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  1. I’m 30 and am right there with you. Had around 4 ct scans and now am in the midst of another bt worry. Worried all the testing has now given me a real reason to be tested. It’s the terrible cycle of anxiety!
  2. I have been battling off and on with my 3rd BT scare in 9 years. Headaches move around, seem worse when changing position (but better when laying down/sleeping), worse when lifting stuff, pupils different sizes, odd feeling one side of body etc..... I have had a lot of these symptoms before with my previous scares. I had two ct scans of my brain during previous scares and now I am concerned these scans actually caused me to get a brain tumor. i called my neurologist and he said it didn’t sound like a brain tumor but he wanted me to get an MRA bc it sounded blood vessel related. Of course I overanalyzed every portion of the phone conversation but was able to accept his expertise and felt better that it most likely wasn’t a brain tumor. Took my family to get snow cones and on the way home I smelled a burning smell like someone was burning something. I live in a rural area but asked my wife if she smelled it and she said no. My mind of course jumped to seizures. When I got home i could smell the bacon we had cooked before snow cones. I woke up smelling bacon all night (re-inforcing) the concern with seizure. Not doing great this morning as a result!
  3. I have been down the bt rabbit hole twice over last 9 years and am now heading down again. Partly because I had two head ct scans during my last health scares. This time around I noticed a really slight headache when bending down lifting something heavy. Specifically a smoker from Home Depot on a wed a couple weeks ago. After that i began to notice the super mild headache would come on when I was up walking around or bending down to lift something (lots of farm work). Better when I laid down or rested. Got muscle relaxers from doctor after trip to ER (he said tight neck muscle) which got rid of any headache for awhile. HOWEVER..... I began to notice strange symptoms of tongue being numb on the side, upper left side jaw pain, left sided numbness (happens every time I go through this), jerks when resting and falling asleep and pupils different sizes when I bent down and stood up (noticed my pupils were different sizes a couple years ago as well). Plus now my mild headache has occurred during the night. The symptoms jump around and the headaches do as well. Usually only notice one symptom at a time. Lowered my Prozac dose (doctor order) and actually had a better 3 days (minimum) symptoms. Waking up with the headache tonight has sent me spinning again. So long story short I’m freaking out that it’s a bt for real this time mainly because of my radiation exposure from the ct scans 9 and 4 years back. My grandfather died of bt and I know he had a ct scan some years prior for a head injury. I had an mri in 2016 that was clear. Worried about the symptoms and worried that the radiation has given me a bt.