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Found 2 results

  1. hiya. some weeks ago i started having this constant feeling of something stuck in my esophagus. i was convinced i had oesophagal cancer. i got a chest x ray and ultrasound, and everything seems ok, plus the feeling has gone down, so it doesnt worry me as much. but now, im scared about leukemia. i have some red spots in my right leg, a slight fever, and feel often tired and shaky. my throat hurts ocasionally. im getting blood testing tomorrow. until then, i am terrified.
  2. So background is ive had anxiety for ever. I had a stress test maybe 4 years ago with normal results. Had numerous EKGs which also resulted in normal readings. I'm a 28 y/o male. Have exercise on and off regularly for ten years. Recently I've been back into it heavily. Yesterday I actually had a checkup and my Bp was 108/70 and HR was 66. So I feel decently healthy. I have been on and off SSRIs for years as well. Recently though I stopped everything and have felt great. Even discussed with my doctor about not have a panic attack for awhile and not really experiencing anxiety. But not even 20 mins ago I felt what I would describe as a skipped beat. Almost like my heart fluttered and then beat real hard which caused a panic attack. How I explain may seem as if I've never experienced one which I don't know. Pretty sure I have but for some reason my brain blocks out a lot of previous panic attacks. I drank coffee this morning for the first time in awhile. That was over 12 hours ago. I drank alcohol also about two hours ago. Not a lot but I hardly drink anymore either. I feel asleep and woke back up and was just hanging around watching TV and it happened. I know there are threads and stickys for these things but I still would like reassurance. That I can get through this without jumping back on Prozac and starting to drop Xanax and that what I experienced is not an emergency problem. My heart rate is still heightened but admittedly I took some Xanax so hopefully that helps.