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Found 4 results

  1. First of all: SOOO glad the site is back up! Went through hell with my pregnancy hormones getting anxiety all ramped up and i so missed u guys!! My current issue: upper left quadrant abdominal pain still continues, had an ultrasound, blood tests, stool tests, all fine but still in pain. It sucks but in glad the tests are okay..😀 but theN... Two weeks ago i noticed a smaller-then-a-pea sized lump deep in my right armpit. It scared me because it is not symmetrical on the left side. It is deep, firm, non tender and say <0,5 cm max.. should i be worried? My breast feels completely normal and lymphoma is out of the question. Could it still be breast cancer? Or is a lump this tiny completely normal? But then why is it not symmetrical as i hear nodes are supposed to be?
  2. I can't upload a picture, but I noticed today several tiny bruises on my legs, back of the thighs mostly. They are small and I have bruises on my right tibia too, 9 and they are on the line. Yesterday I had a bad back pain, today leg pain. I have felt nauseous and 2 weeks ago I was so tired for the 2 days I couldn't do anything. I'm still little tired but not as much. I have had lump feeling in the throat, it comes and goes but doesn't feel when I drink or eat. I'm literally convinced that I have leukemia. I had blood drawn on May 8th and everything was fine, nothing was low or increased. Everything was checked.
  3. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female with high levels of anxiety about health, life, and pretty much everything. Recently I've been having anxiety over what appears to be red in my stool. I don't know if it's food or what, but it's causing me to panic every which way and Dr. Google isn't helping. It kind of looked like flecks and it only seemed to be really noticeable after wiping. I'm also experiencing some irritation with my anus, so it's led me to be a bit worried. Some background though, I experienced this today, and yesterday I had pizza and a taco with a few tomatoes in it, as well as being constipated and straining recently due to stress from a large assignment over the weekend, to which I even had a panic attack over at work which was embarrassing. I've also had stomach/bowel problems ever since I was a child, according to my mom, and pretty much everyone in my family is either A. Allergic to dairy, eggs, gluten, and B. Have some form of IBS (which I also probably have because I get stomach problems depending on what I eat,, not to mention anxiety causes issues.) I have no family history of cancer, save for my grandfather getting Leukemia in his late 70s. The females in my family also have a history of having some type of reproductive problems, my sister PCOS, my mom has a "fluffy uterus," a few of my cousins have endometriosis. Heck, I probably have some problems but I just haven't been formally diagnosed and it's usually solved with my BC pills. (Note: My dad also died from a weird heart mutation that gave him congestive heart failure, which I have been tested for and do not have, as well as most of my mom's side having diabetes. But that's a story for another day.) I could be panicking for no reason, but there's this underlying fear and it's causing problems with focusing in school, work, or other life activities, as well as causing depression which I'm prone to. I've seen this type of thing before, too, but I feel like I can always trace it back to something red I ate the day before. I'm also seeing a new doctor next week, and I feel like I should tell her about these problems to get some reassurance. But some talking sense to would be nice, as I feel like I'm driving myself up a wall with this worry. Thanks for reading this far!
  4. About 9 months ago I had sex for the first time. It only lasted about 2 minutes before I noticed he wasnt using protection so I quickly told him to stop and leave. I'm 18 and I'm very scared of std's. So I asked him 24/7 did he have any std's he always said no I even ask him so much till the point where he gets mad and fustrated and told me to go get tested if I didnt believe him. I have since then developed health anxiety. I've been on google ever since the sexual encounter. I've convinced myself that I've had HIV and cancer and a brain tumor. I cant even say these words because everytime I hear or say them I get really weak and sweaty and anxious. Everyday I wake up feeling terrible and I'm really scared to go to the doctor. I stay up late on google just feeling so much worse. No matter what I do I always think I'm dying soon it's always on my mind I cant enjoy life. I have brain zaps, and my skin itches for about 10 minutes everyday and then It leaves, I have really fast heartbeats of over 110 every day, I havent had any weight loss, I have a rash on my leg, I get sweaty sometimes and hot flashes. I havent had any flu like symptoms even tho I do have upset stomach sometimes. I am constantly checking my body everyday for new symptoms and sensations so I can google it and feel even worse. If anyone has these symptoms when they are anxious please let me know I'll feel more relaxed. I just set up an appointment to the doctor next week but I really want something to take my mind off of this until then