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  1. It may be just the tensing of the muscles in your chest when you are anxious.
  2. As I have said in previous posts, I have known 4 people who have had ALS and none of them had twitching as a symptom. Try to remember also that ALS is actually a very rare disease and the chances of you having it are extremely remote.
  3. MARC

    Tongue issues

    I was thinking of taking yoga up too and have been doing some yoga exercises.
  4. MARC

    ALS anxiety

    My daughter while in college a number of years ago was taking final exams and was under a fair amount of stress. She developed a horrendous eye twitch which she felt and was noticeable by my wife and myself. Once the exams were over, the twitch stopped.
  5. MARC

    ALS anxiety

    I have known 4 people who had ALS and there synptoms were nothing like yours. Try to also remember ALS is a pretty rare disease.
  6. Hospitals are on top of things so I would not worry.
  7. I agree with your husband that a psychiatrist may be your best course of action.
  8. For a while last year I had some blood from my rectum and extreme pain when I went to the bathroom. I had a scope and I had hemorrhoids and some diverticulosis. I would try some Cortizone cream and witch hazel.
  9. I am glad your son's liver, gallbladder and pancreas are OK. Maybe calcium can cause Kidney stones or he is ingesting too much calcium.
  10. Thank you for the post. My wife is a pharmacist and we are required to get our prescriptions from her employer which is a national pharmacy chain. If anything changes, I will keep you in mind.
  11. I have dropped glass multiple times and have cleaned it up the best that I could. The chances of any problem are extremely remote so I would not worry needlessly.
  12. My blood levels have been a bit off before and my physician told me that when certain blood levels are off, it does not matter unless other related blood levels are off too. A little off means nothing.
  13. MARC

    any advice

    I try to distract myself with things I either enjoy or have to concentrate on.
  14. Many years ago my wife's sister had a brain tumor and passed away at the age of 5. She had trouble walking and her eyes turned inward.
  15. My wife was once told she had the start of a fatty liver, but when she lost weight, things normalized.
  16. MARC

    MS Fears

    My wife's friends sister has had MS for many years and is fine. My wife's friend has not gotten MS and is fine too.
  17. Back in 1988, we bought a new townhouse. One day when it rained heavily, water began to pour out of the foundation in the basement and the builder came and sealed it up and we never had any other issues with it again. In 1995, we bought a rancher that was built in 1959. In June 2017, we had a larger sewer leak in our basement and there was black terrible smelling sewerage in our basement. We had to get it pumped out and had a special sanitizing company come in and clean it up. On top of all of that, our tile floor had asbestos in the glue in some spots, so we had to have an asbestos removal company remove the tile and clean everything up. All a very big headache.
  18. How did the colonoscopy go? Please let us know.
  19. One time when I was in the food store, I saw a man open an egg carton and he began repeatedly counting the eggs in the carton. I watched him briefly and then walked away.
  20. If you had something in your rectum, you would know it, so you are fine.
  21. A woman I know has RA, she is 69 and has had it for sometime. She takes medicine and is in good shape as she rides a bike and walks a lot. She watches what she eats and tries to get enough sleep. The only issue she has is she has trouble getting up in the morning, but I believe that is due to her being a night person from the conversations I have had with her in the past.
  22. MARC

    Heart Race

    Welcome to the forum. When I was 25 or so, which was quite some time ago, I was not feeling well so I took some extra strength Excedrin and fell asleep. I did not realized the Excedrin was loaded with caffeine. I woke up and my heart was really racing and I had a meltdown and went to the ER and my heart rate got up to 160. I had cardiac tests after that and all was OK.