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  1. It would need to be something like an actual sound that can pull your mind away from your ears. Nature would be good, I am not sure about a rainstorm because it would sound too much like white noise.
  2.'s a matter of at least taking your mind off the ringing. Is it just white or actual sound, like waves on a beach?
  3. What are you thinking about that is triggering the anxiety?
  4. Have you tried a white noise machine or something to drown out the ringing?
  5. Blood from the sinuses definitely occurs in dry weather. I had a bit of that and I even have a humidifier attached to my furnace to moisten the air to 37%! I even had it clotted with mucus.
  6. I would think the blood work would have picked up some kind of reaction if there was cancer.
  7. You need to try to go a good length of time without having to get scanned. :)
  8. Ironman


    Big Construction, I guess.
  9. Ironman


    Welcome to AnxietyCentral!
  10. There's more to ALS than that, though. You're able to walk, you aren't drooling, you can swallow, you can raise your feet, etc. Muscle weakness can be anything, including being tired!
  11. You'll be able to walk. You just might need to rest your back a bit and get it going gently.
  12. I would talk to the doctor who prescribed the medication to see if there is anything going on there. He/she might be able to look into symptoms, etc. You seem to know when things started, so it may end up being anxiety after all.
  13. For walking, you need good shoes with enough cushioning. You may not be wearing the right shoes or may need inserts for cushioning. If you are worried about your hands, try doing daily exercises with your hands. Building endurance might help curb some of the fears. If the neurospecialist said you are fine, then you would need to remember that something isn't just going to happen all of a sudden and you get it. Stuff like ALS is progressive and not instantaneous.
  14. If he told you it was autoimmune, don't second guess him. Don't aggravate the spot. Let it heal.
  15. I am not sure what they are. At least you are still in communication with doctors on this. Stress might be a big culprit; you do seem really worried. I hop you find some peace in this!