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Found 7 results

  1. Is it possible that anxiety can lead to IBS? Every so often, sometimes when I am really stressed and anxious, I get stomach issues. The last couple of weeks I have been more stressed than usual and that has made my anxiety the worst it’s been in a while. I’ve had a lot of gas, stomach pain, and I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom very often. As soon as I was able to go the bloating decreased a lot, but I still feel very gassy and have a stomachache after eating. Could this be caused by IBS or is it something else entirely?
  2. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female with high levels of anxiety about health, life, and pretty much everything. Recently I've been having anxiety over what appears to be red in my stool. I don't know if it's food or what, but it's causing me to panic every which way and Dr. Google isn't helping. It kind of looked like flecks and it only seemed to be really noticeable after wiping. I'm also experiencing some irritation with my anus, so it's led me to be a bit worried. Some background though, I experienced this today, and yesterday I had pizza and a taco with a few tomatoes in it, as well as being constipated and straining recently due to stress from a large assignment over the weekend, to which I even had a panic attack over at work which was embarrassing. I've also had stomach/bowel problems ever since I was a child, according to my mom, and pretty much everyone in my family is either A. Allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, and B. Have some form of IBS (which I also probably have because I get stomach problems depending on what I eat,, not to mention anxiety causes issues.) I have no family history of cancer, save for my grandfather getting Leukemia in his late 70s. The females in my family also have a history of having some type of reproductive problems, my sister PCOS, my mom has a "fluffy uterus," a few of my cousins have endometriosis. Heck, I probably have some problems but I just haven't been formally diagnosed and it's usually solved with my BC pills. (Note: My dad also died from a weird heart mutation that gave him congestive heart failure, which I have been tested for and do not have, as well as most of my mom's side having diabetes. But that's a story for another day.) I could be panicking for no reason, but there's this underlying fear and it's causing problems with focusing in school, work, or other life activities, as well as causing depression which I'm prone to. I've seen this type of thing before, too, but I feel like I can always trace it back to something red I ate the day before. I'm also seeing a new doctor next week, and I feel like I should tell her about these problems to get some reassurance. But some talking sense to would be nice, as I feel like I'm driving myself up a wall with this worry. Thanks for reading this far!
  3. Hello Everyone, I’m new here and need some advice/help/reassurance. Please bare with me as this could be a lengthy post (sorry)! I’m a 26 year old male from the UK - 5ft 10” weighing 13st 12/13. No previous health issues, no family history of any bowel issues. This all started a month ago, when I was experiencing chest pains etc. And thought I was having a heart attack. This led to me to have multiple panic attacks and led me to multiple GP visits and A&E - I had numerous tests done all of which came back fine including an ECG. This subsided and then I started experiencing issues with my bowel. A change in bowel habits and ‘flat stools’ along with blood on toilet paper. So I went straight on google and found bowel/colon cancer - so I’d convinced myself I had something seriously wrong. This led me to the GP again multiple times. I had bloods done and was told it sounded like piles/fissure and to try creams and wipes. Had bloods done and switched to Wipes and used cream. This stopped the bleeding in its tracks and haven’t had any blood for over a week now. My bloods came back perfect, bar an infection showing at 10 instead of the 8 average. They put this down to the chest cough/cold I had at the time. So after my bloods were good and the bleeding has gone. I’m still experiencing multiple symptoms; - Change in Bowel Habit - Flat Stools (Not all time) - Occasional Lower Abdominal Pain - Excessive Gas/Flatulence - Passed Mucus only 2/3 times. - Frequent Bowel movement in morning and then constipated later in day - Frequent Urination So, I went back to the GP. Who diagnosed me with Health Anxiety due to my mental state and how worried I was and all my googling and obsession. She prescribed Sertraline 50mg and I’m on my 5th day of these. She also said my bowel issues are IBS related and reassured me that it is NOT bowel/colon cancer. Saying something would have shown in bloods. Now, multiple health professionals have told me I’m fine, yet I still can’t get over this feeling that I have something seriously wrong with me. Its driving me mad, every day I’m worried about it, I’m googling etc. And convincing myself I have cancer and I’m going to die. I don’t have some symptoms of the cancer; weight loss, anemia, loss of appetite, constant pain etc. Should I be comforted by the doctor telling me there’s nothing wrong? Am I just being a Hypochondriac? Any one siffered similarily? And help/advice? Thanks
  4. Okay sone might have seen my post from earlier this week. I was doing okay with my bloating but I think the anxiety just got the better of me this week and my tummy has been whirling. Ive been getting over the fears and accepting that this is prob ibs related to anxiety. My question is though... this really hurts tonight! I think I'm a bit constipated but I'm also still so bloated! Is this normal? Really feeling uncomfortable now. Waiting for some anti spasmodics to kick in but don't want to have to rely on taking them.
  5. So I've been dealing with nausea after I quit birth control pills three months ago. I'm not completely sure if this is the cause, but it seems like the nausea starts around ovulation and ends after my period. Then I have only one week where I don't feel the nausea. So I think this might be a pms symptom or something? Have any of you got worsening anxiety after going off birth control? I really don't want to go back on birth control (as I quit them because of my anxiety for blod clots). The nausea is mild I guess, since I can function and I never throw up. The nausea feels kind of like hunger even though I'm not hungry, and it gets a little better after eating, but it will quickly come back. At this point I'm not sure if the nausea comes because I'm expecting it and feel anxious about it. I also have IBS which could be causing it I guess? It also seems like I get nausea the minute I think about it, or the minute someone else tells me about someone getting the stomach flu. Also, my lifestyle hasn't been great the last months, I go to bed late, get up late, eat crap, and have irregular meals. I went to the doctor and got a lot of blood work done. They're checking for deficiencies. Haven't got the answers yet, so I'm just going around worried. I just don't know what to do with this. Nausea makes me feel so depressed and unmotivated. I'm scared of it being something serious, like a brain tumor or stomach disorder or diabetes. I can't continue living with nausea forever, I'll go crazy. Have any of you experienced anything similar, and do you have any tips on how to deal with this? I'm going crazy
  6. Hello everybody. I am sure there are others out there experiencing what I am about to describe. Just a fair warning if you will, some of what I and possibly others will be discussing on this particular thread may be considered graphic or "gross" and is not meant to offend anyone.....Here is my story. My name is Mike, I am 31 years old and live in New York. At the end of February/beginning of March, I went to the doctor for some minor discomfort in my upper chest. The doctor did an EKG and said that I may have an arrhythmia which could be because I was very nervous, so I never gave that very much thought. The doctor also wanted to do some bloodwork. I am 5'11 and then was 210 pounds, I was mostly heavy in the stomach. I ate whatever I wanted. I went back to the doctors office the next day and she went over the results with me. She said that my cholesterol was high, but not high enough to be on medicine for, so that wasn't too bad. The alarming thing was that my liver enzymes were elevated. This really scared me because my grandmother on my mothers side died of a rare form of liver c****r. My AST was 124 and my ALT was at 319. Upon getting these results, the doctor immediately re-did the test, the time testing for Hepatitis A, B, and C as well as GGTP. The new results were that my AST was 116 and ALT 302 and now GGTP was 150. The normal ranges for AST and ALT are 40 or below and GGTP is 71 or below. The doctor then sent me for a CT Scan of my abdomen and pelvis. At this point I am so scared. I went for the CT Scan and it revealed that I had a fatty liver. Went I heard this from the doctor, I almost cried. I actually did cry. The doctor then referred me to a GI specialist. Rather than immediately going to a GI, I went to one of the best cardiologists around my area. I did this because I have a history of heart problems in my family. The cardiologist did an ECHO, EKG, and stress test which all came back perfectly normal with no issues at all. I showed him my bloodwork and CT Scan results. Because the CT Scan results said "indeterminate hypodense region 3cm suggest further characterization with MRI", he wanted to send me for an MRI which he said was the gold standard and he wanted to make sure the fatty liver was not mistaken for a mass. The MRI confirmed that I had a "diffuse hepatic steatosis" which is another term for fatty liver. The original doctor told me that I need to change my diet and eat healthier, so out of utter fear that is exactly what I did. I immediately and I guess you can say drastically changed my diet. I immediately cut out most red meats, cold cuts, pizza, cake, cookies, ice cream, buffalo wings, chips, fries, and alcohol (never drank hard alcohol, just beer). Here is where my anxiety is kicking into over drive, I went from 210 pounds when this whole ordeal started in March to now in the month of August 183 to 185. Most of this weight came off the first month. I did intend to eat better, but I did not anticipate such a dramatic weight loss. I read that weight loss can be a sign of c****r and I am convinced that I have it, particularly colon c****r. I did end up going for a consult in April with a GI. The GI did a digital rectal exam and said there was no blood. He felt and listened to my stomach and said there was no tumors and said to just let it go. So that I did. I have been noticing lately that my bowel habits are changing or have changed. I used to just go once in the morning when I woke up and now I am going another time in the afternoon which I never go in the afternoon. The stool is hard and lumpy at one end and well formed on the other end. I am also noticing these tiny pin point like black specks. It almost looks like black pepper flakes. I was scared that this is blood, but my current doctor whom I trust, says that blood would not present that way, the whole stool would be black. Lately, I have been experiencing some abdominal and pelvic discomfort along with lower back pain and discomfort. Sometimes when I breathe in and out I feel a slight pain on my left abdomen and also when I lean back in my chair at work. I asked my doctor about this and he didn't seem too concerned. My grandfather on my mothers side died of colon c****r at 62 and my old boss at 35. I am so scared! I have an almost 1 year old baby girl whom I fear I won't see grow up. I am crying everyday. My family is getting so tired of me because they say it is anxiety causing the pain and that I changed my diet. Here is a rough idea of what I usually eat. For breakfast I usually have a bowl of cereal with skim milk like plain special k and sometimes I make 2 eggs and have oatmeal with it. Then when I get to work, I will have a plain toasted bagel with a bit of cream cheese, an orange juice and Belvita snack cookie. For lunch I will have a piece of grilled chicken of some kind along with brown rice and sometimes veggies. For dinner my wife will make chicken or fish with brown rice and sometimes some salad. I am keeping myself at around 2,270 calories or less, I don't even know how many calories I was eating prior, I never counted, I would eat what I wanted when I wanted. My doctor said he wasn't concerned about my weight loss. He said I am still overweight according to the BMI chart and that I should lose a little more. Today as in around this time period, I experience abdominal discomfort sometimes when I move side to side. I am so afraid of what I am experiencing. My new doctor says not to worry and doesn't even want me to see another doctor other than a mental health professional. I am so afraid that all of this means colon c****r. I cry all the time. My baby girl started crawling and standing up. Just yesterday she was crawling and chasing the cat and laughing and I had to walk away and started crying because in my mind I feel like I am not going to see her grow up. I also do not have the same appetite and get full and bloated easily after eating a small amount. I am so afraid. If there is anybody out there going through this, or even someone in the medical field, please feel free to join this thread. I should also add that I had my blood re-tested in April and the AST went to 56 and ALT 175. The GGTP went down to 88. with these liver tests, were also CBC's which came back normal (white blood cell, red blood cell etc...) My CT Scan that I had said "no bowel obstruction or wall thickening" and the MRI was normal also other than the fatty liver. I know these tests aren't for colon c****r, but wouldn't they have shown something? Wouldn't something show up in my blood? I am freaking out scared and crying over this.
  7. Life is always trying to tell me something and when I don't listen, my body takes over and it's an interesting/scary/frightening ride. It will tell me to listen through almost every symptom listed on this website. New this go round of 5 months are the symptoms of IBS and GERD. The IBS involves mostly cramps, bloating and pressure ( Anxiety alert!! Hey, I think I remember reading that those are the symptoms of ovarian c****r or perhaps a tumor...) Then GERD's present to me is heartburn and wakening at night with nausea. (Now what did I read about those symptoms? Worry some more) And so the dance begins again. For 3 months last year, I was sure I had ALS and when my friend/neurologist assured me it wasn't so - I was relieved....for about a week. I swore to myself that if it I didn't have a nontreatable/terminal disease, I would never have health related anxiety again. That lasted about 6 months and now it's on to the digestive system. What I am trying to say, dear reader, is that as I travel the many years of my life - I realize I have acquired twin limps.....the limp is are healthy related anxiety and depression. I also realize that these twins will be my traveling companions as I continue to inhabit the earth. They say with age comes wisdom - that may be so but acceptance is actually what I'm looking for. Acceptance that this is part of my DNA and that even if I don't feel well physically, I do have the option of accepting what is going on in my body and try to enjoy each new day to the best of my ability. Now if I practice faithfully what I just wrote in this intro. IT AIN'T EASY. Thanks for reading this - be well and be blessed