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  1. joe17

    Covid anxiety.

    Hi thanks for the reply. It turns out my test was negative. All i have to deal with now is this nausea from antibiotics from a tooth infection. Hoping that goes away soon too.
  2. I was brought to the doctors office with a mild fever Monday. My fiance was freaking out so i decided to get tested for that and the flu. Its been 2 days since and i feel fine. almost 100% I'm still super anxious . My fever was low and went away that night or sooner i think. I'm still worried because my results wont be back for another few days. So if i have a slight cough due to phlem or allergies i freak out now..Should i be worried?
  3. I moved to Missouri last May to be with my fiance and start a new life. Things were interesting and i found a decent job but only as a temp. a few weeks ago i was let go because i didn't want to go out and risk crashing my car in the dangerous temps as we had a big storm here . Since then ive been having difficulty finding a decent job... I came across one and took it but im absolutely miserable there..i get such stress and anxiety from it. I came home the other day early from the rudeness of people there i couldn't take it and broke down upon arriving home. Shes so supported of me and wants me to do well but i don't know what to do..I'm out in the middle of the country so there's not much here. I regret losing my last job so much it kind of haunts me now ..I just am hoping for some kind of miracle.
  4. Thanks! It was a really scary moment. It has since been more minor when i feel it thank goodness .
  5. I was feeling a little dizzy while i was working so i had to be taken to the er . I was put in a bed and they asked me what was going on. I had pressure on the back of my head and was feeling very lightheaded . They told me i had a viral sinus infection and the antibiotics i was put on weren't gonna do anything . I took some pills for dizziness and anxiety and before i knew it i was out for 8 hours . Still feeling the lightheadedness but i guess that's from the cold?
  6. Ill try those too. I didnt have the thick mucus or fever or anything like that associated with a sinus infection so i hope it wasn't anything serious . Never tried the tea kettle one yet though.
  7. Thanks for letting me know! That does give me some comfort. Its been bugging me these last few weeks. Ill try the flonase and see if that works.
  8. Finally made a dr's appointment about a week ago cause i was telling them about my sinus issues. They put me on antibiotics for a week just in case i had an infection. I told them about my pain on my upper lids and they said that was normal. I keep having it but it seems like it only have it when i get home from work. Its like right above where my eye meets my brow on the upper right hand corer. Anyone else have this?
  9. At one time it wouldn't have bothered me but its always something , if something bothers me i focus on it a lot and my anxiety goes crazy . As my Opthamologist said my eyes were "excellent and i had nothing to worry about" but with anxiety it always bothers me. For example if my back started hurting my mind would go wild and think its my kidneys or something.
  10. Just curious if anyone else experiences this. I noticed the other day when i go from a dark room to a light room sometimes i notice flickering in my peripherals. It only lasts a few seconds then stops. Has anyone else noticed this? I had my eyes checked and was told everything looks good but was just curious.
  11. joe17

    Kinda scared.

    Hi everyone! So i went to the eye doctor and he got a good look at me and said my eyes look excellent . The pressure has since diminished . I suppose it could the change in the weather since it didnt bother until it went from the mid 80's to a high of 80's.
  12. During the last week or so i had a bad cold, it was bad for one or two days then the symptoms were manageable . But now i have a left over symptom i think and it has me worried. I never experienced sinus pressure at least that's what i think it is. Pressure on my upper nose cheeks and on the top of my eyes. The pressure on my eyes is what worries me. So much so that i had to make an eye doctor appointment. Anyone else had this before? And how long did it last?
  13. So over the last week ive been experiencing a kinda annoying pain in my lower right abdomen and sides . Its not constant either it sort of comes and goes. I have a demanding job of delivering medical supplies around a hospital so its a lot of huffing and puffing running all over the place. Recently i got back into the groove of doing what i normally did in the mornings , meaning im a lot more active than i was in the last month or so. Which also means im carrying heavier supplies etc. Am i being paranoid:? Could it be gas from swallowing so much air or do your abs and sides hurt a lot after being not so active for a long period of time ?
  14. It seems i have relapses in my ocd. I could go awhile with it being manageable then other times its unbearable and its for the stupidest things too. Anyone here have any tips to combat it effectively ? It happens a lot when i buy things online too and its just extremely frustrating. Like i could buy something online then if i do and i get a mental picture of something i dont like as im buying it . My mind tells me to return it or exchange it cause that item is also bad now... It sounds dumb i know but i dont know how to go about stopping this. Any advice is appreciated.
  15. joe17

    Weird question

    Ok, i was a bit worried, my left arm was hurting for awhile too but even when i do tough work it doesn't hurt , just usually later on in the day. I guess it could be attributed to sleeping on that arm too.