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Found 21 results

  1. I have been battling off and on with my 3rd BT scare in 9 years. Headaches move around, seem worse when changing position (but better when laying down/sleeping), worse when lifting stuff, pupils different sizes, odd feeling one side of body etc..... I have had a lot of these symptoms before with my previous scares. I had two ct scans of my brain during previous scares and now I am concerned these scans actually caused me to get a brain tumor. i called my neurologist and he said it didn’t sound like a brain tumor but he wanted me to get an MRA bc it sounded blood vessel related. Of course I overanalyzed every portion of the phone conversation but was able to accept his expertise and felt better that it most likely wasn’t a brain tumor. Took my family to get snow cones and on the way home I smelled a burning smell like someone was burning something. I live in a rural area but asked my wife if she smelled it and she said no. My mind of course jumped to seizures. When I got home i could smell the bacon we had cooked before snow cones. I woke up smelling bacon all night (re-inforcing) the concern with seizure. Not doing great this morning as a result!
  2. So my daughter last week was diagnosed with a double ear infection. She's been on antibiotics for almost 10 days. She is still says sometimes her ear hurts and I feel like she can't always hear me. I'm repeating myself to her constantly. I'm afraid she has a brain tumor. I'm totally freaking out.
  3. I have had a headache for like the last 2 and a half weeks. Around my right eye, in my right ear and my upper right jaw. My brain says it's it's either sinuses, tmj, or tension. My HA is telling me I have a brain tumor. It doesn't help that I was on and read a story about someone with a brain tumor. Stupid internet.
  4. Hi. I’ve been browsing this forum for a few days and it does help calm me down. I’m currently terrified that I have a brain tumor. I realize it is not likely, I’m in my thirties and relatively healthy. A few months ago I started getting these dizzy spells. Sometimes in a grocery store or while I was painting furniture in the garage. They always ended after I ate something and sat for a minute. I thought it was just my blood sugar. Recently these dizzy episodes started increasing in frequency. Of course I googled. I didn’t have any other symptoms of a brain tumor, so I shrugged it off. Now, I have self diagnosed nystagmus (eyes shaking back and forth, briefly losing focus), tingling hands and feet, and random twitching. When I fall asleep I can anticipate those sleep jerk movements and they happen before I’m asleep. This morning I woke up with a headache and nausea. I saw primary care Dr this week and he said the vertigo is not an anxiety symptom. He ordered an MRI and mentioned a brain tumor as well. My clinical exam was normal. I know it is likely all in my head, but the nystagmus and vertigo scare me the most. My MRI isn’t until March, so it will be a long time before I get assurance.
  5. My daughter has different sized pupils. Confirmed by an eye doctor and shes fine. Lately I feel like as they dilate they aren't dilating at the same rate. Like her smaller one takes a longer time? They react to light fine and are both at the same time. IDK if this is something new or if it's something I've latched onto. Shes 3 almost 4. It's taking al my will to not run her to the eye Dr. I think she has a brain tumor. I hate anxiety.
  6. Yesterday while at the supermarket I smelled this distinct smell or oranges. I was no where near the produce. I know smelling oranges in the supermarket. I still can’t help but think something is wrong. Also my husband is leaving tomorrow for a week out of the country.
  7. Well, I'm back to worrying if if I have a brain tumor or MS again! I really hate it when I google something (I know, I know) and there's a paragraph tacked on at the bottom that says something like, "Rarely, this symptom can be a sign of a central nervous system disorder, such as Parkinson's disease, MS, or a brain tumor," and you're sitting there like, "But I just wanted to know if my eyelids twitching could be caused by migraines..." What's the point of even putting that in the article? Is it a CYA thing? If it's rare for something to be a symptom of a disorder like that, why even mention it? So people like me freak out and keep googling? Ugh. And of COURSE the same disorders are almost always mentioned. It's always either MS or ALS or brain tumors. It's like they know me... Anyhoo, my left eyelid has been non-stop twitching for weeks, and now the right one has started joining in on the fun. I've gotten new glasses which I've tried to be diligent about wearing, and I've started using this heating thing on my eyes at night because I was told they're dry, and I've been using drops, but it's not helping much. I also went to a neuro-otoloist to get evaluated for possible vestibular disorders, because I started having these weird episodes where it felt like my brain was having issues processing information when I was in places that had a lot going on, like movie theaters, shopping malls, large stores, crowded places, etc. It wasn't necessarily a panic attack because I didn't feel like my heart rate was elevated or anything, but I would typically leave the room and find a place to sit until I left better. My doctor thought I was possibly having vestibular migraines, so he put me on a low dose of Topamax, and it hasn't really happened since I started taking it, except when I went to the movies on Christmas Eve. I do notice that my scalp is tender in a spot on the left side of my head, and when I get headaches, it tends to be on that side and radiates from that area. So my expert diagnosis is that I either have a tumor pressing on nerves and it's causing the twitching/cognitive issues/headaches or MS that's causing nerve problems. Saw a Rheumatologist, and the only thing that came back low was my Vitamin D. My regular GP said the same thing. I've also had a bad taste in my mouth for months which people tell me is because I have a chronic sinus infection that I'm eventually going to have to have surgery on, and also a polyp in my nose. But of course my mind files this under "reasons I have a brain tumor." It just sucks when you have several things going on that could be explained by 4 different things or one really horrible thing. :-/ I just feel like, taken as a whole, my list of symptoms doesn't really look good on paper... Happy New Year, eh?
  8. Hello, My name is Carlos and I recently turned 26. I'm new to the forum so bear with me. About a month ago I was getting hit with some headaches. The pain was pretty much everywhere. Some days it would just be on one side and other days on different sides. Then one day I when for a run and got hit with a pretty big one when with the movement. I went to urgent care and the doctor didn't think too much of it so i felt fine. But that's where my health anxiety started and I haven't been able to recover. My biggest fear is having a tumor or aneurysm and I'm struggling. I can't seem to get away from googling symptoms. My headaches have slowly gone away but i've had some other symptoms that freak me out. the one I'm currently struggling with is this feeling like small pressure in my head at night when I'm trying to sleep. I'm not getting a headache but i just feel a pressure by neck and forehead. there's times i feel it at my nose too. I haven't been able to sleep more than 4 hours in a few weeks. I do fall asleep but then wake up in the middle of the night feeling scared because of my fear and can't fall back asleep right away. I also tend to feel confusion during the day now. i assume because i haven't slept well in so long? I really have no idea what's going on. I do have a trip coming up this week and freaking out i won't be feeling well for it. I'm hoping someone else can help ease me. I don't have many other symptoms.
  9. I'm new here, and super desperate for answers. I have a doctor's appointment in a week, hopefully to put my mind at ease, but I am curious if anyone has had similar problems. All summer long I have worried I have had some kind of cancer. Which isn't exactly new for me, it's been an off an on problem for almost my entire life (about to turn 26). I have been so cancer obsessed this summer, though. First I thought I had ovarian cancer, then breast cancer, stomach, thyroid, esophageal, throat, and now I'm onto the brain. I have no headaches. I did feel dizzy a couple of times late at night while lying down. The room wasn't spinning, however, I felt very light headed and faint. I also noticed I am jerking and twitching a lot. At first it was only happening when I was about to fall asleep. My toe might jerk (it was more of a twitch, but it would move). Same thing with my leg or finger/hand, shoulder... it would wake me up and I would be in a panic. I felt this was pretty normal, as I know sleep starts are normal. But now I am having them every time I lay down (just at rest, not trying to fall asleep) and more frequently. I actually violently kicked my leg out last night. I ended up taking a benzo, which I never do. It helped me calm down and sleep. Everyone I know tells me they do similar things. But I suppose it's just the new frequency of it and the fact it happens when I'm just laying down watching tv or relaxing. I'm so nervous for my doctor's appointment. And brain cancer is all I can think about. Did I also mention I'm a Psych student, about to graduate???? Shouldn't I know how to handle this? I feel like I'm going crazy! Help!
  10. Like if you have a symptoms, how long do you usually wait? This morning I had an episode of vertigo. It lasted maybe a second. It triggered my panic and I had a major panic attack this morning. I still don't feel right. I feel a little off balance and my ears and neck are bothering me. OVer all though I do feel better. And I know that panic attacks can exhaust you. Also my husband is out of town and my biggest fear is something happening to me while he's gone and I'm with the kids. So how long do you wait before you go to the Dr?
  11. I cancelled my last one because I was too scared to go. I'm terrified. I don't know what to expect or questions to ask. The only thing really bothering me is my left eye. Sometimes I feel like it's puffy and droopy. Or Droopy because it's puffy. Also my ears have been ringing since Feb. I've seen Dr's who say vestibular migraines but I think I have a brain tumor. I do have allergies but would they consistantly affect only one eye? I don't want to go. It's at 3:30.
  12. I'm beginning to really freak out about having a possible brain tumor or something similar. Lately I've noticed that I've had trouble forming a cohesive thought or remembering anything. When I talk to people I immediately forget what they've said. Same thing goes with doing tasks, I'll walk in a room and completely forget what I was doing. I've always been fatigued and sleepy alot lately. I don't know if I should go see a doctor or nuerologist. I feel like I've been under this fog for like 3 weeks.
  13. So for the past week and a half I've been getting on and off pains and twinges throughout my head, usually in the forehead area and I can't stop thinking that its brain cancer or something bad like that. I'm really scared. I think I have a sinus infection like some other people on the forum said I probably do but I'm still constantly worrying about this. What should I do?
  14. I thought I had left it in my past after suffering debilitating month long anxiety attacks about having ALS, HIV, some sort of bird flu and a few others. And at the moment I feel utterly convinced I have a brain tumour. My symptoms are as follows: - trouble recalling the right word or name of a colleague - constant brain fog and headaches (seven weeks going now) headaches are relieved with ibuprofen - occasional ringing in my ears - constant post nasal drip down the back of my throats despite no blocked nose I've been to a doctor who gave me numerous cognitive and neurological tests. All of which I passed perfect. He's booked me in for a blood test and an MRI. However due to the holiday season I'm unable to get these tests done for a week and a bit. All I can do is sit in my room and obsessively read threads of brain tumour stories and initial symptoms having a mild panic attack every time I find one that matches my symptoms. Has anyone else suffered from this and can you offer any advice?
  15. Hello everyone, I am mostly positive I have some kind of brain tumor or mass. I was on an als loop before that but I have realized with my symptoms it's probably a brain tumor. The biggest thing I am noticing is that I am sensitive to light or at least I think I am. When I look at things like Christmas lights or street lights they have a glare around them and I can't remember if lights have always looked that way or if this is new. Looking at the sky even when it's not that bright is hard. My new eye dr was worried in about June that I have swollen optic nerves which is a huge sign. However the catch is that I have always had swollen optic nerves even when I was younger and they did an MRI about 10 years ago and said I was fine. I had a cat scan in June and my primary care dr said it looked fine and not to worry to get a new eye dr who won't scare me. But what if it's my primary care dr who is the one that is wrong? some other symptoms have been possible numbness, muscle weakness, being tired, just feeling generally off and maybe sometimes dizzy. The hard part is I can't tell if the symptoms are real or fake. Ive convinced myself again that I don't have long to live and I look at everything as the last time I might see it. Im so bummed that I am going back through this. The worst thing is I can't tell the difference anymore between real and fake, should I be worried or is it in my head. Do I just go to another dr and another until finally one tells me it's a tumor? Gosh we are nuts sometimes guys but I love you all ?
  16. Abbylou12

    Hi All

    It's been awhile 6-7 months to be exact. Im again struggling with HA. Now my worry is a brain tumor. I've been having headaches lately and now developed the nauseous/lightheaded feeling that I have constantly. The headaches are not terribly painful. I've also had several (like 10) "fainting spells in my life. All were caused from waiting in lines and after moderate injuries. The last one I had was my wedding dress fitting 6 yrs. ago. I'm pretty sure I received a cat scan when I was younger (9) and it was clear. My intuition tells me I'm fine. But of course there's that what if. Anyone else have a brain tumor anxiety? My husband blows me off when I mention anything like this and I just need someone to talk to.
  17. Margaret here I have had anxiety( which was gone from my life for a long time) since I was 13, I am 62 now....and I really do have a brain tumor/ found after a major concussion,which causes more anxiety going to a Neurosurgeon today feb 15..see what happens
  18. Hello, first time posting. In the midst of a pretty intense health anxiety scare. Struggling with dizziness, lots of tension of the upper back, intervals of pressure in the ears, and not really weakness per say, but my legs often feel "heavy". Been struggling with these symptoms since late June. Started off with one random episode of feeling faint which set my anxiety into overdrive. Committed the cardinal sin and researched and of course found terrible things that I might have. I was initially fearful that I had a heart condition, but that fear has now changed to fears of a brain tumor. It is consuming me! Finally went to doctor where she conducted a series of neurological tests in which the doctor determined that it was highly unlikely that I did not have a brain tumor. She also did bloodwork and an EKG which all came back normal. I am having a hard accepting what the doctor said. She felt if the tests came back clean that the most likely source of these symptoms was anxiety. I am trying hard to have a positive attitude, but I am struggling as I am still having these symptoms. Has anyone else struggled with these type of symptoms? Thanks!
  19. hey everyone, my name is Ayla. I'm only 17 years old and I am always feeling frightened and worrisome. So I've come here for help and maybe some support. You see, I've been worried lately that I have a brain tumor, actually right now I am having mild pains in the front of my head. I know I have anxiety and people have been telling me that it's that and only that but I know in my heart of hearts that there has to be more. It feels like every once and while my brain jerks either back or forth, and I can feel it. Like actually feel it, and I have been have been having pain behind my eyes and in the frontal lobe area. I get dizzy for a few seconds and then it goes away only to come back like right about 20 minutes later. And here is another thing, I can crack my skull. Now its really only the right half or the top, and I'm not sure why. But when I get those pains I crack it and it goes away for a bit. I will also add the fact that around 2 years ago I hit the back of my head very hard on the cement in a biking accident. But I don't know why it would show symptoms now. I also have pain in my ears sometimes, and also feeling like my head, my neck, or even my spine is buzzing, like I can feel the blood flowing and it scares me I just want this to all go away and enjoy my teenage years just like everyone else. I fear death, or having something fatal that will kill me. I have a loving boyfriend of 2 years that I want to be with for the rest of my life. I don't want to go just yet, but I know its not my decision to go. (I forgot to add that I have like times where I get confused and my vision has been getting weird. Also that my left eye seems to be more open than the other. And that's what concerns me the most. It even feels more open than the other.) Could someone please PLEASE reply by the end of the night. I need answers so I can at least get some decent sleep tonight for school tomorrow.
  20. Okay for the past maybe 3 weeks I've been having this EXTREME fear of having a brain tumor. And of course me being an idiot, I looked up all my symptoms on Google to literally convice myself that I was dying. I went to the doctor because I was suffering from awful dizziness, and nasal congestion.. he told me I had an acute sinus infection & and an upper respiratory infection. I felt much better after leaving the doctor but then I started having problems with my right eye. There's much pressure behind my eye, I noticed that my eyelid is swollen and I keep getting, I guess I could say a film over my eye.. I'll blink a couple of times and it will go away but it still totally freaks me out. I also constantly feel like there's something in my eye or something pressuring very litely on my eye. It was watering for maybe three days but then it stopped. I'm not quite sure why but i don't have head aches, I haven't been vomiting or having any nausea, just mostly symptoms of a sinus infection. Ive also been having a weird feeling in my left knee, almost as if it's tight or stiff and I have to walk with my leg straightened out. That's what mostly freaks me out, my eye, and my leg. I am still pretty dizzy when it comes down to walking around. I also have this HORRIBLE anxiety of having a seizure. I always crawl into my moms bed in the middle of the night crying, or have constant anxiety attacks all throughout the night. No one in my family has had a brain tumor nor epilepsy. I think if it weren't for my eye changes then I wouldn't be freaking out as much as I am. Someone help or just tell me that I'm crazy. Do I really have a right to be worried?
  21. Hi Guys I have posted recently but i need to clarify a few things. My headpain i felt in the night last night again on my right side. Its not very painful but ever present. As its happening at night should i be worried as im terrified its a tumor around my temple(just above) area. Can a normal tention headache present its self in one specific spot and at night and day? Also my left wrist still feels weak and shakes/tremors when i move it up and down very slowly, normal movement its ok but feels a bit odd. I heard a Brain tumor can cause this. My fear is high as this all seems like it cant be a coincedence. I had a CT scan but still waiting for the results. How common are brain yumors in 28 yr olds? and would a thourough eye exam have shown a problem? mine was clear. Any advice welcome, thanks.