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  1. Hello everyone. I was doing well getting over my ALS fear and I was doing good for a few weeks. until now I’ve had a headache/pressure for almost about a week and it’s scaring me to death where I just want to go to the ER. I’m nervous and I’m going to the bathroom a lot and I feel like a have a BT. I’m so nervous and scared.
  2. Thank you. I’ve been looking at the als forum and feeding my anxiety the last couple of weeks. I really don’t want to go back to the doctors and start this emg journey again.
  3. That makes sense. Thank you. I’m doing yard work right now and no tremors. I noticed that both of my hands shake a bit but nothing noticeable I think that’s normal? All my family says I don’t shake but if I really concentrate I can see it. Every time I pick up something with my left hand I’m looking at it like a crazy person. I feel defeated.
  4. Hello. This is not my first time going down this worry. It happened back in 2018, where I was focused on my body and twitches. For a whole year my anxiety was thinking I had ALS and it came to the point where I saw a neuromuscular neurologist, they did my EMG and it was clean. Nothing, not even fasics showing on my results. No evidence of NMD or neuropathy. I was happy to let this go and which I kinda did. It was always back of my mind but I moved on with my life. Now. A few weeks ago I was helping my coworker out and helped her carry two 12 packs of sodas from her car to our offices which is a pretty long walk and I can tell my hand was tired. So I sit down and I grabbed my soda and I noticed my left hand was shaking. Almost like a tremor. I decided to just relax and not over think but it was it was still on my mind. Couple days pass and I did yard work with the weed eater and my hand was again shaking. I was really concerned and got me worried even more. Now whenever I use my left hand I’m seeing if I shake or trembles which it does to a certain degree but nothing like it was before. Now my head is in a big cluster of thoughts thinking is this how ALS starts. I’m doubting myself and rational thoughts. I know this clear symptom is failure. But as you know we try to find certain ways that it applies to us and I can’t seem to move on from this. I even ask my family if my hands are shaking and everyone tells me no.
  5. Jremtx

    Set backs.

    As long as I can remember I’ve been twitching. I remember when I googled about twitching and it got to me. That was back in oct 2018. Saw 3 docs told them about my twitching and said I was okay just anxiety. Did not believe them. I literally had to ask for a referral to a nuero. Finally got one. Fast forward to July and did a clinical, everything was fine just hyperflexia. He said “I don’t see anything wrong with you, but we just need to do more testing to find out” which was the emg. So my visit summary said: fasciculation, hyperflexia, ANXIETY STATE. August 2019. I finally go in for my emg. I have my parents with me because I’m scared to death to find out the results. My nuero was a neuromuscular medicine specialist so I felt really good about the her conducting the emg. My mother even gave the nuero a note saying “my son has had anxiety for a year worrying about ALS, please tell him the results” love my mom man lol So after the EMG she said your fine, go live your life. I don’t wanna see you for a follow up. I felt so good. I felt like I could get my life together. I lost the love of my life to this anxiety and I was ready to move on. I got my own apartment, got another job. Was doing really good. Twitches were there still but I didn’t pay attention. They were background noise. Welp everything was going good but since quarantine I had nothing but time to think and think and here I am questioning everything. I’m laying in bed again all day. Scared. Just really bad depression. Idk if you have Snapchat but memories pop up and I saw a picture 2 years ago and I knew I was twitching back then. 2 years ago. 2 years ago. The nasty DOESNT linger. I need to get myself out of this thinking. I’ve talked to many people recently about this and they have helped me. I’m looking into a therapist now. I worry about the future and when I have kids. I don’t want their dad to look weak and defeated. I know this is something we all need to get used to. Thank y’all for reading just wanted to vent.
  6. Hello my anxiety central fam. How are y’all? I’m doing great. My anxiety has been well managed. now I’m seeing a lot of “do I have als” threads. let me just say none of y’all have ALS. I’ve been on this website for going on 2 years and I have yet to see someone say they officially have als. Just a little background from me and you can see my posts. I was in the anxiety hole for whole year. Literally till I got my EMG. and of course I got a clean bill of health. Nothing was wrong with me my doctor didn’t even diagnose me with BFS. He just said the body does things we can’t explain. So I just ran with it. I didn’t get a second emg. I just said okay I wasted a year of my life I have to run with this. now my twitches? Still here. 24/7 my left calve goes crazy. And also body wide. But I’m used to it. This is me. This is my body. Yes anxiety does tend to make it worse, also other products but I’m not going to waste my time anymore. Let the twitches twitch. I got my emg last August and I’m still here. You will be also. Talk to your family and friends, go for a nice walk. Just keep your mind busy. The biggest key of this disease is TRUE CLINICAL WEAKNESS. dont get it confused with sore muscles. I would work out and feel extremely sore and weak and then I would be like “this is it. I have it” and after 2 days of rest my muscles are back. stop overthinking. You can get als, you can get cancer, you can get lung disease. Just live your life. I promise things will get better. Post on here, talk to people on this forum. @Holls helped me with so much. Godspeed
  7. Jremtx

    I’m back!

    Positive update: got everything checked. Everything is okay. Just happens. Think positive, stay positive
  8. Hey idk who still uses this website. Hopefully I get to see familiar faces. But anyways just to give some back ground. I’m 26 and I have Hematospermia (blood in sperm) im trying to keep my cool about this since I’m always googling symptoms. I went to a emergency health clinic and NP saw me check the jewels said everything looked fine. But wants to do a ultrasound on my Testicles. I’m pretty nervous but trying to see the brighter side of things. Lol if anyone can give me some advice and reassurance that would be great.
  9. @adamden @Holls it was a walk/jog four miles 😂😂😂 I was getting tired no doubt.
  10. Thanks Holls. Just ran 4 miles outside in this Texas heat. Of course my legs felt weird but I haven’t worked out in a couple weeks. Felt good tho.
  11. Moved some furniture today, a lot of labor. Of course my legs felt weak but we did it with no problem. Feeling ok. Just depressed
  12. @BrightPhoenix thank you. I was doing so good. I've exercised, I've hiked mountains, I thought I was good until the neuro appointment. I lost everything cause of this anxiety, my job of 3 years plus, my girlfriend of 7 years, my family doesn't look at me the same way. I haven't even looked at myself the same way. I'm tired of waking up with anxiety and sweats. I am thinking about seeing a therapist.
  13. Hey everyone so I've been going through my HA fear w/ ALS since last year October. I finally went to neurologist and he ran test on my as far as my physical. He said everything looked good. Did not see any muscle atropgy, did not see weakness. He did say my reflexes were a bit jumpy but he said that its from your anxiety. He told me he was was 98% sure nothing was wrong but for my sake I can do a EMG in August. I did make the appointment but now I feel like my anxiety is back and all I've been doing is sleeping today after the appointment. I'm able to do everything I was able to do last October....idk my mind is racing. Someone please help me.
  14. It’s been awhile huh? Hope everyone is doing okay. Just came to check in and say everyday I’m getting back to normal. I don’t really check this forum anymore because it would flare up my anxiety but I feel like I’m in a good state of mind rn. If you a worrier about ALS please look thru my past post. I was also a huge ALS worrier and there was months were I would just lay in bed because I felt like “today was the day something was going to show, my foot was gonna stop working or my arms” i have ave yet to have a EMG due to the fact I’m doing everything I was able to do since last year. I still have twitches here and there but I don’t let them get to me. I promise you this anxiety of yours will pass. BUT. YOU. Have to make that decision. You have to be strong and tell yourself you don’t have this disease that it’s all in your head. Believe your doctors...:enjoy your life. If anyone has any questions please lmk. Thank you and God Bless