric trimmer and extend my arms out to trim tall shrubs - my muscles will shake for days because I only do that twice a year. It doesn't sound like ALS.
  7. Welcome, PinkyNikki! You have to be careful with Googling. We can think we have anything it tells us.
  8. It's stress. I have a semi-blocked ear (my guess is fluid from a cold). I have had it long enough to know it's not going to do me in. Be careful about what you thinking about - it is causing the panic and stress. That's not good.
  9. Normal digestion does that. It moves though the intestines.
  10. Then why are you convinced there is a tumor?
  11. If it's that bothersome, then talk to your doctor. Constipation and its pain is not a tumor. I had pains from constipation again today. It's dehydration and gas.
  12. They'd be able to see a tumor.
  13. How would it be a tumor? They would have said something like that already if it was true.
  14. It siounds like you would have lots of energy. I would probably do something to burn off the energy - and take in sports drinks for the salt.
  15. I am not sure what POTs are. It sounds like what you have is anxiety.