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Found 8 results

  1. Recently I keep having so many physical symptoms which seems to be symptoms of heart attack like chest pain back pain arm pain heart palpitation nausea and also leg pain. I had several ekg, chest xray and heart ultrasound about a month ago due to heart palpitation. They all came back normal but now I started having all these discomfort. I'm a 17 year old female with no family history of heart disease but I can't help but worry about it all the time. The doctor gave me anxiety meds and everyone says that I'm overthinking when I complain. Sometimes I even have a sense of impending doom for several minutes and feel fine the other minute. I'm so scared. What should I do? I'm about to enter college but everything is going downhill now. ?
  2. Hello, Newbie here. just trying to share my pain and worries. Does anyone worry excessively about their parents? I mean, I worry constantly to the point If : 1. they call/ text me in a weird hour My heart races 2. their last seen on whatsapp is not recent, I will panic I mean, It's really tiring and I guess there have been several trigger. one big one was my Dad's Emergency Heart bypass a few years ago. We were so lucky that we found it before anything bad happen. He did not have any symptom and was just randomly checking. We were so grateful that it was found without any heart damage and that now he is taking medicines to control his risks. The thing is, he was always super healthy even before the surgery: normal blood pressure, exercise 5 days a week, eats healthily, etc. he just had slightly (10%) high cholesterol . this really threw me off and I've always been super worried about him ever since. I always dread his bi-yearly check up. and am sick with worries if the time has come for him to do check up. I am grateful that his check up has always come out great but I still cannot stop worrying. 2 years after that, My mom has developed piriformis syndrome which prevented her to sit too much. she is now so much better but it comes and goes. I know this is normal and she just needs some lifestyle changes. and again, I should be grateful. I just cannot shake the memory when Dad has called in the morning a few months back saying that mom is really hurting and needed to go to the Emergency room for this. This has come to a point where I cannot concentrate at work, I obsessed over every little "pain" they have and just overly worried about them all the time. I check on them all the time and I know this can be annoying for them as well. Furthermore, I am terrified if they decide to go the doctor for something, and this prevents me from reminding them it's time for their checkup!! this is horrible. it is a good thing they want a check up. but I tremble every time and this is exhausting. just sharing my thoughts. it would be great if anyone would chip in on how to overcome this and/or has the same experience. I'm quite exhausted.
  3. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female with high levels of anxiety about health, life, and pretty much everything. Recently I've been having anxiety over what appears to be red in my stool. I don't know if it's food or what, but it's causing me to panic every which way and Dr. Google isn't helping. It kind of looked like flecks and it only seemed to be really noticeable after wiping. I'm also experiencing some irritation with my anus, so it's led me to be a bit worried. Some background though, I experienced this today, and yesterday I had pizza and a taco with a few tomatoes in it, as well as being constipated and straining recently due to stress from a large assignment over the weekend, to which I even had a panic attack over at work which was embarrassing. I've also had stomach/bowel problems ever since I was a child, according to my mom, and pretty much everyone in my family is either A. Allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, and B. Have some form of IBS (which I also probably have because I get stomach problems depending on what I eat,, not to mention anxiety causes issues.) I have no family history of cancer, save for my grandfather getting Leukemia in his late 70s. The females in my family also have a history of having some type of reproductive problems, my sister PCOS, my mom has a "fluffy uterus," a few of my cousins have endometriosis. Heck, I probably have some problems but I just haven't been formally diagnosed and it's usually solved with my BC pills. (Note: My dad also died from a weird heart mutation that gave him congestive heart failure, which I have been tested for and do not have, as well as most of my mom's side having diabetes. But that's a story for another day.) I could be panicking for no reason, but there's this underlying fear and it's causing problems with focusing in school, work, or other life activities, as well as causing depression which I'm prone to. I've seen this type of thing before, too, but I feel like I can always trace it back to something red I ate the day before. I'm also seeing a new doctor next week, and I feel like I should tell her about these problems to get some reassurance. But some talking sense to would be nice, as I feel like I'm driving myself up a wall with this worry. Thanks for reading this far!
  4. So I'm back again with a Hantavirus worry. I had maybe near a year ago and was going better with anxiety, but here I am. What has caused me all this worry is exposure to mouse droppings. I work for a park system in VA and in the maintenance shop of one of our parks were mouse droppings on some of our counters. Another guy and I were cleaning up around the shop and I know we stirred some stuff up. I picked some items up that had mouse droppings on them. That was maybe 4 weeks ago. Give or take one. Then maybe two weeks ago I was taking a piece of furniture out of my one of my storage units and there was droppings on top of it and I brushed them off and put the furniture in my vehicle. Whats helping me from worrying too much is that I don't know how long the droppings in either area were there. I hadn't been in my storage for weeks, so it's possibly the virus was not active in the droppings anymore. I know the droppings in the Maintenance shop were somewhat recent to us cleaning but I don't know for sure. Also I don't know what type of mouse it was. And the statistics behind how rare it is as well. Whats worrying me is the obvious. I was exposed to mouse droppings. I'm still in a possible "incubation" period for the virus. I've came down with a dry cough that struggling to bring up mucus. From what I've read, people who survived caught it early. I'm worried that I might miss my chance to catch it. Anyone care to help me out here.
  5. I had something random and odd happen today.. and I will do my best to describe it. I was spacing out (normal) ..just kinda, daydreaming...and then it felt like my brain and stomach flat out dropped.. my nose and throat got warm and i got some sensation of smelling something despite not doing so. My eyes even rolled around during this. This lasted maybe half a second (literally). I was conscious for it and was just bizarre. Almost like being suddenly hit with a MASSIVE wave of depersonalization or hypnosis while on a ride. I had a few minor instances of it afterward which weren't as intense, but involved sudden drop feelings in stomach and head as well as some deja vu maybe. Does this sound serious? I have no issue checking it out but am worried, and am wondering if anyone in the anxiety community has had a similar experience, (and doesnt have epilepsy) if only to not feel alone.
  6. Hello ! I just want to talk about what's running in my head right now Few hours ago, I accidentally broke our closet mirror because of my foot. Now it has a big crack on it but it is not shattered into pieces. Due to worry and being an overthinker, I've decided to Google something about it and was scared when I found out that breaking mirror may cause 7 years of bad luck. So fear came into me and suddenly search some tips to avoid the bad luck. I feel like if I don't do this and that, the bad luck will be into me Please help. Is it really true or do you hae experiences like this as well. I know that it's just superstition but I can't help myself but to worry. Need your answers
  7. Hey; I am in some real need of advice. I take currently 2.5mg xanax a day and half of a 25mg metorpolol tablet a day. I got shaken by anxiety eps around the time I take the beta blocker pill. and I have a fear of pulse racing. Since then ive been more and more anxious about taking the tablet- to the point where im getting anticipatory anxiety and I dread take time. I usually settle within 10-30 minutes after at least a bit but i get worried I wont .. But im trying to figure out why as this is really bothering me. Is it because I associated it with that anxiety? OR im somehow afraid it wont work or im fearing fear I have no idea ;/ Any advice on how to work on this? Thank you~
  8. Mostly during the day I'm fine, but I've noticed sometimes it feels a little hard to breathe and my heart feels weird, this usually happens if I'm sitting down and not doing anything. If I'm doing something or if I'm with my friends it doesn't happen. Is this general or anxiety or is it something I should get checked out? Like it's not a panic attack or anything, it's just really uncomfortable and annoying, but sometimes it leads on to a panic attack. Thank you to anyone who replies