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  1. I'm in a full blown panic. I just found a swollen lymph node about the size of a pea on my groin area. It is hard, very painful to the touch, and completely immovable. I am terrified. Could this be ovarian cancer or lymphoma? I know from previous visits to Dr. Google that this is a symptom of those. Please help me.
  2. Thank you so much ❤ I remember seeing you say that you have an amazing doctor. I wish I had a great primary care doctor. I've seen so many specialists recently 😒 Did your doctors say why anxiety causes twitches? It's such a weird feeling.
  3. Hi Holls ❤ The thing that's causing me to really worry is the fact that this twitch pattern is totally new. My entire body twitches at times, but this is almost constant, in one place, and I can induce it by using my hand a lot or balling up a fist. I am definitely more nervous than usual with the virus going around. I am not using my twitch hand more though. I am left handed and the twitches are on my right hand. Could this truly be nothing to worry about?
  4. I hope you all are doing well. Lately, I have been having the weirdest hand twitching. I of course still have the whole body twitches, but the hand twitching is what is freaking me out. My right hand on the edge of my palm twitches whenever I use it. I can even bring on the twitching by squeezing my hand into a fist. The twitches are small, in the same spot, and can sometimes be seen, sometimes not. I also will add that I did have a clean EMG around June of last year. Obviously I am freaking out about the hand twitches. What could this be? It's concerning because it is in the same spot and is induced by physical activity. Thank you.
  5. A couple months ago I noticed an inch long dent in my shin. I went to urgent care, they x-rayed it and nothing showed up. I stopped worrying for a while. Yesterday I went to a sports medicine doctor and they x-rayed it again. This time a clear and present lump showed up above where the dent is. When the doctor looked at it on an ultrasound, he confirmed there is a lump in there. He doesn't seem too concerned, but what kind of lump shows up on an x-ray? He referred me to have an MRI which isn't scheduled for another week. The waiting game is awful. Needless to say I am panicking like crazy. I am terrified that this could be bone cancer or soft tissue sarcoma. I'm 33, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for me to have something right?
  6. Thank you to everyone who gave such helpful responses. And thank you Ms. Honey for asking about my results. I got back my results and they were normal. I'm still having the pain slightly and now I'm having back pain. So I've moved on to worrying about other conditions. Sigh 😞
  7. Hi everyone. I am 32 years old. Turning 33 in September. About 4 days ago I noticed that my lower left pelvic area had a slight sharp yet dull pain, sometimes my low back hurts, and I've had slight bloating. I'm not due for my period for a few weeks, so I know it's not PMS. I started freaking out and worrying about ovarian cancer. Yesterday I had a transvaginal ultrasound and when they pressed on my ovaries to look at them, both of them had sharp pains and we're really hurting. I am freaking out to say the least. I won't get my results until Monday, so this weekend of waiting is going to be hell. I'm so scared that they are going to find something. What are the odds that it is cancer? If it is just a cyst(s) would I have to undergo surgery to confirm that or can they see it on my ultrasound. Please help. My weekend is already ruined over this.
  8. Hi everyone. Just for reference I am a 32 year old female. So I guess the only way to get out of the ALS rabbit hole is to find a new fear. I was having the classic twitching, mostly in my legs, but in my arms too. Neurologist did the EMG and all was well and I started feeling peace of mind. Now fast forward a month later and my twitches are EVERYWHERE and almost constant, sometimes even two places at once. I know that brain tumors can cause myoclonic seizures and I am terrified that this is why I'm twitching. I have occasional headaches as well which also makes me worry that this is a tumor. Can someone please shed some light? Do brain tumors cause the same kind of twitching us anxiety sufferers experience? Are my twitches myoclonic seizures? Thank you all.
  9. Geez that's a low of people to know with it. I am so sorry to hear that. If you don't mind, can I ask their ages? Was it familial?
  10. Wow. Great post. Thank you and I appreciate the thought you put into it 🙂 The one way ticketness of ALS is what freaks me out. I believe stellar nutrition can prevent/cure 99.9% of diseases. ALS is the 0.01%. It seems so disempowering. Based on the numbers you gave me, there are about 6000 cases of ALS per year? That's somewhat reassuring, but 6K people being terminal is 6K too many. I am 32 years old btw. .5 in 100,000 people is 1 in 200K. Really good odds, but I always go back to Stephen Hawking and Lou Gherig who were both in that age group when diagnosed. If this is so rare, how are there so many cases of young people being diagnosed? And if it is so rare, why are there 3 (that I can think of) celebrities who had it? What did you do to treat your anxiety? Thank you again.
  11. I'm leaning toward skipping the testing. I've heard it's painful and the waiting period for the test, even though it would only be a week, would drive me crazy.
  12. I am so very sorry to hear about your friend. How have you seen it 4 times up close? If the disease is as rare as they claim, that is the most unluckiest of lotteries. The twitching stopping would instantly get me over this. The neurologist did suggest I start taking magnesium oxide.
  13. I might be able to if I work really hard for it. If I schedule one, waiting for thr EMG date would be so stressful.
  14. The first one was a little nonchalant, but said I didn't have ALS. He didn't even want to do an EMG. He did bloodwork. I wanted a second opinion for peace of mind.
  15. So I went to another a neurologist today for my twitching. He did the standard testing and reflex checks. He then said that he has had benign fasciculations for many years. He said that I don't have ALS. Yet he wants to do an EMG. Why? And then he said EMG is the only way to know for sure. I don't know if I want to even schedule it.