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  1. That's the problem trying to feel the way swallow will always screw it up. I had issues just like you to the t. I still have it know and than. Especially when I think about you. Just relax and eat things that pass easy to forget about it than it will off your mind when you do. I was hunting in idaho 9 hours from a road and I was panicking but than I thought o well nothing I can do about it and I wasn't going to ruin the trip for everyone. What happened? Nothing I forgot about it in a couple days and enjoyed my time.
  2. Hey Gary the pain wouldn't change would body position. It most likely gas pain or heart burn pain. Even muscle skeletal issue. Nothing dangerous
  3. I can relate to most what you said! Especially the bring it on portion energy boost. For me it's a rush the same as hunting or when I was fire fighter and I would a emergency call. But with my health anxiety its the rush of doom. Lol. I had to quit my fire rescue job because I though is making my anxiety worse but I am not sure that really was the case looking back. I have weeks of feeling good than a month if garbage but I am trying to hand in there. I enjoy your reads gives me something to reflect on in your anxiety recovery so I thank you for that.
  4. Hey guys I am on a role since this site has been back up. Working today I thought my phone was ringing somewhere in my pants turned out I have a vibration in my calf comes and goes no pain. I remember seeing someone on here talking about that could not find anything. Any suggestions?
  5. I had issues with feeling like something was stuck on the side tongue and throat than I had trouble swallowing. I had every test imaginable. Nothing. Let's talk about the anxiety of swallowing. So I bet right now you are swallowing way more than you normally do trying to see if you still feel it are not. That in it self will make it feel wierd. And swallowing is a normal every day thing we do even with out thinking about it. For me thinking about made me swallow different. Just keep up your reflux and you will be fine
  6. I am 36 lol. Have you noticed sensitive to light?
  7. I have been dealing with floaters for awhile but today I was talking to co worker and noticed black thinks flying around in my vision. I than realized that nothing was actually there. And what ever it is in my vision is moving fast. Anyone get these
  8. Hey guys same old story with oral cancer fear. I was sitting and moved my mouth around and my jaw hurt went and looked in the mirror like I always do and I see a small sore spot I touched it with my finger and instant pain. So I come on here all the time seeking reassurance but I feel it never does me any good almost like oral cancer is a fate i cant escape. Maybe it is time to seek mental help. I for the first time in awhile dont know anymore. It's always something look at my post history its pretty sad I am 36 years old and I am afraid of everything.
  9. Hey guys so my teeth have become super sensitive over the years. And know eating something hot or cold hurts my teeth especially on one side. Dentist says it's a dentin issue and I think I have something more serious going on with me. So can anyone relate to super sensitive teeth? I have also noticed my face seems to feel super hot at times like burning but I have no fever anyone get this too?
  10. Ya I hear what your saying it is so hard. I get muscle aches everywhere. And twiches. I try to act happy all the time but I always end up turning super wierd. I get friends going what's wrong as I sit in silence and nothing just relaxing but it's far from it. Its really hard to find this strength to continue on some times
  11. I find it interesting how much worse it got with stress. I guess it should calm me knowing anxiety induces it.
  12. Good to have the resource back again and hear from you all. I have the tingling in the face again. Last night it was really bad. Today when discussing a flooding issue with one of are flooding issues it started again. My finger and tongue also started to tingling. I almost panicked and left the conversation. Could I be having mini strokes or something. It is unnerving.
  13. Hey guys it's me again. I bit my tongue a couple days ago pain went away but I am freaking out about tongue cancer. I took a look and I have a lump or bump on the side of my tongue. I look afton and dont recall seeing it. I am in melt down mode. I am sitting here feeling like its over. So sad to be like this.
  14. Good afternoon. Is it cancer no! Your dentist is doing his job. Many people get bumps in there mouth. I had one and it was cyst. But I like fear oral cancer so I understand the concern. Oral cancer is rare in general and with your history doubtful. You will be fine.
  15. All of the above is how I have felt for the last year and a half. I think I know if I was dying it would have happened by now. I am stressed 247. Any deal with these issues. How did you make a change. It's so hard to smile and act like i am fine when i am not. I am in a dark place with friends and family all around. I can't tell them how I feel because they either don't believe me or think I am a wimp. But trust me I am not a wimp. It seems like a fighting a losing battle. It cant be all anxiety. I appreciate the support this group has given me.