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Found 33 results

  1. Well I found my family! Hi health anxiety friends. I'm relieved to not feel alone. Since my 2 children came along I know I've changed. I have terrible anxiety about my health and that of my kids. Well new HA this month is breast C. I've had leaking boobs for 2 years, barely breastfed, but ok, the leaking is rare, but it's there. My Gyno found high prolactin levels and said oh, it could be a pituatory tumor... great, thanks sir. So, I'm waiting for an MRI of the pituatory gland in 5 days... this will be a long 5 days. Meanwhile, my mother had BC, so yeah, I'm 35 but he wanted me to get my first mamogram. I've had itching over my boobs, nipples and armpits. I didn't mention that to him because it's only been happening for a few days. I swear I've Google itching boobs and armpits and it tells me I'll probably die in 5 years. Ladies, help. I just cry, roll into my pillow and Google all day and night. The itching is weird right? I've even had a televisit to get an MRI order also, because I read: mamogram isn't always accurate or good enough, and you know, all I've done is think about the BC thing. Over the last 2 years since lockdown, I've had sinus issues, numerous CT scans and MRIs for sinus issues so here we go again with more scans. Hoping it's nothing. Trying not to Google until my scans are done and results are back. I'll be here itching my boobs if anyone is wondering! Thanks for the space to rant. My husband is over my bullshit worrying, but he's bringing me tea and still smiling at me.
  2. hiya. some weeks ago i started having this constant feeling of something stuck in my esophagus. i was convinced i had oesophagal cancer. i got a chest x ray and ultrasound, and everything seems ok, plus the feeling has gone down, so it doesnt worry me as much. but now, im scared about leukemia. i have some red spots in my right leg, a slight fever, and feel often tired and shaky. my throat hurts ocasionally. im getting blood testing tomorrow. until then, i am terrified.
  3. I have been battling off and on with my 3rd BT scare in 9 years. Headaches move around, seem worse when changing position (but better when laying down/sleeping), worse when lifting stuff, pupils different sizes, odd feeling one side of body etc..... I have had a lot of these symptoms before with my previous scares. I had two ct scans of my brain during previous scares and now I am concerned these scans actually caused me to get a brain tumor. i called my neurologist and he said it didn’t sound like a brain tumor but he wanted me to get an MRA bc it sounded blood vessel related. Of course I overanalyzed every portion of the phone conversation but was able to accept his expertise and felt better that it most likely wasn’t a brain tumor. Took my family to get snow cones and on the way home I smelled a burning smell like someone was burning something. I live in a rural area but asked my wife if she smelled it and she said no. My mind of course jumped to seizures. When I got home i could smell the bacon we had cooked before snow cones. I woke up smelling bacon all night (re-inforcing) the concern with seizure. Not doing great this morning as a result!
  4. Hi everyone. I am 32 years old. Turning 33 in September. About 4 days ago I noticed that my lower left pelvic area had a slight sharp yet dull pain, sometimes my low back hurts, and I've had slight bloating. I'm not due for my period for a few weeks, so I know it's not PMS. I started freaking out and worrying about ovarian cancer. Yesterday I had a transvaginal ultrasound and when they pressed on my ovaries to look at them, both of them had sharp pains and we're really hurting. I am freaking out to say the least. I won't get my results until Monday, so this weekend of waiting is going to be hell. I'm so scared that they are going to find something. What are the odds that it is cancer? If it is just a cyst(s) would I have to undergo surgery to confirm that or can they see it on my ultrasound. Please help. My weekend is already ruined over this.
  5. I can't upload a picture, but I noticed today several tiny bruises on my legs, back of the thighs mostly. They are small and I have bruises on my right tibia too, 9 and they are on the line. Yesterday I had a bad back pain, today leg pain. I have felt nauseous and 2 weeks ago I was so tired for the 2 days I couldn't do anything. I'm still little tired but not as much. I have had lump feeling in the throat, it comes and goes but doesn't feel when I drink or eat. I'm literally convinced that I have leukemia. I had blood drawn on May 8th and everything was fine, nothing was low or increased. Everything was checked.
  6. Wondering if anyone can ease my fears. Last year I read an article about getting dented breast checked. I went to the bathroom and checked myself nothing out of the ordinary so i tensed up flexed my muscles and every time I do I can see a little dent on one side more than the other. I remember going to urgent care where I'm a regular and getting checked and the doctor saying nothing was wrong but im still in a panic. I'm terrified to die from cancer. Its been over a year and I know im only scared because I have nothing else to fear right now but id still love help. I have no other symptoms or pain or anything. Just on both sides when I flex the breast rise a little the doctor said breast were naturally lumpy and fat. I'm still so scared. And im driving my family crazy. Please help ease my fears
  7. I've been trying my harderst to get my anxiety under control but I've been failing. I've been obsessed with my throat lately and getting throat cancer. Everyone I show says they see nothing wrong, I have no pain or discomfort, no swollen lymph nodes or pain of any kind. The more I think of it the more I feel a lump in my throat when I swallow. And i think the veins in the back of my throat look weird. I'm only 25 years old and I'm always scared of one thing or another but this really has me by the throat. Can anyone help?
  8. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female with high levels of anxiety about health, life, and pretty much everything. Recently I've been having anxiety over what appears to be red in my stool. I don't know if it's food or what, but it's causing me to panic every which way and Dr. Google isn't helping. It kind of looked like flecks and it only seemed to be really noticeable after wiping. I'm also experiencing some irritation with my anus, so it's led me to be a bit worried. Some background though, I experienced this today, and yesterday I had pizza and a taco with a few tomatoes in it, as well as being constipated and straining recently due to stress from a large assignment over the weekend, to which I even had a panic attack over at work which was embarrassing. I've also had stomach/bowel problems ever since I was a child, according to my mom, and pretty much everyone in my family is either A. Allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, and B. Have some form of IBS (which I also probably have because I get stomach problems depending on what I eat,, not to mention anxiety causes issues.) I have no family history of cancer, save for my grandfather getting Leukemia in his late 70s. The females in my family also have a history of having some type of reproductive problems, my sister PCOS, my mom has a "fluffy uterus," a few of my cousins have endometriosis. Heck, I probably have some problems but I just haven't been formally diagnosed and it's usually solved with my BC pills. (Note: My dad also died from a weird heart mutation that gave him congestive heart failure, which I have been tested for and do not have, as well as most of my mom's side having diabetes. But that's a story for another day.) I could be panicking for no reason, but there's this underlying fear and it's causing problems with focusing in school, work, or other life activities, as well as causing depression which I'm prone to. I've seen this type of thing before, too, but I feel like I can always trace it back to something red I ate the day before. I'm also seeing a new doctor next week, and I feel like I should tell her about these problems to get some reassurance. But some talking sense to would be nice, as I feel like I'm driving myself up a wall with this worry. Thanks for reading this far!
  9. I'm lost. I had gotten on medication and things were fine but over the past few days they've gone down hill. I was watching a movie with my wife and a woman mentioned she had hpv, the women then said, "Well yeah we've all had hpv." I I immediately went to google and found that it can cause warts and multiple types of cancers. Since then I've questioned my wife about her history knowing shes only had one other sexual experience which was her rapist when she was 11 years old, I cant imagine how I made her feel asking if her rapist had given ger hpv. I felt terrible. But I kept going convinced I had gotten it from a girl I briefly kissed, or a stranger who had kissed my wife. If my mind wasn't on HPV, it was on the fact that i may have sleep apena because a friend of mine made a post about her daughter who has down syndrome that had a sleep study and found she had sleep apena. I know if I hear another disease itll start all over. Now I'm left wondering is this my life? Am I just going to spend my life worrying, driving myself crazy and waiting to die? please someone help me.
  10. I'm having cramps. I'm supposed to get my period Saturday. The thing is I NEVER get cramps. I haven't had them in years and now the last 2 days I'm having awful cramps. What gives? Of course I think I have cancer.
  11. For the past few months I have had itching down there on and off. It burns when I use the restroom and this morning there was blood when I wiped. I've been using cream in the hopes it would go away but it's not. So off to the Dr I go this afternoon. I really think it's anal fissures but being that my mother was just diagnosed with cancer I'm freaking out.
  12. I know second post. I have been having anal itching on and off for months now. It feels like fissures but I'm not sure. I'm going to have to make an appt and get it checked but I'm afraid I have cancer. There is no blood or anything but when I go to the bathroom I can feel it burn or tear. I'll make an appt tomorrow.
  13. Is my 4 year old sleeping too much? She has been a terrible sleeper since birth and until a few weeks ago would wake at night. We would bring her to bed and she would fall right asleep. Now she is finally putting in full nights sleep but I feel like she's been napping too and she doesn't do that. At first I was thinking growth spurt but now I'm not so sure. She doesn't nap every day and right now she does have a cold and is napping. While she is awake she seems normal and eats normally. Her napping is what is making me nervous. I think she has Leukemia. Stupid anxiety.
  14. Hi guys. I come to you today as an outlet as I have a real fear I may have Ovarian cancer! Im 36yr old relatively healthy female, health anxiety for about 5yrs but generalised anxiety and PTSD for over 10yrs my concerns are that since having my 3rd child via c section, I have had very heavy periods. The last few months, on n off, I get quite bad sharp cramps/pains in my ovaries and liver abdomen, feel really bloated with them and generally unwell. Yes, I have taken you Dr Google and yes I have been sat here in tears thinking I am planning my funeral, but I just don’t understand it all! I don’t smoke, drink only socially, eat relatively well and don’t have any other health problems that I am aware of anyway. How do I make myself feel more relaxed and what else could this possibly be. I am so worried I am going to leave behind my husband and 3 beautiful children my eldest who has just started high school and I won’t get to see them grow up! Please help me guys! TIA
  15. Hi all! I’m totally new to this site, but definitely not new to HA. I’ve been suffering for 11 years. I’m usually pretty good at managing it but occasionally I just get hit with a wave of anxiety that just knocks me down for weeks, sometimes even months at a time. I’m in nursing school and now that my midterms are done I have more time to focus on myself. In the last week alone I have managed to convince myself that I have ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, a kidney infection, a UTI, and now breast cancer. The other symptoms I was having are easy chalked up to a running injury I sustained on my hip a while back and stress, but I’ve always had this lump on my left breast. I exam my breasts weekly because I’m so paranoid but I feel like this thing has changed, I feel like it’s bigger! It’s still soft and moveable, I am about 4 days from starting my period so that could be the case, it’s a bit painful too but that could just be from my constant poking at it. I’m just starting to really second guess myself and I’m convincing myself that I don’t really know my own body. I just feel betrayed and confused. Normally I would go see my doctor but I moved 12 hours from home for school so I have no friends and family around either. I’m just feeling really doomed and upset about this, I’m hoping that someone has had a similar experience that can maybe help calm me down.
  16. My anxiety and ocd are winning and I don't know what to do anymore. Therapy isn't working. Medication isn't working. I'm literally at a loss. I'm convinced I have breast cancer or some cancer. I had my mammo last week and my right breast is fine but they found calcifications in my left so I have to follow up for that. My medication makes me so tired, I'm falling asleep at my desk. I scheduled blood work Friday morning. I just know they will find something, just like I knew they would find something on my mammo. Usually when i finally go through with something the anxiety fades but not this time. I don't know what to do anymore. If my right breast is normal why does it still hurt? The Dr said hormones but IDK. It's not my whole breast, it's from my armpit and the side. I just feel so lost. I have 2 little's and I'm terrified of my blood work.
  17. Hi All, this has been first time on this website. I feel a bit lost and hopeless and search for help wherever I can. For couple months I have been dealing with various problems like swollen lymph nodes where multiple ultrasounds show they are reactive nodes reacting to some infection, slow bowel movements which has been my chronic problem. Of course I started with doctors to check up nodes and I had ultrasounds, blood test, rectoscopy too. So far nothing proved bad but they are still couple tests to come like CT which is next week on Tuesday. I googled a lot and all I found is telling me I have a cancer. First lymphoma, now I am pretty concered about bowel cancer. i cant sleep, cant focus, cant eat, I feel depressed a lot. Is this normal or this is how anxiety looks like? I am sorry if its stupid question but my brain is acting in a way I havent experienced before and all the hopes I try to say to myself wont work. It feels like I already diagnosed myself. What should I do to help myself until I have all the tests done? How to go thru this? I will be happy about any experience sharing or advice.
  18. Hello Friends,are you a patient suffering from insomnia, back pain, chronic pain, stress or depression, we got quality medical strains and oils that will greatly help you, visit to place an order and free consultation with or without a medical card
  19. We should have a separate ladies board so these poor guys don't need to keep seeing these posts! I will start this by saying I had a pap in Oct and it was normal. Also I had a pelvic ultrasound, also normal. This will be graphic...... My vagina is on fire. I have an appt tomorrow with my OB but until then I decided to take a peek and see if I could see anything. I know that we can't all be symmetrical but I swear I saw some kind of bump on the inside of my vagina. It's soft and doesn't hurt. I'm trying not to freak out as I was just there and had a Dr looking at my parts but......Also I had sex twice in 3 days maybe I'm just swollen?
  20. Hi Guys - Just joined today but I've been a reader of the site for some time now...I finally decided to post something to maybe get some opinion or comfort from folks that know exactly what this is like. Some background info, Male, just turned 36 last week and am hopelessly anxious all the time...mostly about my health. I have GAD and see a therapist for it. Over the years I've diagnosed myself with just about every chronic and fatal disease in the book and usually led doctors and specialists on a wild goose chase of testing to rule something out. Then when nothing ever came back, the symptoms simply went away. It's a vicious cycle and it has become a horrible existence at times...I simply can't find a way to be normal. I used to take SSRIs and they sometimes helped because they'd make me not obsess over things, but the side effects were too much and I went off them and have been clear of them for about 8 months we go... So about a month and a half ago I started feeling some discomfort in my right hip and went the the chiropractor a bunch of times over the next few weeks to try and alleviate it and nothing seemed to work. At times the pain would descend down into the groin and right testicle. It's not a brutal pain or anything, just a dull ever-present discomfort that's always there. Sometimes it's tender in the area just to the left of the "ball" of my hip and pretty much down a line...I think that's the inguinal ligament. Anyway, around Thanksgiving I contacted my doctor because I was sure I had Epididymitis. I would squeeze the epididymis and it would hurt like hell and since I had had it before 2 times I thought I had it again. I got in touch with my Dr. and amazingly he gave be an antibiotic to treat it...against his better judgement, I pretty much trapped him but contacting him right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Something I still regret doing. In any case, my pain pretty much went away towards the end of the 10 day course of antibiotics and the lower right abdominal/hip/groin pain didn't. I've been waiting and waiting to call the Dr. back again and go see him but today I finally did and made an appointment to go in tomorrow. I can't really say it could be a hernia because I don't really have any bulges in the abdominal wall. Here's the whole reason for the post though. So lately, say over the past week and a half my bowel movements have changed. They're not regular, sometimes hard, sometimes soft and overall they seem "thinner" and kind of flat. That freaks me out because even though I've fought it forever at the advice of my therapist, I broke down and started to seek advice from the evil Dr. Google. The BMs don't contain any blood which I feel is some sort of positive, but is that always the case with colon cancer? I've feared this particular type of cancer for some time now, my parents, grandparents and even my older brother (who is 41) have all had colon polyps. I'm just afraid again and seeing some sort of comfort/advice...maybe even stuff to mention at the Dr. tomorrow. I should also mention that last year I had similar discomfort in the lower right abdomen and the Dr. sent me for an abdominal CT and nothing was found. Would they have seen a problem with my colon in that or is that only seen through a colonoscopy? Over the years I've had 2 abdominal CTs, a few head CTs and XRays and I'm starting to also wonder if I may have caused something to myself with all that radiation. Sheesh I just don't know anymore, but I'm starting to get to my wits end with this and it's just messing with my quality of life in every way. I wish I knew what it was like to be "normal" and not have to experience these "episodes" every year or so. Thanks for taking the time to read this mess and for any advice/suggestions you may have. I know that if you're here on this site you probably have a lot of the same afflictions as I do and might be able to lend a hand. I'll be sure to update this with whatever comes of this situation and hopefully help someone else out in the future.
  21. I belong to another website, a mothering/baby website, and on there unfortunately 2 members have lost their LO's to cancer. So now of course I'm STARING at my kids. My daughter has had this cold for weeks now and I think she's slurring. In reality she's stuffy. I KNOW this. But I feel like my brain is fighting every step of the way. It's exhausting.
  22. I’m afraid I have breastfeeding cancer. I’m afraid my daughter has brain cancer. I did not sleep last night. I see my dr tomorrow and I’m going to tell him I need to adjust my meds. Sigh. This life is awful.
  23. I’m worried my son has cancer. He has some shotty lymph nodes in his neck that I check once in a blue moon. I’m afraid he has a tumor in his neck. Why? I belong to another website where someone’s child just passed from cancer. I’m putting him in that situation. I’ll check his neck tonight while he’s sleeping but I think I need my meds adjusted.
  24. So my health anxiety is over mouth cancer with that being said a month ago I brushed my tongue against my upper lip and felt a lump. I had instant increase in heart rate instant panic. But I was being seen by a ent in a couple days to so I showed her. She said some people have these bumps and it's nothing to worry about. Now i am so obsessed with I am constantly looking to see if I see anything. And it hurts now because I keep feeling it constantly. Well tonight I could see it had a kind of white spot on it. So freak out again! I am constantly going from 0 to 100 on the scare scale. Anyone else have anything else like this so I try to tell my self I am fine once again. I am always looking for reassurance. And I can't leave it alone.
  25. Came across this wonderful forum while doing research to calm my fears of cancer due to new unexplained symptoms. My first recollection of illness phobia came around 8 or 9 when a heart murmur was found during a physical. The doctor was suprised I even knew what it was, but such is the life of one in fear of disease. Fortunatley, no google at the time, but a very scary medical book was at my fingertips in the family library to research every ache, pain, or symptom. I have always jumped to the worst conclusions. Convinced in my imagination only, of course, I have had brain tumors, sinus cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, stomach cancer, mouth cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma, testicular cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, eye cancer, and after marriage have transferred those beliefs onto my wife's various symptoms over the years. Ovarian, cervical, breast and secondary lung cancer, plus most of the above. None of these have yet come to fruition. As can be seen, one word reappears in all my anxieties - cancer, the word that leaves me lying in bed with overwhelming worry when I should be living life or being a strong husband when my wife is awaiting test results. So, here on the forum I'm hoping to find a place to share some of the ongoing struggle and help others through such shared experiences. Thanks, Hippo