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  1. Thanks Ironman! I appreciate the feedback! I don't think I've struggled this much in a long time, luckily my wife is very supportive. What do you mean by filter? I'm trying not to think about my stomach issues...but I seem to be hyper focused on it. In fact I would say 90% of my day is thinking about how my stomach feels, which I know makes things worse. I do have Ativan but I don't want to use it. My wife says to use it to get me through this "flare up". My remedy is wanting to ask my GP for another scan...I always need reassurance from tests. I don't know what to do? I know i'm getting tired of feeling "off". Really Struggling, Rugger
  2. I've been away a long time, not because I'm better, but because CBT said to stay away as it may increase my anxiety...well it's not working! I started getting bad heartburn daily at the beginning of june. It lasted the whole summer until I finally saw my doctor in late August, he put me on Nexium 40mg. Heartburn continued for a couple more weeks and then slowly improved. However 5 weeks ago I started getting bad nausea EVERYDAY. My mind is going to the wrong place! I've had right side abdominal and back pain for 3 years, which I diagnose pancreas problems (pancreatic cancer is in my family). I had a CT scan 18 months ago and all was good. Pain never went away but I just deal with it. Now with the nausea and the intermittent pains I'm thinking pancreas again! I'm really struggling!!! I really don't understand how anxiety can be causing this. I'm 54 and been suffering from health anxiety for about 20 years...never had nausea before. Why now? I saw my doctor last week and he didn't seem concerned, said take gravol. I'm freaking out and I don't know what to do...? Please Help, if possible Rugger
  3. Thanks for the support!!!!!! Turns out secretary may have made a mistake, no pancreatic lesion. Had a CT scan, all clear. Some diverticulitis and a kidney stone. Feel a little better, just wish the abdominal pain went away. Time for formal counseling! rugger
  4. Received a call as I was starting work yesterday from my doctors secretary telling me to schedule a CT scan for my Abdominal region to check a lesion on my pancreas. I almost fainted! Packed up and left work for the day. I had an ultrasound last May and everything was clear…this lesion has come out of no where. Im praying it is a mistake. Trying to reach my doctor (good luck). Im 53, but had 2 relatives pass from pancan in the 70’s. I feel like this is the beginning of the end! Really panicking, I’m afraid to google . Really need some comforting words, if any exist! rugger
  5. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Don’t think meds are the issue as nothing has changed for a while. Keep trying to tell myself that after 3 months my symptoms would be a lot worse if it was pancan. It’s just the what if?…as usual. I know I need to change my thinking unfortunately it’s all I think about. Really starting to effect my quality of life. I just cancelled an outdoor trip with my buddies out of fear from this. I really hope I can get the MRI scheduled sooner rather than later, so I can try to return to “normal” life! Thanks Rugger
  6. I've posted before about this issue, but I feel worse. I have had right side upper abdominal pain and upper back pain also right side for over 3 months and counting. Last 6 weeks heartburn has joined the party. I’m absolutely convinced that I have pancreatic issues. I’ve had an aunt and uncle pass from pancan in their 60’s and 70’s…I’m 52. I went to emerg 3 months ago for the issue, they did blood work and all was good. No need for further testing, probably muscular. It’s not getting better! Saw my doc last Wednesday and he said he’s not worried about me, but will send me for an MRI to put my mind at ease. I’ve seen Marc’s response to his experience with people with pancan and it seems to come on fast which tells me I’m okay. However what if my issue has taken longer to get worse? Not functioning well right now. Who knows when I’ll be scheduled for an mri. Please help me rationalize my issues. Rugger
  7. I’ve been on pantproloze (spelling) for about 5 years for minor heartburn, I rarely get it. Three weeks ago I had major heartburn one night and it hasn’t gone away. Started taking nexium 18 days ago with no change. Constant lump and burning in throat, lots of burping. Minor pain on right side abdomen, not sure if it related. Freaking out that the nexium isn’t working that makes me think something more sinister is going on. I had a colonoscopy and gastroscope in January because I had IBS symptoms…all normal. What can I do to stop it? Has anyone else had this for this long? Feel like I’m starting to fall apart! please help!!! rugger
  8. rugger


    Thanks for the response Acie. What you experienced is very similar to me . I’m 52 and have been struggling with anxiety for about 15 years. The nausea has been sporadic lately, I’m just trying to keep myself busy in an effort to try to forget about the feelings. Had a colonoscopy and gastroscope in January for other issues and all was good. Been having lower right rib pain and back pain for a few months now which makes me very anxious about pancreatic issues. I’ve had an aunt and uncle pass away in their early seventies so I know it’s in the family so I’m pretty freaked out. Haven’t lost any weight...even gained a few pounds over the last few months which helps me somewhat. Just want the aches to subside and maybe I can get back to living! Thanks again for the response! Stay safe Rugger
  9. rugger


    I’ve been having a really hard time lately! Nightly discomfort under right rib and upper back aches for a few months now. Of course thinking pan cancer. Had an ultrasound and some basic blood tests bilirubin and albumin levels were normal. Last couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing a lot of nausea usually morning till mid afternoon. Now I’m getting nausea all day long and into the evening. Trying to tell myself that it is anxiety... but I’m losing the argument with myself. I’ve been on Zoloft for about 18 months, can it all of a sudden be causing this issue? Any insight/support would be immensely appreciated. PLEASE!!! Rugger
  10. Thanks Marc! Makes me feel a little better...still stressed but working hard to tell myself it’s nothing serious. Feels like a have a pulled muscle inside. Thanks again your response has helped ! Rugger
  11. I was hoping this would be a new year with a positive outlook, done already. Experiencing heartburn and crazy pressure and aches in my rectum. Aches turn to pain with bowel movements. Of course I’m thinking something horrible is going on. I was doing so well, now I feel like I’m going back into my hole. Not sure I will ever feel “normal”. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? Thanks rugger
  12. Thanks for the responses! They have helped me. Still freaked out about the lower rib upper abdomen pain but I need to trust the doctor. The nausea is brutal but at least I’m fairly convinced that it has something to do with the meds. I need to see doc, about how to fix the nausea, but it’s hard due to COVID. Hope the nausea ends soon, so I don’t have a nervous breakdown. Thanks again! rugger
  13. I’ve been having a very difficult time lately. The quick story...back pain and lower rib pain for a couple months. Convinced I had pancreatic issues. Blood tests and ultrasound all good. I usually rebound quickly after good news. However this time I’m still not doing well. Doctor gave me Ativan to help get through the days. I took about 1 - 1.5mg a day for three weeks. I stopped taking them after my results were good on Wednesday. Still having rib and back issues, now I have a lot of nausea and diarrhea. Freaking out. Could this be withdrawal from the meds. I’ve never used Ativan before. Is it possible for the body to “need them” after only three weeks? Starting to spiral again! Rugger
  14. I’m a 51 year old male with major health anxiety. It is REALLY bad right now. I’ve been having a dull pain on my mid upper back, usually the right side. Also had some excessive itching. I googled...bad idea! Found out it is symptom of pancreatic cancer, I’m beyond freaked out. I’ve had an aunt and uncle pass from this disease in their early 70’s. Doctors are difficult to see due to Covid. Not sure if I should be going to ER to calm myself. Don’t feel like going to work or doing anything. I’m very scared! Support/advice would be appreciated more than ever! Rugger
  15. Last Friday while shopping I had double vision in my right eye for about a minute. I talked myself through it but I couldn’t get it out of mind. Went to emergency on the Sunday. They sent me for a CT scan and blood work. I was an absolute mess waiting for results. After about 4 hours the scan was found to be normal. Waited on blood work for another 48 hrs as the were checking for a mini stroke, I’m 51. Came back ok but they are going to monitor me. Big sigh of relief! Then on Tuesday I experienced pain in my rectum, now what? i was finally feeling better and now this. Pain feels deep in rectum, not around anus. Freaking out thinking something serious is wrong as usual. I had a colonoscopy 18 months ago and all was good, very minor diverticulosis. Stool has been loose for a long time now as well. Feel myself falling deep into a hole. Very scared! sorry for the long winded post. please help!!! Rugger