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  1. I remember around 12 or 13 years ago, I was sent to a Moh's surgeon to have a basal cell carcinoma removed from my nose. I remember asking the physician while I was there to look at a few other spots I had to make sure they looked OK. He said all looked good and I then apologized for maybe seeming a bit paranoid about the spots. He then responded to me and what he said I will never forget the rest of my life. He said, you are not being paranoid at all, and in fact a little paranoia may be good as far as your health goes as it may one day save your life.
  2. Odds are you don't have a stomach polyp. I would discuss your symptoms and concerns with your physician and then possibly a mental health care provider who may also help you feel better.
  3. Welcome to the forum. The symptoms you describe could be attributed to anxiety and stress. Losing weight may make you feel better, because as you age, obesity can impact your health adversely. Your tests have all been negative which is good. I would try to practice relaxation techniques and see if that helps. L-Theanine and magnesium may help relax you. Talking with a mental health care professional about your symptoms and concerns may also help.
  4. Any chest pain can be stressful. I am sure you have been told not to smoke. My wife once had chest pain, sweating and she threw up. She thought for sure it was her heart. She went to the ER. She was released from the ER as it was not her heart. It turned out to be a stomach polyp which got tangled up and caused the pain, which was uncovered by an EGD. So this shows that chest pain is not necessarily heart related.
  5. I recently had a staph infection on my right hand. It was from a scratch. I went to my dermatologist and he looked at it for a second and prescribed me an antibiotic and steroid creme. He told me many staph infections are caused by cat scratches.
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    My wife is a pharmacist and she said propranolol is typically well tolerated.
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    She takes it as needed.
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    My sister has taken 10mg of propranolol and it has helped her in stressful situations, with no severe side effects.
  9. I take Melatonin every night to help me sleep and it has really been a big help to me.
  10. I have known a number of people who had ALS and pain in there hands and feet was not a symptom they had.
  11. Over the years I have had some actual health issues and they are no picnic to deal with either.
  12. A number of years ago I had crawling/tingling sensations on the top of my head. They persisted off and on for a while and I got a little concerned. I went to my ENT physician and I talked him into giving me an MRI of my brain. For the insurance to pay for it, I had to say I had tinnitus. The MRI was clear and the tingling and crawling sensations were attributed to tension in my neck, back and/or shoulders.
  13. I have told this story before on this forum what had happened to me many years ago when I was 25, but it is worth telling again. I was going to the bathroom and when I wiped, the whole tissue was drenched in red blood and when I looked in the toilet bowl, the water was all blood red. I had an immediate meltdown and had myself dead and buried. I went to the doctor and it ended up being a hemorrhoid.
  14. I believe mucus is more indicative of IBS.
  15. I have had blood in my semen twice and someone I know who is a retired Urologist told me that blood in the semen is typically benign and is usually due to an irritated prostate.
  16. My physician told me that if a symptom becomes bothersome or begins to interfere with your everyday life, then a health care professional should be consulted with.
  17. As I have said in numerous other posts, ALS is an extremely rare disease with only 5,000 cases diagnosed in the USA each year. Compare that with cancer and heart disease, which have over a million cases and their is no comparison. I remember once asking my doctor about a carcinoid tumor and he said I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. I have also known a number of people who had ALS and occasional muscle spasms were not a symptom they had.
  18. This type of event has happened to me many times over the years and I just blow it off as a result of fatigue, doing too many things at once, being in a hurry, too many things on my mind, etc.
  19. All of us worry about our children, family members, etc. Some just do it more than others do. My GI physician told me once that many patients come to see him and are afraid that they don't feel well because they have a large tumor growing inside of them, when in the vast majority of instances this is not the case.
  20. Losing the ability to walk would be more likely from Parkinson's disease, MS and the like.
  21. Many years ago when I was 20 years old I fell outside. Suddenly the middle of my back began to hurt pretty badly when I bent forward. I called my doctor and he told me to go to the ER. I walked in and they x-rayed my back and I sat in a room waiting for the results. Suddenly, a nurse and doctor came in and asked me how I felt and did I have feeling in my legs and could I go to the bathroom alright. I began to panic and I asked what was wrong. The doctor said I had a compression fracture of the T-6 or T-7 vertebrae (can't remember which one) and they were admitting me as an inpatient for observation immediately. I was in the hospital 6 days and was fitted for a brace that I had to wear for 6 months. After the six months was done, I was examined by an orthopedic surgeon (Jayasanker Menon), who also was called in to examine me in the ER and after I was examined, I was released. Even today, many years later when I have had a chest x-ray, the radiologist report still says, moderate to severe healed compression fracture of the T vertebrae. I have had little to no effects from the injury many years later. Odds are over time you should improve. Radiologists are highly trained and don't miss anything.
  22. If it is really bothersome to you I would call your physician and explain your symptoms and concerns. Once he says you are OK then you need to move onward as if you keep on thinking about it, your quality of life will be impacted.
  23. At least you have a job. Many people now don't have a job. Any of us can have our job or home lost if the circumstances are right, so you are not alone in this respect. Things could be worse you know.