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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Unfortunately I just googled and found out that thoracic pain at night and morning is a red flag for bad stuff. I feel paralyzed! Im beyond freaking out now, I want to run to the ER. Don’t know what to do. rugger
  2. Been having back pain along upper spine for the last month. Really bad in the morning, seems to improve as the day goes on. Went to chiropractor a few times with little improvement. Chiropractor says she may send me for an X-ray if it doesn’t improve. I asked what that would show and she said looking for fractures, arthritis, or something worse. Well that’s all I had to hear ...worse! Convinced I have bone cancer . I’m melting down. I’m 50 years old and feeling like I won’t see 51. Please help me if you can!!! rugger
  3. Now it’s in my lower back. Not googling bone cancer, but worried I have it. Shoulders and neck along clavicle is very painful. It seems to be spreading. Not making for an enjoyable holiday. Can’t wait to get home! Rugger
  4. Turned 50 in April and not able to enjoy.I have had a very rough half year. Colonoscopy, all good. Ultrasound on abdominals for pains, all good. Ultrasound on thyroid due to chronic cough, and daughter diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years ago(she is doing great!)...and mine was fine . Since ultrasound 3 weeks ago my lymph nodes feel swollen and my shoulders/neck are in constant pain. Finally I woke up a week ago with severe pain in my mid back just below shoulder blades right on the spine. Chiro and massage hasn’t helped. Pain seems to ease throughout day, just severe when I wake up. As usual I’ve concluded cancer. This time bone cancer! Heading out for holidays but not looking forward to them. Just want to go to emerge for X-rays etc. I’m really trying to stay calm...but I can’t get rid of the sinister thoughts! Please help! Words of wisdom/advice required !!! Thanks Rugger
  5. Been having throat/chest troubles for 3 months. Constantly have an urge to cough. I had a bad cold 12 weeks ago and when it went away the coughing lingered. Seemed like it was getting better but now it’s back and it’s freaking me out. Saw my GP 3 weeks ago and he didn’t seem concerned. I can’t stop thinking that something sinister is going on. If I take a deep breath I cough. Thought maybe it was heartburn but it doesn’t bother me when I sleep. The thought of something wrong is consuming me. This can’t be normal. Please Help Rugger
  6. Unfortunately I’ve had a few cavities filled in the last few years. Having sensitivity afterward is totally normal. I had one a few years ago that remained sensitive for about 6 weeks! Not fun but it does go away, just give it some time. You’re all good! rugger
  7. I wish I had allergies as an excuse, but I live in blooming trees yet. Just a dry cough and some chest pain. I realize I don’t have a lot of lung cancer symptoms but I have a couple and that’s all it takes for me to think what if? Going to Jamaica on Thursday but I’m not excited, not sure what to do I’m trying to suck it up. rugger
  8. I have had an annoying cough for 5 weeks now. Started out as a cold with runny nose and coughing up phlegm for about 10 days. Runny nose has stopped and so has the phlegm but I can’t kick this dry cough. I realize coughs can last a while but 5 weeks? Started to have slight pain in chest and back last few days. I can exercise fine as I ran for 40 minutes yesterday with no cough, but when I stopped the cough started. Cough drops help, think I’m addicted to them. Supposed to be heading to Jamaica next week for my 50th but I’m freaked out as I’m thinking I have lung cancer. What else is new! It’s all I’ve been thinking about lately. Please help me get off “the cliff”. Not excited about trip anymore. Rugger
  9. All is good. I have a kidney stone. Just have to wait for it to pass...not looking forward to that!!! A lot better than what I thought it might be. Thanks for the support it really helped! Rugger
  10. Sorry, also have mid to upper back pain on right side. He probably also sent me to shut me up because I’m not all there these days! rugger
  11. I’ve had nausea and upper ab aches for a few weeks. Blood work was fine, just a precaution I think. I drink on weekends at get togethers but not enough to cause cirrhosis issues. That’s why I’m anxious. rugger
  12. Thanks. My mind is still messing me up. I’m finding it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that as she looks at my liver she asks about alcohol consumption. Rugger
  13. Had an ultrasound on my abdomen today. Was going ok until tech is looking around my liver area and then asks if I drink? Why would she ask that? What did she see? I understand questions before the procedure starts...but not when she is looking at something. Of course I’m down a hole! Convinced that something is wrong. I’m tired of this. Please help! Rugger
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    Relatively new to site. Is it possible to send responses to a single person. If so how? thanks rugger