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  1. Well, it was something from the meds lol. Yeah - with antibiotics, I could break out in ACNE...blech!
  2. I thought you were fine when the tonsil stones were gone. It had to have been the antibiotic disinfecting. Good work - I can use the encouragement!
  3. You are probably doing the right thing. Dentists have tools to check, too. Good luck with the crown. I have one that was made too large and broke teeth around it. I started wearing a mouthguard. The hygienist washes it as she does my cleaning.
  4. That could be dried spit. It's probably from the antibiotics.
  5. It was probably due to the antibiotics. It was likely tonsil stones. It's not all that serious.
  6. House stress is a mess - I am going through this now myself. I had animals in the attic over my garage. The garage is a square, but, the upstairs takes up the upper right 1/3 of the attic, so it is really L shaped. Anyway, I heard pitter patter of feet, and I would thump on the ceiling and snap open the ceiling tile to scare whatever is up there. Finally in mid-May after numerous sprays of cinnamon-peppermint spray, I called a national pest control chain. The next day, the guy came by and took pictures - including a squirrel tail coming out of a soffet hole they clawed. He told me there would be a plan put together. Two guys arrived the next day. They put wire mesh on the soffet hole - a big squirrel and a teen squirrel ran out right away.. They put a second mesh on the top of the A frame of my garage - and they saw a second teen squirrel running in the soffet. As they were doing this, a teen squirrel was spread eagle and 12 feet up the side of my chimney! And they put a third mesh on the other end. They also put bar guards on the ridges of all of my roofs. $1,200 and they wouldn't remove the existing squirrel. I bought a trap and set it up. Day 3: I go to check on the trap in the attic.....and I saw an adult squirrel toward the front of the attic, a teen squirrel closer to me.....and a second teen squirrel hopped beside me, taunting me as he joined his furry little friends. So, I freak out thinking that the two squirrels came back! It turned out that I had two parents and three rugrats in my attic of weeks and only noticed once the rugrats grew up into out-of-control teen rodents. I called a person who helped set traps. He opened the main soffet hole and attached a trap - one of the teens fell right into it right away. He then took the trap and set up a second one, then went into the attic and added a second one in the front. Mine remained in the back - three traps. He said that if I heard any noise, to call him - otherwise he would check the next day. When he arrived, the traps were empty and he went into the attic. THe others had left without getting trapped! $250. I have not heard anything since. I still need a roof - it's 30 years old. All we can do is take it one step at a time.
  7. Sinus issues can affect the ears and the eyes. I had congestion in my ears for ove r a week- antihistamines can help.
  8. The colon wouldn't have much to do with what is going on "further up". The probiotics may be doing something. We have a yogurt that had probiotics put into it and it was supposed to help with digestion. It might be helping too much. Dehydration may also be an issue if there is a bit more gas.
  9. I am glad you posted this. It kind of resolves itself. We have to look back at this and see how anxiety played a role in our reaction. I am going through an anxious episode myself - house issues are triggering it. I just had to have what I thought was two squirrels running in my attic - it turned out over the week to be a total of five, I had no idea anything was up until I heard the three kids running around. That has had my nerves up a couple levels.
  10. The weird out-of-mind feeling is the anxiety itself. Derealization is the spaced out feeling you get. It just means your mind is racing so fast that your body cannot keep up. A good example is that you can only speak about 250 words a minute, but can think over 1,250 words a minute. If that happens, you can start buffering.
  11. Each person reacts differently to different medications. The only thing you can do is try them out with a doctor. Celexa was my first medication - it worked, but then I got off of it when I thought things were good. Then my "Biblical Job" trial - two years of unemployment and literally eveythign around me collapsing.....including people at a spiritually abusive church, leading to PTSD. Ironically, twelve days after I left that church (they tried to kick me out twice incorrectly!) I landed a job. I was not ready for the shock, but I did it. At that point, I had gone back to a doctor....we tried Lexapro (maxed on it and it didn't work), Lithium (like eating a battery - made any OCD I thought I could ever explode), and then Paxil - up to 50mg and antipsychotic Geodon 20mg to put me to sleep at night. I was only on the Geodon for about two months. I could have slept 12 hours on that; it was too much. Eventually, I got down 20mg - but still gained a ton of weight. A couple years ago, I transitioned from Paxil (Paroxetine) to Cymbalta (Duloxetine) in an attempt to lose some of the weight.
  12. Even for me, this is creeping up. House stress and trying to get things done. Even some health scares threw themselves in to join in on the fun. We have to train our minds - change the worry filter. Old issues WILL come back, because they are familiar. The way we react makes all the difference.
  13. It's all about what you are putting your mind on. How you think determines how you feel.
  14. Only do the tests if your doctor asks! Save your money.