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Found 8 results

  1. I have been battling off and on with my 3rd BT scare in 9 years. Headaches move around, seem worse when changing position (but better when laying down/sleeping), worse when lifting stuff, pupils different sizes, odd feeling one side of body etc..... I have had a lot of these symptoms before with my previous scares. I had two ct scans of my brain during previous scares and now I am concerned these scans actually caused me to get a brain tumor. i called my neurologist and he said it didn’t sound like a brain tumor but he wanted me to get an MRA bc it sounded blood vessel related. Of course I overanalyzed every portion of the phone conversation but was able to accept his expertise and felt better that it most likely wasn’t a brain tumor. Took my family to get snow cones and on the way home I smelled a burning smell like someone was burning something. I live in a rural area but asked my wife if she smelled it and she said no. My mind of course jumped to seizures. When I got home i could smell the bacon we had cooked before snow cones. I woke up smelling bacon all night (re-inforcing) the concern with seizure. Not doing great this morning as a result!
  2. Hello, I’m so glad that I found this group! Yesterday I was on the verge of committing myself because Im still trying to get a diagnosis. I’ve had approximately 6 therapist in the last 10 years and I’m convinced that nobody really wants to help unless you demand it. It’s not enough that they are getting paid, they also have to be nudged along to do their job thoroughly. I saw my therapist on Tuesday and opened up to her about some of my thoughts. She said that she would email me exercises for my current struggle with anxiety (rumination), I waited until Thursday before I emailed her to let her know that I never received the email. She responded back that school closed early and she had to get her children and she would send it the next morning, Here we are almost Sunday and still no email. My next appointment is Tuesday..... I plan on letting her have a piece of my mind when i get there. Im feeling a little better today. I was able to find my old psychiatrist from 10 years ago. I stopped going to her because she moved over an hour away but she’s now back at her old office from what I can see online. I left a message. Hopefully I hear something soon. Im ready to go back on meds.... Background Long story short, I remember being a small child and thinking I caused a car accident because I fell alseep while my mom was driving. See, my mom drove the car but I helped by pushing the imaginary petals in the back seat (I did this every time we went for a drive) I was riddled with guilt thinking that i had cause the accident. I thought about it obsessively. I cried.... but didn’t tell my mom because I was scared that she would be mad. That’s my first memory of rumination..... the first of many. As I get older its increasingly harder to distract myself as I did when I was a kid. Im a semi newly divorce mom (2 years this coming March) and Im lonely because I can’t date...... I mean who would want to deal with this ocd baggage. Im a nice looking woman, Exotic looking from what Ive been told but Im petrified to get close to anyone for fear of them finding out my deepest secret. Im 40 but look much younger thanks to my parents who seem to have made a deal with the devil to look much younger too. My dad is 69 and he has only a few grey hairs and not one visible wrinkle. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia before I was born..... Vietnam war vet..... what a gene cocktail. To my knowledge he’s never taken meds but was medically discharged from the army with that diagnosis. We dont talk about it because he claims he faked it to get out of the army but everyone knows that’s not the truth. We just grin and bare it. Some of my ruminations and oddities … My health is always the Pink Elephant in the OCD room, however I’m not ready to be specific about that just yet.... My children.... I fear them being sexually abused... it’s hard to not think about it when they are out of my presence. This is where I stop..... My food just came.... Im down to one small meal a day (usually in the evening so I can sleep comfortably). I skipped a couple of days of eating since last Tuesday. This is my body’s response to my anxiety. I need too loose weight anyway so Im not too worried yet. I haven’t felt this bad in almost 10 years. Im mad at myself for returning back to this………… for not being strong.... It was easier to distract myself before but now my kids are teenagers and Im now single and alone.
  3. This happened after I just woke up, I leaned up and was on my phone for about 10 mins or so and then I had something that felt like a heart palpation but it was more like a reallt big increase in heart speed for like 8 to 10 seconds and then it went away, which chest pain around my heart area began to surface? I know I got anxiety that's for sure but why did this happen to me? Why now.
  4. Hi I'm new to this but I've had ongoing anxiety related issues for a year now involving clenching my jaw, grinding my teeth, shaking, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, heart palpitations, muscle twitches, tensing up, feeling sick, loss of appetite, feeling as if I'm going to faint, frequent urination, chest pain and frequent panic attacks. I've always had no doubt these were all caused by anxiety either because I've been anxious or I realized I was having an anxiety attack but recently I had a horrible panic attack that seemed to not let up for almost two weeks. Out of nowhere I woke up one morning and had the urge to use the restroom, but after I went I still felt the need to go. This has been occurring on and off and I went to the doctor to have UTI and STD testing, blood work, all came back negative. I've had ultrasounds of my bladder and uterus and been to a urologist to check for inflammation during a cystoscopy test, and had voiding tests. Everything came back clear and multiple doctors have told me there is nothing physically wrong with me and urology related problems wouldn't pop up overnight. Psychiatrists have told me that it could be due to anxiety since it started during an attack but I just can't seem to accept it...
  5. Hi my name is Breda. I'm type 1 diabetic for 24 years. Was told I had diabe retinopathy in my right eye but am worried it is something more serious like c****r and there not telling me. I have had health anxiety all my life but in the last ten years it is so much worse. Every ache or pain I'm going to die. I'm tried of living like this.
  6. Right, basically I've been suffering with anxiety for 6 months, I got plpitations one night after no sleep I was taking to hospital cause I think I was having a heart attack thought my heart would stop and that I was going to die. Ever since I feel my Pulse like ten times a day, I pinch myself to make sure I'm still alive, I can't sleep, be by myself, or stay over someone's house. It's really affected mine and my bra relationship. I don't know what to do. I'm in constant fear. I don't go out with my mates or drink anymore. Everyday I'm thinking when's it gonna happen again it's so scary. What can I do? I went to a therapist but she only made me upset all the time I feel so hopeless
  7. I'm trying to get to sleep but I can't. My heart is pounding and I feel like I can't breathe and I'm also slightly dizzy. I don't even know why this is happening because I just payed down to go to sleep and suddenly I started having a panic attack. I've tried meditating, but it's not working and I can't seem to calm down. I'm so tired and I want to go to sleep, but my body is so anxious that it's making me feel awake at the same time. Also I'm not really sure but it sounds like I'm wheezing a bit when I breathe. Also my body feels like it's almost buzzing and my stomach feels weird. I feel like I'm dying and I've tried everything to try to calm down, but nothing's working. Can someone please help?
  8. Well I'm new to this I'm just looking for people to talk to and hopefully new stragies to help with my anxiety. I'm 30 yrs old female from uk and have suffered with anxiety for 10 years I've had bouts where it gets better n almost disappears but lately I just can't seem to shake it , I've tried all my previous wats of getting over it but they are not working and it's gettin to a point where I'm scared to leave my house and I'm just walking out during my shift at work it's also effecting my social life ... I'm worried I'm gonna have a major heart attack or somethin serious n I will just drop down dead ,any little feeling I think I'm dying .. It's just ruining my life , I dunno if I'm the only person who feels this way if not I'd love to hear from ppl who feel the same xxxx